Palazzo Manfredi Rome

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Palazzo Manfredi Rome
Palazzo Manfredi Rome
Palazzo Manfredi Rome
Palazzo Manfredi Rome
Palazzo Manfredi Rome
Palazzo Manfredi Rome
Palazzo Manfredi Rome
Palazzo Manfredi Rome
Palazzo Manfredi Rome
Palazzo Manfredi Rome
9 June 2021

Our origins are ancient, just look at our neighbours. In ancient Rome, just a few metres from where the superb Palazzo Manfredi boutique hotel now stands, were four barracks, accommodations and a training school for gladiators fighting in the Colosseum.

In 1937, the remains of the largest gladiatorial school were discovered, the Ludus Magnus, located at the foot of our hotel. Twenty years later, an archaeological dig was started, finishing in 1961.

The splendid building of the Palazzo Manfredi began life in the 17th century as the villa of the Evangelisti family, designed by architect Giovanni Battista Mola.

It then passed to the Venerabile Confraternita della Ss Trinità dei Pellegrini e dei Convalescenti (Venerable Fraternity of the Holy Trinity of Pilgrims and Convalescents), as commemorated by the two stones on the façade.

The villa was completely rebuilt in the 18th century, becoming the hunting lodge of the noble Guidi family and, from 1748, this area was known as “Giardino Guidi”.

In 2002, the villa was purchased by Count Goffredo Manfredi, one of Italy’s most famous entrepreneurs and construction magnates and, thanks to him, Palazzo Manfredi, our superb luxury hotel, was born.

In commemoration of the past, and of the distinction of the noble Manfredi family, you can still read today two Latin inscriptions on the turret, “Fortuna duce”, with fortune as guide, and “Virtute Comite”, with virtue as companion, quoting Cicerone’s famous maxim.

The intimate, luxurious elegance style and exclusivity is reflected in the minimal interior design of the building. A wide living area with a large floor-to-ceiling window, an intimate relaxation area with a whirlpool bath has an exclusive view of the Colosseum and a large walk-in shower.

The bedroom, on the upper level, guarantees privacy and comfort and is flanked by a large bathroom. To enrich this unique and exclusive scenery, a spacious outdoor area with breathtaking views of the enchanting Ludus Magnus and Colosseum, which frames it.

This large and bright suite is embellished with an interior design that includes furniture and furnishings designed by famous international architects and designers and small artisans.

The space is characterized by a neutral and elegant envelope where each brand can show its identity and communicate with the elements of light design.

Open spaces without visual obstacles cast their gaze outwards, giving wonderful glimpses that contribute to making the experience in the magical Eternal City even more exclusive. Average size: 120 mq

The Grand View Gallery Suite welcome guests into an elegant and bright space of 80 square meters and and consists of a one-bedroom, a living room and a bathroom also in fine travertine with large walk-in shower.

Decorator Giorgia Dennerlain chose a sophisticated take on rationalist architecture when designing the space. The suite feature prestigious Italian brands, including Utrecht chairs by Cassina, sofas by Baxter and glamorous wallpaper by Glamora.

Guests will unwind in stylish surroundings and be mesmerized by the unforgettable views of the Ludus Magnus and the Colosseum.

A panoramic balcony with breathtaking view of the Ludus Magnus and Colosseum enhanced the Grand View Gallery Suite and enrich the unique and exclusive lifestyle experience in the Eternal City. Average size: 80 sq

The J Suite extends over an area of 50 square meters and consists of a bedroom, a living room – living area, a large walk-in closet and a bathroom also in fine travertine with large walk-in shower.

In particular, the bedroom overlooks the Ludus Magnus and Colosseum, admirable through the large sliding glass door. The elegant interiors, the refinement of details, the use of furniture and ornaments created by famous Italian designers give life to a unique and refined style. Average size: 50 sqm

At Michelin starred AROMA at Palazzo Manfredi, quintessential Rome is reflected in a menu of classic Italian dishes on a picturesque outdoor terrace offering an unparalleled Colosseum view.

At 40 seat restaurant is at once intimate and grandiose, ideal for everything from romantic dinners to private parties. Roman-born Chef Di Lorio has been Aroma’s head chef since it opened in 2010, since which time he has developed a menu that marries his mastery of traditional Italian cooking with his flair fresh ingredients and ideas.

A supporter of sustainable fish, he removed all tuna from the menu, now serving appetizers that showcase lesser known species along with meat options and local produce. His main courses revolve around pasta, featuring five different varieties.

Giuseppe Di Iorio

Hailing from a large family with roots in Rome and Calabria, six siblings and a father who loves to cook, Giuseppe Di Iorio discovered cooking in the most Italian of ways.

After attending hotel school in Rome, he joined the Margutta restaurant, before moving to London’s prestigious Hyde Park Hotel, where he worked under the guidance of Giuseppe Sestito, the first Italian to hold the position of executive chef at the famous establishment.

On his return to Rome, Giuseppe entered the world of exclusive hotel restaurants, working at such prestigious establishments as Hotel Inghilterra and Parco dei Principi.

In 2005, he was reunited with Giuseppe Sestito at the Michelin-starred Mirabelle restaurant on the terrace of the Hotel Splendide Royal. Experience, finesse and personality: Giuseppe has the perfect CV to be the star of his own show, the superb Aroma Restaurant.

Every day is a masterpiece. The sun illuminates the Colosseum and, in the background, its rays bathe imperial Rome and the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica.

This is your view at breakfast from the Aroma Restaurant’s terrace on the top floor of Palazzo Manfredi. Enjoy our rich buffet or breakfast à la carte, the choice is yours. Who’d have thought you could admire so much history as you sip a cup of coffee?

The Aroma Rooftop restaurant offers the ideal setting for celebrating special events and occasions in a stunning location where guests immerse themselves in a breathtaking view on Colosseum.

On the most beautiful terrace in Rome, Aroma provides the perfect stage for organizing business and private events, including wedding, gala dinners, product launches, press conferences, meetings and private cocktail parties with a special menus proposals, designed to meet the individual needs of customers.

Bistrò Aroma
The Manfredi Fine Hotel Collection’s Palazzo Manfredi in Rome is now home to AROMA Bistro where guests can enjoy a more informal take on the experience offered at the property’s Michelin-starred AROMA Restaurant, at the hands of the same chef.

Diners at AROMA Bistro can expect a faster, more laid-back meal, as dishes are less complex and therefore take less time to prepare, making AROMA Bistro an easy stop to work into an itinerary even on busy days.

ROMA Bistro also took a cue from its namesake restaurant’s famous view of the Colosseum by offering a spectacular view of its own. Diners at the bistro enjoy their meals on a renovated terrace overlooking Roman landmarks Domus Aurea and the Oppian Hill.

The respective vistas reflect the difference in tone between the restaurant and bistro. While both backdrops are quintessentially Roman, the bustling Colosseum looms large, whereas Domus Aurea and the Oppian Hill provide a calmer, quieter backdrop with a rural feel, resplendent with trees and open sky.

Our splendid American Bar opens onto the Palazzo Manfredi’s superb terrace. This romantic setting, with its chaises longues and small lounges, is ideal for a relaxing break or a quick lunch, a glass of champagne or the finest Italian wine.

All around is the sumptuous beauty of Rome, from the Oppian Hill gardens to the Imperial Fora. By day, the Eternal City basks in the sun, with a backdrop of blue sky. By night, romantic lights sparkle–are they stars, or your eyes?

The Court, honored to be among the Top100 Bars in the world, is the new Cocktail Bar @ Palazzo Manfredi with a stunning view of the Coliseum, one of the world’s wonders and the most prestigious address in Rome.

In the Capital City, The Court is the amazing location at the luxurious 5-star hotel Palazzo Manfredi, member of Relais & Chateaux, part of the Manfredi Fine Hotels Collection.

The Bar offers a wide range of innovative drinks with revolutionary techniques by some of the most famous Italian mixologists, right in front of the “Ludus Magnus”, the largest Gladiator training camp in the Antique Rome now dubbed the “most exclusive location for innovative mixology”, where the bartender almost becomes an alchemist.

Behind the counter, this new project is led by world-famous Matteo Zed who is now in Rome after international experiences between Japan and New York City Eclectic, daring, bold and obsessed with Bitters, Matteo is now ready to surprise you.

From the twilight of dusk to midnight, The Court will astonish you with its sublime choice of beverages, its unique location, its elegance and the exceptional techniques.

Just as we lie in the centre of Rome, our guests are the centre of our attentions. The Concierge Service at the magnificent five-star Palazzo Manfredi is on hand to satisfy your every need, both during your stay and at the time of booking, to ensure you feel at home from the moment you arrive.

For a gentle start or relaxing end to the day, we offer a wide selection of massages from the best western and eastern traditions, in partnership with Rome’s most famous wellness centres.

Sleep, relax and dream à la carte. A selection of pillows is available to you, from tradition real down to anti-allergy, from ortho-cervical memory foam to innovative latex contour pillows.

Rome has an amazing choice of jogging routes to help you keep fit while exploring the Eternal City. Ready? Just step out of Palazzo Manfredi, cross the street and set off along the pleasant paths of Oppian Hill Park with its centuries-old trees and ancient ruins.

Passionate about luxury cars? Love the great sports car marques? Our Concierge Service would be delighted to rent the finest Italian and international cars for you.

Do you need a luxury transfer to and from the airport? Or would you prefer to get behind the wheel and explore Rome’s splendid surroundings in total freedom? Your car is ready.

Rome is synonymous with Italian high fashion, its tradition, elegance and eternal refinement.

Fancy shopping in the city’s most famous boutiques and browsing the latest collections by appointment in complete peace and quiet? Our personal shoppers are at your service with their exclusive address books.

Our Concierge Service would be delighted to book you tickets for Rome’s major museums and to offer you the city’s best guides so that you can relax and enjoy the Eternal City’s masterpieces.

How often have you heard the names of extraordinary artists such as Raphael, Caravaggio, Veronese, Bernini, and Canova? How many times have you seen Cranach’s Venus or Titian’s Sacred and Profane Love or Canova’s Paolina Borghese as Venus Victorious, sculpted by Canova? You’ll find all of these masterpieces in the Borghese Gallery…

This magnificent art collection is housed in the Villa Borghese Pinciana, owned by the noble Borghese family since 1580. The core of this collection are the sculptures and paintings of Cardinal Scipione Borghese (1579-1633), nephew of Pope Paul V and future patron of Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

In 1607, Pope Paul V added to his nephew’s collection by giving him 107 paintings confiscated from the painter Giuseppe Cesari, known as the Cavaliere d’Arpino. The following year, Raphael’s The Deposition was added to the collection, secretly seized from the Baglioni Chapel in the Church of St Francis, near Perugia.

In 1807, Camillo Borghese sold Napoleon Bonaparte 154 statues, 160 busts, 170 reliefs, 30 columns and various vases that form the Louvre’s Borghese Collection. Upon request, we would be delighted to book you a private tour of the Borghese Gallery, accompanied by the city’s best guides.

Rooms: 16
Price: from 508 EUR per night


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