Hotel Kanaya Kinugawa Nikko

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Hotel Kanaya Kinugawa Nikko, Kanto - Japan
Hotel Kanaya Kinugawa Nikko, Kanto - Japan
Hotel Kanaya Kinugawa Nikko, Kanto - Japan
Hotel Kanaya Kinugawa Nikko, Kanto - Japan
Hotel Kanaya Kinugawa Nikko, Kanto - Japan
Hotel Kanaya Kinugawa Nikko, Kanto - Japan
Hotel Kanaya Kinugawa Nikko, Kanto - Japan
Hotel Kanaya Kinugawa Nikko, Kanto - Japan
Hotel Kanaya Kinugawa Nikko, Kanto - Japan
Hotel Kanaya Kinugawa Nikko, Kanto - Japan
Hotel Kanaya Kinugawa Nikko, Kanto - Japan
Hotel Kanaya Kinugawa Nikko, Kanto - Japan
23 June 2022

Our worldview derives from the spirit of hospitality and aesthetically refined “dandyism” that were set forth by our founder, John Kanaya.

The Kinugawa Kanaya Hotel is a place where guests can converse to their heart’s content with friends and loved ones as they luxuriate in the natural beauty produced by the free-flowing Kinugawa River and the rugged valley.

Comfort that applies a brilliant flair to the everyday and our modern, refined atmosphere and service speak to the fact that our hotel is truly a “Villa in the Valley.”

Our roots extend back to being the oldest resort hotel in Japan. Through our atmosphere, service, and cuisine that achieve a splendid fusion of East and West and the traditional and modern, we promise that the time you spend here will leave you absolutely delighted in any day and age.

Our hotel offers service befitting resort elegance that soothes the body and soul through hospitality that comes from the heart. We promise an unforgettable stay
that will bring you closer to nature through furnishings that offer a uniquely Japanese sense of the four seasons.

Carefully selected seasonal, local ingredients make for dishes that provide indulgence course by course. Our hotel offers a luxuriant dining experience that is rooted in traditional Kaiseki cuisine while also incorporating Western influences.

Located just two hours away from central Tokyo. When you feel inspired to travel and experience breathtaking scenery, we welcome you to visit Kinugawa. Spend a short excursion here soothing your body and soul as you savor the beauty of the valley interwoven with nature in all its glory.

Guest Rooms
Seven different room types are offered. Heal yourself with beautiful views of the green valley and the quiet murmuring of the Kinugawa River in our sumptuous guest rooms. Cherishing the feeling of oneness with nature, our guest rooms are designed around the concept of “relaxation from the heart.”

Every guest room features a terrace where you can enjoy breathtaking views woven by the Kinugawa River Valley in every season.

Every room offers a wooden terrace. Enjoy exquisite views of the Kinugawa River Valley from the glass-enclosed terrace without a single pillar to mar the experience.

Each guest room features a carefully designed interior and audio environment to offer you the feeling of unparalleled comfort in your very own “Villa in the Valley.”

Choose from three types of pillows (feather, buckwheat husk, or Tempur-Pedic) to select the one with just the right height and firmness. You may also request an aroma diffuser to further enhance the comfort of your sleep.

A royal river valley suite, the epitome of luxury. The quiet comfort of an aristocratic study, unity with nature, and a mature, refined sense of playfulness. Experience true indulgence in our 132m² flagship suite, with the panoramic views that can only be found in a top-floor penthouse suite.

A luxurious penthouse suite located on our uppermost floor. Its most compelling feature is the panoramic view of the Kinugawa River Valley, so beautiful you could imagine it plucked right from a watercolor painting.

Rediscover your unity with nature while taking in a view that changes with the seasons, and basking in the rejuvenating negative ions of the river valley. Relax in the spacious suite amidst a refined, antique interior, and take a bottle of champagne from the wine cellar to share a toast with your special someone.

Feel the natural rhythm of nature while relaxing in the bathtub, taking in spectacular views of the valley. The John Kanaya Suite is the very definition of mature, refined luxury and relaxation for sophisticated travelers.

Do not miss this chance to experience the rarefied indulgence of our “Royal River Valley Suite” which offers a unique experience for every traveler it meets.

A Japanese-Western suite room located on our uppermost floor. It directly faces the Kinugawa River Valley, and features a terrace and natural hot spring bath with a splendid view.

Simply open the window to hear the soft, timeless murmuring of the Kinugawa River, and fully experience the abundant nature of the entire valley with all five senses. The living room features a refined fusion of Japanese and Western elements in a flat, open space.

Play your favorite music from the Kanaya Selection, which includes jazz and Bossa Nova, on the room’s premium audio system to create an atmosphere of luxurious relaxation. The room is equipped with two semi-double beds with isotonic foam mattresses.

Each of our Club Floor Western rooms presents a different character. Open the window from your room to enjoy an exquisite view of the Kinugawa River Valley.

Every room is equipped with a multifunctional shower instead of a bathtub, allowing a spacious living room of approximately 19m². While the rooms are based on the Western concept, the subtle essence of Japan can still be seen in touches such as tatami reed mat flooring and the Japanese-style chairs.

Play your favorite music from the Kanaya Selection, which includes jazz and Bossa Nova, on the room’s premium audio system to create an atmosphere of luxurious relaxation. Each room is equipped with two semi-double beds that offer exceptional comfort.

The roots of Wakeiyosan lie in the philosophy of the Seiyo Zendokoro John Kanaya Azabu restaurant. Traditional Japanese kaiseki is tailored to Western tastes, to create Kanaya’s special cuisine that fuses tradition with innovation.

Kanaya kaiseki is an original culinary style developed by the Kanaya Hotel that blends the exquisite kaiseki cuisine of Japan with the best elements of the modern and classic schools of Western cooking.

Choose between two delectable dinner menus. The Kanaya kaiseki Wakeiyosan full course meal offers a culinary experience of fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced locally from Tochigi and throughout Japan, deeply instilled with Western tastes.

The Kanaya yuba kaiseki Keiryusuimei allows you to partake of the bounty of the Kinugawa River’s pure waters, presenting nourishing Nikko yuba together with fresh, seasonal vegetables.

When you arrive at Dining John Kanaya, your first stop should be the lounge terrace to take in an enchanting sunset view. Indulge in an exquisite aperitif and amuse-bouche, and find yourself transported to the world of Wakeiyosan.

Next, move to the elegant dining space and experience an unforgettable Kanaya kaiseki full-course meal. Every dish is a delicious, vibrant work of original creativity, from fresh, local vegetables to traditional beef stew, exquisite, seasonal fish, and delectable sweets.

After your meal, retire once more to the lounge, with subdued down-lighting. Our sweets wagon service is on hand to offer you an array of refined treats, including our original chocolat, to create a luxurious moment of after-meal sweetness.

Change your setting with the passage of time to indulge in a moment of true bliss. The three scenes that serve as the stage for your dinner experience are part of the fundamental essence of Wakeiyosan.

Select between a Western and Japanese mealat Dining John Kanaya. At the John Kanaya Suite, you can enjoy beautiful views of of the Kinugawa River Valley while enjoying a delectable meal from the comfort of your room.

Hot Springs
Deeply relaxing in an onsen hot spring is one of the luxurious pleasures of travel in Japan. The timeless flow of the Kinugawa River and the heavenly scent of
Japanese cypress will deeply relax your heart and body. Step into the warm Kanaya hot springs to experience a moment of pure bliss.


  • Classification: Simple alkaline hot spring
  • Therapeutic effects: Heals neuralgia, sprains, muscular pain, and joint pain

The spring at Kinugawa Onsen was discovered in 1691. At the time, the land belonged to Nikko Shrine, and thus could only be used by feudal lords or monks on pilgrimage to Nikko. The spring is classified as a simple alkaline hot spring; that is, it contains less than one gram of dissolved minerals per kilogram of water.

The clear, odorless waters are gentle to sensitive skin. Once the waters’ therapeutic effects on neuralgia and rheumatism became better known in the modern age— helped by the opening of rail service here in 1927—the area grew into what is now the Kinugawa Onsen hot spring resort.

The warm, healing waters of the hot spring will fully liberate your heart and body. Special seasonal baths such as Japanese iris and yuzu citrus are prepared to match each of the changing seasons. Let your heart guide you as you heal and sooth yourself with a moment of leisurely relaxation.

Ancient Cypress Bath
A soothing classical hot spring bath, enveloped in the scent of cypress. Put your heart at ease in the Ancient Cypress Bath, a classical bath surrounded by a beautiful garden.

The hot spring is equipped with two large outdoor baths, made with white granite and the wood of ancient cypress trees nearly 2,000 years old, and a spacious sauna made of European paulownia wood.

Four Seasons Bath
A spacious, modern hot spring bath, harmonized with the turning of the four seasons.  The Four Seasons Bath offers breathtaking views of the Kinugawa River Valley and fully immerses you in the varied expressions of the river’s abundant nature through the four seasons.

The hot spring bath features a marble indoor bath, two outdoor baths made with single slabs of white granite, the Thermarium low-temperature mist sauna, and a gazebo for cooling off between baths.

Four types of guest rooms allow you to enjoy a hot spring bath in the comfort of your very own room. One type of room features an open-air bath made of Towada green tuff stone, set in a spacious terrace 50% larger than our standard rooms.

Our guest rooms with scenic views offer baths made of marble or cypress, and their spectacular views invoke the feeling of bathing in the open air, while remaining inside.

Each guest room offers the exquisite luxury of a personal, private hot spring bath, while allowing you to fully experience the abundant nature of the Kinugawa River.

To John, savoring a cigar was an unparalleled luxury. The world of cigars was one that the hotel’s founder never ceased loving. He created the cigar salon out of his desire to give guests a feel for its depth. Visitors can enjoy the rich aroma and heady flavors of the cigars under atmospheric low lighting to their heart’s content.

As they savor pairings with food and a diverse array of alcoholic beverages, visitors can get lost in warm conversations with close friends and loved ones alike as they forget all about their busy everyday lives and immerse themselves in their own private world.

Guests can spend a relaxing and elegant time here by virtue of the fact that the cigar salon is far removed from the frantic pace of everyday life. The walls of this dignified and stately space are adorned with portraits of prominent figures who were cigar aficionados themselves.

The invaluable pieces of Old Noritake china decorating the salon’s gallery space are prized pieces from John’s own collection.

In addition, we have cultivated an atmosphere in which visitors can enjoy freely partaking in cigars, such as by setting up chess sets suited to the luxurious atmosphere. We encourage you to enjoy this extraordinary experience by lighting the tip of a cigar and inhaling deeply.

Guests can enjoy a luxuriant time and art masterpieces while surrounded by the Kinugawa Valley that is beautiful year-round. Every corner of the hotel has been adorned with antiques and sculptured glass works that each have a story to tell.

Local Attractions
From its gorgeous scenery tens of millions of years in the making to its precious World Heritage sites and unique theme parks, the area around the hotel features an extensive array of noteworthy attractions.

We encourage you to enjoy experiencing the region’s charms by coming into contact with its nature and culture fostered over many long years.


The well-known Ryuo-kyo Gorge, the most striking scenic spot in the Kinugawa- Kawaji area, offers a stunning scenery that continues for approximately 3 kilometers, evoking a vibrant, sinuous dragon.

Kinugawa River as it winds around boulders and rock formations, riverside hiking courses, mountain flowers in the spring, fresh greenery in the summer, fiery, brightly colored leaves in the autumn, and the peaceful quiet of a sleeping forest in the winter.

Forget your busy everyday life and take a memorable walk in a mountain valley of beautiful abundance. Refresh yourself from the very core of your mind and body.

Kinugawa Riverboat Ride
A Kinugawa riverboat ride is the best way to fully appreciate the exquisite beauty created by the abundant nature of the Kinugawa river valley.

The skillful steersman weaves a twisting course around boulders and mysterious rock formations, making it a trip of both beauty and excitement. boarding dock is located right below the Kinugawa Kanaya Hotel, and tickets can be purchased at the hotel.

Kinu-Tateiwa Otsuribashi Suspension Bridge
The Kinu-Tateiwa Otsuribashi is a pedestrian-only suspension bridge with a length of 140 meters that connects the Kinugawa Onsen town and the famous Tateiwa rock.

From the height of the bridge, you can fully appreciate the changing expressions of the Kinugawa River in all four seasons, as its waters rush past the large boulders and rock formations, as well as the imposing mountain views that completely surround you.

The Tateiwa Rock, with a height of approximately 70 meters, is named for its similarity to the shields used in medieval warfare. The Otsuribashi reaches a height of 40 meters, and as you stand at the very center, at the same height as a ten story building, your skin will tingle with the thrill of taking a walk in the clouds.

Ohtaki Kasen Yuhodo Path
The Ohtaki Kasen Yuhodo is a strolling path that runs for approximately 1 kilometer from the Kinuiwabashi bridge at the upper reaches of the Kinugawa River down to the Kamitakikasen Park.

Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the riverbank as you listen to the gentle babbling of the Kinugawa River The Otaki Park is located along the route, and on a clear day you can see all the way to Mt. Keichozan.

A free parking lot is located at the foot of the Kinuiwabashi Bridge, allowing you to easily take a refreshing stroll in nature. amidst beautiful surroundings.

Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura
This theme park is full of townscapes, people, and attractions that allow visitors to feel as though they have traveled back in time to Japan’s Edo period (1603-1868).

Tobu World Square
Visitors can travel around the world in a single day at this theme park where famous buildings and monuments from around the globe have been meticulously recreated at 1/25th their original size.

This is the largest begonia garden north of the Kanto region. There are 600 varieties on display, many hanging from the ceiling.

NAOCRafting & Canyoning
Rafting, canyoning, and other outdoor activities are offered here.

Nature Planet(Kawaji)
This center offers canoeing, trekking, snowshoeing, and other activities for adults as well as children.

Nikko Tosho-gu Shrine
The Nikko Tosho-gu Shrine, famous as the resting place of Tokugawa Ieyasu, has a long history of over 400 years, and was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. It attracts tourists from around the world in every season of the year.

It has also gained new popularity recently as a power spot. Of the 55 buildings that make up the complex, 8 are considered National Treasures, and 34 are Important Cultural Properties. The unforgettable beauty of this World Heritage Site will make a lasting memory of your trip to the Kinugawa region and Japan.

This waterfall is considered one of Japan’s three most majestic. The water drops off a 97-meter cliff, creating a breathtaking display.

Ozasa Ranch
This tourist ranch offers a space where visitors can interact with the various animals kept on the premises. Activities, such as cow milking, ice cream making, and butter making, are also offered.

Lake Chuzenji
Located 1,269 meters above sea level, this is the highest natural lake in Japan. It has a circumference of 25 kilometers and a depth of 163 meters.

This vast variety of plant life and wild birds reside here, making it the perfect area for hiking. A wide variety of plant life and wild birds reside here, making it the perfect area for hiking.

This 210-meter-long waterfall cascades over numerous stages of hardened lava that, over time, erupted from nearby Mt. Nantai.

This theme park recreates the lifestyles of the Taira aristocracy and their samurai cohorts who fled here after losing a six-year war in the 12th century. The buildings are all the actual houses in which they lived.

Shiroiwa Peninsula
This large, peninsular area created by the winding Kinugawa River is the only part of Ryuo-kyo where visitors can walk down to the riverbank.

This popular scenic spot can be accessed by the Kinugawa Ropeway. A two-hour hiking trail continues from the end of the ropeway.

Rooms: 41
Price: from 358 EUR per night


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