Hotel Adriatic Rovinj

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Hotel Adriatic Rovinj
Hotel Adriatic Rovinj
Hotel Adriatic Rovinj
Hotel Adriatic Rovinj
Hotel Adriatic Rovinj
Hotel Adriatic Rovinj
Hotel Adriatic Rovinj
Hotel Adriatic Rovinj
Hotel Adriatic Rovinj
Hotel Adriatic Rovinj
28 March 2021

Hotel Adriatic embodies the heart and history of beautiful Mediterranean town of Rovinj. An intimate space that brings together an authentic experience of everyday life of Rovinj and contemporary art inspired by the hotel’s hundred-year-old heritage.

Located on Rovinj’s central square right by the sea, the hotel is surrounded by lively cafés and restaurants spreading out onto a charming harbour brimming with sailing and fishing boats – perfect for watching the world go by

Rooms & Suites
Choose between 14 rooms and 4 suites of which some offer spectacular views of Katarina Island on one side, or Rovinj’s main square, old town and its colourful rooftops on the other.

The luxurious guestrooms are all unique, decorated with their own individual artwork which, along with the intimate setting, will provide you with an elegant home from home, not just another hotel room.

Adriatic Suite
The unique and exclusive Adriatic Suite extends on 57 m2. The two balconies located on two different hotel wings provide a beautiful view of the Rovinj main square, the lively waterfront and the main promenade.

A walk-in shower, a king size bed, a bath tub „under the moonlight“, a comfortable three-seater, two TV sets. Meanwhile, the walls and hidden corners are adorned with oils on canvas, rare photographs, and exceptional decorations by renowned local and international artists. For the most sophisticated connoisseurs.

Grand Piazza Suite
Grand Piazza suites have a surface area of 47 m2, with a unique view of the main square of Rovinj and the bustling promenade.

Along with a walk-in shower, at the Grand Piazza you will also be greeted by a king-size bed, a comfortable, luxurious sofa and two TV sets and unique contemporary works of art. A remarkable experience for remarkable explorers.

Restaurants & Bars
The cosy, yet intimate atmosphere of the Adriatic is perfect if you want to enjoy our trendy dishes inspired by the locality and the influence of the French Riviera or just relax with a glass of whiskey or wine accompanied by the view of the town’s main square and harbour. No wonder it is popularly called Rovinj’s living room.

Brasserie Adriatic
A chic French brasserie located on the ground floor – piazza level of the hundred-year-old Hotel Adriatic in the heart of Rovinj’s hustle and bustle.

All the dishes are prepared in the open kitchen and are inspired by the locality and the influence of the French Riviera, using local foraged flavours and ingredients. Brasserie Adriatic’s menu changes during the day.

Caffe Bar Adriatic
Enjoy a deserved coffee and cake at the Adriatic Caffe Bar after a long stroll along the narrow stone streets of Rovinj. The hotel bar offers classic cocktails and the widest choice of whiskeys in Croatia.

It is a favourite meeting point of many locals and curious-minded travellers who come here to experience the authentic spirit of this inspiring town.

Café Al Ponto
The Café Al Ponto is located in the very centre of the town and offers a wide selection of hot and cold beverages, cakes and ice cream.

Kantinon Tavern
Kantinon is one of those places in Rovinj popular with all gourmets and history lovers, whether locals or tourists, in search of local dishes and atmosphere. The tavern draws its guests with its quality, and menu whose originality lies in the dishes that cannot be seen or ordered anywhere else in town.

Art in hotel
Apart from owning an admirable collection of works of art, the Adriatic Hotel is one of the few hotels whose works of art were created exclusively for those premises.

Through a unique curatorial approach, renowned contemporary artists were invited to create new works of art, whose concepts were developed in communication with the spatial values and the values of the heritage of this historical building and its surroundings.

By entering the Adriatic Hotel, you have the unique opportunity to spend time in a space furnished with works of art that were not only created for it, but also inspired by it.

Head to the beach on Katarina Island with the regular boat service that departs right in front of the hotel or take a ten-minute walk to the closest rocky public beach. 5 minutes by boat to Katarina Island and 15 minutes by boat to St Andrew’s Island.

Guests of Hotel Adriatic are offered free tickets to Katarina island and St Andrew’s Island, as well as free use of sunbeds and umbrella by the pool. Guests can ask for their ticket to the islands at the reception of the Hotel Adriatic.

Discover the underwater world and beauties of the Rovinj and Vrsar archipelago with the professional staff from the diving centre.

There are two destinations, Vrsar and Rovinj, where we offer various categories and types of facilities for a quality holiday and several packages planned for beginners and recreational divers in various areas of diving. Surprise your family or a dearest one and let us together explore the mysterious underwater world.

Magical itineraries for all open-air enthusiasts.

Rovinj, Vrsar, Bale, Svetvinčenat and Kanfanar are your very own safe haven from which you can start new challenges along roads of epic history and stellar landmarks when it comes to experimenting and pushing the boundaries within an adventurous outdoor constellation.

The crystal clearness of the blue Adriatic and the power of the well-preserved nature of the Istrian peninsula are reflected in every paddle stroke you make during our kayaking tours, or on the breath taking climbing routes, on the trail chronometer in which you will have fun measuring your strength and spending time with walking, hiking and running enthusiasts like you.

Rovinj, Vrsar, Bale, Svetvinčenat and Kanfanar are the brightest stars of this, still undiscovered galaxy; Istrian outdoor destinations for true enthusiasts.

Why not spend active days of your precious holiday with us, choosing from among the different trails of intriguing history and green landscapes, itineraries with magnificent views and fertile plains and hills, pathways interwoven with legends and those drawn onto the steep rocks.

We have chosen and organised ideal routes for those wanting to protect nature with an adventurous spirit both for amateur and for professional athletes. Surrender to the wildness of nature and the beauty of Istria, while in the safe hands of your hosts who will be with you every step of your future conquest!

Five destinations and four seasons on two wheels: Rovinj, Vrsar, Bale, Svetvinčenat and Kanfanar.

Rovinj, Vrsar and Bale in Blue Istria and Svetvinčenat and Kanfanar in Green Istria are an exceptional destination choice from which to set off on your cycling explorations. The Western Istrian coast and its hinterland are networked with marked cycling routes.

Within them you will find a web of trails specialised for mountain rides, with appealing areas for recreational tours which the whole family will enjoy as well as road trails offering attractive challenges to recreational riders, but also ideal conditions for training for professional cyclists.

The extreme beauty of the nature and the curious variety of landscapes that alternate on this largest Adriatic peninsula is complemented by an interesting legacy of bursting history.

Together with the quality gourmet offer based on the freshest ingredients, modern nomads will be welcomed here by professional support and the necessary infrastructure dedicated to all cycling and bike ride enthusiasts

Rovinj and Vrsar: with a one-point advantage

Significantly, at the beginning of the 1970s, the attractive international tennis tournament Istarska rivijera (Istrian riviera) took place for the first time in Croatia, whilst a few years later, Rovinj and Vrsar hosted their first groups of tennis enthusiast. This tournament is today listed with the ATP.

Today, this is a destination where amateurs from around the world meet and take part in organised tennis schools and famous tennis camps. They choose Rovinj and Vrsar as attractive locations offering optimal infrastructure and outstanding accommodation for enjoying active holidays all year round.

Over the years, tennis matches in this interesting destination have attracted many generations among whom are some of the most famous names of the tennis world such as the legendary Goran Ivanišević, winner of the Grand Slam Petr Korda, number one ranked at atp rankings, Boris Becker and Thomas Muster…

Trip by yacht, sailboat and speedboat
Enjoy the beauty of the Adriatic Sea in which the sun is reflected and where frivolous waves are at play! Explore Venice in the comfort of richly furnished yachts. Discover secret cliffs and romantic bays on a sailboat, and stoke your tamed spirit with the speed of the speedboat and wind in your hair!

Includes: luxury motor yacht rental, skipper and hostess service, fuel for 4 hours of cruising (3 hours – a half-day trip), a glass of champagne per person, mineral water and fruit juices, seasonal fresh fruit, sports fishing equipment (catch & release), fishing baits, a tour of the Rovinj Archipelago, a tour of the Bay of Lim, swimming in the island lagunas, passenger insurance for max. 6 passengers.

Big-game fishing adventure
Taste the adventure of big-game fishing on a luxuriously equipped boat, with an experienced skipper at the helm, and an experienced fisherman making the bait. The experience of the sea and the exploration of fishing spots will open up your spirit to the previously undiscovered adventure.

Rafting on Croatian rivers is a beautiful way to experience the untouched Croatian nature. Enjoy the foaming waters leading you through spectacular green canyons, and enjoy the magnificent landscape of Croatia.

Jeep safari
If you crave a wild ride on the many macadam roads in Istria, we will divide you into teams, assign you to jeeps, and let the adventure begin!

Quad riding
Try a new, exciting adventure – quad riding, which will show you the beauty of the terrain and the landscape in the most exciting way while having the time of your life!

Free fall is certainly one of the most exciting experiences you can have, and the memories of that feeling will remain with you for life. You simply cannot miss such exhilaration.

Sports climbing
With the assistance of professional instructors, this adrenaline-charged programme will allow you to discover and experience the unbelievable charm and beauty of rock climbing. Reaching the top is the best reward you can get after such an adventure.

Zip lining over the Pazin Cave
If you wish to take home with you a memory of an unforgettable experience from your vacation in Istria, then zip lining over the Pazin Cave is exactly what you are looking for.

The first zip-line is 220 metres long, and allows you to descend at a speed of 40 km/h to the Writers’ House. The second zip line is somewhat longer, approximately 280 metres, but also faster (50 km/h), and enables you to enjoy the view of the cave and the famous fort above it.

Airplane ride
Feel the excitement of a take-off and the freedom of flying in the blue sky with a view of the irresistible sights of Istria, the Adriatic Sea, numerous islands and bays.

Water park
On the coast of the Istrian peninsula, in the midst of green nature, but only 5 km away from the sea, there is a water park with the total area of 80,000 m2, offering entertainment for the whole day for all tastes and ages.

Adrenaline park
We invite all adrenaline lovers to spend a day in nature and have great fun with go-karts, quads, cross driving and paintball at the adrenaline park. We guarantee an unforgettable experience!

Visit to an oil mill and olive oil tasting
We are taking you to an oil mill where you can witness the production process of Istrian extra virgin olive oil, whose quality has been celebrated since the Roman era. There you will have the opportunity to taste multiple types of olive oil with snacks.

Hunting for truffles and truffle tasting
Our trip takes us to an area in Istria known for its truffle habitat – the valley of the Mirna River in the Motovun Forest, and the area around Buzet, the town of truffles, and the Valley – the world truffle centre, where the largest truffle in the world has been discovered and recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

Truffle tasting and truffle products
Try a true gastronomic delicacy – Istrian truffles paired with several tested combinations at autochthonous locations in inner Istria.

Tasting of prosciutto and other home-made dried meat products
Have you ever wondered how the traditional Istrian prosciutto, as well as ombolo, sausages and bacon, are made? We are taking you to see the traditional production process and to experience their unique taste along with a glass of white wine.

Wine tasting in Istrian wine cellars
Visit the wine cellars of first-class Istrian wine makers, who will offer their expert knowledge on the wine making process, leading you through the tasting of multiple types of wine with snacks.

Tasting of seafood delicacies
Experience the divine taste of the sea by tasting seafood delicacies, shells and fish fresh from the depths of the sea, and enjoy the unique taste and nature of the protected landscape of the Bay of Lim.

Sightseeing in Vrsar
Stroll through Vrsar and visit the Church of St Fosca, built in the 17th century next to the town gate, housing the collection of sacral works of art, flanked by the street that was once walked by the famous lover Giacomo Casanova, and today bears his name in his honour.

Sightseeing in Rovinj
Get to know the town of Rovinj by visiting its famous sights, from the Balbi Arch to the grand Baroque church of St Euphemia. Discover the fishing tradition in a visit to the unusual Eco museum called “Kuća o batani”. Treat yourself to delicious wine and traditional snacks at Kantinon.

Trip to Pula and Vodnjan
The visit to the ancient Pula includes a tour of the majestic Roman monuments: the Arena amphitheatre, the Forum, the Twin Gates, the Temple of Augustus, the Arch of the Sergii, the remains of the Small Roman Theatre, etc.

Our way back from Pula will lead us through Vodnjan to see the unique sacral collection in the Church of St Blaise. Afterwards you will have an opportunity to taste the local products in a town that cherishes the tradition of olive growing and making of Istrian prosciutto.

Trip to Poreč
Sightseeing in Poreč, the former Roman colony, includes a visit to the Euphrasian Basilica (a monument from the 5th century protected by UNESCO) and its grand mosaics, baptismal font, atrium and bishopric. After that, there will be a tasting of wine, olive oil and cheese.

Trip to Pazin and Motovun
This trip, inspired by the medieval period in Istria, includes a visit to the Pazin fort located on bare rock above the Pazin cave, in which the Ethnographic Museum of Istria is located. Afterwards we will set out to discover the secrets of Motovun and attend a tasting of truffle products.

Trip to Buzet, Hum and Roč
The trip to inner Istria includes visiting Buzet – a town located on a small hill overlooking the valley of the river Mirna, with its town centre from the 18th century and picturesque settlements of Roč and Hum – the smallest town in the world. After that you will be offered local specialties at the nearby farmhouse.

Trip to Brijuni
The trip to the Brijuni National Park includes transport to Fažana, a boat trip to the Veli Brijun Island, and professional guidance on the island with an electric train ride.

Trip to the Plitvice Lakes
The trip leads you to the magical world of the Plitvice Lakes – the most beautiful Croatian national park, with sixteen turquoise lakes linked by over a hundred waterfalls. The experience of untouched nature and clean air awaits you.

Day trip to Venice
A trip to Venice by boat is an excellent way to complete your vacation in Istria, and a great opportunity for you to get to know Venice by approaching it from the sea, which offers a truly remarkable experience of that unique city.

Rooms: 18
Price: from 267 EUR per night


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