The Leela Palace Udaipur

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The Leela Palace Udaipur, Rajasthan - India
The Leela Palace Udaipur, Rajasthan - India
The Leela Palace Udaipur, Rajasthan - India
The Leela Palace Udaipur, Rajasthan - India
The Leela Palace Udaipur, Rajasthan - India
The Leela Palace Udaipur, Rajasthan - India
The Leela Palace Udaipur, Rajasthan - India
The Leela Palace Udaipur, Rajasthan - India
The Leela Palace Udaipur, Rajasthan - India
The Leela Palace Udaipur, Rajasthan - India
The Leela Palace Udaipur, Rajasthan - India
The Leela Palace Udaipur, Rajasthan - India
13 January 2022

Luxuriate in this modern palace that makes the most of its lakeside location and views of the rolling Aravalli mountain ranges.

Its unparalleled grandeur is an ode to the Land of the Mewars through the use of traditional artisanal crafts and exquisite embellishments that are inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan.

Enjoy scenic views of the heritage city, the tranquil Lake Pichola and indulge in a lifestyle that’s truly worthy of royalty. Tranquil waters of the Lake Pichola, the City Palace and the Aravalli mountains, evoking the grandeur and opulence of the land of the Mewars.

Maharaja Suite

When your stay should reflect your achievements, nothing less than a royal choice will do. Welcome to the Maharaja Suite. The plush interiors are adorned by fine art and artefacts that weave a spell of luxury.

The 3,585-sq.-ft. suite comes with a living room, study, dining area and master bedroom with a separate walk-in wardrobe. The king-size bathtub and jacuzzi as well as the separate shower stall and water closet only add to the feel of luxury.

Built into the suite, for the discreet comfort of its distinguished guests, is uninterrupted relaxation, recreation and complete privacy. In other words, find here an attached massage parlour, a spacious plunge-pool and sprawling courtyards.

An interconnecting Grand Heritage View Balcony room is also available for accompanying guests. Obviously, the room gets well-kept by the personal butler attached to it during your stay.

Royal Suite

This 1800-sq.-ft. exclusive suite on the third floor offers a breath-taking view of the Aravallis and the tranquil Lake Pichola. Airy and modern, with an understated feel of royalty all around, these spacious suites redefine Indian grace and luxury.

Another of the spaces in the hotel, this Suite is dressed up all around with Thekri, the traditional Mewari art form of intricately chiselled mirrors on plaster.

Gold-leafed floral and paisley motifs, mother-of-pearl artefacts and inlaid handcrafted white marble further highlight its ornate exquisiteness. Then, there is the hand-painted gold-leafed dome that is hard to miss.

The Master bedroom, with a four-poster bed, provides an intimate sanctuary. Richly endowed in its décor and upholstery, the suite comprises a spacious dining room, private kitchenette, a marble-laid bathroom and jacuzzi, as well as a personal butler.

Grande Heritage Lake View Room with Balcony

This room has all the luxuries and comforts of the Grand Heritage Deluxe room with the added advantage of a balcony which has sweeping views of the lake and mountains.

Wake up to tranquillity in our Grand Heritage Lake View Rooms with balcony. Take some time out to enjoy a refreshing swim in our azure pool or relax in our spa. You may even head out to our fitness centre for a good round of workout, if you please.

Some of these rooms are attached with a balcony, offering a panoramic view of the mountains in the horizon. Look out at the breath-taking view of the majestic Aravallis towering over the tranquil Pichola Lake.

Stay in either the Lake wing or the Palace wing, and in addition to amenities that cater to the astute modern-day traveller, the rooms you walk into have elegant, contemporary interiors adorned with traditional Rajasthani art and craftwork by local artisans, and exquisite fabrics embroidered with regally inspired designs.

Even our furniture is embossed with tarkashi work, a popular art form involving intricate brass wires, strips and motifs set in dark wood.

Dining Room

A walk-in wine cellar, laid back view of the lake and an unending array of international cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Savour masterpieces. The Dining Room brings an eclectic mix of cuisines and flavours from different corners of the world, under the guidance of our Executive Chef.

Walk into the all-day dining restaurant that overlooks the outer courtyard and the Pichola Lake for the most refreshing and expansive breakfasts and flavoursome lunches and dinners.

The elegant settings of the restaurant interiors represent a unique style, and have been specially designed to match, if not mirror, the serenity of the view outside. The menu of The Dining Room reflects the appropriate time of day.

It has to be mentioned that the focus of the chef is in ensuring quality and freshness of ingredients. Naturally, every preparation that comes out of the kitchen makes a statement of modern simplicity and creative presentations. The restaurant has its own climate controlled walk in wine cellar.

Sheesh Mahal

Sheesh Mahal is a two-level, open-air fine-dining Indian restaurant, overlooking the lake. Sheesh Mahal mirrors the true essence of the kitchens of India and elevates fine dining to another level. We welcome you to feel like royalty as you enjoy Indian flavours to their authentic best.

Using recipes mastered in royal kitchens, with contemporary nuances added to them, the two-level restaurant takes diners through a journey of exquisite Indian flavours.

The ambience of the open-air restaurant glitters under a clear sky full of stars. Added to it, the evening glow of candles in various hues adds a resplendent touch of a bygone era. Al fresco settings caressed by the cool breeze from the lake, and the magical charms of the city views—we redefine the essence of fine dining here

The Library Bar

Walk into this intimate lounge designed like a luxurious den, complete with dark wood panelling, fireplaces, fine art, books and collectible artifacts for guests. The Library Bar at The Leela Palace Udaipur is the place to head to for unwinding.

Discover some of the finest selections of whiskies and liquors from around the world. Munch into the bite-size nibbles, while sipping on champagnes, time-refined cognacs, single malts and vintage wines.

Enjoy conversations with your loved ones or strike up something new with strangers in the comforts of couches inside or walk out into the Inner Courtyard, amidst renditions of Rajasthani folk music and dance performances every evening.

Weddings in India
The Leela Palace Udaipur can mould celebration spaces to your needs. Its banquet spaces accommodate up to 200-seated guests, with an additional outdoor capacity for 100 standing guests.

We even have private rooms for cosy affairs with as few as eight guests. The Leela Palace Udaipur also arranges for external venues, in which you may like to wed, like the Jagmandir Temple situated on a tiny island across the hotel. Our Regal Wedding Package includes one-night stay in a luxury room with special amenities.

We will take the stress of your celebrations, be it birthdays or other get-togethers. Because we believe memories must remain picture perfect. Get the best of the views, the most efficient of services and the least amount of stress when celebrating the greatest moments of your life with us.

Holidays, anniversaries, baby showers or family reunions, college leaving or homecoming parties, promotions or retirements—no matter what you choose to celebrate at The Leela Palace Udaipur, we shall customise it around your specifications.

Entrust us with your biggest hopes for the best parties, and we shall do everything it takes to turn it around perfectly for you. So sit back and relax. Let our in-house experts help it out for you.

Add a royal flair to your conferences at The Leela Palace Udaipur. Designed to meet the modern-day needs of a conference, our meeting rooms in Udaipur are spacious and offer modern amenities.

The Spa is a tented luxury wellness centre with picturesque views of Lake Pichola. Each bespoke treatment tent boasts of opulent tekri work inside the canopy and is luxuriously adorned with linens and silk.

Explore our exclusive spa packages which include thoughtfully crafted wellness programmes, yoga and meditation sessions, traditional temple rituals, healthy spa cuisine and visits to spiritual abodes to give your journey a soulful flavor.

Choose from our well designed wellness programs that aim to balance, nurture and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. Rejuvenate in a serene ambience:

A holistic experience that touches the body, mind and soul. The Spa at The Leela Palace Udaipur is a serene getaway to wellness and relaxation. Situated in a tranquil setting, this tented spa has eight luxury tents with a yoga and meditation tent as well as therapy suites with private pools.

Holistic Treatments: Body treatments at The Spa combine the best of ancient and modern techniques to release tension and leave you feeling deeply relaxed and rebalanced. Experience the physical and emotional therapeutic benefits of these advanced body treatments which are tailored to your specific needs.

Our Ayurvedic Abhyanga treatment starts with a luxurious foot ritual and consultation to establish your Dosha type. A refreshing facial cleansing follows to restore and uplift the delicate facial skin.

Then, Dosha-specific Ayurvedic oils unite with long, soothing symmetrical techniques of Abhyanga massage to totally rejuvenate and restore natural balance, increasing vitality and enhancing wellbeing. The ritual is completed with a Shirodhara treatment.

Revitalize yourself with Padabhyanga

A 30 minutes ayurvedic treatment for lower body that uses a Dosha specific blend of warm Ayurvedic oils, beginning with a foot bath and exfoliation.

A deeply therapeutic Marma point massage is then applied to each foot, working up the lower leg until all tension is relieved. Padabhyanga revitalizes tired muscles and helps ease aches and pains. This relaxing session is followed by Rajasthani traditional high tea at Alfresco Dining Room.

Rejuvenate your mind with Shirobhyanga

Enter the world of tranquillity with a 30 minutes Ayurvedic massage, Shirobhyanga. The experience offers a calming scalp massage that focuses on vital energy points, followed by Rajasthani traditional high tea accompanied by local savouries at Alfresco Dining Room.

If time is of the essence, this compact treatment will help to reduce tension, increase circulation and leave you feeling energized.

60 minute signature Ayurveda massage followed by Temple Ritual

Restore harmony of your mind, body and soul. Experience our soulful rituals at the 165 year old temple in the presence of Panditji (priest). Later, revive your body and mind with a personalized full body Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage, at our award winning spa.

This traditional massage uses a warm infusion of individually selected essential oils and specialized techniques to help release tension and balance your mind and body.

Salon: Walk into The Salon, an exclusive luxury grooming boutique, for the ultimate hair and beauty care experience. Styling gets redefined here. Whether it is a signature dry-hair precision cutting technique, the New York Style blow-dry, or the perfect hair color that complements your skin tone.

Style, cut or colour your hair at the salon at The Leela Palace Udaipur. From fringe straightening to hair care, the hair experts and technicians in this help you find just the groove you are looking for.

Fitness: The Health Club at The Leela Palace Udaipur is equipped to help achieve your daily fitness goals. Our facilities offer the best in cardiovascular and resistance equipment and an area for free weights. Personal training is also offered for those wishing to achieve special results.

Famed to be one of the most romantic cities in the world, Udaipur has a mesmerizing charm that will captivate any heart. Be it, Its grand palaces, heritage sites, picturesque locations, or the sheer romance of the destination.

The city offers a choice of romantic experiences from the narrow-cobbled streets to camel rides that take you through the city or deserts. Whether it is for taking sacred vows, for a honeymoon or simply to rekindle passion, Udaipur is an ideal choice for any romantic interlude.

Experiencing a mesmerising sunset
Experiencing a romantic moment as the sun sets may be a cliché but is certainly not overrated. The sunset works its magic differently with magical views of Lake Pichola and the Aravalli Mountains stretching across .

A romantic boat ride
Lake Pichola has its unique charm. Sail on the beautiful blue waters of the lake at sunset, as the orange-hued layers of the waters complement the glamourous city lights. This boat ride promises to etch itself in your memories forever.

Sound and Light Show
The Mewar Light and Sound Show will leave you enthralled with its allure as it brings to life the rich history of Mewar, its storied past and a vibrant present.

The city of Udaipur is famous for its calm environs, pictorial lakes, shimmering palaces, rich and varied culture, food, architecture, and ethnic wear and has a lot to offer its discerning tourists. The city is also called ‘Venice of the East’ because of its beautiful lakes.

From marble inlay work, fabrics with Bandhani and Leheriya prints, Lak and silver bangles to heritage buildings with old-world charm, energetic escapades to Aravalli hills and Lal Maas. The city doesn’t cease to amaze you with the innumerable offerings and scenic surroundings for as far as you can see.

While in the palace, you may choose to spend your time indulging in games like Badminton, Bocce or Croquet, shop in our store, Amalya, or watch the dreamy Sunsets from our sunset alcove.

You can take a leisurely boat ride on the Pichola Lake, Udaisagar and Pratapsagar, definitely among the most beautiful lakes in the state. In fact, the Pichola Lake was formed when Maharana Udai Singh flooded Picholi village while establishing the city of Udaipur.

Tuk Tuk ride and heritage walk, followed by high tea

The modern-day palace offers a unique Tuk Tuk ride for an hour, showcasing the old city of Udaipur and its captivating inheritance.

The ride is then followed by a heritage walk to the gracious 165 years old temple in presence of a Hindu priest. The magical tour is then concluded with a high tea and delectable accompaniments at the exclusive alfresco area of the Dining Room.

Ceremonial Rituals
The desert region of Rajasthan is famous for the colour and vibrancy of its folk forms. Each region in Rajasthan has its own form of folk dance. Tribal areas have maintained these folk dances which are often performed for special occasions.

Colours of the Thar Desert come alive when its dancers take the center stage. The dancers, the dances and costumes have earned Thar the dignity of being the most colourful desert in the world.

There are dances that follow a lineage of age-old traditions, adhere to religious significance, display their daring attitude as well as complimenting various fairs and festivals.

Experience the Palace evening ritual of mesmerizing folk music and dance art of Rajasthan. These rituals hold emotions and stories of the locals and their rich and varied culture and legacy.

These performances were originally held in the royal courts in praise of the rulers and depict the stories of victory, love, and heroic deeds. The melodies and timeless dances performed, and ballads will leave you entranced with the heritage and charm of Udaipur.

The city of Udaipur is renowned for it’s elegant paintings, delicate handicrafts, marble articles, silver arts and terracotta. A historical Art Walk of The Leela Palace Udaipur reveals the Palace as an aesthetic blend of contemporary décor and traditional architecture.

Artworks here are inspired by the magic and grandeur of this colourful state with a royal past. Exquisite fabrics are embroidered with regally inspired designs, while the dark wood furniture has Tarkashi work – a popular art form that involves an intricate process of setting brass wires, strips, and motifs in dark wood to make exquisite, handcrafted furniture.

The palace is adorned throughout with hand-carved marble lotuses and elephants in silver along with vibrant paintings of puppets in colourful traditional costumes depicting characters from mythology.

Thekri, a Mewari art form that uses intricately chiselled mirrors on plaster is the predominant theme of the palace interiors. Gold leafed floral and paisleys motifs, mother of pearl artifacts and inlaid hand-crafted white marble further highlight its ornate exquisiteness.

An Art Walk of the Palace provides insights into a culture and a history which is deeply enriching and awe inspiring.

Rooms: 80
Price: from 300 EUR per night


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