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Hotel Les Ottomans Istanbul - Turkey
Hotel Les Ottomans Istanbul - Turkey
Hotel Les Ottomans Istanbul - Turkey
Hotel Les Ottomans Istanbul - Turkey
Hotel Les Ottomans Istanbul - Turkey
Hotel Les Ottomans Istanbul - Turkey
Hotel Les Ottomans Istanbul - Turkey
Hotel Les Ottomans Istanbul - Turkey
Hotel Les Ottomans Istanbul - Turkey
Hotel Les Ottomans Istanbul - Turkey
18 September 2021

Muhsinzade Mehmet Pasha Mansion was one of the most prestigious mansions of its time. The premises were built over an area of 4527 square meters on the ruins dating from the era of Ahmed III.

It also has an elegant fountain and a garden complex, which are deemed one of the most beautiful examples of Ottoman garden and water architecture. The proprietors lived in the mansion between 1790 and 1929 before leaving gradually.

The premises were then rented out to a merchant to be used as a coal warehouse. The area was then used for sand storage in 1935. In 1980s, 22 heirs of the family came together to sell the premises to an entrepreneur engaged in tourism.

Following a long and sad hiatus in its history, the Mansion was resuscitated by the members of the Aysal family under the auspices of Unit Group, renovated according to the refined taste of its mistress and turned into one of the most luxurious and privileged hotels of Turkey.

The exterior of the mansion was renovated according to its original structure whereas the interiors were renovated with an allusion to its historical journey which blend into the love and eternal beauty constantly hankered after by man.

This stupendous suite is named after Sultan Hurrem, the wife of Suleiman the Magnificent. Sultan Hurrem is the only woman in Ottoman history to be officially wed to an Ottoman Sultan through a ceremony.

The 146 sq.m.-suite enjoys a panoramic view of the Bosphorus. It comprises three rooms; a spacious living room overlooking the Bosphorus, a study, and a bedroom. The living room accommodates a dining table for 8, a Led TV and a spacious living area.

The study, equipped with Led TV and a library, opens up to the swimming pool and the bedroom with a view of the Bosphorus.

Comprising a bedroom with a Duxiana bed, a Led TV, a dressing area, a safe and a minibar, the matchless suite has a bathroom that comes with a Jacuzzi, a shower area, a bath basin, exquisitely embroidered bath tiles, and hand-made İznik chinaware.

The suite also accommodates a small kitchen and a guest bathroom. The commodious living room with ample sitting area and a dining table is ideal for special invitations. The suite is connected to Nurbanu Sultan suite via a corridor.

Hürrem Sultan suite has already built a well-deserved reputation and turned out to be the favorite choice of celebrities visiting Istanbul.

Boasting a charming decoration, the duplex suite is named after Sultan Turhan Hatice, wife of Ibrahim I and mother of Mehmed IV. The 81-sq.m. duplex suite with garden view accommodates a guest bathroom on the entrance floor as well as a living room with a desk and a dining table for four.

Each floor is equipped with a Led TV and a minibar. The upper floor with the bedroom has a dressing room with a safe and a copper-plated bathroom with a Jacuzzi and shower area.

This charming suite is named after Nilüfer Hatun, the wife of Ottoman Sultan Orhan Ghazi, who is renowned with her great infatuation with Orhan Ghazi. The 82-sq.m. duplex suite overlooks the garden.

The first floor accommodates a guest bathroom and a living room with a desk and a dining table for four. Each floor is equipped with a Led TV and a minibar. The upper floor where the bedroom is located consists of a dressing room, a Jacuzzi, and a bathroom with a shower area.

The suite ”Nurbanu Sultan”, meaning “The Sultan that Reflects the Light of God”, is named after Sultan Selim II’s wife. Poems dedicated to Sultan Nurbanu are deemed among the best works of Divan Literature.

Nurbanu Sultan is a 69 sq. meter suite with a living area, a desk, a safe, a minibar, two Led TVs, one guest bathroom, and a spacious bathroom comprising a Jacuzzi and a shower. The living area is separated from the bedroom by a hand-made screen of wrought iron.

Offering a partial view of the Bosphorus, the suite overlooks the gorgeous swimming pool and lounge area that boasts an enchanting design in summertime. The suite is linked to Hurrem Sultan (Suite no. 110) by way of a corridor.

ParkŞamdan & The Bar, which kicked off in Summer 2014, serves guests while leveraging the experience of the classic ParkŞamdan Restaurant with 33-years of past, and Ersoy Çetin and Emre Ergani who have welcome their clientele over the years under their famous brand of restaurants.

Since its inception, ParkŞamdan & The Bar has hosted state dignitaries, celebrated artists, and key local and international figures. The venue, which is perched on the pier of Les Ottomans Hotel, ranks among the most favored spots of Istanbul with a guest portfolio of 30 to 60 years of average age.

Offering an impeccable service, the classic ParkŞamdan menu, the Bosphorus view, the private pier that allows transportation by boat, a signature decoration by Ebru Mengenecioğlu and a magical ambiance, ParkŞamdan & The Bar ranks among the top choices of its visitors.

ParkŞamdan & The Bar serves all days of the week, starting with lunch service, evening bar, dinner, and a post-dining bar. The bar and the restaurant accommodate a capacity of 200 and 120 seats respectively.

During the winter season, ParkŞamdan & The Bar will continue serving its guests in its stupendous dining room overlooking the sea view, and a chic new decoration by Ebru Mengenecioğlu.

The services offered in summer will be enriched with performances by special artists for three days of the week. The Restaurant Section has a seat capacity of 120, whereas the seat capacity for the bar totes up to 200 including the Winter Garden.

Situated in the garden of Hotel Les Ottomans, a rare world-class boutique hotel that overlooks the most attractive view of Istanbul, our restaurant offers an exclusive experience to our guests.

We are delighted to serve our distinguished customers with a cellar that houses the most exclusive and exquisite wines of the world, a delectable cuisine, variety of delicatessen and cheese that accompany your choice of wine, and the pleasurable breakfasts to pep up your weekends.

Spa Retreats take place in the richly appointed Private Spa Suite; a luxurious ambience of east meets west. We will take care of your comfort and every need, whilst you can switch off from the outside world. Below are the many ways you may enjoy the Private Spa Suite, as a group, a couple, or as a special treat for yourself.

The perfect combination of precious time together, whilst benefiting from some of our most popular Spa treatments. A welcoming foot ritual is followed by your private use of the heat experiences.

A Slimming Concentrate Treatment and Asian Dry Massage with Hot Herbal Poultices is then performed before the finale of our ever popular Les Ottoman Signature Massage, easing away any tension whilst you drift into blissful relaxation together.

These emblematic treatments with grape, red vine and essential oil extracts help reduce tissue swelling by draining and boosting circulation for an exceptional moment of relaxation.

These cleansing rituals will thoroughly purify your skin and restore vitality as you are pampered beneath the sparkling dome of our luxurious Hammam. Our most luxurious Hammam treatment, using the benefits of Otto Rose, the most traditional hydrating ingredient to be used in Turkish Hammam.

During the Ottoman times no other perfume besides the rose was considered proper for the newly washed woman’s body. Ideal for thirsty, tired skin this treatment will take you on a sensory journey not to be forgotten.

Enjoy the beautiful Rose hair washing and hair mask, full body kese exfoliation and uplifting ice ritual followed by a relaxing Rose soap foam massage and body moisturizing.

All our massages feature ultra-fine grape seed and essential oils, known for their nourishing and softening properties. Our signature massage has been masterfully devised to blend the most effective aspects of Eastern and Western massage techniques.

Warm oils and hot herbal compresses are used in combination with acupressure, with flowing and stretching deep tissue massage to completely unwind the body and revive the mind.

Our facial treatments were developed from the unique combination of patented grape and grapevine ingredients with the latest skincare techniques. In the hands of our therapists, you’ll experience a full regimen of skincare treatments for firmer, healthier more beautiful skin.

Our boutique facility is both special and vast. (400 m2 Gym and 100 m2 Pilates Studio). You will get the best exercise results with cutting-edge sports equipment and our professional team of sports experts.

Body analysis is carried out accurately with the Tanita system which enables our trainers to design the best program that fits your needs. Precor cardiovascular exercise equipment is designed to effectively track your fitness program thanks to the built-in heartbeat track system.

The treadmills are equipped with individual DVD players to help you have fun while exercising. Also provided are 4 plasma televisions for you to watch your favorite programs while doing your cardio exercises.

There is also a multi-purpose Whole Body Vibration system to be used while doing Power Plate. The Whole Body Vibration system gives extraordinary results in only 15-minute sessions for increasing muscle flexibility, muscle lengthening, increasing bone density and even cellulite removal.

Other areas of the facility include advanced technology weight exercise equipment of Precor, Hoist and Panatta brands. In addition to Precor cardiovascular training equipment, you can benefit from cutting-edge weight-lifting equipment on our 400 square meter facility.

Our members are additionally offered the chance to use Power Plate, a Whole Body Vibration System that gives extraordinary results in increasing muscle flexibility, muscle lengthening, increasing bone density and even cellulite removal in only 15-minute sessions.

Enjoy all the services offered by our Fitness Centre with daily or weekly programs designed by our professional personal trainers.

The Hotel Les Ottomans offers you a unique training environment in a traditional Ottoman mansion located on the shores of the Bosphorus Strait. Pursuing an active lifestyle may be one of the best things you can do for your health.

This innovative system of mind-body exercise evolved from the principles of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates. The primary benefit is restoring the integrity of the spine by strengthening and balancing the muscles of the core.

Additional gains from this work are icreased lung capacity, improved circulation, greater range of motion and stability in the joints.

With a 550 sq.m. area, a cocktail capacity of 500 guests and a dining capacity of 300 guests, Bosfor is located on a junction point of an astounding view of the Bosphorus, evergreen nature, historic buildings overlooking the sea and a spectacular swimming pool.

When covered on top, the pool reaches the capacity to accommodate 450 guests. As Hotel Les Ottomans, we would be delighted to host you and your guests. Should you have any questions, please contact our special events sales team.

Built on a 145 sq.m. area, Sultan Meryem hosts your most spectacular invitations with a select and mysterious decoration reminiscent of an Ottoman-style mansion married to the modern style.

Sultan Nigar room with a 88-sq.m. area, which is completely separated with a screen, embodies the same decoration. When used together, the two dining halls may serve up to 200 dinner guests and 250 cocktail guests.

As Hotel Les Ottomans, we would be delighted to host you and your guests. Should you have any questions, please contact our special events sales team.

Built on a 127 sq.m. area, Has Oda conveys an at-home feeling owing to its comfort and warmth. The room, which has the capacity to accommodate up to 130 cocktail guests and 80 dining guests, hosts the most enthralling scenes of the Bosphorus.

The most masterful interpretation of the Ottoman texture and history, Has Oda unfurls an outstanding harmony of traditional colors. As Hotel Les Ottomans, we would be delighted to host you and your guests. Should you have any questions, please contact our special events sales team.

Rooms: 10
Price: from 371 EUR per night


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