Design Hotel Navis Opatija

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Design Hotel Navis Opatija
Design Hotel Navis Opatija
Design Hotel Navis Opatija
Design Hotel Navis Opatija
Design Hotel Navis Opatija
Design Hotel Navis Opatija
Design Hotel Navis Opatija
Design Hotel Navis Opatija
Design Hotel Navis Opatija
Design Hotel Navis Opatija
28 March 2021

The Hotel Navis is not just another stop-off place that you visit and soon forget about.

Its co-ordinates take you to the most beautiful destination of your travels and tell the story of a place where time stands still, Istria ends and the sea extends deepest into Croatia, and where there is inimitable style, first-class service and fantastic cuisine.

This is the story of the Hotel Navis. However, the best stories are those that you take part in during your stay. These are the stories that make us happiest.

Thanks to their large glass walls, the rooms have spectacular sea views. The harmonious blend of natural materials and attractive designer furniture create a truly special impression. Design and functionality are the key elements for a pleasant stay, as is the chance to choose between two twin beds or one king-size.

In this designer suite, you will feel better than if you were at home. The beautiful terrace provides a spectacular view of the Kvarner archipelago, but the ambience of the apartment itself is equally striking.

The designer furniture and bedroom separated from the living room are just a couple of reasons why you’ll want to stay a day longer.


Situated on the cliffs overlooking Preluk Bay, the Navis restaurant offers each guest a wonderful culinary experience. The ambience is a magical one: you can look at the enticing Kvarner archipelago on the horizon while your taste buds wait for a special surprise.

Inspired by the best ingredients of Mediterranean and continental cuisine, you will become acquainted with brilliant and imaginative ideas transformed into an inspirational menu consisting of seasonal and local ingredients.

The careful selection of ingredients and the magical interpretations of our chef result in a wonderful culinary experience. You’ll be amazed!

As far as food is concerned, we do not compromise: Adriatic tuna carpaccio, lobster, fresh oysters, steak with fresh Istrian truffles, gregada fish and potato stew, homemade bread without additives baked in wood burning oven.

Make your choice and sit back and relax. All our ingredients are fresh and of unquestionable quality. Our distinctive and creative menus will tempt you in seconds. The only question is: should you eat immediately or marvel just a short while longer?

It’s difficult to highlight just one thing that stands out on our menu. Each line contains something special.

Whether it’s fresh fish specialities or traditional dishes baked under a baking lid, the innovative interpretations of our chef will transport you for a moment from the real world to the magical culinary universe of the Navis à la carte restaurant.

They say that food lovers enjoy their food three times: first of all when they see it; secondly, when they smell its aroma; and third, when they taste it. Prepare your senses and surrender to enjoyment.


Nature has always been the best remedy and the best therapy for skin. Our philosophy is therefore completely based on the best solutions that nature has to offer, sustainable and high-quality.

Our exquisite treatments use natural skincare products only, which meet the skincare needs of different generations all year round.

Aside from facial treatments and skincare, our services include body treatments as well as a great selection of massages. We offer personalised services, always energised by the belief in antural health and beauty.

We have more than 20 years of experience in providing spa & wellness services and we work continuously to bring you a first-class service and all the latest world trends.

Our wish is to provide our clients with pleasant, healing and regernerating treatments, to help with their ailments and improve their overall body and spirit, boost their energy level and help them to relax – in harmony with nature.


  • Immune-boosting massages
  • Facial care
  • Detox
  • Anti-ageing
  • Sports massages
  • Body-firming treatments
  • Balance massages
  • Scrub massages
  • Body rehydration
  • Foot massages
  • Finnish sauna 90°C
  • Steam bath 45 °C, humidity 55%
Rooms: 40
Price: from 198 EUR per night


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