Dar Said Carthage

Africa Tunisia
Dar Said Carthage - Tunisia
Dar Said Carthage - Tunisia
Dar Said Carthage - Tunisia
Dar Said Carthage - Tunisia
Dar Said Carthage - Tunisia
Dar Said Carthage - Tunisia
Dar Said Carthage - Tunisia
Dar Said Carthage - Tunisia
Dar Said Carthage - Tunisia
Dar Said Carthage - Tunisia
12 May 2022

True to the charm of the village and of exceptional authenticity, Dar Said benefits from a unique location, overlooking the village of Sidi Bou Said and the golf of Tunis.

Its typical Arab – Andalusian architecture can be felt even in the various landscaped gardens such as the gardens of the houses of Cordoba. You will appreciate their sweet musicality while sipping your tea.

Ideal for lovers of relaxation and just five minutes from the beach, the hotel enjoys exceptional sunshine from its terraces. Its swimming pool, an oasis of pleasure, offers you a real place of relaxation and refreshment. A timeless place where the scent of jasmine blends harmoniously with the saline air of the sea.

A bit of history
The house was built in the middle of the 19th century by a wealthy bourgeois who chose the place closest to the mausoleum of Sidi Bou Said to relax with his family considering the place as blessed by God.

His grandson, who became the sole heir of the house in the middle of the 20th century, sold the property to his maternal uncle who gave it his name: “Dar Ettoumi”.

After having been used as a place of exhibition and sale of Tunisian art objects, the property was bought in 1948 by a French family who gave it its current name: Dar Said and it is in 1976 that the house changed ownership for the last time, acquired by the Majestic Hotels company which undertook its renovation.

The restoration and redevelopment of the premises were carried out under the supervision of the National Heritage Institute, in the spirit and rules of construction that prevailed at the time of its construction.

In spite of the new conveniences, essential nowadays, almost everything was restored with the original materials: marble, earthenware, sculpted plaster.

The Hammam is an Arab tradition that dates back to the Ottoman Empire. Very present in the Arab-Andalusian culture, it is the place of relaxation and purification par excellence.

The ritual and its rhythm make it a real place of relaxation and peace. To free yourself from the muscular tensions and toxins that plague your body, immerse in a Moorish bath.

Website: www.darsaid.com.tn
Rooms: 24
Price: from 99 EUR per night


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