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Gordonia Private Hotel Jerusalem - Israel
Gordonia Private Hotel Jerusalem - Israel
Gordonia Private Hotel Jerusalem - Israel
Gordonia Private Hotel Jerusalem - Israel
Gordonia Private Hotel Jerusalem - Israel
Gordonia Private Hotel Jerusalem - Israel
Gordonia Private Hotel Jerusalem - Israel
Gordonia Private Hotel Jerusalem - Israel
Gordonia Private Hotel Jerusalem - Israel
Gordonia Private Hotel Jerusalem - Israel
Gordonia Private Hotel Jerusalem - Israel
Gordonia Private Hotel Jerusalem - Israel
11 January 2022

From Gordonia Hotel, every sunset looks like it was painted just for you. The hills of Jerusalem and the trails of history are spread out at your feet and the world is awash in colors so bright, it’s like nothing you’ve seen before.

Hospitality at every luxurious villa is customized to meet your personal preferences. We strive to get to know you personally from the very first interaction, so that we can ensure an enchanting private hospitality experience created just for you.

Spectacular views over high trees and the hills of Jerusalem can be enjoyed alongside a clear, refreshing private outdoor pool, personal concierge, and dedicated chef, ensuring unending tranquility.

With private space to breathe in the intoxicating aroma of crisp mountain air, this is a vacation for those who hold the highest standards.

There are not many places that echo the story of Israel in a clear, distinct voice; there are only a few where the visitor can tune into the past while totally enjoying the present. The new Gordonia Hotel at Kibbutz Ma’ale Hahamisha is one of these rare places.

Acquaint yourself with the green, tranquil setting – the enchantment and tremendous pull of the landscape of the Jerusalem Hills, along with the roots, struggles, the desire for a tranquil life, the bond with the land, the vineyards, forests and hills – and you will understand the story of Israel.

In the heart of the Jerusalem Hills, on the northwestern slope of Mt. Ruach, just 10 km from Jerusalem, a small cenotaph has been erected in the memory of five founding members of the original modern Jewish settlement there, named Gordonia.

Gordonia was a Zionist-pioneer youth movement that believed in the values of labor and education as espoused by Zionist writer/philosopher A.D. Gordon, and its members, young people that immigrated to Israel as pioneers, adopted Gordon’s values.

The five in whose name the memorial was erected, were shot dead in 1938, while clearing land for a road leading to the top of the mountain. The settlement in their memory, which was established soon after the murder, was named Ma’ale Hahamisha, Hebrew for “The Ascent of the Five.”

The exclusive villa hotel is situated 800 meters above sea level where it is enveloped in the clear mountain air and complete serenity. Spreading out over 1.1 hectares of rolling green vistas, every villa is surrounded by natural groves, spectacular wildflowers, and local herbs.

The Gordonia Private Hotel has 21 single-story vacation suites available to guests, each one equipped with the latest technology for maximum comfort and ease. Private heated swimming pools opposite a spectacular, breathtaking landscape promise a rare and precious experience.

Each balcony has a cooking station that is fully equipped with all the most advanced amenities. With beautiful views over the dreamlike landscape of the Jerusalem hills, these balconies invite guests to enjoy delicious meals and private events in the open air. Hotel accommodation is for adults only.

Luxurious 35-40 sq. Meter suites , modernly designed with a Private heated pool (15 sq. Meter) located on a 35 sq. meter Deck. The suites are spacious and pampering, facing the breathtaking landscape of the Jerusalem Hills.

You will enjoy the quality of the best amenities by LOCCITANE, 100% Egyptian cotton , and a special scent that will help you fully relax. A steaming hot-tub will wait for you on the outside deck , unique only for gordonia guests.

Also in the Suite you can find: Free WiFi, 55 ” LCD Flat screen TV, Cable TV (Yes), Mini Bar and Wine cooler, Nespresso Machine, Professional Hairdryer, King Size bed (Double Only), Ironing Board, Safe Deposit Box, Music Player.

The pinnacle of pleasure. The suites are royally spacious (60 sq. meter) and can accommodate three guests. Each faces the breathtaking landscape of the Jerusalem Hills and comes with its own private swimming pool (15 sq. meter) located on a 50 sq. meter Deck.

The Premium Luxurious suites are Classically designed including a dining area. In the Suite you can find: Free WiFi, 55 ” LCD Flat screen TV, Cable TV (Yes), Mini Bar and Wine cooler, Nespresso Machine, Professional Hairdryer, King Size bed (Double Only), Ironing Board, Safe Deposit Box, Music Player.

At the Gordonia Spa, you will find a rare combination of the breathtaking view and the intoxicating scents of the Jerusalem mountains – endless tranquility and an intimate treat for those in search of the very best.

Our spa offers superb treatments provided by experienced professionals. We invite you to enjoy the privacy, comfort, and tranquility of the environment with a luxurious selection of refined, strengthening, relaxing, or fragrant treatments. Each treatment will be specially tailored for you.

The spa has two treatment rooms, a single and a double room, both stylishly designed. Each room has a private shower for your full comfort. At the spa complex, you can also enjoy a dry sauna and Jacuzzi with a magical view.

The “Living Room Talks” are special and intimate lectures for hotel guests. At Gordonia, we make sure that you are warm and comfortable during the winter too. You are invited to enjoy this series of diverse and fascinating lectures with speakers we’ve chosen especially for you.

The lectures will take place on Wednesdays at 21:00, by the fireplace in the Gordonia living room, facing the breathtaking mountain view. An intimate lecture experience exclusively for hotel guests, and at no additional cost!

A first for Israel, unique and excusive at the Gordonia Hotel Each suite with a beautifully designed private deck complemented by a private heated swimming pool and private (40°C) hot tub.

The private deck, which features both hot tub and heated pool, provides guests with a unique experience that blends tranquility, indulgence and breathtaking vistas.

Our pillows menu has designed and adjusted in particular, to enable you to get a peaceful, relaxing night’s sleep, to “recharge your batteries.” Each of our pillows has been produced exclusively to meet Gordonia’s exacting standards of quality, for a comfortable sleep and sweet dreams.

The Jerusalem Hills can look like a very verdant, very romantic forest. Bar BaHar, a caférestaurant adjacent to Bar Giora and Nes Harim, is one of the best places to enjoy viewing the greenery, and getting there is a significant part of the experience.

The road is winding and narrow, the Jerusalem Hills’ underbrush is beautiful and the restaurant isolated and uncrowded – unless you’re visiting on Saturday. Many bike riders stop off.

The balcony overlooks the Nahal Sorek Preserve, and a Jewish National Fund information stand at the site is helpful for purposes of orientation.

The BaKhatzer shel Ofer patio, open to the landscape and complemented by quiet background music and an in-house herb garden just a few meters away, is well worth the trip.

Accessed on foot from Ein Mata, the restaurant stands amid bike riding paths, the Judea region’s wine route and many attractions for nature lovers. The menu consists mostly of salads, focaccias, home-style beers, stuffed vegetables and smoked meats, with other choices as well.

Abu Ghosh is home to dozens of restaurants, and the argument as to which serves the best hummus will continue for many a year. Nevertheless, there is one unique restaurant that deserves recognition.

Its founder, Haj Musa, the mukhtar of Abu Ghosh, opened Mifgash Karavan in 1950 at a location close to the main road leading into Jerusalem, which served as a caravansary during Ottoman Turkish times; hence its name.

The beautiful, elegant restaurant features a patio offering wonderful views of the hills and the village houses. The food is traditional Arab cuisine, and it is good! Sitting under the shade of the large grapevine bower, is especially pleasing.

The Jerusalem Hills region, and especially the area in the vicinity of the Gordonia Hotel, has experienced a great increase in wineries, grapevines, vineyards and wine tastings in recent years and in the sale of some of Israel’s finest wines.

A Jerusalem Hills wine route tour is an enjoyable experience, great fun for everyone. Here are a few recommended wineries in the area, places we love.

Even if you have come to the Gordonia Hotel in search of quiet, tranquility and the crystal clear air, music still is one of life’s greatest joys, and musical performances in any number of styles can be found in any number of places in the vicinity of the hotel, for your listening pleasure. Listen, and enjoy every moment.

The community known as Mt. Adar was established 30 years ago on the historical Radar Hill site, where fierce battles took place during Israel’s War of Independence.

The Hirbat Nijem archeological site, a fortified building from Persian-Hellenistic and Ottoman times, is located atop the hill where the community was developed. The monument to the Harel Brigade atop Radar Hill, is the most important site here.

The Deer Monument, which stands about one kilometer from the hotel, is one of the loveliest and best-known points of interest in the Ma’ale Hahamisha area. The spot is beautiful and extremely tranquil; it is easy and simple to reach on foot and features wonderful views of the expanses of the Jerusalem Hills.

Kibbutz Ma’ale Hahamisha was founded In the Jerusalem Hills in 1938, as part of the Tower and Stockade settlement development method in pre-State Israel.

If features some lovely buildings, worth viewing, and if you traverse the kibbutz on foot you’ll be able to enjoy a short, wonderful hike through the woods leading to Ruti’s Garden.

May be changed at any time during the outing, since the way from the hotel – which leads to the thickets of the Jerusalem Hills and its marvelous quietude among the trees and to some of the most beautiful landscapes you will encounter – and the route back to it, are the same.

It’s easy to believe that when Israeli Songwriter Naomi Shemer composed the line “mountain air clear as wine, and the fragrance of pine,” she was thinking of this very path.

The Gordonia Hotel at Ma’ale Hahamisha stands at the center of the Jerusalem Hills. The verdant landscape, clear air, pine trees and long rows of grape vines are your invitation to get out in nature, and hike.

The first offering is a short route departing from the hotel. The great surprise is that even with such a short itinerary, just a few hundred meters in length, the expansive vistas, local history, an unsung architectural gem and our deep roots in Israel come into plain view.

Situated in the heart of the Jerusalem Hills, the Gordonia Hotel serves as a base for tours in the vicinity that are no more than a short drive away.

Many of the routes are easy and comfortable, and they are fascinating. Routes can be covered by foot, car, bike, or by combining a short drive with a pleasant walk and the opportunity to enjoy nature and the excellent air.

Website: www.gordoniahotel.com
Rooms: 24
Price: from 433 EUR per night


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