Fidanka Hotel Kas

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Fidanka Hotel Kas, Antalya - Turkey
Fidanka Hotel Kas, Antalya - Turkey
Fidanka Hotel Kas, Antalya - Turkey
Fidanka Hotel Kas, Antalya - Turkey
Fidanka Hotel Kas, Antalya - Turkey
Fidanka Hotel Kas, Antalya - Turkey
Fidanka Hotel Kas, Antalya - Turkey
Fidanka Hotel Kas, Antalya - Turkey
Fidanka Hotel Kas, Antalya - Turkey
Fidanka Hotel Kas, Antalya - Turkey
Fidanka Hotel Kas, Antalya - Turkey
Fidanka Hotel Kas, Antalya - Turkey
4 July 2022

Hotel Fidanka, is a dream come true of a family from Istanbul who loves trees, flowers, beautiful gardens, antiques, places with a soul, nature, art and good food!

We have worked in other professions for years, visited many places, and finally built a hotel in a wonderful bay in the Kaş-Kalkan region, which we love dearly, where we share all the beauties we have collected in ourselves, with sincerity and impeccable service understanding for the comfort and happiness of our guests.

Our special interest and passion is Hundreds of different plants in Fidanka’s (female sapling in Bulgarian) garden.Our hotel consists of 17 rooms, with six different types, most of them larger than 40 sqm, each of which has huge terraces with magnificent sea views.

In our rooms, we combined 200-year-old cedars of the nearby highland villages, hundreds of years old wooden walls of a mansion that was destroyed in Istanbul, doors and windows and various wooden parts that we collected from unused historical houses of Anatolian and Black Sea villages.

The thousands of antique pieces that we have been collecting passionately since we knew ourselves are the most colorful, exciting and fun pieces of the whole beautiful picture.

Garden Floor Suite

On the garden floor, these spacious 40 sqm suites set up for three people, have a double and a single bed. These suites, perched in the garden, have their own private terraces and have been recently renovated using the same antiques and hundred-year-old cedar trees.


These rooms with one extra large double bed and a single bed can accommodate up to three guests and they are 45 sqm each.

Centuries old cedar and antiques were used to furnish our suites and all boast large terraces with breathtaking views. Suites have private entrances, separate seating areas, extensive sea and pool views.

Exclusive Suite With Jacuzzi

These two rooms are 45 sqm each and boast breathtaking views of the sea from Fidanka’s highest point.

Boasting double windows and built with centuries old cedar timbers from nearby villages, guests are sure to be amazed at the Mediterranean’s blue and Kalkan’s lights from these rooms’ hot-tubs and terraces. Both rooms have private entrances, extensive sea and pool views, private seating area.

Gastronomy at Fidanka
The biggest secret of Fidanka’s legendary cuisine is, apart from the fact that we have been working with the same great chef and kitchen team for many years, we closely follow the gastronomy world, which continues to grow every year in the world and in Turkey.

Our cuisine is the result of our insatiable appetite for new tastes, with the consultancy and training we received from expert chefs.

On one hand, we constantly follow the developments in the international cuisines, on the other hand, we bring to our table the geographical flavors of our country, which has an endless range of natural products.

All regions around Turkey are like our local bazaar… We bring cheeses, tomato paste, spices, sauces, pomegranate syrups from Kars, İzmir Menemen, Antakya, Antep, sourdough breads from Istanbul, jams, smoked meats from Denizli, olive oil from Ayvalık. This year, we are entering a very exciting new period.

Umut Karakuş, who graduated with a grand diploma from Le Cordon Blue, one of the most prestigious gastronomy schools in the world and did his internship in Munich Pageu with Michelin-starred Ali Güngörmüş, works on Anatolian cuisine, modern appetizers and spices enriched by the migrations that brought the flavours to the present.

Umut Karakuş, who established Turkey’s first spice library and received the most creative chef awards of the year many times, is revising our menu and cuisine from top to bottom. We create our new menu by combining centuries-old traditional Anatolian recipes with modern European techniques.

We meticulously protect our country’s geographically indicated, natural and organic local products, while supporting small local producers.

Our Beloved Antiques & Collections
The biggest feature that makes Fidanka peerless is that it continues a unique family legacy. Antiques are our greatest passion left to us from our ancestors. They are not just decorations for us.

In addition to a huge collection that we have inherited from our great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers, we host hundreds of antiques and unique objects, each of which has a different story, that we have collected from Turkey and all over the world, and we make our guests, whom we consider as our family, be a part of these stories.

Wooden handmade toys, blown bottles, enamels, earthenware jars, cloths, lace, rag bags, cross stitches, atlas quilts from our grandmother’s dowry chest, needle lace, our grandfather’s sword, valuable paintings, mosaics we made ourselves, ceramic pieces collected by our own hands from various villages of Europe…

They all tell our guests stories from their own time. It is our greatest happiness to share with all our dearest guests our home, which is a tiny museum for us, all the beauties that we search for with passion as if we are searching for treasure which appears like miracle surprises of life in surprising times.

Fidanka, A Botanical Garden
One of the most defining features of Fidanka is that it is a huge botanical garden. Orange, lemon, olive, pomegranate, tangerine, eucalyptus, avocado, chinaberry, leylandi, mimosa, cypress, pine.

Beside tens of trees, many pots and earthenware jars of bougainvillea, petunias, daisies, geraniums, begonias and many more flowers that we can’t count… We think that no place and piece of nature would be complete without them.

We cultivate, grow, protect all those beautiful green, purple, pink, red, yellow and white plants and love them passionately.

Honeymoon in Fidanka
With its magical and unique atmosphere, Fidanka, where every corner is a picture frame, makes this very special time of yours unforgettable with the packages designed specially for our honeymoon guests.

Present Day Kalkan
Kalkan is a town in the western part of Antalya, in the district of Kaş. It is surrounded by mountains with pine and cedar forests parallel to the coast, which is referred to as the Mediterranean Alps in many foreign sources.

The shores of mostly rocky, deep, very turquoise sea are covered with maquis and olive groves. The small harbor of beautiful Kalkan, originally a typical Mediterranean fishing village, is now home to local fishing boats, sailboats, diving boats and daily tour boats.

The old Greek houses covered with bougainvillea on the small streets of Kalkan town, closed to traffic, are now home to beautiful terrace restaurants and bars, handmade souvenirs and boutiques, and many colorful shops.

At the end of a wonderful day where you swam, rested or maybe traveled a lot, Kalkan will surround you in the evenings with its bright, historical and colorful atmosphere.

Kalkan…With its tens of thousands of years of history
Etrituminehi, Artymnessos, Kalamaki, Kalkan…. Respectively in Luwian, ancient Greek, modern Greek, and finally in Turkish.

The first known visitors of these lands on the Teke Peninsula, whose history is estimated to date back to 3500 BC, are the Lukka people from Anatolia. Afterwards, the Hittites, Persians, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, and Seljuks fought for these beautiful lands, built lives, and finally, the first Ottoman banner was erected in Lycia in 1390 by Yıldırım Beyazıt.

Even after many wars and earthquakes, our surroundings are still filled with the ruins of the beautiful cities of the magnificent Lycian civilization. Archaeological excavations have been going on for 32 years.

These world-famous historical places are closer to you than you think. – The entrance gate of the city with the 3-legged triumphal arch, the Lycian parliament building, the lighthouse of Nero and the Roman baths, the famous Patara Ancient City, 13 km away,The Letoon Ancient City with the temples of Leto, Artemis and Apollo, 18 km away, – Xantos, the capital of Lycia with its magnificent tombs, 16 km away,

The mysterious Sidyma full of gigantic oak trees, 38 km away, – Dodurga, Pinara, 44 km away, – The magnificent Boncuk Mountains, historically Antikragos located among thousands of years old olive trees, 44 km away, myra, with the tomb of Santa Claus and one of the largest amphitheater in the world in Anatolian lands, 68 km away,

Tlos, the ruler of the Kragos Mountains, known as Akdaglar who sent the brave warrior Skylakeus to the Trojan War and famous for its pottery, 57 km away,antiphellos, one of the most important port cities of the time, i.e. beloved Kaş, where the scenery is the deep blue of Mediterranean, with its amphitheater where concerts are still being performed and the most beautiful sarcophagus of the region, 27 km away

Kaleköy, one of the most beautiful spots on earth, located in Kekova (Sunken City), the ancient city of Simena, which means the holy motherland, with its medieval castle along with one of the earliest theaters in Lycia

A 200-seat tiny theater completely carved into the rocks, many sarcophagi entwined with centuries-old olive trees, and living areas, some of which are visible under water, 58 km away from Kalkan.

Beaches, natural bays…
One of the most important geographical differences of Kalkan is that the foothills of the mountains are extending parallel to the coast and go all the way in the sea, making the magnificent Mediterannean rocky, deep, very clean, very blue and in some places cold, less salty and unique with the underground waters coming from the mountains. We are surrounded by many private and natural beaches.

  • Kaputaş, deep canyon beach descending with 187 steps and fun with waves, 4 km away,
  • Located at the end of the ancient city of Patara, 18 km long Patara Beach with its fine sand and shallow sea, 13 km away,
  • Pınar Kürü, an interesting option, is 9 km away with its pebbly, slightly rocky, turquoise sea.

Seyret Çakıl Beach, right next to road to Kaş has fine pebbles, always very blue and its water is warmer than other natural beaches, 18 km away.

Apart from these, there are many private beaches in our very close vicinity. In the bay we are located, within walking distance of 200 meters, there are 2 private beaches, one of which is sandy and the other one rocky with sunbathing platforms.

One of them provides all-day shuttle service from/to Kalkan port with a private boat. Again, within 1 km, there are four more beautiful private beaches. The public beach in Kalkan city center is only 2 km away from us with its wonderful view of Kalkan Bay.

Day Trips

  • Antique Cities: You can spend a special day filled with nature and history in the ancient cities of Patara, Xantos and Letoon, accompanied by a professional guide on demand.
  • Tableland Excursions: You can explore the historical highland village of Bezirgan, only 14 km from Kalkan, and spend a nice day having lunch in Islamlar Village, famous for its cascades and delicious trout.
  • Patara-Saklıkent (Hidden City): After a Jeep Safari to Saklıkent Canyon, , you can do rafting, zip line or mud bath if you please. After lunch at a local restaurant by the Eşen River, end this beautiful day with a swimming break at Patara beach.
  • ATV Riding: The exciting ATV tour in Patara takes 2 hours, with the options of 09:00 am or 15:00 pm.
  • Rafting in Saklıkent: A fun day awaits you in the cold and fast flowing waters of Saklıkent Canyon, with 15 or 45 minutes options.
  • Paragliding: You can glide through the magnificent blue Mediterranean by jumping from Kaş or Fethiye Ölüdeniz Babadağ.

Boat Tours

  • Boat Trip in Kalkan: Kalkan is a wonderful destination for sailing and boat trips. You can swim in the cool and turquoise waters of the Frenk, Fırnaz, Aquarium and Gerenlik bays of Kalkan, take a mud bath, explore Kalkan’s ornamental Mouse and Snake Islands, spend an unforgettable day with a wonderful lunch, afternoon tea, refreshments or drink of your choice.
  • Boat trip in Kekova: The magical Kekova and the beautiful little Kaleköy with its home-made ice creams, centuries-old olive trees, thousands of years old sarcophagi and coves where you can swim in every shade of turquoise, the sunken city that you can watch from the glass bottomed boat, its castle with an extraordinary view, accessible only from the sea… A delicious lunch on the boat, accompanied by afternoon tea and fruits and the happiness of swimming in the most beautiful waters of the world, The options of private or regular tours are waiting for you

Diving & Water Sports
The happiness of diving into the unique Turquoise waters of Kalkan…Kalkan is one of Turkey’s most beautiful spots for scuba diving. In the blue-flagged, clean azure Mediterranean waters, the diversity of life has increased with the last 200 years of Lessepsian migration and many new species from the Red Sea have been added to its magnificent fauna.

It became a peaceful home for sardines, silverfish, sarpas, parrot fish, scallops, kingfish, nile red mullet, rainbow fish and squids, among many others.

On the other hand, you can come across all kinds of amphoras, tiles, cutlery and even the remains of ancient houses in the bays of Kalkan, which are small ancient ports in the maritime trade of the Lycian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods.

You can experience all these beauties, either by yourself you can do discovery and certification dives with Kalkan Dive Center, the most experienced diving school in Kalkan. If you are a certified diver, you can participate guided dives.

You can also find fun and adrenaline-rich water sports on many of Kalkan’s beaches. In addition to fun activities such as jet ski, ringo, paraglading, seabob, flyboard, paddleboard, you can do water skiing, mono skiing, wakeboarding or you can take lessons from experienced instructors.

Rooms: 16
Price: from 208 EUR per night


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