Purity Lake Vembanad

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Purity Lake Vembanad, Kerala - India
Purity Lake Vembanad, Kerala - India
Purity Lake Vembanad, Kerala - India
Purity Lake Vembanad, Kerala - India
Purity Lake Vembanad, Kerala - India
Purity Lake Vembanad, Kerala - India
Purity Lake Vembanad, Kerala - India
Purity Lake Vembanad, Kerala - India
Purity Lake Vembanad, Kerala - India
Purity Lake Vembanad, Kerala - India
Purity Lake Vembanad, Kerala - India
Purity Lake Vembanad, Kerala - India
12 January 2022

Purity is a magnificent lakefront villa hotel in an outstanding location, overlooking the peaceful waters of lake Vembanad at its widest point.

Purity showcases contemporary works of Indian art in dialogue with an eclectic collection of antique sculptures, objects & furnitures. The purity collection opens a window from the past to the present.

Purity has 4 unique deluxe rooms, 6 Garden suites including 3 wellness suites with a provision for a spa bed and 4 Vembanad suites, which are also ideal for families, including 3 suites with a spa bed option. All rooms have terraces & verandahs overlooking lake Vembanad.

The Purity Kitchen offers its creative cuisine based on distinct local flavours. We propose 1 hour interactive cooking demonstrations for a deeper understanding of the Kerala cuisine.

Deluxe Rooms
All deluxe rooms are located in the ground floor facing the garden & the lake. They are decorated individually with art & antiques and have private terraces. The average room size is 33 sqm.

Garden Suites
Three of the six garden suites are wellness suites with spa facilities. They showcase original works of art and have private terraces facing the garden & lake. The average suite size is 60 sqm.

Vembanad Suites
Our four premium suites, two of them with private wellness spa facilities en suite. Two suites face the lake front on ground & first floor, one occupies the entire first floor of the heritage wing, overlooking garden & lake and one is an extra large family suite in the garden bungalow. The average suite size is 100 sqm.

Pure SPA
Purespa is more than a wellness program: Its ayurveda treatments & oil massages focus on rejuvenation, better flexibility, reduction of fat tissues & offer cures for rheumatism, arthritis, back pain, headache & stress related disorders.

Purespa offers a distinct wellness journey to relax, detox, tone your body and enhance beauty.

The Rejuvenation Retreat is based on ayurveda principles, it revitalises body, mind and soul. Yoga for mind, therapies for body & meditation for soul form together
a step by step approach to tone and improve your body & mind balance.

The unique Detox Retreat is compiled to detox, stimulate and enhance the circulation and revitalise your entire body. We developed a 7 to 14 days flexible & adaptable program.

All meals follow Slow Food principles as recommended by the therapist. The treatments are supported by daily Hatha yoga and meditation.

All guests are invited to join our daily complimentary morning yoga sessions. We offer individual classes at the cost of 15 Euros per person an hour. Purity organizes yoga retreats for groups and individuals on request.

Backwater Experiences
Purity offers a basket of backwater related experiences, ranging from an evening canoe ride to full day excursions. We created a multitude of intimate experiences
and discoveries for the independent traveller, offering glimpses of everyday life, customs and traditions.

The Shikkara trip
A four hours trip from purity in a thatched motorized canoe. You enter into the breathtaking beauty of the Kumarakom backwaters. During the trip you can stop to walk through the paddy fields. Get the taste of the village life along the banks.

Exploring the labyrinthine network of waterways offers glimpses of a unique rural lifestyle, where water & land are inseparable. We recommend to do this trip in the morning, since the lake is active with fishermen collecting fresh water mussels & fishing.

Discovery day cruise
A condensed backwater experience Board the Malabar escapes houseboat discovery at 12 noon from purity and cruise through lake Vembanad. Cruising through rivers and canals, you enter a world only accessible by water.

Enjoy the panoramic views and glimpses of life on the water and along the banks, while you are served lunch at the upper deck. Visit Kuttanad with its paddy fields
below sea level.

Stop at Patharamanal island, a paradise for rare species of flora and fauna. Have a high tea served in the afternoon. Disembark towards sunset at purity

The Kuttanad community experience
Go from purity or serenity on a four to six hours trip right into the heart of the backwaters. Discover the village life and join hands with the community. We introduce you to Mathai, the country boat person.

He will take you along the narrow backwater canals of Pulincunnu, discribing plants, trees and people on his way. You reach the home of Krishna Kumari, an energetic grandmother.

She will cook specialities like rice puttu or appam, served with chicken or duck curry on a banana leaf. Using ingredients from her kitchen garden she will show you the ways of using different masala.

Get the feel of the 100 year old house partly made of wood, the bronze casted utensils and enjoy the taste of the home made food. After lunch you walk to the coconut farm and see the art of toddy tapping high up on the coconut trees. You are welcome to taste some fresh toddy…

Discover sustainable  methods of duck and fish farming and the simple joys of village life. After this waterworld  village experiencewe drive you back to purity or serenity.

Palace & Temples
Krishna Puram Palace is 70 km south of purity…. and mural paintings. It is also home of a museum on regional history. Owned privately by an ancestor family, the priest or poojari is a lady. It is a large and lively place of Hindu worship. The temple complex is surrounded by a complex of palaces, all dedicated to Lord Krishna.

The Heritage Craft Experience
A half day excursion by car from purity or serenity. We travel to Mannar, the heart of Kerala’s ancient metal casting craft, famous for its bells. The birthplace of Manar’s cottage industry is the family.

Only a few hundred families are involved in the trade, and secrets, skills, figures & calculations of the lost wax process are passed from one generation to the next…

This is how the lost wax process goes: it starts with a clay core covered by a layer of soft wax, on which the intricate details are delicately sculptured. The wax model is then covered by layers of fine clay.

Drain ducts are left for the wax, which melts away when the clay is baked, thus creating a mould for the metal. The hot moulten metal is poured in and hardens between the clay core and mould, taking the shape of the wax.

The outer layer of clay is then chipped of and the sculpture is revealed. Its placed on the lathe to be hand finished. The sheer varieties, numbers and sizes of brass & bronce objects crated is amaizing.

Large cooking vessels, called urlis and brass oil lamps called vilakkus are arranged to be dispatched to shops in Kerala and beyond. Villakus are common in all South Indian homes, similar to candle stands. Lighting them is a daily practice, a religious ritual assimilated into the pace of everyday.

A day excursion to purity
A one day personalized introduction to Kerala’s palm fringed water world and the life in the backwaters. The 75 minutes drive from Fort Cochin to purity takes you along the old costal road.

You cross fishing villages & rice fields before reaching purity, a peaceful oasis on the lakeshore. overlooking lake Vembabad at its widest point, purity introduces you in to the wondrous world of Kerala’s backwaters. We pamper you on a leisurely day trip,including an ayurvedic treatment at our purespa,

This leisurely visit includes: Transfer by car from The Malabar House or trinity to purity and back, welcome drink on arrival, a 30 minutes ayurvedic treatment per person in our acclaimed purespa, free use of the lakeside infinity pool, lunch with local specialities, country canoe ride on the lake and introduce you over a relaxed lunch to local specialities. return in the evening with a day full of memories!

A day excursion to The Malabar House, Fort Cochin
The 75 minutes drive from purity to Fort Cochin takes you along the old costal road. You cross fishing villages & rice fields before reaching The Malabar House at
the heart of historical Fort Cochin.

Have a leisurely lunch at The Malabar Junction and savour our innovative cuisine, based on local produce and traditions. The tuk-tuk tour takes you to the roads and markets of Fort Cochin and Mattanchery with its lived in historical sights.

Visit the Synagogue, Dutch Palace, the spice market and … Jew street, crammed with charming treasures. Return in the evening with a day full of memories!

Website: www.purityresort.com
Rooms: 6
Price: from 189 EUR per night


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