Casa Pestagua Cartagena

America Colombia
Casa Pestagua Cartagena - Colombia
Casa Pestagua Cartagena - Colombia
Casa Pestagua Cartagena - Colombia
Casa Pestagua Cartagena - Colombia
Casa Pestagua Cartagena - Colombia
Casa Pestagua Cartagena - Colombia
Casa Pestagua Cartagena - Colombia
Casa Pestagua Cartagena - Colombia
Casa Pestagua Cartagena - Colombia
Casa Pestagua Cartagena - Colombia
8 August 2021

Since its creation, the Casa Pestagua was designed as an aristocrat’s palace, and to communicate an impressive majesty. For this reason, the mansion was built according to the purest Moorish palace style, an influence that continued to be important in 16th and 17th Century Spanish and colonial architecture.

A refreshing and majestic hall leads to the patio, around which the mansion is situated. This particularly extensive patio, with its 8 palm trees and water fountain, shows the importance of its construction as it leads to the backyard which offers guests the pleasure of modern comforts with its pool and solarium.

The echoes of the Republican era are visible in the mansion’s decoration, as can be seen in its meticulously restored statues and frescos.

After some years of neglect, Casa Pestagua was acquired by the famed constructor Pedro Gómez, who entrusted the restoration of this gem of colonial architecture to the architect Álvaro Barrera, and so brought the mansion back to its original splendor.


Casa Pestagua Hotel Boutique Spa has 11 spacious rooms available, each of which features a refined and personalized décor which will make your stay a unique experience.

The rooms are notable for their size, being larger than one expects in contemporary hotels; these majestic chambers with elevated ceilings bring to mind the ideals of good living and comfort that were so important to the aristocrats who presided over the mansion’s construction.

Some of the rooms display a romantic charm with their antique furnishings in Colonial, Republic or Art Deco styles.

The strikingly modern features of other rooms in the hotel display the spectacular contrast between the historic and majestic architectural surroundings and the sophistication offered by elegant and contemporary furniture.

All rooms include a generously sized bathroom with marble floor and luxurious antique bronze faucets, independently controlled air conditioning, a safe and an LCD television.

Dining Room
The table, worthy of the castles and palaces of the golden age of the Casa Pestagua Hotel Boutique Spa, accommodates up to 25 diners, recreating the lavish atmosphere and charm of great aristocratic banquets.

In addition, more intimate tables are available in the central patio, and breakfast and other meals can also be enjoyed in the refreshing setting of the pool area, or the verandah’s romantic surroundings.

Enjoying an exotic or classic cocktail while losing yourself in the smooth jazz sounds or “Son Cubano” music in the pool area’s open bar is one of Hotel Boutique Spa Casa Pestagua’s many entertainment options during your stay. You can also display your talent at billiards in the mezzanine next to the bar.

The pool invites you to refresh yourself in its temperature-controlled sparkling waters, and to swim beside the tropical plants in its exotic garden, in the shade of its surrounding walls, under the watchful and discreet care of the Casa Pestagua Hotel Boutique Spa Cartagena staff.

The verandah overlooks the Caribbean Sea and the historic city, delivering the delights of spectacular views. This backdrop of fantasy invites you to enjoy the flavors of a breakfast, romantic dinner, or simply an unforgettable sunset.

The jacuzzi adds to this idyllic spot, offering a moment of relaxation, rest, peace and tranquility in a unique atmosphere reserved for the privileged few…

Spa in cartagena
Hotel Boutique Casa Pestagua’s Spa is available near to the pool area, where massage experts introduce our guests to the “rituals” specially created to completely turn the Count of Pestagua’s mansion into this heavenly setting that you will always want to return to.


Slight, stimulating and elasticizing exfoliation more a gentle massage with essential oils and plant extracts for a true aromatherapy treatment which responds to individual needs purifying, relaxing, increases the circulation and stimulates the fluids drainage eliminating toxins.


Ritual with relaxing effects. Gentle exfoliation with trace elements and aosaina, an alga with elastizing properties more an endorphin massage that helps to find a new sense of humor, it is perfect to hydrate, to nourish and to soften the skin


The beauty sublimation is the end of luxury for the facial skin, stimulates cellular metabolism, generating a lifting effect and reduces redness, ideal for stressed or mature skin.

Casa Pestagua Hotel Boutique Spa presents you with the possibility to organize your events, seminars, conferences, parties and weddings in an exceptional setting, guaranteeing you an unforgettable experience in a historic location with majestic architecture where romanticism and privacy prevails.

Casa Pestagua Hotel Boutique Spa offers its spacious colonial hall for meetings of up to 80 people and the pool area and patio which is especially suited for groups of up to 250 people.

Situated some 30 meters from the Santo Domingo Square with its imposing colonial church and terraces, Casa Pestagua Hotel Boutique Spa Cartagena is located in the heart of the walled city, close to the best restaurants and recreation sites.

Casa Pestagua Hotel Boutique Spa Cartagena places you in the immediate vicinity of the festive atmosphere of Cartagena, but protects your tranquility and relaxation behind its surrounding walls which guarantee you an oasis of peace in the midst of the excitement that characterizes the city.

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia
As an important port for the Spanish crown in the new world, Cartagena bore witness to the flow of the fabulous riches which came from every part of the conquered new lands, to be taken to Spain to fill the coffers of the Madrid sovereigns.

Fleets of galleons would set sail from Cartagena, brimming with gold and jewels, which quickly turned the city into an opulent, wealthy and aristocratic city… And the coveted target of Caribbean pirates and privateers.

Today Cartagena, the pearl of the Caribbean, proudly displays its exceptionally preserved colonial architecture, a witness to the magnificence of its history, taking its visitors on a journey through time, allowing them to discover the unique emotions only possible in few other world heritage sites.

But Cartagena also has another face; that of a jubilant and festive city, where everything is possible.

After visiting the sights or soaking up the sun on a beach or poolside at the Casa Pestagua Hotel Boutique Spa Cartagena, you can go out to dance to Caribbean rhythms, sample delicious dishes in sophisticated restaurants, or enjoy the latest electronic music in fashionable nightspots.

Rooms: 11
Price: from 193 EUR per night


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