Campamento Ara Meru Lodge

America Venezuela
Campamento Ara Meru Lodge - Venezuela
Campamento Ara Meru Lodge - Venezuela
Campamento Ara Meru Lodge - Venezuela
Campamento Ara Meru Lodge - Venezuela
Campamento Ara Meru Lodge - Venezuela
Campamento Ara Meru Lodge - Venezuela
Campamento Ara Meru Lodge - Venezuela
Campamento Ara Meru Lodge - Venezuela
Campamento Ara Meru Lodge - Venezuela
Campamento Ara Meru Lodge - Venezuela
Campamento Ara Meru Lodge - Venezuela
Campamento Ara Meru Lodge - Venezuela
5 June 2022

In the middle of the jungle stands Ara Meru Lodge with impressive facilities, spacious rooms with private bathroom, air conditioning, satellite TV, executive refrigerator, hot water and safe.

We have double and triple rooms, two master suites and an exclusive presidential suite with Jacuzzi included, all with special spaces and access routes for people with disabilities.

To enjoy with a group or family, we have a four-level super caney with a restaurant, spa, gym, lounge area and terrace with a 360-degree view to enjoy the wonderful view of the Canaima lagoon and its waterfalls.

Inspired by the tepuyes, we built a beautiful lagoon in the middle of the facilities, which becomes the protagonist of the place; It has a replica of the highest waterfall in the world, the “Kerepakupai Vená”, better known as Angel Falls, and at the top you can enjoy a delicious Jacuzzi.

We have a large four-level caney, with a restaurant, spa, gym, lounge area and terrace with a 360-degree view to enjoy the wonderful view of the Canaima lagoon and a replica of the Kerepakupai Vená or Angel Falls, the most highest in the world, and at its top you can enjoy a relaxing Jacuzzi.

Provide a category service and quality care to all our tourists, with high standards of comfort, guaranteeing them a unique experience.

To be the model camp in the entire Canaima National Park for those clients who seek the comforts of the modern world in the midst of exotic nature and thereby be an international reference in lodging and services.

Responsibility, honesty, commitment, respect and above all teamwork so that our clients can get the best impression of the service that can be offered in Venezuela.

Resting in the heart of the jungle is more than pleasant at Ara Meru Lodge. We have 21 luxurious and comfortable rooms, as well as two master suites and a presidential suite, all decorated with a mix of modern and colonial styles, with some subtle details of the local indigenous culture and colors and materials chosen to highlight the beauty of these spaces. that achieve an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, paying homage to the majesty of the ancestral lands of Canaima.

The beds are dressed with high quality lingerie. The softness of the fabrics make you feel like you are resting on cotton clouds. Natural wood is the protagonist of the furniture, along with stone and wrought iron in certain details, creating a range of textures.

The surrounding tepuyes are what give the name to the different modules or rest areas of the lodge: Kurun Tepuy, Kusary Tepuy, Kurawaina Tepuy, Nonoy Tepuy, Topochí Tepuy, Wey Tepuy, Kapuy Tepuy and Auyan Tepuy.

Each of the bedrooms has its terrace with a beautiful hammock for a nap, from where you can see the internal areas of the camp, such as: gardens, swimming pool, waterfall and caney.

Likewise, they are equipped with air conditioning, safe, hot water, satellite television, hair dryer, executive refrigerator and Wi-Fi, as well as bathrobes, slippers and amenities (items for personal care and hygiene). In the case of the suites, they have their own private terrace with a private Jacuzzi.

Thinking of all our possible guests, in Ara Meru rooms were designed for people with special physical conditions in two of our modules. The bathrooms are properly adequate and two of the rooms have a King Size bed and a sofa bed for a companion. Yes, at Ara Meru Lodge everyone counts!

Canaima, a Venezuelan natural paradise with an exotic tone
Venezuela has given rise to stories being written and many things being said. And the beauty of its territory has been a constant that has also allowed it to gain a certain status as a tourist destination.

Touring its land will also allow you to discover its contrasts, in which beautiful landscapes will rise up before your eyes and will put you in front of natural spaces of extraordinary beauty.

And although the natural variety is vast in the land of Bolívar, there is a place that stands out from the rest for its mysticism, as well as exotic species and dreamlike places that your eyes will be able to observe.

The flora and fauna of Canaima , added to its exotic species, become the perfect formula for those who love the gifts that God gave to the planet that we must now guard with suspicion.

But it implies a great responsibility to enjoy Canaima , a Venezuelan national park that in 1962 was declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco, for its acronym in English)

Taking care of the ecosystem that we are about to visit is everyone’s task, since we will be in the presence of one of the most virgin life systems on Earth, where millions of years of evolution allowed its creation.

We all know that there are tour operators that offer packages to Canaima as well as lodging services in Canaima . But is it their responsibility and ours to comply with the rules?

Pretend that this beautiful national park is your home. Would you be able to damage what is inside it? Are your neighbors responsible for protecting and preserving all your belongings? Remember that Canaima belongs to everyone.

Based on this premise, it is also essential that we understand that there are Venezuelan laws and regulations that protect the environment. The National Institute of Parks (Inparques) works punctually

This organization determined that Canaima is a national park precisely because of its length, in addition to other characteristics such as the fact that it has not been affected by man and is of scientific and recreational interest.

Our stay in Canaima should be a reflection of our values ​​and should extend throughout our stay. It is vital to listen to the recommendations of our guides and follow the rules that Ara Merú Lodge offers its guests.

In Canaima there are not only exotic species or fauna and flora exclusive to Canaima . In the place also come indigenous tribes who have no idea where you come from or what your customs are.

However, those who visit must always adapt, so you must not disrespect their beliefs, their way of seeing life and neither offer them food or products that you know may cause them harm.

It is extremely important that you do not try to open new routes. Throughout the park there are already established paths for the transit of visitors, so opening others could lead to problems and go against the care of the Canaima ecosystem .

Returning to the subject of exotic species, flora and fauna of Canaima, it is strictly forbidden to mistreat them or extract them from the park for any commercial purpose. Doing this is punishable by Venezuelan law.

Although it seems unusual, you can only wash yourself with blue soap. The content of these is less invasive for the Canaima ecosystem , and therefore you would be being more responsible with the natural space that has received you.

Paying for the Canaima packages and visiting Ara Meru Lodge is buying a direct ticket to a world of diverse nature, in which the amount of variety of exotic species and fauna and flora exclusive to Canaima will leave you speechless .

If you are a fan of “strange” plants or animals, then Canaima is everything for you. Now, let’s see a small list of the species that you will find inside the national park.

Fauna: Scientists who have visited Canaima have been delighted by the presence of so many fascinating animals. The giant armadillo, the giant water dog or the giant anteater stand out.

There are other exotic species that also live in the Canaima ecosystem and that are threatened because there are fewer and fewer specimens left on earth. Among these stands out the puma, the jaguar and the two-toed sloth.

The widow monkey, the Orinoco capuchin, the endemic rodent of the Roraima tepuy, the harpy eagle, the dwarf macaw and the purple parrot also live there, birds that give us aerial shows in their nesting season.

The flora: The millions of years that have served as time for the formation of the beautiful Canaima National Park have left a great variety of unique plants and flowers on its territory.

If you are fond of botany, you should know that in Canaima you can find some 300 species of endemic plants. The achnopogon, the chimantea, the quelchia, the tepuia, the mallophyton and the adenanthe stand out.

Rooms: 25
Price: from 393 EUR per night


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