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Shumba Camp Zambia
Shumba Camp Zambia
Shumba Camp Zambia
Shumba Camp Zambia
Shumba Camp Zambia
Shumba Camp Zambia
Shumba Camp Zambia
Shumba Camp Zambia
Shumba Camp Zambia
Shumba Camp Zambia
Shumba Camp Zambia
Shumba Camp Zambia
13 May 2022

For five months each year, before the rains return, watch a wildlife extravaganza play out in the infinite floodplains.

Witness hundreds of red lechwe, puku, and other plains game, often chased by predators, including the famous ‘flying lions’ leaping across the channels (Shumba’s named after the local lion prides, the camp’s show stealers). Boat through the channels seasonally, when the water is high, gliding past hippo pods.

Remote Shumba occupies its own little island in the midst of the Busanga Plains, 600-square km of savannah threaded with watery channels in the north of Zambia’s Kafue National Park – one of the wildest, most pristine places on Earth. For their abundance and diversity of wildlife, renowned as ‘the Plains of Plenty’.

You barely have to step off Shumba’s elegant, streamlined decks to encounter a vast diversity of creatures. The camp’s six spacious, luxury tented units, raised on wooden platforms, stand sentry over the endless plains.

Astounding vistas can be had from your bed, various seating areas in the unit, or even the indoor and outdoor showers. Zambian hospitality pervades the main area, whether you’re cooling off in the pool, dining under the stars, or sharing fireside tales with staff, a convivial nightly ritual.

Wildlife at Shumba
Shumba is situated in the middle of the Busanga Plains in the midst of various lion pride territories and is said to provide some of the best lion viewing in Africa. These lion are often seen in and around camp.

The area is also perfectly situated to see large numbers of plains game such as puku, red lechwe, Lichtenstein’s hartebeest, oribi, buffalo and wildebeest.

Cheetah and wild dog may also be seen, while a special treat is the ‘resident’ herd of rare roan antelope. For birding enthusiasts, the park boasts 491 species, including the range restricted Fülleborn’s Longclaw.

Birding Paradise
Delight in birding as rosy-throated longclaw and grey crowned cranes became commonplace sightings on drives.

Game Drives
Catch sight of the famous lion prides, other predators and the scores of plains game.

Night-time meanderings
Explore the Busanga Plains’ nocturnal species on interpretive game drives under the stars.

Float through the channels at the beginning of the season when the floodplains are still filled with water.

Zambia from Above
From scenic flights to soaring silently on a hot air balloon over one of the most remote wildlife-rich areas on Earth, this seven-day adventure not only takes Africa in from the skies but also includes up close and personal wildlife experiences on foot, by vehicle and even boat.

Kafue’s Busanga Plains is known for its territorial lions roaming alongside other predators and a multitude of plains game while adventures on the Zambezi River yield sightings of elephant, buffalo, crocodile, hippo.

Here you can also choose a heli flip over Victoria Falls or even hurl yourself into the spectacular Batoka Gorge by bungee jump or gorge swing.

Diverse Zambia – Busanga and Zambezi
This seven-day safari offers you front row seats to some of the most spectacular wilderness and wildlife experiences in Zambia, if not the planet.

Your journey begins in the wild and exceptionally remote Busanga Plains of Kafue’s National Park that provide some of the best lion viewing in Africa alongside other predators and a multitude of prey species.

We continue our wildlife experience in a more relaxed format on the banks of mystical and evocative Zambezi River. Elephant, buffalo, crocodile, hippo and excellent birdlife can be seen from land and water while tracking rhino on foot is another thrilling adventure.

Rooms: 6
Price: from 2.200 EUR per night


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