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24 March 2021

Located on the very edge of Switzerland, almost in Italy, Ascona gives you a sense of la dolce vita – but with a contemporary touch. Doing nothing is an option here, but not an obligation. The same is true of Giardino Ascona.

It is a fresh, five-star design hotel that redefines recuperation on Lago Maggiore. Yoga in the morning, yachting in the evening. Pool today, paddle tomorrow. You define what recuperation means to you. Ready?

Featuring a magnificent garden, numerous lounges and terraces, and at the centre a water lily pond in which koi carp make their leisurely rounds, the Hotel Giardino Ascona does not have much in common with a conventional luxury hotel.

Life is either easy here or it is made easy. A five-star design hotel for all the senses and to meet every taste in the midst of the breathtaking Ticino countryside.

Get your family ready, leave the daily grind behind you and head to Ticino for a holiday. As a family-friendly hotel, Giardino Ascona is ideally prepared for your little ones’ big demands.

Rooms and suites
Summer is never far away here. The rooms and suites of the Hotel Giardino Ascona are bright, modern and yet unbelievably cosy. Some have views of the Ticino mountains, others of the garden and the water lily pond.

High-quality materials, summery colours and dark, real-wood flooring bring the natural world inside, while open, airy layouts allow guests to relax and rest their senses. You could not wish for a better holiday.

South Side suites (70 m2)
A place in the sun. Bright and spacious, warm and charismatic – with 70 wonderful square metres and separate living and sleeping areas, this is a place that will truly leave nothing to be desired.

All rooms are south-facing, with a view of the Mediterranean garden or across the sweeping golf course towards the lake.

Morning Sun suites (70 m2)
Retreats that radiate splendour, the Morning Sun suites showcase the perfect marriage of space and comfort over a positively stunning total surface area of 70 square metres with separate living and sleeping areas.

Open, generously sized and yet full of Mediterranean charm, these suites also have wonderful views of the mountain landscape.

Restaurants in Ascona
Looking for Ticinese cuisine? Then a grotto is the best place for you. Fresh creations with a Mediterranean background? Then try the Giardino. Three restaurants, three styles and every dish a holiday experience in its own right.

And with the Ecco, the Hotel Giardino Ascona even has the best restaurant in Ascona and the surrounding area. You are sure to be perfectly satisfied from breakfast to dinner.

Restaurant Ecco Ascona – Two Michelin stars
Fine dining, aroma cuisine, multi-award winning: so far, so Ecco. Executive Chef Rolf Fliegauf and his team have turned Ecco Ascona into the finest gourmet restaurants in Ascona and Ticino.

But the menu isn’t the only marvel here, the location and service are also out of this world. The result: two Michelin stars and 18 Gault Millau points.

Executive Chef – Rolf Fliegauf
Praised by critics as one of the greatest chefs of his generation, once the youngest two-star chef in Europe and yet still completely down to earth, Rolf Fliegauf is the founder and Executive Chef of the Ecco restaurants in Ascona and St. Moritz.

His style is unique. He plays, combines and experiments with textures like a musician does with notes, yet the ingredients always retain their original flavour. His “purist flavour-based cuisine” has won him two Michelin stars. It’s simply magnificent!

Background – The Ecco story
The multi-award winning restaurant concept started life in Ascona. Executive Chef Rolf Fliegauf founded Ecco in the Giardino Ascona hotel and developed his own style. This “purist aroma cuisine”, where every ingredient retains its own flavour, soon made him the youngest two-star chef in Europe.

This was followed by the second Ecco restaurant in St. Moritz, where the entire team still spends the winter months. The climax: the swift arrival of two Michelin stars.

GaultMillau also awarded 18 points. Both Ecco restaurants have their own signature with reference to the respective region, but always developing side-by-side. Ecco!

Restaurant Hide & Seek Ascona – Internationally local
Familiar yet surprising: the Hide & Seek restaurant in Ascona transforms local and seasonal cuisine into contemporary dishes with a modern flair.

Sometimes simple, sometimes playful and sometimes inspired by Ayurvedic practices. Whether it’s for breakfast, a light lunch or a romantic dinner for two – look no further! Awarded with 15 Gault Millau points.

Background – The Hide & Seek story
Torn between its Swiss homeland and a longing for distant shores, the Giardino hotels have combined both in an innovative kitchen concept. The food at the Hide & Seek restaurants is neither Swiss cuisine nor international blandness.

Depending on its Ticino or Engadine location, each restaurant serves dishes that are inspired by the region and our food concepts arrive on your plate with a sense of international flair.

Modern cuisine, with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes that draw on Ayurvedic principles to offer health-conscious nutrition. Join us for a journey of the senses.

Vacation in its purest form. Seek a shady spot by the water lily pond and simply let the day pass by or enjoy a relaxed drink and some chilled grooves in the evening.

A selection of lunchtime meals, drinks and snacks is available from the kitchen of the Hide & Seek restaurant. And the bar team will quench your thirst with classic or innovative drinks. Live programme on selected evenings.

Pool Bar
Love the fresh air? Then the pool bar is the place for you. It is relaxed, cool and perfect for a little summer snack.

Be it fish or meat from the barbecue, Mediterranean antipasti or a cool gelato – there is something to satisfy every appetite here, both in terms of flavour and temperature. And for those not wanting to move a muscle, everything can be served directly to the sun loungers. That’s real summer for you.

dipiù Spa Ascona
The services are inspired by Ticino and the products are made from regional ingredients. The dipiù Spa at the Hotel Giardino Ascona is truly at one with nature.

The name dipiù means “more” and that is exactly what you can expect. Massages, beauty treatments, gyms, pools and saunas are all available. As too are Ayurveda, yoga and meditation. Everything you need to both look and feel wonderful. Services are also available to day guests.

At one with nature
There where the final mountains of the Swiss Alps meet the first lemon groves of Italy lie the origins of dipiù – a declaration of love of Ticino’s nature and its efficacy. In the following you will find our range of services as well as selected supplements of Aveda and! QMS.

Massages and treatments
Ticino thrives on its natural strengths and balance. It is a place where you are at one with the elements; where your mind can be in harmony with the quiet lapping of the waves on Lago Maggiore.

The dipiù and Aveda massages further support the process of balance and are tailored to your individual needs. All that matters is the here and now.

Body Massage with cupping
The whole-body massage is supplemented by cupping, a technique that uses slow movements to relax the connective tissue and relieve deep muscle tension. Also a highly effective means of combating cellulite.

Ticino’s nature is a thing of splendour, packed with life, expression and natural beauty. These are also attributes that bring out the best in every face and add impact to every look.

The dipiù facials take the sheer radiance of the local nature and transfer it to your skin. The Aveda treatments, which are inspired by Ayurvedic philosophy, and the !QMS Medicosmetics treatments complement the options from dipiù.

dipiù Intensive Anti-Ageing
A thorough skin analysis followed by a peeling, deep cleansing and facial lymph drainage or a face and décolleté massage, all topped off with a regenerating mask, active ingredient ampoule and finishing skin care with active antioxidants from Merlot grapes.

Body treatments and baths
Take a dip in Lago Maggiore or enjoy the fresh breeze up on an Alpine plateau – when the elements envelop your body, you feel at one with nature. Equally holistic experiences can be enjoyed with the dipiù and Aveda body treatments and baths, which use natural essences for particularly intensive effect.

dipiù Special Touch
Whole-body peeling using almond oil and sea salt, activates the circulation and removes dead skin cells. The half-body hot stone massage with rosemary and avocado oil relieves tension and nourishes the skin.

Ayurvedic treatments and therapies
To relax and recuperate, people need places of peace, power and balance. The Giardino hotels are in just such places: in Mediterranean Ticino, in the Engadine with its mild summers and at the foot of Zurich’s green Üetliberg mountain.

Ayurvedic treatments have a balancing effect on the body and mind, naturally restoring your sense of well-being. Enjoy a personal consultation from the experienced team of Ayurveda practitioners and therapists.

Shirodhara (pouring oil over the forehead)
This traditional and intensive treatment relaxes all of the head, facial and neck muscles, facilitating regeneration in the case of chronic fatigue, migraines, sleep problems, general headaches, tinnitus and anxiety. A medical history consultation in advance is nessesary.

Make-up and skin care
Beauty is a natural thing. A gift that we like to look after and preserve. As in nature, this involves a process of constant renewal, which regularly needs our attention.

Like a magnificent garden, we can support and accentuate our natural beauty. And dipiù does precisely that to give you a radiant appearance that respects your natural being.

Be a man
The male nature is often harsher than the female. As a result, the body and soul need particular support to help them regenerate. Massages relax the tired muscle tissue, facials have deep-acting effect on stressed skin and the barber service adds the finishing touches to the appearance. dipiù understands men.

Day Spa
Sometimes you don’t need a lot, but rather just enough of the right thing: for total relaxation and a clear mind when you’re short on time, a day pass for the dipiù Spa is perfect.

The dipiù Spa is also open to day guests not staying at Giardino hotels. Enjoy the pool and sauna areas with a steam bath and Jacuzzi coupled with one of the many treatments from the spa menu for maximum relaxation.

dipiù Spa suite
Time is a luxury. Treating your loved one to this in a spa suite not only demonstrates a close bond but is also a sign of good taste. Relax and regenerate together as you enjoy the setting with its exquisite furnishings and first-rate treatments.

Whether for burning off or topping up energy, the fitness classes at the dipiù Spas offer something for everyone. The gyms are furnished with the latest Technogym equipment while expert yoga teachers help bring the body and mind to a state of harmony.

dipiù online shop
Ticino’s nature in a cosmetics line: dipiù combines natural ingredients and the latest scientific findings to offer effective care products free from mineral oils and other allergens.

The benefits: they quench the skin’s thirst while also nourishing it and replenishing its mineral stores. Active antioxidants are rejuvenating and protect the skin cells. Exclusively from Giardino and in the online shop.

Events and meetings
Are you looking for a venue to host an event in Ascona? If so, wonderful, as we love organising legendary parties and refreshingly unconventional team meetings.

The Hotel Giardino Ascona isn’t just one of the most beautiful locations in Ticino with a modern design. It also has plenty of fresh ideas up its sleeve to give your event in Ascona a sense of that Mediterranean joie de vivre. Up for a party?

Private events
An unforgettable wedding on Lago Maggiore. A birthday party with an exciting paragliding experience. Or a fabulous family celebration by the pool.

Private events in Ticino are in the very best hands at the Hotel Giardino Ascona. For a party on Lago Maggiore that you’ll talk about for years to come – in the heart of Ticino and close to the region’s breathtaking nature. What a fabulously sunny prospect!

Corporate events
When was the last time you went to a truly exceptional meeting? When did you last go to a team event with a holiday mood or a truly thrilling customer event?

Then it’s high time for a corporate event at the Hotel Giardino Ascona. The modern, Mediterranean atmosphere, the outstanding cuisine and the exciting activities in the spectacular Ticinese countryside have delighted absolutely everyone so far.

Wedding in Ascona
You bet I do! If you want to celebrate a wedding in Ascona and are looking for a location that will make you feel good, then the Hotel Giardino Ascona will provide the perfect backdrop.

We offer a Mediterranean garden, carefully selected design, friendly service and an outstanding cuisine that meets everyone’s needs. Our event team will take care of all the planning, so all you need to focus on is enjoying your special day. Just say I do.

Activities and programmes
Everyone wants to find the perfect experience – the perfect hotel, the perfect location or the perfect moment. But what makes something perfect for you? Giardino has a few ideas, which are divided into six categories. Click the links below to add your very own personal upgrade to your stay.

Giardino half board
Complete your stay at the Hotel Giardino Ascona with a half board and enjoy your vacation without any compromises. Whether Ayurvedic-inspired or multi-award winning – in the restaurants of the Hotel Giardino Ascona you don’t search, you find. From breakfast to dinner, you’ll be happy as can be.

Yoga in Ascona
The Giardino Ascona is a Mediterranean retreat for body and soul. The latter is often particularly challenged in everyday life – in order to maintain its peace of mind, it needs active relief every now and then.

The weekly yoga classes help you to switch off, let go and be with yourself without distraction. For more balance and well-being – even if you are not staying at Giardino Ascona. Namaste!

Family holidays
Get your family ready, leave the daily grind behind you and head to Ticino for a holiday. As a family-friendly hotel, Giardino Ascona is ideally prepared for your little ones’ big demands. For cool holidays without long faces:

Children 12 and under
Children 12 and under stay free in their parents’ room (including breakfast). Dinner for children is on an à la carte basis.

Children aged 13 and over
For children aged 13 and over, the cost of an extra bed is CHF 170 per person and night, including breakfast. Extra beds are available on request for the double room category morning sun and upwards.

Dino Kids Club
Kids are kept entertained at the Dino Club, which is set in its own area of the hotel’s grounds, with a palm-fringed beach and football pitch. It offers childcare and a programme of fun activities for 3 to 13 year olds.

Giardino route: Sun chaser
From north to south, from east to west – or vice versa. With a car and a bit of a taste for adventure, you can easily discover some of the most beautiful corners of Switzerland.

The Giardino hotels in St. Moritz, Ascona and Locarno are the starting points and destinations. In between, the routes allow you to experience up close the majestic panoramic views and the breathtaking natural scenery of the Alps. Adventure and relaxation in perfect harmony.

Perfect for
Adventurers who are looking for spectacular experiences, and aren’t afraid of a long, challenging drive. Relaxation awaits in the south.

The route
Straight through the heart of the Alps. From the hilly north, over majestic mountain passes through the Alps, all the way to the Mediterranean south and back. Switzerland’s greatest hits.

Don’t miss it
See the blue waters of Lake Lucerne from the Tellsplatte, the surreal atmosphere of the Grimselsee, the ice caves of the Rhône Glacier, and the Brissago Islands.

Giardino route: Swiss around
From north to south, from east to west – or vice versa. With a car and a bit of a taste for adventure, you can easily discover some of the most beautiful corners of Switzerland.

The Giardino hotels in St. Moritz, Ascona and Locarno are the starting points and destinations. In between, the routes allow you to experience up close the majestic panoramic views and the breathtaking natural scenery of the Alps. Adventure and relaxation in perfect harmony.

Perfect for
Switzerland enthusiasts that want to see it all. This round trip with a touch of la dolce vita has everything you could possibly want from a tour of Switzerland.

The route
Switzerland! Lakes, mountains, tunnels, passes – from Zurich to the Engadine Alps, through Italy to Ticino and back north again.

Don’t miss it
Take the car transporter train through the mountains, drive along the shores of Lake Como to Como and the promenades of Lago Maggiore, and along the Tremola – the historic mountain road on the Gotthard pass.

Train for golf
Improve your swing, prevent injuries and build strength

What it’s about
Those who play golf know the demands that this sport places on the body. What many are unaware of is that targeted training can lead to an astonishing improvement in performance. The “Train for golf” summer special can be completed ideally as part of a golf week.

Personal goals such as injury prevention, strength development and coordination skills can be set individually and prioritised accordingly. The Giardino Coach thus creates a new playing experience in five days.

Giardino Ascona is the first golf resort in Ticino: Offering direct access to the Golf Club Patriziale Ascona’s 18-hole course, the oldest golf course in Ticino, this is about as close as it gets to the action.

Hole in one
Giardino Ascona is the first golf resort in Ticino: Offering direct access to the Golf Club Patriziale Ascona’s 18-hole course, the oldest golf course in Ticino, this is about as close as it gets to the action. And to improve their handicaps, ambitious golfers can take advantage of the golf-body-balance programme.

Renowned physiotherapist Cornelia Albrecht created Golf Perfect together with sports physicians. After a check-up, she takes guests to the course to get a better idea of their body rotation, stability and coordination.

Lose weight
Lose weight and shape your body, reduce cellulite, develop routines and gain confidence

What it’s about
Optimising your own weight on a sustainable basis is one of the most difficult tasks. Both in terms of ego and your powers of persistence. Failure usually comes from unrealistic expectations, poor preparation or inconsistent implementation.

The Giardino Coach ensures that it doesn’t come to this. An individual programme formulates realistic goals, takes account of personal challenges and offers specialist support over seven days. Including follow-up support and a second training plan.

Strengthen your back
Learn personalised exercises for rehabilitation and preventive purposes, strengthen your back and core muscles, and improve your posture

What it’s about
Nothing makes you feel older than not being able to move properly. Our back, in particular, can act as a painful and prolonged obstacle to many plans.

Those who would like to get this issue under control – or even just wanting to make sure that it doesn’t come to this – can draw on the advice and active support of the Giardino Coach. For long-term success. Including a check-up, training plan, resistance band and personal support over three days.

Get sporty
Select the right activities, master basic exercises and improve your body’s balance

What it’s about
How can I get fitter? What is appropriate for me? What will I find fun? These questions see many people already give up in bewilderment before they have even begun.

With the Giardino Coach, you will find the right answers from the outset, allowing you to hit the ground running and stay motivated. Perfect for beginners and everyone interested in personal training. Including a check-up, training plan and personal support over three days.

Shape your body
Train and shape your body, build muscle, reduce cellulite and become more attractive

What it’s about
Being lean doesn’t necessarily mean you look fit. Without sports training, individuals chiefly lack the supporting muscles and a healthy metabolism. To ensure your body does not come across as limp and short on energy, it needs targeted challenges.

To this end, the Giardino Coach develops a personal programme that leads to a strong, toned and beautiful body in an especially efficient manner. Get on the track to changing the way you perceive your body in seven days. Including follow-up support and a second training plan.

An introduction to Ayurveda
Are you familiar with Ayurveda? Or do oil massages and Indian cuisine instantly spring to mind? As the world’s oldest form of health teaching, it is true that Ayurveda has its roots in present-day India, but its fundamentals can be optimally transferred to the Western hemisphere.

After all, its objective is universal: balance. The connection between physical health and spiritual well-being has now been confirmed by conventional medicine.

Ayurveda, the over 3,500-year-old health system, builds on this finding. If an imbalance exists between the body and mind, illness follows. The aim of Ayurveda is to restore balance and target the problem specifically.

Aims of the “An introduction to Ayurveda” programme:
The three-day “An introduction to Ayurveda” break allows you to experience the positive effects Ayurveda can have even in a short space of time.

You will find out your individual constitution (dosha and body composition), get an insight into the Ayurvedic nutritional philosophy and its principles, and learn how to implement them in your everyday life.

The “An introduction to Ayurveda” break comprises light and Mediterranean Ayurveda cuisine and includes specially tailored therapeutic treatments, physical exercise and relaxation sessions.

These approaches can restore balance to your inner strengths, remove detrimental toxins and stimulate the body’s self-healing powers. It is ideal for beginners without any prior knowledge.

You do not need any prior knowledge of Ayurveda but even if you are already convinced of its benefits, this compact programme is the perfect introductory option or an ideal refresher.

“An introduction to Ayurveda” includes:


  • Constitution analysis and bioelectrical impedance analysis
  • Introduction to Ayurvedic nutrition


  • 2 tailored Ayurvedic treatments (60 min. each)
  • 1 tailored facial treatment (90 min.)


  • Ayurvedic tridosha full board
  • Yoga, breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation
  • Participation in the weekly programme (talks, walks and workshops)
  • Perspiration therapy (svedana)
  • Entry to the dipiù Spa
Rooms: 77
Price: from 460 EUR per night


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