Diamonds Thudufushi Maldives

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Diamonds Thudufushi Maldives
Diamonds Thudufushi Maldives
Diamonds Thudufushi Maldives
Diamonds Thudufushi Maldives
Diamonds Thudufushi Maldives
Diamonds Thudufushi Maldives
Diamonds Thudufushi Maldives
Diamonds Thudufushi Maldives
Diamonds Thudufushi Maldives
Diamonds Thudufushi Maldives
Diamonds Thudufushi Maldives
Diamonds Thudufushi Maldives
13 January 2022

Welcome to the magnificent Diamonds Thudufushi Beach and Water Villas. The island features elegant beach bungalows and luxury over water villas.

A wellness centre offers ayurvedic treatments and a diving centre caters to the underwater experience of our guests. The Diamonds Thudufushi resort is situated just a 20 minute scenic seaplane flight away from Malé International Airport.

Thudufushi is the ideal resort to start discovering the Maldives in a centre of excellence, where every detail has been carefully selected to make your journey unforgettable.

Your dives and excursions will be done together with experts, from biologists who will reveal the secrets of the reef to qualified personnel who will make your entire stay a unique and unforgettable moment.

Thanks to our all inclusive formula you will be able to enjoy every second at Diamonds Thudufushi wholeheartedly.

13 Beach Bungalows, 32 Beach Junior Suites, 14 Water Villas, 7 Jacuzzi Water Villas and 2 Two Bedroom Water Villas characterise Diamonds Thudufushi Beach & Water Villas. The inimitable Italian decor of the rooms, equipped with every comfort, guarantees our guests an exclusive holiday in an oasis of tranquility.

Located in an exclusive position at the end of the pier, the two “Two bedroom Villas” feature 2 double rooms with a large shared terrace and a pool.

The rooms are tastefully furnished with tailor-made rattan furniture, contemporary Italian lighting and handcrafted parquet flooring. Each villa features a large living room with a comfortable sofa bed and a small corner bar.

The 7 Jacuzzi Water Villas feature a large private terrace with direct access to the sea and a private hydromassage jacuzzi tub.

All of the rooms are tastefully furnished with elegant furniture, contemporary Italian lighting and handcrafted parquet flooring. Each villa has a large living room with a comfortable sofa bed and a small corner bar.

14 Water Villas enjoy a large private terrace with direct access to the ocean. All of the rooms enjoy a large living area, tastefully decorated with elegant furniture, a four poster bed, a comfortable sofa and corner bar, contemporary Italian lighting and beautiful parquet floors.

Located right directly on the beach and looking out at the beautiful Indian Ocean, the elegantly decorated 31 Beach Junior Suites offer a separate lounge area, an expatriate sofa bed, outdoor showers and a large private veranda with armchairs, tables and sun loungers.

Facing the unspoilt waters and with direct access to the beach, the 12 Beach Bungalows are equipped with verandas with private terraces featuring armchairs, tables and sun loungers. All of the rooms feature an outdoor shower.

The Maakana Restaurant, located in the south side of the resort, next to beach, overlooking the blue ocean, is serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It offers a rich buffet with choices to satisfy every palate as well as vegetarian and vegan dishes upon request.

The international breakfast buffet offers a selection of fresh tropical fruits and juices, homemade breads and pastries, European cold cuts and cheeses, and made-to-order eggs cooked by the chef at the cooking station.

The lunch buffet offers a nice variety of options from pizza to pasta, to salads, and a barbecue grill where the fish catch of the day and a selection of meats are cooked to perfection in front of your eyes.

Local dishes are served every day and many other international options are offered. The dessert buffet serves a variety of fresh fruits, cakes, and creams and homemade “Gelati”.

The restaurant is open all year round and is open to all our guests though reservations are required for Water Villa Guests, in order to enjoy the best dining experience.

The fusion of European and Asian cuisine for a more private and exclusive culinary experience. The over water restaurant offers an a la carte fusion cuisine, located in the west side of the sea, where modern European and Asian dishes meet in great combinations.

Our Water Villa guests have this location as part of the all-inclusive package and for an additional fee our guests in the beach categories can enjoy the same experience by simply reserving in advance.

A true Maldivian dinner to discover local traditions, under the stars and surrounded by the palm trees of the tropical garden. We invite our guests to share in a starlit dining experience under the palm trees of the tropical garden.

Traditional Maldivian dishes are cooked by our Chefs and with the participation of our guests so that the experience is not only culinary but also cultural. To complete the atmosphere, guests are invited to wear the traditional Maldivian sarong if they chose so.

The Seafood Dining Experience offers freshly caught seafood specialities and fresh lobster menus in a very romantic moonlit setting on the beach. Reservations are required and there is an additional charge for this very personal experience.

An ideal place to relax and unwind after exploring the magnificent underwater sea life, or for those who want to stay on the beach, sunbathing on the white coral sand.

At the Beach Bar, light meals and snacks are served throughout the day and so it is a great place to relax and unwind after exploring the magnificent underwater sea life, or for those who want to stay on the beach, sunbathing on the white coral sand.

Here our guests can savor the tropical flavors of the Maldives in cocktails created by our skilled bartenders.

A comfortable open air sitting area serving International cocktails, selected spirits, beer, wine, fruit juices and soft drinks. Champagne and premium spirits are also available for an extra charge

The resort owns, within its boundaries, the “Centro Serena SPA”, an oasis of peace and serenity in a natural environment, perfect for those who desire to relax, restore and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit.

Serena Spa is an oasis of peace and tranquillity set in a natural environment, perfect for those wishing to relax, refresh and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit. Let yourself be pampered during your stay by the welcoming smiles and expert hands of our therapists who use a combination of herbs, oils, spices and flowers.

The Serena Spa experience is the incarnation of an extensive study of the Asian traditions and culture of health and wellbeing. Serena Spa is a sanctuary designed to detached from the stress of daily life through regenerating therapies.

Our treatments are inspired by the rich heritage of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of life, by European concepts such as aromatherapy and by traditional home remedies used throughout Southeast Asia.

Massages and treatments combined with a stay deep in the heart of nature will make your stay a journey of regeneration.

A wedding is a unique occasion: enjoy a unique Island and a unique day for your lifetime experience. A fairytale wedding, surrounded by white beaches, palm trees and a crystal clear ocean. Diamonds Athuruga is the perfect place for you, it doesn’t exist a place as special in which being united forever with your soulmate.

The island of Thudufushi offers many activities, especially for those who like water sports and diving as the island has a water sports and diving center which organizes excursions and courses.

On the island you will have the opportunity to explore the Indian Ocean and its crystal clear waters in many different ways. Equally interesting are the many activities organized on the mainland, which allow guests to enjoy every minute of the day.

Get into the amazingly clear water of the Maldives and get ready to discover the unique beauty of the island. It doesn’t matter if it is from a windsurf, a canoe, a laser or directly under water, be amazed by the uniqueness of the location and by the many different activities that are organized every day at Thudufushi.

Participate with island’s marine biologists to discover the Maldives: daily lessons and excursions. There is a resident marine biologist on the island to answer any questions from guests who wish to learn more about the subject.

Programmed events include: Biology evenings which explain the formation of the Maldivian atolls as well as interesting facts about the corals and fish. These are the species which can be viewed around the island of Thudufushi:

Angelfish: One of the most common fish of the Maldivian barrier reefs, they can be easily recognised thanks to their gaudy colours. The emperor angelfish and the royal angelfish are two of the most common in the area. It is interesting that young emperor angelfish sport a different colouring to the adult fish.

Clownfish: One of the most famous fish of the Maldives, it lives in harmony with the sea anemones, hiding among its tentacles. Each anemone hosts a harem of clownfish, made up of numerous males and a single dominate female. Clownfish are able to change gender; they are born male and once they reach a certain size become female.

Batfish: Naturally curious and completely harmless, batfish elegantly approach the flippers of snorkelers and divers. The young fish have a completely different body shape reminiscent of a leaf transported by the current, to confuse predators and aid survival.

Parrotfish: So-called because their mouth is reminiscent of a parrot’s beak. In fact it uses its robust beak to scrape algae from the surface of the corals, producing a characteristic sound. After sunset it resides in clefts, producing a bubble of mucus which hides it from nocturnal predators.

Surgeonfish: An eye-catching and brightly coloured group of fish, surgeonfish are important for the marine ecosystem as they feed on the algae which cover the corals. They are called surgeonfish because both sides of the tail fin’s base are covered with a sharp bony spine like a scalpel.

Table acropora corals: A genus of coral shaped like a table which can be found everywhere in the shallow waters of the reef. It provides shelter to a great number of barrier reef fish.

Brain coral: So-called because of its shape similar to a human brain.

Mushroom coral: A solitary coral, at night it extends its numerous tentacles to feed on plankton. An interesting fact is that this coral can use its tentacles to move.

Manta ray: A majestic sea creature, it seems to fly elegantly through the water. One of the most pleasant and moving experiences in the Maldives. It can have a wingspan of 4 metres.

Whale Shark: The gentle giant of the Maldives, it is possible to swim next to one of these creatures in complete safety. The typical speckled coloration allows each individual to be recognised. To the south of the Ari atoll there is a nursery area where numerous young whale sharks between 4 and 8 metres congregate.

Hawksbill turtle: Among the corals of the barrier reef it is possible to spot numerous sea turtles, intent on eating sponge and small sea anemones. Every now and then they can also be admired as they come to the surface to breathe.

Its position in the shelter of the outer edge of the atoll guarantees Thudufushi a rich and colourful coral reef. As well as offering the possibility for some wonderful diving, the Thudufushi reef is easily accessible and guarantees snorkellers an exciting experience.

Diamonds Resorts Maldives Environment Protection and CSR Initiatives. Diamonds Thudufushi has always encouraged a sustainable tourism, aimed at preserving the beauty of the Maldives and its unique ecosystem.

The Resort is committed with numerous initiatives, many of them involving the guestsin order to increase in them the awareness of the fragility of the Maldivian ecosystem.

Rooms: 71
Price: from 951 EUR per night


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