Nusfjord Arctic Resort

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Nusfjord Arctic Resort
Nusfjord Arctic Resort
Nusfjord Arctic Resort
Nusfjord Arctic Resort
Nusfjord Arctic Resort
Nusfjord Arctic Resort
Nusfjord Arctic Resort
Nusfjord Arctic Resort
Nusfjord Arctic Resort
Nusfjord Arctic Resort
22 May 2021

Nusfjord Arctic Resort is a unique destination situated in the enchanting and tranquil fishing village of Nusfjord in Lofoten, Norway. The resort is open all year round – for you to experience the soothing midnight sun in summer and the spectacular northern lights in winter.

As you pass the spectacular mountains passes of Flakstad, breathe in the salty winds of the northern sea, and prepare for immersing yourself in a truly authentic experience of the Lofoten Islands.

Wake up in our traditional fishermen’s cabins, swaying on wooden stilts on the salty seafront. Walk along the pier in the intimate historical centre, and get a sense of the deep-running history of this Norwegian gem.

The earliest settlements in Nusfjord dates back to 425 BC. Our unique cultural heritage makes the village one of Norway’s oldest and best preserved fishing destinations, with a long- standing tradition of seasonal cod fishing.

In the ‘golden age’ of Nusfjord, over one thousand people inhabited the village centre, but today only nineteen people can call Nusfjord their permanent home.

The resort consists of the 19 cabins that made up the lodging for the Nusfjord fishermen who came to the quaint little village from all corners of Norway to participate in the thriving cod fishing season.

The resort have since been developed and refurbished to its current modern and luxurious standard, welcoming guests and explorers from all over the world.

Nusfjord Arctic Resort authentically reflects the rich Lofoten culture and allows us to share the beauty of this valley with our guests, while taking care of the heritage, community and historical buildings.

We continually invest in the preservation of the fishing village as a whole, in order to keep one of Lofoten’s finest pearls in good condition for the world to admire and learn from.

People are key to the sustainable development of the resort and its surroundings. Everyone who works here sincerely desires to take care of our guests, motivated by the Norwegian concept of ‘hygge’, a word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment as cosy, charming or special.

As part of the commune of Flakstadøy, we aim to invest in the development of the local community through a straightforward, sustainable model. We offer our guests unforgettable and authentic experiences among the adrenaline-charged adventures and unique cultural life of the valley, co-created with local partners.

We also aim to extend our community outreach by sourcing exceptional, fresh and natural ingredients for our dining experience, where the focus is especially ‘locavore’, to connect our guests to the exceptional flavours of the Arctic

Nusfjord is a proud member of ‘De Historiske’, extending the commitment to making tourism more sustainable. As a member hotel, we are represen- tatives of both authentic experiences and genuine Norwegian traditions, and take pride in nurturing nature, culture and the environment of our home town.

We work continuously to reduce food waste, develop menus in close collaboration with local producers and suppliers, exploit geothermal and seawater heating, and offer our guests eco-friendly adventures.

Nusfjord is working to become certified by Miljøfyrtårn – the Eco-lighthouse foundation – ensuring continuous development in the best interests of the environment. As a member of De Historiske, we also adhere to the guidelines set down in the “Roadmap for Norway’s tourism industry”.

The industry holds enormous potential for low-emission solutions, is labour intensive, touches on many economic sectors along the value chain, and can nurture Norway’s natural and cultural capital by shifting towards greener, cross-sectoral and experience-based hospitality.


Nusfjord Arctic Resort has 20 high-end cabin suites at your service, each with a past as a traditional fishermen’s ‘rorbu’. The cabins have been uniquely tailored to provide you with the best experience Lofoten has to offer.

Ease into the days in the Arctic with the complimentary breakfast, full of local dishes to fuel you through the exploration and adventures ahead. All the cabins are located in and around the calm harbour looking out to the rough northern oceans, with unique views of the surrounding nature.

The size of the rooms reflect the fishemen’s need for intimate and compact living in the weathered Arctic environment, but have been carefully refurbished to suit the needs and comforts of a modern lifestyle.

The rorbus were originally divided into two parts, where up to twelve fishermen slept together on one side, and their equipment of fishing nets and hooks was stored on the other side. The fishermen would also prepare their nets with bait in the same space, which explains the holes in the timber walls, still visible today.

The cabins at Nusfjord Arctic Resort are open all year around, inviting you to experience the glowing midnight sun in summer and spectacular northern lights in winter. All cabins are located in close walking distance to the village centre and dining experiences Restaurant Karoline, Oriana Tavern and Landhandleriet Café.

The Harbour Cabins are located around the pier of the historical fishing harbour, enjoying waterfront views and intimate experiences of the ‘rorbu’ life. Wake up to the swaying of the ocean tides and soothing sound of waves hitting against the wooden pie.

Located close to the harbour, the Village Cabins invites you to experience the thriving village life of Nusfjord. The cabins are sheltered from the northern winds, and enjoy close proximity to our dining experiences and historical centre.

Quietly nestled between the ocean and the mountains, the Bay Cabins offers tranquility and closeness to the natural hiking routes. Step out of your door and be on your way into the paths leading to the stunning mountain areas.

Cuisine — Arctic gastronomy at its finest surroundings.
Let us ignite your senses and invite you to an arctic dining experience. Our celebrated chefs prepare unique creations that fuse local recipes with world cuisine. The nourishing dishes are served in the welcoming spirit of dining in the fishermen’s own village.

All of our products are sourced from local farms and fishermen. This extends our community outreach, while ensuring exceptional, fresh and natural ingredients in every meal we serve.

In Restaurant Karoline, seafood takes sole focus, connecting our guests to the exceptional flavours of the northern realms. Visit one of our culinary treasures, or request a tailored private dining event.

Restaurant Karoline
Within the intimate, wooden walls of Restaurant Karoline, alongside the exquisite buffet breakfast and relaxed lunch options, we offer a refined evening experience with a weathered ocean view.

Knowing that lasting memories are also made through the taste buds, the menu has been carefully designed by our esteemed chef Alex, and reflects the rich traditions of nordic cooking and the bountiful harvests of our saltwater realms.

Among the ingredients you will find truffle seaweed, sea urchins, smoked salmon, Lofoten lamb , blue mussels, and of course the famous Lofoten cod. Our specialty is home-made stockfish, dried in the summer months on the racks and cliffs around the village and processed in our own smokery.

Oriana Tavern
Oriana Tavern is a much-loved pearl in Nusfjord, serving pizza and fresh sashimi from the daily oceanic catch. A popular specialty is a pizza with freshly smoked salmon topping, coupled with the infamous Norwegian aquavit or our signature drink gin tonic with wild foraged juniper.

Oriana Tavern is open for lunch in the daytime and becomes as fisherman’s waterhole at night. Gather for an ‘aftersea’ experience in the candlelit cave, or indulge in a light aperitif before your next culinary adventure! In the old days, the building functioned as a food and whiskey store, with accommodation for the employees in the two upper stories

Landhandleriet Café
Hidden at the back of the old general store and today’s reception, you will find the quiet and peaceful gem Landhandleriet Café. Located just above the waterfront, the café offers stunning views to the mountains and the harbour, and is a perfect place to enjoy a light meal or snack.

Landhandleriet is known for its delicious traditional fish soup, and also sells our Lofoten specialty – dried stockfish. Landhandleriet Café used to be the office of the hamlet owner himself, Mr. Dahl.

The old general store dates back to 1907 and has kept its original interior, taking you back in time the moment you enter. Look around for unique details and signs from the busy days as a grocery and post office for the local inhabitants! Landhandleriet Café can also be booked for private events and dining experiences.

Northern Spa — A blissful sanctuary, inspired by nature
Our open-air spa is literally a work of art. Built by graduate architects from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, the elegant installation has a traditional wood-fired ‘stamp’, a wooden bath, sauna and natural outdoor shower. Immerse yourself in the nurturing spring water and recharge with the stunning ocean views.

The star-spangled sky serves as a ceiling for your wellness experience, and you may even bear witness to the northern lights, aurora borealis, as she sweeps across the winter skies. The spa is located on the south side of the beautiful Nusfjord Harbour.

Weddings and Special Occasions
The resort can host up to 129 people, with the possibility of expanding to nearby hotels for an additional 94 people (only 5 minutes walk from the resort). We also have partnership agreements with luxury yachting companies providing extended sleeping arrangements in the harbour.

Our esteemed Restaurant Karoline sits 140 people for a gastronomic experience. Whatever the occasion – we will tailor exquisite and personalized packages to suit your needs.

Our events are known for superb service, fine dining and wines, and thoughtful romantic touches. All events can be coupled with a selection of adventures and activities for your guests.

Old Bernhard
Our sleek and modern conference room ‘Old Bernhard’ can seat up to 70 people, and is located just above Restaurant Karoline. The venue enjoys a panoramic view of the harbour. Capacity: 70 people

The Loft
The Loft is located above our old general store (Landhandleriet). It provides rustic surroundings, and can host up to thirty people. The conference space enjoys a beautiful view of the harbour and mountain scapes, and is ideal for smaller groups and private meetings. Capacity: 30 people

Cod Liver Refinery
Special Events The Cod Liver Refinery is one of our historical buildings. It was built around 1910 and produced the infamous fish oil which was used for for industrial and medicinal purposes, keeping Norwegians nurtured with Omega 3!

The venue can be adapted to your needs with a bar and dancefloor. Capacity: 140 people

Nordnaustet Boathouse
Dining / Special Events This venue takes you back to Nusfjord’s golden days as a thriving fishing village. The boathouse can be rented for special occasions, where our chef’s team invite you to en- joy exquisite food experiences with our finest ingredients.

The boathouse is one of Nusfjord’s protected buildings, and its structure dates back to 1877. Capacity: 20 people

The Pier (Outdoor)
The pier is an ideal place to welcome your guests with a glass of sparkling champagne and a taste of our traditional bacalao, or for a more intimate sit-down wine and dine to the sound of waves hitting against the polished rocks underneath the wooden dock. Part of the harbour can be rented as a component to your special occasion.

Mellavatnet (Outdoor)
Are you in for a fresh and beautiful bespoke experience in nature? We will host your dinner or event in the outdoor location Mellamvatnet.

Located a short 10 minute walk from the resort, this space can be rented for smaller get-togethers and experiences. From an intimate concert to campfire gatherings and fine dining experiences, this open air location provides a stunning cinematic backdrop to your event.

Surrounded by the northern sea and pristine mountain backdrops, adventure is literally at your doorstep at Nusfjord Arctic Resort.

Choose from a wide range of exhilarating outdoor activities to suit both individuals, families and groups, including fishing excursions, arctic surfing, mountaineering, or calmer options in closer proximity to the resort. Read more about each activity by clicking on the images below.

RIB boat tour
Explore the coastline in the adrenaline filled adventure of being a passenger a RIB boat. With a max speed of 55 knots (102 km/h), the RIB serves as a fast and fun way to see the Lofoten coastline.

The open-air spa is located on the south side of the beautiful harbor in Nusfjord, with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and northern sea. Lean back in the nurturing glacial water and let yourself be blown away by the midnight sun in summer or the northern lights in winter.

The wellness area has been designed by students of The Oslo School of Architecture and Design and reflects the feel of the softly polished mountains along the Norwegian coast. During a 2-hour long session, you will have access to the stamp, sauna, showers, and changing room, shared with other hotel guests.

If you would like to book the stamp and sauna for longer sessions and exclusive access, you can request this separately (minimum 24 hours booking in advance). There is room for 20 people at maximum capacity in the two ‘stamps’.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (Guided)
Challenge your balance and core while you explore the coastline around Nusfjord and Flakstad Beach. Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is a great activity to suit all ages and athletic abilities. Take a lesson with our experienced instructors or rent a board for an private oceanic journey on the Arctic waters.

Meet at local adventure partner at Flakstad Beach or at the hotel reception area at Nusfjord Arctic Resort. The exact location will be discussed during the booking confirmation.

Upon arrival at the meeting point, you will be fitted with the proper gear for your Stand-Up Paddle Boarding adventure. If you have signed up for a lesson, your instructor will go through the important information and teach you some valuable skills before heading out on the water.

Enjoy the tour along the coastline – at either Flakstad beach or in the waters around Nusfjord Arctic Resort, and experience the Lofoten islands from a completely different perspective.

Kayaking (Guided)
Explore the beautiful Lofoten coast from a different perspective and join us for a day full of spectacular views and exciting experiences out on the water. Cruise around Nusfjord or paddle through the azure waters of Flakstad beach.

With an experienced guide, you will learn about the local nature, see the Norwegian wildlife in its natural habitat, while gazing up at the impressive Lofoten peaks.

Depending where you choose to enjoy your kayaking adventure, you will meet our local adventure partner at the Nusfjord dock or at Flakstad beach. You will be fitted with a flotation device, kayak, and paddle and given instructions.

Be sure to wear clothing that you do not mind getting wet. A few splashes are a definite possibility out on the water, also depending on the weather

Your 3-hour guided tour will take you along the beautiful and impressive Lofoten coastline where you will see the wide variety of wildlife: crabs, seals, sea eagles, puffins, heron, mink, rabbits, cormorants, sea urchin, unique Nusfjord seagulls, colorful seaweed and even whale and porpoises if you are lucky.

You do not need a kayaking license for the tour, but if you have the ‘våtkort’ license, and would like to rent a kayak to paddle without a guide, this can be arranged.

Surfing (guided)
Join us for a surfing lesson and master riding the waves at Skagsanden Beach, located just minutes away from Nusfjord Arctic Resort. Along the Lofoten coast, you’ll find some of most beautiful surfing locations in the world with incredible white sandy beaches. It’s hard to believe you are in the Arctic circle!

Head to local adventure partner to grab your surfboard and your wetsuit. With the surfing lesson, you will receive instructions on the beach before heading out into the frothing waves at in Lofoten. The course will cover the basic skills of wave riding with hands-on training by an experienced instructor.

Surfboards and wetsuits are also available for rent if you are not in need of lessons. The gear can be rented for shorter time periods or for the entire day.

Lofoten offers one of the wildest and most beautiful areas in the world for capturing your next favourite photo. While all parts and corners of the islands have unique frames, we offer our expertise to guide you through the Arctic jungle of possibilities, focusing on two different types of photography: Northern lights and a “best of the best” photo tour.

Aurora borealis is one of the most mesmerizing natural phenomenons you can witness. As charged particles from the sun hit our atmosphere, the sky lights up with colors of green, pink and everything in between.

Take advantage of our professional northern lights photographer to guide you to the best areas in Lofoten to watch it, and to teach you how to capture the dancing lights in the dark of night.

You will learn what type of gear, camera settings and framing you should look for, as well as easy post-production for northern lights.

We start the night in the cozy classroom in Nusfjord, where we’ll teach you the basics and answer any questions you may have regarding the show ahead. After an hour inside, we hit the road and towards what’s predicted as the best area for the night.

The Lofoten Islands can be hard to navigate, and seeing it all in a short amount of time is difficult. Our very own professional photographer will guide you through our top picks of locations, being snowcapped mountains, iconic cabins or white sand beaches.

Expect to drive to many of the photos you’ve been double tapping on social media leading up to your trip to Lofoten, and our photographer will both guide you to unique angles and give our tips for a memorable capture.The drive is set to 5 hours, but will vary slightly due to traffic, weather and other variables.

Nusfjord is the perfect starting point for exploring the arctic landscapes on foot. Whether you are up for a calm walk along the picturesque coast or a more challenging adventure to the breathtaking peaks, we have got you covered.

All our hikes will leave you with memorable experiences of the unique Lofoten archipelago – from flora to fauna, and sea to summit.

A short and sweet walk through the historical rorbu buildings south of the harbour, through a lightly wooded area, and out to the weathered lighthouse perched on the polished rocks.

From the harbour, walk south along the road which leaves you with the rorbuer on your left. Follow this trail until the road ends, to where the trail through the meadow begins. The area can be quite wet due to rain and snow runoff, so make sure you are wearing appropriate waterproof shoes.

From here, follow the trail to the left and between two small hills. Walk through this small valley and soon you will see the small lighthouse resting on top of its very own island. Follow the trail until you reach the small bridge where you can cross over to the lighthouse.

From this vantage point, you have the open sea to the south and a great view of the Nusfjord cove to the north. Bring a picnic or simply enjoy the view before heading back to Nusfjord Arctic Resort along the same route. There are many small trails in the area created by the locals and their sheep, so be sure to follow the map to ensure you are heading in the right direction.

Essential information: Season: May – October – Difficulty: Easy – Distance: 2.2 kilometers (outandback) – Duration: 0.5–1 hour

Enjoy this light hike to the spectacular lakes vest of Nusfjord Arctic Resort. The hike follows a less-known path up an easy incline – and within minutes you will be away from the hustle and bustle of the village and surrounded by the beautiful nature of the lake, Mellavatnet.

From the reception desk at Landhandleriet, follow the road heading directly west towards the tall mountains in the distance. Follow this road for about 200 meters as it makes a slight northward turn, passing the public parking lot on the right. At the end of the road keep left of the very last house and follow the dirt path into the forest.

You will pass the first small lake, Nervatnet, on the left. Continue on the dirt path for another 500 meters until you reach the eastern shore of Mellavatnet. Here you will come to a fire pit and many places to enjoy a picnic at the banks of the lake.

From this point on, the exploration is endless. Cross the bridge across the stream and explore the forest, follow one of the many small animal trails, or walk along the lake’s shore to the next peak. Return to Nusfjord along the same path.

Essential information: Season: May–October – Difficulty: Easy – Distance: 1.3 kilometers (outandback) – Elevation Gain: 50 meters – Duration: 0.5–1 hours

The hike to Tønsåsheia and Mosestinden is a two-for-one adventure. These two peaks are so close to one another that it is an absolute must conquering both in one try. Flakstadøya’s tallest peaks provide incredible views of the surrounding mountains and ocean and an overview of the picturesque fishing village.

The trailhead to the Tønsåsheia hike is located just a few hundred meters away from Nusfjord Arctic Resort. We also offer guided tours of this hike, including mountaineering to Stjerntinden upon request. Get in touch for more information and price.

The hike to Mosestinden and Tønsåsheia begins a few hundred meters south of the center of Nusfjord Arctic Resort. Follow the road along the water which takes you past all of the historic red “rorbuer” – the fishing cabins.

The beginning of this trail is marked with a sign, “Fiskesti” (fishing track) pointing you away from the ocean into the hills. After following this trail for about 300 meters, you will see a fork in the road, marked by a pole with a green top.

For Mosestinden and Tønsåsheia, take a right-hand turn at this pole and follow the trail up the little hill. Make sure to continue in this direction for at least 100 meters. The trail will take you up, down, and back up again. Make sure not to connect back to the coastal trail on one of the small sheep trails.

Note: Follow our map to ensure you stay on the right trail in the beginning due to the occasional cross trails made by the local sheep that can cause some confusion.

The next kilometer of the trail will bring you up and down through a soft mountain path, occasionally encountering some areas that are quite wet due to creeks or rain runoff so wear the appropriate shoes so make sure your feet stay dry for the rest of the hike.

Halfway through the hike, you will come across the most demanding section due to the steep, loose gravel trail. You will gain 100 meters in elevation during this portion of the hike and it is crucial to respect the difficulty to ensure your safety.

Remember to take it slow on the way up and dig your heels in on the way down to maintain a solid grip. The terrain before and after this section of the trail is very stable and easy to manage.

When you have completed about two-thirds of the hike, you will come to a large plateau where you will see a pile of stones on the right-hand side of the trail. Follow the trail going straight uphill for the final 300-meter elevation gain to the top of the mountain.

When you reach the top of the steep hill, the obvious path disappears. Head northeast across the flat plateau until you reach Mosestinden, which overlooks the fjord and valleys below. From this viewpoint, you can see Nusfjord below, the vast ocean out to the east and Stjernhauet to your left. The tall peaks behind you are Stjerntinden and Tønsåsheia.

To continue to Tønsåsheia, head to the highest point of the plateau. A narrow ridge will connect you to the peak. You can choose to walk on the south-side or on top of the ridge. There are a few different and secure trails to choose from but it is recommended to climb on the south-side of the ridge if it is windy.

After a few hundred meters, you will see a metal sign marking the top of Tønsåsheia located on the narrow peak. Be careful if it is windy for there is not a lot of room at the top.

From the peak of Tønsåsheia, you will see the amazing views over Nusfjord to the east, Kjelfjorden and the rest of Flakstadøya to the west, and Stjerntinden to the north. Southwest of Tønsåsheia lies Moskenesøya, the island with the adventures to Munken, Bunes Beach, and Helvetestind.

Essential information: Season: June – October – Difficulty: Demanding – Distance: 7.2 kilometers (outandback) – Elevation Gain: 790 meters – Duration: 3–6 hours

Explore the coastline with the freedom of your own ride
Take to the high seas in one of our sleek rental boats, and enjoy a day of adventure and exploration in the Nusfjord waters. The ocean is yours for the day and there are so many things to see as you carve through the frothing waves.

Bring fishing equipment and try your luck for cod or mackerel, or try to spot the king eagle as it sways across the mountain cliffs. The weather can get rough, and we can also provide you with warm suits if needed

Fishing trip (Guided)
As you reel in some of Norway’s finest fish, you will also be experiencing a true fisherman in his element. Our experienced guides will gladly show you the ropes and tell you their stories of past times in the village.

The fishing industry has been at the centre of Nusfjord’s cultural and economic backbone for generations. Our experienced, local fishermen Bjørn Ivar, Svein or Jan Martin will take you on an incredible tour around the Lofoten coastline with one of our traditional fishing boats, Elltor.

The surrounding ocean off the coast of Nusfjord offers some of the best fishing conditions in Norway. At peak season, from winter through late spring, you may be the lucky one reeling in a fish up to 66 pounds/30 kilograms. From the boat, you will also see some of Flakstad island’s highest mountainscapes and thriving birdlife

Rooms: 20
Price: from 197 EUR per night


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