Heritage Hotel Martinis Marchi

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Heritage Hotel Martinis Marchi
Heritage Hotel Martinis Marchi
Heritage Hotel Martinis Marchi
Heritage Hotel Martinis Marchi
Heritage Hotel Martinis Marchi
Heritage Hotel Martinis Marchi
Heritage Hotel Martinis Marchi
Heritage Hotel Martinis Marchi
Heritage Hotel Martinis Marchi
Heritage Hotel Martinis Marchi
27 March 2021

Martinis Marchi Heritage Hotel spreads across 1500 square meters arranged in seven luxury and spacious Suites all with breathtaking room view, which create an impression of a complete privacy and discrete luxury – you will feel as if the entire castle with surroundings belongs to you only!

Our baroque castle reflects the heritage of its founders, the visionary noble Marchi family, who brought the light of knowledge to the Island of Šolta at the beginning of the 18th century, thus making it a place rich in visionary heritage.

Each Suite is named after the historical figures related to the ancient history of the castle and equipped with carefully selected details and unique, restored furniture delivered specially from Paris, London, Vienna, Venice and Zagreb.

Although tradition and history can be felt in every corner, our excellent, highly-personalized service meets all the standards of comfort and a 5-star modern holiday. All the suites are air-conditioned and equipped with everything a modern traveller requires.

A heated pool, sauna, steam bath, terraces and a luxury Mediterranean garden are at your disposal for a complete and luxury Mediterranean style holiday experience.

Visionary Legacy
In 1708, the three brothers, who were descended from a noble family of Marchi, built a castle here in order to protect the island and the surrounding area from the Ottomans and the pirates.

However, the true values which were presented to Šolta by John-Peter, George and John Marchi were in fact vision, art and culture which were brought here from the European capitals of enlightenment.

In 1703, the three Marchi brothers got permission from the Venetian authorities to build a tower, a village and a church above the bay of Maslinica.

At the time, pirate attacks were becoming frequent and, with considerable efforts of the colonists, two years later a castle was erected together with defence walls and a prominent tower as the last point of defence…

After the Morean War, at the end of the 17th century, brothers Ivan Petar, Juraj and Ivan Marchi submitted their plan for the colonisation and defense of the western bays of Šolta to the Republic of Venice.

They sent a request to Governor Alvis Mocenigo III to build a tower in the bay of Maslinica on Šolta, surrounded by a village with a church.

The Venetian authorities approved the colonisation of the remote bays because the new settlers farmed and cultivated the neglected land and, in case of pirate attacks, they defended the port and the inland areas of the island.

By a decree issued on August 25 in 1703, Venice gave its permission for the construction of the tower, village and a church and allotted 200 acres of land. Not many inhabitants were capable of work because grown men were recruited to the army or worked as oarsmen on the galleys.

Therefore, the rugged land was mostly cultivated by women, children and the elderly. The depopulation of Šolta, the exposure to pirate attacks and the vicinity of the Turkish border near Split have all contributed planned colonisation.

The Marchi brothers brought people from the continental parts of the region like Dalmatinska Zagora, Zaostrog and Prugovo.

The castle and the home of the Marchi family, where Martinis Marchi Heritage Hotel is situated today, reflects a progressive thinking of the noble Marchi family. This is still characterized as a place of light, peace and contemplation.

The untouched nature of Šolta and the nearby islands offer a glimpse of secluded private coves, a turquoise clear sea and all the omnipresent green and blue colours of the Mediterranean.

Once you are on Šolta, you will feel this aromatic chord of rich simplicity and calmness everywhere around you… for this is Šolta, and this is Martinis Marchi Heritage, a perfect place for creating eternal memories.

At the Martinis Marchi castle the comfort of our guests is our priority. After all, we offer just seven suites in a castle covering an area of 1500 square metres! Here every room has its story and its history, as well as a breath-taking view. Every piece of furniture has been chosen with care.

Beds, wardrobes, tables and chairs have been carefully selected in European cities like London, Vienna, Venice, Paris, Zagreb and then meticulously restored, just like each detail of the castle itself.

All the rooms have been named after historical figures who were connected to the castle or to its builder Ivan Petar Marchi. However, our service will not take you back three centuries.

You can enjoy the modern comforts of a heated pool, terrace, sauna and steam bath, a sun terrace and a garden. All rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with LCD television and a satellite receiver, minibar, safe and telephone.

The Imperial Tower of Karlo VI
An amazing, air-conditioned royal suite comprises the two upper hotel floors of the tower with the total area of 100 m2 only for two persons.

The Royal suite has a luxury bedroom, spacious bathroom with a bathtub and a shower cabin and separate guest toilet. Fall in love with the unforgettable views of the Adriatic Sea and enjoy in the most beautiful sunset in the World.

The food served in our restaurant reflects simplicity of perfectly prepared traditional local dishes made from high-quality and healthy ingredients which have been used in this area since the ancient times.

Freshly caught fish and olives, wine and domestic island honey represent the most favourite ingredients used for preparing exquisite, special and abundant dishes in our Mediterranean-inspired restaurant that respects local ingredients, honors our producers and recognises seasonability.

Our olive oil is produced here on the Island of Šolta, and every single drop captures the Mediterranean essence – a few drops of fresh lemon juice and a couple of salt grains collected from the nearby salt pan Pag shall make each dish an unforgettable journey.

Our skilled chefs add their own creative personal signature to the well-known classics of the Mediterranean cuisine, thus unifying culinary traditions with modern trends offering you a memorable and long-lasting experience.

Wine Cellar
On our estate, excelent food is always accompanied by excuisite wine – our wine cellar has been here for centuries and today it is full of supreme wines of renowned local and foreign producers.

Here, all wine lovers can really enjoy in special atmosphere and exclusive wines, taste a unique and high quality autochthonous wine sort Dobričić which has been cultivated in this area for more than 800 years.

However, the sort rose to fame much later when a prestigious wine sort Zinfandel, which was originally created from the sort Dobričić, acquired world fame.

A small, but a luxurious lounge area is to be found within the restaurant. The bar enables you to have private magical moments while indulging in a cocktail, a glass of whiskey or a quality cigar and resting your eyes looking at the priceless picture of the peaceful marina framed by the Adriatic Sea.

Start your day with a soothing dive into our heated pool, relax your body and mind with one of our numerous massage, body, facial and foot treatments or simply enjoy the sauna and a Turkish bath.

Complement and finish your treatment savouring a little bit of fresh fruit and sipping tea on the hotel terrace – finally, your day may begin!

Pool & garden area
Our luxurious outdoor heated pool is simply a spectacular place for relaxation, entertainment or pleasure of any kind. It is situated in a hidden garden, surrounded with colorful roses and other beautiful Mediterranean flowers.

Along with the pool, there is also a sauna, a Turkish bath and a luxurious rest area. Given the fact that there are only 7 hotel suites, you are guaranteed a full privacy while enjoying your time in our pool.

Also, a magnificent and peaceful garden comprising 5000 m2 belongs to the hotel where you can rejoice in the walk through the scents and the colours of the autochthonous Mediterranean vegetation.

Beautiful place to find inspiration and clarity, to slow down and enjoy mind-clearing solitude or to try something new such as painting, writting, yoga or just to breath and enjoy in the view.

Martinis Marchi property is a perfect setting for your fairytale dream wedding. Who would not prefer spending their special day in a castle with a pool, a royal garden and an excellent restaurant accompanied by the discrete and omnipresent echoes of the noble luxury and sensual synaesthesia of the Mediterranean colours, fragrances and flavours?

Our beautiful, dreamy interiors and exteriors resembling scented royal gardens situated next to the hotel, a picturesque and intimate wine cellar, elegant pool and restaurant, and our unique lounge are at your disposal allowing you to create a unique setup according to your wishes.

Private and guided speedboat tour
If you decide to explore the natural wonders by our Sunseeker Superhawk 50 yacht, you shall have a special and unique experience of the Adriatic. This high-class luxury yacht comprises a spacious cabin, two sundecks, and can reach up to 50 knots thanks to the full support provided by our professional crew.

The yacht is called ‘’Martinis Marchi I’, can achieve 50 knots with three Yanmar engines (3 x 309 kW)’, and is ready to take you anywhere you wish to travel – whether it is the coast exploration, a trip to the nearby islands, a visit to the cities of Trogir, Split or Split Airport.

You will be mesmerized by clear turquoise waters and sunburnt aromatic herbs fragrances found in the secluded and wild private coves in the vicinity of the hotel, a picturesque bay of Maslinica and the hidden beauties of the nearby islands of Hvar, Brač, Vis and Šolta which today can only be discovered by the local people.

It is highly recommendable to explore them by boat following the invaluable pieces of advice provided by our highly professional staff always at your service. The tours can include diving, snorkeling, swimming, food & drinks or just sightseeing.

If you desire to see the Adriatic in high style and at your pace, you need to look no further!

Discover Šolta
Virgin nature, untouched by humans and a historical heritage of the Island of Šolta and the nearby islands take you to some simpler and richer past times. By discovering the Island of Šolta, you shall also explore the landscapes of your own inner peace – let us be your guides!

Island experience tour
Martinis Marchi maintains and cherishes friendships with the local producers which provide us with their supreme local ingredients. Let us take you to a visit to the local producers where you can discover how a high quality olive oil is made, try delicious homemade honey whose exquisite taste has been well-known even since the ancient times, or visit the picturesque vineyards where the future homemade wine bottles come from.

Active living
The Island of Šolta is a true paradise for cyclists. If you prefer an active lifestyle, cycling is the best way to discover the hidden island gems. In collaboration with our partners, we offer two types of the island sightseeing tours – unguided and guided bicycle tours.

Sports activities
If you seek a more active holiday or you simply prefer to start your day with exercise, Martinis Marchi gives you the opportunity to prepare for a new day in a calming and beautiful Mediterranean nature by practising yoga in the marina or doing classical workout exercises every morning.

Martinis Marchi Marina is a new, modern marina situated in the beautiful Maslinica bay on the Island of Šolta, right next to the heritage hotel and the restaurant. Marina offers a modern mooring capacity of 50 boats (measuring up to 40m in lenght) along with several berths for larger boats.

The luxury, privacy, safety and a high level of service you shall experience here is nowere else to be found! Martinis Marchi Marina is a natural harbour and a safe shelter located on the west side of the island, at a distance of only 13 nautical miles from Split and 8 nautical miles from Trogir and the airport which makes it an ideal starting point for discovering all the beauties of the Adriatic coast, especially of the islands of Brač, Hvar and Vis. Moreover, the friendly marina staff is always at your disposal offering their precious advices and excellent service.

Martinis Marchi Marina was awarded with the title of the best small marina in Croatia in 2018. Blended with the synergy of the beautiful Island of Šolta and its surrounding area, Martinis Marchi Marina ensures an impressive and a memorable experience, expecially inspirational during sunset over a glass of local wine.

We invite our guests to explore the landscape, learn about local diversity and traditions.

Modern berths are covered in stone and contain ready-to-use electricity and water installations. Next to the marina, there is also an amphitheatre which was built in the ancient Greek manner holding the capacity of up to 500 people.


Upon request, our guests are welcome to experience the private and guided speedboat tours with our super luxurious Sunseeker SuperHawk 50 yacht, perfect for fast transfers, unforgettable daily trips, cruises along the coast and visits to the surrounding area whose beauty is nothing short of amazing.

Tours can include diving, swimming, sightseeing, food & drinks or just visiting some of the most beautiful bays and beaches on Šolta and nearby islands.

Website: www.martinis-marchi.com
Rooms: 7
Price: from 407 EUR per night


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