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Museum Hotel Cappadocia
Museum Hotel Cappadocia
Museum Hotel Cappadocia
Museum Hotel Cappadocia
Museum Hotel Cappadocia
Museum Hotel Cappadocia
Museum Hotel Cappadocia
Museum Hotel Cappadocia
Museum Hotel Cappadocia
Museum Hotel Cappadocia
8 April 2021

‘Unique…’ There is no other word that better describes Museum Hotel. Situated in a very special geographic region in Cappadocia, Museum Hotel has been designed and created from a distinctive combination of the land and historical features and ruins, some intact and some beautifully restored to their original glory.

The hotel features 30 rooms & suites—each of them exceptional in their own inimitable way. No room can be alike, with each bringing its own special ambiance, contributing to Museum Hotel’s evident character and charm.

Steeped in thousands of years of history, there is a magical feel to the hotel. Our unusual ‘living museum’ concept means our cave rooms and specially restored traditional rooms are all decorated with priceless antiques and feature stunning views of Cappadocia—just some of the elements that go to make Museum Hotel… well, unique!

As evidence of this, Museum Hotel is the only hotel in Turkey invited into the family of luxury hotels and special dining establishments that comprise Relais & Châteaux. In 1998, Indigo Tourism Group, under the leadership of its founder and chairman, Mr. Ömer Tosun, embarked on Museum Hotel’s extensive restoration project.

The hotel was meticulously restored and renovated from ruins, caves, and houses to become the first luxury hotel in Cappadocia, and has since become a prominent establishment in the Cappadocia region.

In 2002, the hotel was officially opened by the then Minister for Tourism, Mr. Erkan Mumcu, and took its place as part of the luxury INDIGO brand. From its very first day, Museum Hotel has strived to provide the best possible service to its VIP guests, enabling us to be the foremost choice for elite and discerning guests visiting Cappadocia.

Museum Hotel has grown in stature and reputation, exceeding all our expectations, thanks to our dedication to providing our guests with unique experiences. A boutique hotel with only 30 rooms, we boast 55 specially trained staff who cater to our guests’ every need to ensure their stay is a truly unique experience.

Thanks to Museum Hotel’s unique location, we enjoy an unrivalled panoramic view of the major districts of the region: Avanos, Göreme, Love Valley, Pigeon Valley, Red Valley, and Mt. Erciyes can all be seen and enjoyed from the rooms, the restaurant, the terrace, and the bars.

The special area where Museum Hotel is located consists of many cave and stone houses that are thousands of years old. It is known that Hittites, Persians, and early Christian Romans lived in the now carefully restored caves belonging to Museum Hotel, such as the historical Uchisar Castle.

In the Seljuk period, people began to live in houses made from the area’s yellow stones, shaped and sculpted by hand. Today, some of these stone houses now form the hotel’s Reception, the Taskosk Suite, the Eflatun Suite, and the restaurant (Lil’a)

Where Museum Hotel is now located, it is known that the last inhabitants of the area were from the Tekeli clan, after which the district is named. The Tekeli clan was a famous nomadic Turkmen clan who brought to the region the renowned horse breed known as Akhal-Teke.

It would seem certain that that Cappadocia, known in those times as the “Land of Beautiful Horses”, must have been extremely welcoming for the members of the Tekeli clan.

These rare caves and stone houses were used for many purposes, like accommodation, stalls, depots, and kitchens by the Hittites, Persians, Romans, Seljuks, and Ottomans, and now serve as a living museum as part of Museum Hotel’s activities.

Museum Hotel has been operating since 2003 and is the world’s first “living museum” concept hotel. Every area of the hotel—the rooms, the public areas, the hotel restaurant, and even the cave tunnels—displays examples of priceless historical monuments from the Hittite, Roman, Seljuk, and Ottoman periods, all registered with Nevşehir Museum.

Museum Hotel presents a mix of Cappadocian culture—its architecture, traditions, lifestyle, ancient cuisine, and even early regional clothing styles—in its unique “living museum” concept.

The concept of the “living museum” is a truly meaningful one: the hotel was built through a project of restoring caves and stone houses thousands of years old, as well as buildings that are the most magnificent examples of craftsmanship in the region.

One of the royal suites at Museum Hotel, Şelale Cave Suite was one of the last to be renovated. Are you ready to experience a stay in a suite that sits on the slope of a hill, has its own private garden, and, of course, a fabulous view of Cappadocia?

The rock-hewn tunnel to the entrance gives you a clue as to the kind of dream you’re entering… The tunnel opens into the bedroom, decorated with traditional Turkish fabrics and antiquities. The living room features wooden handiwork, a fireplace, and an amazing view of the Cappadocia landscape.

The washbasin and shower area is a design wonder. Another tunnel takes you to the Jacuzzi, featuring a most beautiful view of Cappadocia. Enjoy the pleasure of spending time in your Jacuzzi while gazing at Mt. Erciyes, the Red Valley, and Göreme.

The marble fish pool wrapping the Jacuzzi features a small water cascade, şelale, supplying water to the pool and giving its name to the suite, and has been designed to give you peace.

The massage room attached to this area is also designed for your pleasure. A real luxury Cappadocia experience, an unforgettable memory—especially for honeymoon couples.

This room is one of the most special rooms at Museum Hotel and, of course, Cappadocia. You reach the room via its private cave tunnel, and once inside you’ll witness the most splendid view of Cappadocia from both the bathroom and the living room, from where perhaps you’ll indulge in smoking your water-pipe while you enjoy the magnificent surroundings.

The bedroom features one of the best examples of traditional stone workmanship and has a ceiling window through which you can watch the sky. The stars have never been closer.

There is a carpet weaving loom, an original tandoor (underground oven), and the ruins of a chapel discovered during the excavations. The room has also been decorated with priceless antiques.

If you want to release the royal spirit inside you, in harmony with nature and art, then the “Sultan” awaits you in this rare room.

Eflatun Suite, a royal suite, has a living room decorated with Ottoman style divans, boasting a splendid view, and a bedroom decorated with great care.

The dominant color in the room is eflatun (purple), giving the room its name. The whole room contains splendid décor with many priceless antiques, and has welcomed many celebrities.

Lil’a is the à la carte restaurant of Museum Hotel, the only Relais & Châteaux hotel in Turkey, bringing the best recipes of Turkish cuisine, along with those special, almost forgotten traditional tastes of Anatolia and Cappadocia, and served with impeccable service to its guests.

Situated in the most beautiful and scenic location of Cappadocia, and with its menus enriched by the creative suggestions of Chef Saygın Sesli, one of the most successful chefs of the new generation in Turkey, Lil’a offers the most distinct interpretations of Anatolian cuisine and Cappadocia food culture with the assurance of the world-renowned Relais & Châteaux service quality.

Home to an array of ancient cultures and civilizations, Cappadocia has one of the richest food cultures of Anatolia. Later, the Turks, Rums, and Armenians, who lived here until the early 20th century, each laid a piece of the foundation for this richness.

Besides their interaction in architecture and lifestyle, these diverse cultures also influenced each other in their eating habits and tastes, thus creating a unique food culture.

As the only concept hotel located in one of the most special places of the world -Cappadocia- the exclusive Museum Hotel not only offers this distinct food culture but further enhances it with the unique touches of chef Saygın Sesli, giving its guests an unforgettable gastronomical experience.

Chef Saygın Sesli
Working as a chef for big-resort à la carte restaurants in Antalya at a relatively young age, Chef Mr Saygin is still continuing his dream and passion to work with Cappadocian and Anatolian cuisine.

Taking over the kitchen of Museum Hotel, Turkey’s only Relais & Châteaux hotel, in 2018, Chef Saygın enriches and interprets the almost-forgotten flavors of Anatolia and Cappadocia, blending unique natural products from Museum Hotel’s organic gardens and local village markets.

At Museum Hotel, we understand that the first few days of marriage need to be very special and should be spent in total harmony. Our exclusive honeymoon suites have been individually designed for a perfect honeymoon experience.

Stunning rooms with breathtaking views of Cappadocia, wine available on tap, and everything you could desire for a special, romantic, and luxurious stay await you in our choice of suites.

Museum Hotel offers its guests unique experiences during their stay. From June to October, in the most enchanting and mystical valleys, surprise cocktails and evening meals can be arranged.

Besides this, we also offer private breakfasts after hot air balloon rides, and even a massage service in a hidden valley if you wish. These kinds of experiences stays especially memorable for honeymoons, marriage proposals, and anniversaries.

Museum Hotel offers you a healthy and happy vacation with different massage techniques and professional touches. Our special massage treatments with distinctive herbs and herbal oils will relax you and gently immerse you into the tranquility and joy of Cappadocia.

During your stay at Museum Hotel, choose to have your massage either in your own room or, for an unforgettable summer season experience, on our special Massage Terrace where both the wonderful Cappadocia scenery and magical hands of our masseuse will envelop you.

If you wish (between June and October), you can experience a special massage in one of the hidden and mystic valleys as part of our Valley Experiences.

Choose from a variety of special massages, such as our Ehl-i Massage, Cariye’s Secret, Asian Silence, Sultan’s Pleasure, Secret of Aphrodite, and Cappadocian Roses from menus (which you can find in your room)—all carried out with a professional touch.

Cappadocia has been home for many different cultures and civilizations in history and as a result of that, naturally, it has one of the richest culinary culture in Anatolia.

Museum Hotel, as a passage between past to present, is sharing this “culinary knowledge” with it’s guest, including hints and tips. Clients have a chance to experience cooking lessons by the Head Chef of Museum Hotel – Saygın Sesli.

SIMPLE & TASTY: Takes approximately 1hr. 30min. as guests meet with our chef at the Museum Hotel kitchen and start to learn the basic and simple receipts…

As Turkey’s only member of the exclusive worldwide boutique hotel organization, Relais & Chateaux, Museum Hotel strives to provide guests with the most delicious and natural appetizers and meals. The hotel has an ecological garden within walking distance from the main site, situated in the shadows of the fairy chimneys.

During your stay, spend some time in the garden and taste its fruits and vegetables. Pick some to be served for your lunch or dinner. If you’re having a cookery lesson with us, pick a number of ingredients from the garden alongside our chef.

Not only does Museum Hotel feature this unique garden, the hotel also owns the 200-acre “Indigo Responsible Farming” site. As a part of our brand, the farm produces the best examples of ecological products under the ‘Good Farming Practice Code.’

From apples to almonds, strawberries to walnuts… there is a wide variety of produce on the land. A good part of the land is devoted to horticulture—the production of grapes—which are used in the production of the hotel’s wines.

We also produce our own 100% organic honey as well as having free-range chickens whose fresh eggs are served at breakfast to our guests

White Table, Museum Hotel’s special events brand, is a catering service created for extraordinary weddings and gatherings. Museum Hotel and White Table complement each other in offering unrivaled celebrations and events in the Cappadocia region.

From special festivities for couples to a wide range of corporate events for up to 500 people, quality is the utmost in all White Table and Museum Hotel events.

The conference room Meeting & Art is more than just a meeting place: it is also an art gallery and provides the perfect location for pleasurable professional development sessions and board and motivational meetings. Notable artists hold private exhibitions as part of Museum Hotel Art activities.

60 million years ago in the 3rd geological period, the Toros mountain range was birthed, while pressure from the Anatolian plateau gave rise to highly active volcanoes that vomited and spewed lava across the region.

The accumulated ashes formed a soft tuff (volcanic rock) layer, which was then partially covered by a thin layer of lava. Formed by basalt, this abraded and cracked over time and penetrated the soft tuff, causing a distinctive abrasion.

With the additional effects of heating, cooling, and winds, cones with ‘hats’ molded from the basalt rocks began to form (and continue to do so today). The name “fairy chimney” was later bestowed on these formations by the early settlers who used them as homes. Meanwhile, the tuff layers that did not have a basalt blanket turned, thanks to erosion over time, into valleys.

Humans weren’t the first “settlers.” In the Persian language, Cappadocia means “land of beautiful horses,” for which the region is still well known. As regards humans, Cappadocia was originally established by settlements some 9–10,000 years ago, but written history begins with the Hittites.

Much later, it was an important center for budding Christianity, as evidenced from the engraved stone houses and churches. Indeed, it was somewhat of a sanctuary for early Christians.

Throughout its history, Cappadocia has been a center for trading colonies, acting as a trade and social bridge between countries, for example as an important point along the old Silk Road.

Nature, history, and art have integrated beautifully in Cappadocia. The geography of the area formed the distinctive fairy chimneys, and over the course of time people created houses and churches out of these, decorating them with frescoes that today allow visitors glimpses of the remains of distant civilizations. Indeed, these carvings and frescoes by the first Christians, together with their refuge of underground cities, showcase the harmony of humans and nature.


  • Göreme Open Air Museum was announced as a world heritage site by UNESCO.
  • The largest number of stone churches decorated with frescos is found in Cappadocia.
  • 3 of the founders of the Christian Church, St. Basil, St. Gregory from Nazianus, and St. Gregory from Nyssa were from Cappadocia.
  • Cappadocia’s underground cities, of which there are 30 known, provided refuge for 100,000 people.

Cappadocia is a unique cultural, religious, and natural tourism area and a UNESCO world heritage site. Uçhisar Castle is positioned on the highest geographical point in Cappadocia, commanding impressive views of the whole area.

As a result, we nestled Museum Hotel into the slopes below the castle to give simply majestic views of the area. Restored from thousand-year-old caves and dwellings, the majority of rooms and communal areas in our unique hotel feature a bird’s eye view of the area.

Unlike other hotels in the region, Museum Hotel’s singular positioning on the slopes below the castle means that our Lil’a restaurant, the terraces, bar, and our fabulous Roman pool all have amazing views of Cappadocia.

Another benefit of our fantastic location is that each morning around 100 beautifully colored hot air balloons fly over and close by, which affords Museum Hotel one of the best places to watch this daily breathtaking experience.

A further benefit of our ideal position, even, is that guests are able to view both sunrise andsunset thanks to the 270° angle of our site. Only Museum Hotel at this special Uçhisar site is able to offer all these benefits.

Rooms: 30
Price: from 327 EUR per night


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