Hotel Perdue Faralya

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Perdue Hotel Faralya, Aegean Sea - Turkey
Perdue Hotel Faralya, Aegean Sea - Turkey
Perdue Hotel Faralya, Aegean Sea - Turkey
Perdue Hotel Faralya, Aegean Sea - Turkey
Perdue Hotel Faralya, Aegean Sea - Turkey
Perdue Hotel Faralya, Aegean Sea - Turkey
Perdue Hotel Faralya, Aegean Sea - Turkey
Perdue Hotel Faralya, Aegean Sea - Turkey
Perdue Hotel Faralya, Aegean Sea - Turkey
Perdue Hotel Faralya, Aegean Sea - Turkey
Perdue Hotel Faralya, Aegean Sea - Turkey
Perdue Hotel Faralya, Aegean Sea - Turkey

A unique and romantic holiday in this hidden corner of paradise of Faralya… All colors and all sounds of nature are with you… We provide your comfort with our nature-friendly tent rooms with terraces, jacuzzis on the terrace and private recreation areas, which we designed using only natural materials.

You are in close contact with nature during your holiday with our wide garden and endless Mediterranean view. The freshest and most natural flavors of the Mediterranean Cuisine meet you in one of Faralya’s best restaurants. With special presentations and vegan options…

We invite you to a voluntary disappearance in nature to find yourself again. Rest fully, feel nature, integrate with your inner peace… Just experience true freedom…We are at your service for the rest.

Determine the Limits of Your Freedom… Just experience true freedom… We are at your service for the rest. The Perdue Concept was established with the vision of our founding partners Hakkı Germiyanoğlu and Levent Veziroğlu. Our goal is to ensure you have a peaceful holiday.

Turkey’s first real glamping experience fully compatible with nature…You can relaxin our many different Suites all fitted with their own jacuzzi and enjoy a relaxing, isolated and fulfilling holiday.

Superior Suite is a comfortable habitat where no one can see you…This suite gives the opportunity to swim in a little bay just EXCLUSIVE to you and you can spend your day without seeing anyone. Live the most special moments with the Mediterranean view and enjoy the jacuzzi in our Superior Suite rooms.

Our Infinity Suite rooms are neighbors with green pine trees and the eternal blue. Here you can dance in company with bird sounds as the smell of the earth jars every bone in your body. Watch the sunset in your jacuzzi and let the stars fill your glass.

In our Garden Suite rooms your soul will be filled with the scent of Mediterranean orchards. As your jacuzzi is waiting for you in the shade of olive and orange trees, the voice of nature whispers you.

Natural vegetables ripening in the hot sun of Faralya, fresh sea products, local flavors of the Mediterranean. You can enjoy your holiday with a unique gourmet experience.

In our seaside restaurant, the flavors that leave a mark on your palate … Enjoy the flavors that leave a mark on your palate in our seaside restaurant. You are in one of Faralya’s best restaurants with our daily changing special breakfast and dinner menus at your table with the most special presentations created by our expert chefs…

From the Mediterranean to the Kitchen, from the Garden to the Plate. Every product you see on your plate is carefully delivered to your plate from organic markets. Our local fishermen empty their nets on our pier. We also have a vegan menu option.

Local flavors of the Mediterranean cuisine, a customer-oriented service concept …Our special tables for only two, under the stars, just beside the sea… You can experience nature in its simplest form by collecting Fresh vegetables in our gardens and the eggs of our chickens.

Our bar, which is located at the most special point of our hotel, offers exclusive cocktails and a wide selection of wines. Won’t you propose a toast for this view? Make a toast to the sunset, the stars and the full moon…Enjoy special flavors with this enchanting view and quality music.

We illuminate our bar with only natural candlelight so that you can enjoy the night to the fullest. We appeal to your preferences with our refreshing cocktails shaped according to your taste and the most special local – foreign wine collection.

It is time to freshen with healing Aegean olive oil in our glamping tent designed for an unforgettable massage experience…Now is the time to leave everything behind…Lie down restfully, open out and let our massage therapist heal you.

In our private massage area which is located seaside, there are only sounds of waves and a gentle breeze. Find your inner peace…You came to life after the massage…As the glorious day goes on, good feelings accompany you..

Watch your favourite movie and kiss the day goodbye with the nostalgic open-air cinema at the seaside. Just tell us the movie you want to watch. According to your movie, we organize our open-air offer a nostalgic experience under the stars.

Our open-air theatre is designed just for you…Soft seats, a romantic and dim environment and the sea right beside you. All you have to do is to experience a comfortable movie night with your partner.

Explore the Butterfly Valley, Kabak Bay and the Paradise Bay…We bring you together with the gorgeous shades of blue with our daily boat tours and glamorous concept tours. Take an unforgettable journey to the hidden bays where the Western Mediterranean meets with the Southern Aegean.

From turquoise to dark blue, every shade of blue awaits you in Ölüdeniz bays with our full-day or half-day boat trips and special concept tours such as a full moon tour. If you please, you can set the boat with savorous foods, exclusive drinks and snacks.Everything you need from the music system to a private sun terrace…

The view of Rhodes embraces you while floating in the sky with the excitement of paragliding. World famous paragliding center Babadağ is right next to us. We offer an unforgettable experience for those who want to feel the adrenaline to the bone.

Do you want to see the world as a bird’s eye shot? We are organizing paragliding for our guests who want to experience this adventure. All you need to do is living freedom, being fascinated with the view of Ölüdeniz and Rhodes and enjoying this experience.

The ancient spirit of Lycia is with you in every step…Explore the forests, clean air and the mesmerizing stages of the Lycian Way in company with our guide. Between Faralya and Kabak Bay…One of the most pleasant stages of the Lycian Way. You are invited to a two-hour hike to the heart of nature.

You can see the Mediterranean endemics up close with the narration of our guide and you can capture perfect nature photos! Discover Lycian history and the wide geography and establish a bond between the history and today…

With the yoga sessions we organize, a mental exploration and body awarenessis waiting for you…In nature, right next to the sea…You can go on a journey to yourself and enjoy an unique yoga experience with our trainers that adapted the philosophy of yoga to their life.

A breath of fresh air, a gentle breeze, the sound of the waves…Everything you need to integrate with your own nature is in our private yoga area. You are in a quiet and calm place for your yoga practice…The only thing that diverts your attention away is the birds singing…

We are ready to make the romantic holiday of your dreams real. If you are ready for the best romantic holiday experience, you are in the right place. We have already started collecting stars from the sky for you…A calm and peaceful living space by the sea …We are at your service with our entire team for you to leave this paradise corner of Faralya with unforgettable memories.

The most romantic hotel you can go to with your lover…We invite all our guests, who are newly-couple or lifelong lovers, to this experience. We have reserved this romantic corner of nature only for you. The only sound you will hear in the silence of nature, belongs to the waves and joyful birds.

We have thought of every detail that multiplies your happiness. The peace, calmness and comfort of private space you desire is with you at every point of our boutique honeymoon hotel. We have organized a beautiful honeymoon holiday from dreams for our new couples who have promised to be together for life.

Our couples, who easily share the most special moments during their stay, say “yes” to unforgettable memories. A romantic anniversary holiday for our couples who bid farewell to another year together… Right next to nature, with a quiet, peaceful and full service guarantee.

You are hosted in the most romantic honeymoon hotel in Turkey. We BRIGHTEN your holiday from the day you arrive with romantic surprises and treats. We are in close contact with you during your stay so that you have the best romantic holiday… Your satisfaction is our greatest motivation.

We look forward to celebrating your happy days, boutique weddings, celebrations and family gatherings with our glamorous organizations. We wish for you to be as happy as the first day. We invite you to our fairy tale hotel for boutique wedding celebrations.

We have ideas shaped by your desires for all celebrations and organizations. Celebrate “that special day” with comfortable, elegant and private events. All family members are together…You can celebrate anniversaries, birthdays and other special days at the most beautiful point of Faralya with the concept you desire.

Every blue is a story… A blue voyage starting from the secret bays of the Mediterranean to freedom…The only difference from your own boat are the very special services… Let’s design your dream blue voyage and boat vacation together.

You will decide what kind of holiday you want with our experienced consultant, choose our team and your boat, who will provide you with the service that will be shaped according to you, and decide your holiday route. A special blue cruise that lasts as much as you want on the route you want.

Plus, our consultants are with you to design your dream blue voyage. Our special food and drink options are with you with you throughout your journey. Have a comfortable and amusing day. On our boat spacious cabins, jacuzzi, private cocktailarea, outdoor cinema, sunset lounge area and many water sports are available.

Rooms: 8
Price: from 274 EUR per night


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