Nautical Hotel Faralya

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Nautical Hotel Faralya, Aegean - Turkey
Nautical Hotel Faralya, Aegean - Turkey
Nautical Hotel Faralya, Aegean - Turkey
Nautical Hotel Faralya, Aegean - Turkey
Nautical Hotel Faralya, Aegean - Turkey
Nautical Hotel Faralya, Aegean - Turkey
Nautical Hotel Faralya, Aegean - Turkey
Nautical Hotel Faralya, Aegean - Turkey
Nautical Hotel Faralya, Aegean - Turkey
Nautical Hotel Faralya, Aegean - Turkey
18 September 2021

Nautical Hotel Faralya welcomes its guests in its unique atmosphere where nature and history meet with love, and the magic of the endless azure Mediterranean turns into a visual feast…

Nature offers an indescribable musical feast where the sound of waves mingle with the sounds of birds…While the sun is dancing with the wind, all you have to do is enjoy this view…

Nautical Hotel Faralya is located at the end of the forest road, 1 km from the main road, at the foot of Babadağ, where Faralya Village meets the Mediterranean.

You can easily reach our hotel, accompanied by a pleasant view, while proceeding on the route of Fethiye Ölüdeniz and Butterfly Valley. Our hotel is 70 km south of Dalaman airport and 26 km south of Fethiye.

Nautical Hotel Faralya witnesses the enchanting riot of colors of the sun in our kitchen, with the blue seas stretching as far as it can go, in the autumn when the leaves are dyed yellow and the nature transforms itself into a new beauty, and in the Spring when the scent of flowers surrounds our entire garden and lemons and oranges are in clusters.

We carefully select the product and bring it together with love… We pick our olives from the garden, our grapes from our vineyard one by one, and put them on the table with love.

We understand the wishes and needs of all our guests, and we bring together many concepts for this… If you want to enjoy the sunset accompanied by beautiful music, if you want, we organize a relaxing walk on the unique Lycian Way… Everything is for you here… You just try to enjoy nature…

If you want to get away from your life like coming home, the place where you will be reborn from within yourself is Nautical Boutique Hotel.

Our staff who take care of the needs of our guests, our understanding of service that will make you feel at home, and our experienced team offer you a holiday where you can leave everything behind and rest and rejuvenate.

A team that thinks of everything for you is waiting for you here…Give yourself and your life a break…

Our villa, surrounded by nature, accompanied by a sea view on the horizon, offers a peaceful resting opportunity for couples who want a pleasant holiday and care about their personal space. Our villa, which is a stone house integrated with its stylish decoration, contains every opportunity for a comfortable holiday.

In your room, which has only one of our stone houses, with a unique view from the terrace, you will wake up with the rays of the sun hitting the Mediterranean Sea, while sunbathing on your terrace or enjoying your jacuzzi, away from everyone, without being disturbed by anyone, you will breathe in the smell of the forest behind you and leave your breath to the infinity of the sea.

You can enjoy your holiday intertwined with nature in your jacuzzi on the balcony of our 2 Stone Houses with Jacuzzi. With a very short walk out of your room, you pass our fruit and vegetable garden and meet the sea with the magnificent view of our hotel.

The evening starts here with the Mediterranean breeze… A unique sunset accompanies your table… Our chef cooks the products carefully selected from our region for you with love… You can enjoy the moment in our restaurant with a unique sea view and enjoy being in Nautical…

At Nautical, the day starts with a breakfast that combines the tomatoes and peppers of our garden, the olives of our trees, and the products carefully selected locally by our kitchen team for you, combined with love… All you have to do is choose the view that will accompany this breakfast….

Our fish and seafood come fresh from our fisherman every morning. There are also vegan and vegetarian options in our menu, which includes tastes suitable for everyone.

At the Nautical Boutique Hotel, the Mediterranean’s sunset, the calming atmosphere, the slowing time… We enliven life with our delicious cocktails, our famous homemade lemonade and the wide selection of drinks in our bar.

You can enjoy good music while watching the sunset slowly over the sea, in the Lounge section; You can sip your cocktails by the fireplace or enjoying the billiards.

Only the sound of the waves and the endless blue of the Mediterranean will accompany you for a romantic proposal, an important anniversary or special celebrations. You will be able to enjoy an unforgettable dinner at a special “table” just for you, away from everyone and everywhere.

vacation for you; movement, sports and new experiences, here is what you can do; Hiking on the Lycian Way, one of the most famous hiking trails in the world, paragliding from Babadağ, diving into the Mediterranean or Jeep safari…

You will determine your own route during the day; A special tour for you with our excursion boat, which also includes hidden paradises such as Butterfly Valley, Kabak Bay, Cennet Bay and Blue Cave.

You will spend unforgettable hours in the unique nature where only you and your captain are on your boat, where the Taurus Mountains break into the Mediterranean, swimming wherever you want, fishing wherever you want, and sometimes just admiring the beauties of the untouched bays.

If you want, you can add pleasure to your pleasure with a barbecue in a picnic atmosphere that our captain will prepare for you.

Fethiye is one of the most special diving spots not only in Turkey but also in the world. We organize dives suitable for your level among dozens of regions for you through the diving schools we work in Fethiye.

The Lycian Way, which was created by marking and mapping some of the paths on the Teke peninsula, which started from Fethiye and stretched all the way to Antalya and was called Lycia in history, is one of the best 10 long-distance walking routes in the world.

Since you will be at the very center of the road that passes through our hotel, you have the chance to walk this track in parts.

In our Jeep Safari tours with 4×4s, you will have the opportunity to get to know our region, which has been home to civilizations, from another perspective in a perfect nature.

With the safari tour that will start from our hotel, you will proceed on the mountain road, pass the “Seven Capes”, visit 2 ancient cities and land on the unique Patara beach. You will have your lunch in the villages we stopped by and you will discover the history of the region down to its finest texture.

Wouldn’t you like to float above “that” magnificent view?
After taking a few steps from the Babadag slope and taking off, a visual feast that you can’t see anywhere begins. Of course, this is not possible without climbing the mountain and paragliding. We recommend this event for anyone coming to Nautical as it will be a great experience for you.

Ölüdeniz is one of the paragliding paradises that are rare in Turkey and in the world. We offer you this unforgettable experience through paragliding centers that serve with professional instructor staff.

You can combine the pleasure of watching the unique nature of Nautical, which is located by the sea as a boutique hotel, with the pleasure of canoeing, while rowing towards the sometimes flowing and wavy, sometimes calm Mediterranean waters.

You will find the romance, the peace and serenity you are looking for here, and you will discharge the bad energy of city life to the ground here. You will experience the joy of your loved ones, dreaming, reviving and adventures.

Is it a honeymoon where you will have unforgettable moments with the pleasure of the seaside boutique hotel you love and you dream of? An important offer? Is it a special day? Or a romantic getaway for the weekend?

In Nautical, an adult hotel, in this place where the feeling of freedom becomes winged and embodied, away from the fanfare of modern life, where you feel saved, an incredible nature, steep cliffs, a dense forest…

vacation for you; movement, sports and new experiences, here is what you can do; Hiking on the Lycian Way, one of the most famous hiking trails in the world, paragliding from Babadağ, diving into the Mediterranean or Jeep safari…

With the exercises you will do by saluting the sun, the sea and the wind on the wooden platform right above the sea, you will discharge the negative energy in your body, be purified spiritually and physically, and enjoy the regeneration.

Rooms: 13
Price: from 220 EUR per night


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