Relais de Chambord

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Relais de Chambord, Loire Valley - France
Relais de Chambord, Loire Valley - France
Relais de Chambord, Loire Valley - France
Relais de Chambord, Loire Valley - France
Relais de Chambord, Loire Valley - France
Relais de Chambord, Loire Valley - France
Relais de Chambord, Loire Valley - France
Relais de Chambord, Loire Valley - France
Relais de Chambord, Loire Valley - France
Relais de Chambord, Loire Valley - France
Relais de Chambord, Loire Valley - France
Relais de Chambord, Loire Valley - France
5 August 2022

Welcome to Relais de Chambord, the only hotel in the château’s enormous private 5,440-hectare estate. Deep in the French countryside, a unique journey to remember is about to start.

Our history dates back to the middle of the 16th Century when King Francis I decided to create a royal hunting lodge. Although it was intended to be a hunting lodge, it became the largest Renaissance castle in the Loire Valley: The Château de Chambord.

The lodge includes an extensive 13,500 acres of enclosed forest as well as a neighbouring building, originally designed as the King’s stable, that nowadays is the complex that is Relais de Chambord. In 2018, Relais de Chambord was reborn as a contemporary boutique hotel that still preserves its authentic charm.

The project of renovation into luxury accommodation was carried by the renowned French architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, with the utmost respect for its unique architecture and natural surroundings.

Once we arrive, we are surprised by this unique location, facing the Château de Chambord, but also by the hotel’s façade, modern yet classic at the same time.

While the complex has been restored into a contemporary accommodation, the hotel still maintains part of the original façade, including a keep, and has recreated the traditional window frames in red so typical of the Chambord region.

Inside the hotel, everything has been carefully restored, using raw materials and signature furniture that creates a minimal and sophisticated ambience. Spaces where modern harmoniously blends with historical, through numerous pieces that allow us to travel back in time.

Some examples are the original gardening tools from Guillaume Pellerin private collection, Ettore Sottsass’ ceramics, Marcel Wanders and Johanna Grawunder’s lightning or the ancient engraving courtesy of the château de Chambord.

Our stylish rooms, full of natural light, are equipped with a high-end comfort combining velvet, wood, ceramics made by Ettore Sottsass, and lamps designed by Adrien Gardère.

All our rooms are pet-friendly. Please contact our Reception for further information. Due to the architectural history of Relais de Chambord, every room is unique, so guests will find each one slightly different in a charming and individual way. Learn more about our hotel rooms and our very special boat-suite.

Our private suite now floats on the Loire Valley’s Cosson River… The Château de Chambord is the backdrop of our very special new hotel room. Guests can book a magical night aboard our new suite La Toue du Relais, a traditional flat-bottomed Loire riverboat that has been transformed into luxurious floating suite for two.

Ranging from 30 to 36 sqm, our Junior Suite castle view are the most comfortable and refined spaces, offering an exceptional view of Château de Chambord. These Junior Suites include a lounge area, perfect for relaxing.

Spacious and very functional, the bathroom has a large bathtub and a separate shower. Relais de Chambord is a historic building where each room is unique. One of the Chambord Junior Suites can be joined with a Classic room to create a small apartment.

Ranging from 22 to 31 sqm, each room has a comfortable and cozy layout facing of the Château de Chambord, perfect for relaxing and enjoying unrivaled views of the castle and surrounding nature.

The architectural history of the hotel gives each room a unique layout and character. One of the rooms can be connected with a Superior room, transforming into a generous space for families.

A haute-cuisine experience that showcases the French culture and traditions through a seasonal menu using high-quality products from local breeders and farmers, as well as from the Domaine national de Chambord.

Breakfast at Le Grand Saint-Michel is available for hotel guests every day from 7.30h. to 10.00h., as a salty/sweet buffet including a selection of bread, pastries, muffins, jam, honey, cheese, charcuterie, smoked salmon, eggs on request, hot drinks and fresh fruit juice.

One Sunday per month (except July and August), our brunch is available for everybody from 12.30h. to 14.30h. Our buffet includes seafood and shellfish, local recipes, salads and verrines, a la carte hot dishes, fine cheeses, viennoiseries and pies, hot drinks and fresh fruit juices. Each month, a special theme will be highlighted: please contact us for more details.

Adjacent to the restaurant, an impressive bar dressed in pewter, orange leather and brass create a more intimate French club atmosphere. Le Bar du Relais well deserves a visit at any time of the day.

Have a bite to eat off our snacks menu, read in front of the fireplace, chat over a delicious cocktail, created by our Head bartender Brieuc Gautrey, or a glass of wine from our region. Enjoy our menu’s offerings inside by the piano, or on the terrace facing the Château de Chambord.

During the Winter season, every weekend and every day during school holidays, enjoy a classy break over a warm beverage during our tea-time from 4.30 to 6.00 pm.

Our brasserie is located at the Place Saint-Louis, a stone’s throw from the hotel. It offers a pleasant and casual setting with breathtaking views of the Château de Chambord from inside the restaurant and from its large terrace.

The menu includes fresh salads and burgers, as well as pasta dishes. Fast food options with a variety of sandwiches, ice creams, “crêpes” and pastries are also available to take away.

Our spa is a haven of wellness where our professional team applies therapies with cosmetics by NuxeSpa.

The space is equipped with two cabins for treatments (one of them double), a steam room, a sauna, a relaxation area with a selection of teas, as well as an outdoor jacuzzi with views of the castle. Our spa will provide you with the space you need for absolute pampering and rest that you so deserve.

Share a moment of well-being between women for a hen party or any other special occasion. Privatise our spa and benefit from access to our wellness area (sauna, hammam, outdoor jacuzzi), a 45-minute treatment of your choice per person and delicacies.

Our excellent location right in front of the Château de Chambord, our highly equipped workspaces and our catering services make Relais de Chambord an ideal destination for professional and private events.

Three modular meeting rooms with signature furniture, equipped with the latest technology and offering a personalized culinary experience designed by Le Grand Saint-Michel restaurant is available for groups from 6 to 50 people.

We have various activities for groups to be enjoyed at the hotel, in the nature reserve or even at other regions closest to Relais de Chambord, such as ama-massages, 4×4 tours to discover the flora and fauna of the park, guided visits to the castle and more.

Get inmersed in the history and architecture of UNESCOS’s Château de Chambord through a guided visit of the castle and the formal French gardens.

Or if you wish, enjoy a visit to some other castles close to Relais de Chambord, such as the Château de Blois or the Château de Cheverny, known for being a source of inspiration for Hergé, the author of Tintín.

The Domaine national de Chambord is an ideal playground for incentive and team cohesion activities, in order to highlight the qualities of communication, logic and strategy of your employees. Various possibilities are available: Nature rally around the castle, Chambord tournaments, Auction of old tools.

Our restaurant and bar with outdoor terraces and one of a kind views just for you and your guests. A picturesque place for a celebratory cocktail or fine dining experience.

As the only hotel in the château’s enormous private 5,440-hectare nature reserve, in the evening guests of Relais de Chambord can go back in time and have it all to themselves… If this is how you’ve always imagined your special day, we can make it happen.

La Toue du Relais, our traditional flat-bottomed Loire riverboat, is also available for private events. Moored on the canal of the Château de Chambord, right in front of the monument and its French gardens, La Toue du Relais offers an inspiring and warm setting perfect for small groups or couples looking for a remarkable experience.

Privatize this exclusive space for a unique event with family or friends, or a meeting with colleagues, up to 12 people, with the Château de Chambord as a backdrop.

Let yourself be lulled by the waves of history and soak up the spirit of François I and Leonardo da Vinci. By the end of the day, enjoy the sunset over the castle and its impressive gardens.

As the Château de Chambord’s domain was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981. We are custodians of this cultural and natural treasure and are honored with the privilege of being part of it.

Rarely occupied throughout the centuries, the Château de Chambord keeps much of its original appearance; a medieval structure with a Renaissance execution, a style Francois embellished his surroundings with.

He loved Italian architecture, and in particular the work of Leonardo DaVinci, so much that in 1516 the king invited the polymath genius to sojourn in the French court as “premier painter, architect and engineer of the king”.

The greek cross-shaped design of the keep, double helix staircase and the sealing system on the terraces reveal the work of Leonardo da Vinci in the Château de Chambord.

The Chambord domain offers the largest enclosed nature reserve in Europe, a forest that hosts many species of wild flora and fauna, including deers, foxes, wild boars, different species of ducks, as well as wide biodiversity of birds and fish, among many others.

A unique place to wander or to ride a bicycle to discover the Great Canal, the wild life observatories, the vineyards of Chambord or the organic vegetable gardens.

An ensemble of majestic monuments of history and fortune. Due to our centric location, Relais de Chambord’s guests can enjoy day-trips that include not only magnificent castles but historic towns, vineyards, local gastronomy and culture. These are some of the most impressive châteaux:

  • Blois and its catle: 20 min.
  • Château de Cheverny: 20 min.
  • Château de Chaumont sur Loire: 40 min.
  • Château d’Amboise: 50 min.
  • Beauval Zoo: 50 min.
  • Château de Chenonceau: 55 min.
  • Château de Sully-sur-Loire: 1:15 h.
  • Château de Villandry: 1:15 h.

Guests staying at Relais de Chambord are invited to stroll around one of the many paths of the nature reserve, ride a bike or choose one of the horse-back riding tours to get a closer look at this natural haven.

One can also enjoy the greenery from above in a hot air balloon, or enjoy a boat tour along the Cosson river. The possibilities are endless in this wondrous region.

Chambord is one of the favourite destinations for bicycle lovers. Its Renaissance castle, the forest and its historic village make it a romantic setting for cycling. At Relais de Chambord, we have all-road bikes and e-bikes at our guests’ disposal for hire, to enjoy a day exploring the outdoors that surrounds us.

The Domain has signposted 20 km of safe routes without technical difficulties, making this activity suitable for all levels. Furthermore, this activity is perfect for family cycling, since the paths are mainly composed of green lanes, being, therefore, traffic-free.

Wonder around the Château de Chambord before returning to the forest and its unique wildlife. Among the greenery, an outstanding diversity of flora and fauna have made their home here.

If you are lucky you may see several species from non-native (for example, the Corsican mouflon, introduced in 1950) to a wealth of regional forest animals (such as stags, wild boars, roe deers, the bird population or even salamanders).

Moreover, the cycle routes “Les Châteaux à Vélo” and “La Loire à Vélo” cross the area and lead to other castles or to the banks of the Loire. Relais de Chambord has the Accueil Vélo – La Loire à Vélo label.

The Loire Valley vineyards represent 800 km of wine routes (from Chalonnes-sur-Loire to Sully-sur-Loire), passing by exceptional landscapes, historical monuments and very nice appellations.

In the Loire Valley, there is a wide variety of wines, due to a great diversity of climates and soils. The range of grape varieties for Loire Valley wines (24 varieties) is unique in the world.

The vineyard has 51 appellations and 4 PGIs over 57,200 hectares of vines. During your stay at Relais de Chambord, you will have the opportunity to discover some of these wines, in particular AOC Cheverny, Cour-Cheverny or even Crémant de Loire.

You will be able to discover for instance the Domaine Daridan in Cour-Cheverny, the Domaine de la Plante d’Or and the Domaine de Montcy in Cheverny or the Domaine du Vardet in Mont-près-Chambord.

For a more unusual experience, an all-terrain segway vineyard tour is also offered by Gyroway departing from Domaine Daridan. It alternates between driving in the vineyards and in the forest before closing this pleasant moment with a wine tasting.

You can also taste the regional wines at the Maison des Vins de Chambord (« House of Wines of Chambord », from Easter to early November) located on the Place Saint-Louis, at the cooperative cellar of the winegrowers of Mont-près-Chambord, or simply by stopping in different domains.

Take a walk along the vineyards of Chambord. This wine project is a historical, heritage, ecological and economic project launched in 2015.

Located near the old farm of l’Ormetrou, 1,400 meters from the castle, the vines of Chambord extend over 14 hectares and consist of several historical grape varieties, including Romorantin, imported into Sologne by François Ier, Pinot noir, cultivated in the domain in the 18th century under the name of the grape variety “Auvernat”, or the Orbois or Menu Pineau, originating in the Loire Valley.

The first harvest of Chambord wine was carried out in September 2018. Bottles of the wine of Chambord can be bought at the château’s boutique.

Accompanied by experienced pilots, drift slowly over one of the worlds most wondrous landscape, that combines wild nature and architectural masterpieces, all surrounded by silence. A silence that only can be interfered by the sounds of the animals beneath you.

The Loire Valley is one of the most popular places to enjoy a balloon ride, thanks to its extraordinary beauty. This experience is up to all the family, allowing visitors to get immersed into a natural landscape of lush forest, vineyards and exceptional views over the Cosson river (the last wild river in Europe).

Among all the greenery, some of the most recognised castles in the region stand by, allowing visitors to enjoy their well-preserved architecture from a different perspective.

The Loire Valley is also known for its historic towns and charming villages. Take the opportunity to stroll through their ancient streets and alleys.

We are thinking in particular of Blois with its royal castle, its historic streets and squares, the Foundation of Doubt (museum dedicated to the contemporary art movement Fluxus) and the Maison de la Magie.

Let yourself be surprised by an immersion in the heart of the troglodyte villages. Discover the underground city of Bourré, the mushroom cellar Cave des Roches and the site of La Magnanerie.

Troglo Degusto Passion offers you a 2-hour visit which ends with a tasting of wines and local products. Also visit the village of Trôo, capital of troglodytism in Loir-et-Cher.

Share a special moment with family or friends at Loisirs Loire Valley, a nature activity park for everyone: archery, net-trails in the trees, barefoot path, ULM, quad, or even kayaking.

Golf enthusiasts will have the pleasure of practicing near Relais de Chambord: at the Golf du Château de Cheverny (18-hole course), at Aisses Golf (18-hole course), or at the private Les Bordes Golf Club (two 18-hole courses) if you are lucky enough to be a member or invited guest.

The ZooParc de Beauval is the 4th most beautiful zoo in the world. Discover more than 35,000 fascinating animals spread over 40 hectares (lions, giant pandas, hippos…). Since 2020, the Equatorial Dome, a huge glazed structure that houses 200 animal and plant species, takes you around the equator.

Embark on a traditional boat and sail on the Loire to discover the river, the history of the Loire marine, the flora and fauna. Les Marins du Port de Chambord in particular offer trips departing from Saint-Dyé-sur-Loire, 5 minutes from the hotel by car.

Discover the local gastronomy by visiting the local farms and factories: the Domaine du Croc du Merle (dairy products, wine and blackcurrant – visits from June to August), the Mohair du Grand Chambord (Angora goat breeding – visits on Wednesdays and Fridays), the Max Vauché chocolate factory, the Atelier St Michel, Safran de Sologne, and much more.

Several kilometers of horse riding trails offer you the privilege to ride through the Chambord forest and approach the castle on horseback. Chambord is home to deers, hinds and wild boars among other free wild animal species you may be lucky enough to observe during your excursion.

The Loire Valley is the jewel of France where French royalty chose to build some of their most iconic castles. After visiting Chambord, here we suggest an itinerary through eight of these stunning castles, some of them declared World Historical Monuments.

For exclusive experiences, we organize on request private visits of the château de Chambord with our tour guide, and of different Loire Valley castles with our partners.


Located between Blois and Chambord, this impressive castle is one of the best preserved castles in France and worth visiting to admire both its classical and Renaissance architecture, sumptuous interiors and charming gardens. As a matter of fact, Château de Cheverny served as inspiration for Hergé, the author of Tintín.


Located in the city center of Blois, this is one of the castles that was declared a World Heritage Site in 2000. This remarkable structure includes four architectural styles with a 13th-century Medieval fortress as well as Gothic, Renaissance and Classical wings.


With lovely English-style gardens and full of history, this sophisticated castle located in the center of the Loire Valley was also declared a World Historical Monument.

Its Renaissance architecture, museum and the 40-acre landscaped park makes this castle the perfect choice for families to relax while enjoying the natural beauty of the region.


If you have extra time, we suggest you to visit this charming Renaissance castle. Lying to the north of the Loire River, you can tour through some of its interior spaces, each one with its own story.


Experience an exceptional panorama over the Loire, learning about the turbulent history of this Renaissance-style castle. The vast estate also houses stables, a park and a space for arts and nature. It is particularly known for its Garden Festival, an exhibition of contemporary gardens from new designers, happening every year from April to October.


A succession of women, including Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Médicis, built this castle and its history, the reason why it’s also known as “Château des Dames”.


Formerly a medieval fortress, the Château d’Amboise became the residence of the Kings of France during the Renaissance.

Many European intellectuals and artists were invited there, such as Leonardo da Vinci, who now rests in its chapel. It overlooks the Loire and has a collection of extraordinary Gothic and Renaissance furniture.


The former fortress of the Amboise Family became the summer residence for the Kings of France after being acquired by Charles VIII. Furthermore, Francis, I offered the castle to Leonardo da Vinci, who lived there for three years, until he died in 1519.

Nowadays, the château organizes visits to the gardens of Leonardo and his room, which has restored workshops and samples of his inventions. Among all its beauty, we stand out its arches crossing the Cher river, its double gallery and its magnificent gardens, including a flower garden.

The image of the castle surrounded by a canal reminds us of fairy tales, transporting us to a time when moats were built to protect royalty from possible robbers. However, do you know the real history of the canal? Here are some curiosities about the Cosson river and how to enjoy it during your stay at Relais de Chambord.

When the château de Chambord was constructed, king Francis I primary concern was regulating the flow of the Cosson river, since the meandering waters created a hostile environment around the castle. The idea was to divert some of the water from the Loire to the château. These project, however, never came to pass.

It was not until the reign of Louis XIV that major projects were undertaken to landscape the areas around the castle. The path of the Cosson was regulated but it followed the curves of its original course.

The project included banking up the earth around the castle, to raise it to a level that would flood less. Retaining walls were then built to encircle this artificial terrace, first on the moat side of the château and then at the west and southeast ends.

Finally, the canalization of the Cosson was undertaken, taking shape the current structure of the space. Now that you know the history, we suggest you two activities on the Cosson canal.

From the beginning of April to the end of October, The Domain offers leisurely boat rides around the castle, with electric boats and rowing boats.

This activity is perfect for families that are looking for a fun, different and ecological way to see the castle’s architecture up close, but also for couples that wish to experience a romantic sunset in a calm and quiet environment.

The canal that surrounds the castle will offer you a postcard view of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece worthy of being photographed, as well as beautiful views over the French Formal Gardens, renovated in 2017.

The Domaine offers the possibility of fishing in the stations located in the Cosson canal. The nature reserve is full of fish, including large species such as carp, predators or even pike, catfish and pikeperch.

To preserve some fish communities, when fishing Carp, Pike perch and Pike, the fish will be returned to the water as soon as possible, using one hook per line, barbless. However, Catfish as well as small fish caught by hand can be kept for personal consumption.

There are some limitations that fishermen must know before fishing in the canal. Thus, if you are interested in booking a fishing spot, we recommend you to contact the Domain so they can provide you with all the information.

Rooms: 55
Price: from 166 EUR per night


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