Pyhä Igloos Lapland

Europe Finland
Pyhä Igloos Lapland - Finland
Pyhä Igloos Lapland - Finland
Pyhä Igloos Lapland - Finland
Pyhä Igloos Lapland - Finland
Pyhä Igloos Lapland - Finland
Pyhä Igloos Lapland - Finland
Pyhä Igloos Lapland - Finland
Pyhä Igloos Lapland - Finland
Pyhä Igloos Lapland - Finland
Pyhä Igloos Lapland - Finland
Pyhä Igloos Lapland - Finland
Pyhä Igloos Lapland - Finland
27 June 2022

Pyhä Igloos Lapland offer you a unique experience in the embrace of the Northern Lights and Nordic nature. The wilderness flows in through the glass ceilings; the dance of the Northern Lights above the Arctic Circle, the nightless midsummer night and the spectacular foliage of Autumn.

These can all be admired from the comfort of an electric adjustable bed, wrapped in high-quality bed linens. Before you retire for the night you can visit our sauna and enjoy the outdoor hot tub during all seasons.

Igloo room facilities
Pyhä Igloos is a special accommodation right next to Pyhätunturi and is an alternative to traditional hotel accommodation. Our tastefully decorated igloo rooms have everything you need for a successful holiday.

Spacious and well-equipped rooms
Our igloos are 32m² in size and can accommodate two to four persons. The motorized double bed under the big glass ceiling accommodates two persons.

A sofa bed designed by Tapio Anttila serves as an extra bed for two. All igloos are equipped with a toilet, shower, TV, air drying cabinet for outdoor clothing. There is also a blackout curtain in front of the windows.

Finnish and Scandinavian design igloos
Our ecological and low energy igloo hotel offers a glimpse of Scandinavian, mainly famous Finnish design. The igloos are decorated with well-known brands such as Alvar Aalto, Marimekko, Tapio Anttila, Hanna Korvela, Iittala, Hackman, Fiskars, and Jensen.

Book a Finnish sauna and outdoor jacuzzi
Private rental of our Sauna & Outdoor jacuzzi section – a modern electrical sauna, with a Jacuzzi right next to it. Get warmed up in the heat of the sauna, and then enjoy the fresh Lapland air while relaxing in the jacuzzi.

Comfortably accommodates max. 4 adults, and there’s an outdoor patio next to it as well. Great way to relax after a day of enjoying Pyhätunturi!

The sauna can comfortably accommodate only four people at a time, but our experience space allows sauna reservations for larger groups because part of the group can stay by the fireplace for waiting for their sauna shift.

The room includes a kitchen with a fridge, hob, coffee maker, small oven/microwave combination, and crockery, so you can also arrange meals there. The room has seating for up to ten people, but we recommend a room for groups of up to eight people.

Book a Kota
The cosy Kota (Arctic Barbecue Hut) of Pyhä Igloos makes the perfect venue for a special moment by the bonfire – an ancient fascination. It is located right next to igloos yet it stands on its own, as a separate component to the Pyhä Igloos experience.

The hut accommodates up to eight people on its benches covered with reindeer skins as the local tradition has it. It also makes an excellent stepping stone for the Aurora Borealis hunters, since it has large glass windows in the ceiling.

The Arctic Barbecue Hut is available for Pyhä Igloos guests on complementary bases, anyone and everyone is welcome. However, should one wish to keep it private, dedicated to one’s family, friends, or the special someone exclusively for a two-hour session.

Pyhä Igloos Arctic Barbecue Hut also calls for the wilderness chefs out there! The local supermarket has a good assortment of foods suitable for open fire cooking, such as sausages, certain vegetables and of course the marshmallow – also known as the foam caramel – for the ones with the sweet tooth.

Winter experiences in Pyhätunturi
Here you can find all the winter experiences available from our partners in Pyhätunturi.

Winter Adventure with Snowmobiles to Amethyst Mine with souplunch
Full-day snowmobile safari in great surroundings of PyhäLuosto area. After receiving driving instructions and safety rules, guided safari across forests and along frozen swamps. Visit to Amethyst Mine where everyone may dig own lucky amethyst stone.

Landscape high up is stunning. Lunch will be enjoyed in cosy café. People can take turns in driving when two are sharing one snowmobile.

Please note, that for activities involving snowmobile driving, all drivers must have a full driving license which is valid in EUROPE. For some safaris children may join as a passenger on a sleigh pulled by guides snowmobile or depending of child age sitting behind driver.

All snowmobiles used in safaris are insured as required by Finnish law and the coverage is subject to the above mentioned Motor Liability Insurance terms and conditions.

Safari participants are held liable for damages caused to snowmobiles. The amount of the compulsory deductible expense is at most €1000.00 per driver per snowmobile per incident.

Ice fishing experience with hot beverages
Here is your chance to enjoy quality time in peaceful and beautiful nature. Make a hole through the ice and learn the secrets of ice-fishing. This tours is suitable for everyone and we will go little further from fell area to best place to catch a fish

We will pick you up by a car from your hotel or cabin and go to easy accessible ice-fishing destination. Our experienced guide will teach you the secrets of ice-fishing. We serve you hot beverages on this tour and if you need, you can get cold gears from us.

If activity does not fit in your schedule or you want to a longer tour tailor made for fisherman, contact us via email. We will organize tour with your wishes and timetable.

Ice Climbing Day in Korouoma Canyon – from Pyhä-Luosto
Unforgettable day trip to the Korouoma Canyon & Nature Reserve in Posio, where the mightiest ice falls in Finland are located. Korouoma is a millions of years old fracture valley in the bedrock. At the center of the valley, it forms a magnificent gorge that drops over a 100 meters below its surrounding terrain.

Every winter, 10-20 ice falls are formed, the largest 60-70 meters tall. The mightiest and best known is Ruskea virta (’Brown Stream’). Other classics are Mammutti (’Mammoth’) and Jaska Jokunen (’Charlie Brown’).

The ice climbing potential of Korouoma was discovered only in the 1980’s. Nowadays Korouma is hands-down the best destination for ice climbing in Finland!

Bliss guide will meet the clients in the morning at the agreed place in Pyhä-Luosto , and has prepared and packed all the relevant gear. It is roughly a 2,5 h drive from Pyhä-Luosto to Korouoma, Posio. From the parking area it takes 1-1,5 hours to hike through the beautiful taiga forest to the foot of the ice fall.

Once at the ice fall, the guide will prepare the rope line(s) for safe ice climbing. The clients use this break for having an energising snack, keeping themselves warm and taking photos and videos of the beautiful venue if they wish.

Once climbing preparations are completed, it is time for the true ice climbing experience in the Arctic! Depending on clients’ stamina and daylight hours, every client will get two proper climbs on the nature-made ice wall. Height of the ice wall varies from 20 to 60 meters.

On the way back to parking area – time schedule allowing – it is possible to stop by a bonfire and have another energising snack. The day get’s completed by 1,5 hour drive back to Pyhä-Luosto.

Electric Fatbike Tour to the Amethyst Mine in Luosto Lapland
Exciting and unique activity in Lapland. Ride to the top of the Lampivaara fell and dig for your very own lucky Lappish gem!

Amethyst Mine Tour is available every day except Sunday from June to September (Tue-Sat in October). There are two guided fatbike tours per day and during the visit you will hear the stories of geology and history in addition to the properties of the gems and the uses of amethyst.

You will ride to the Amethyst mine with a powerful, electrically assisted fatbike. Bliss’ guide will take you to the top of Lampivaara fell (small mountain) where you can enjoy the very top view of the area, over the Pyhä-Luosto National Park.

Then you will be seated in wooden shelter, shipping warm berry beverages and listening the facts and fictions of this fascinating purple gem stone.

After the story moment you will be heading to the digging area. Each visitor will be able to dig for their own personal lucky amethyst. In the end of the visit there is some time to drop by a small “Amethyst Shop” on site. The amethyst of the area is refined into jewellery and other productions.

Cross-country skiing experience in Pyhä-Luosto
Learn the basics of the traditional sport in Finland in a small group. Skiing is an easy and fun way to spend time outdoors and see the beautiful forest and landscapes of Pyhä-Luosto. You are a first-timer or a more experienced skier this tour is for you.

Guided reindeer farm visit and one hour sledge safari
Experience the serenity of the wilderness in a reindeer caravan. We will have on hour reindeer sledge safari in to the wilderness and after the safari you can see the reindeer up close, feed them and also you will hear about their life.

Would you like to experience the serenity of the wilderness in a reindeer caravan? On our reindeer sledge tour you will meet the famous reindeer moviestars Torvinen, Kameli and Kuura.

We will have on hour reindeer sledge safari in to the wilderness and after the safari you can see the reindeer up close, feed them and also you will hear about the life of a reindeer and their meaning to the local people.

Near national park Pyhä-Luosto locates traditional reindeerfarm where the owners herd their reindeers in a traditional way according to northern nature’s cycle. The owners also train their own sledge pulling reindeers.

Northern lights hunting with car, campfire and photographing
We will go to a place with no light pollution with best possibilities in that night to see northern lights. We will make campfire in wilderness, roast sausages and tell you about Auroras. Our guide will help with camera settings and take pictures for you.

Seeing the Northern lights is indescribable experience that you won’t never forget. Bright stars, beautiful moon and the amazing Northern lights illuminates the route in the dark, creating an unforgettable experience.

Before the tour we will plan our destinations carefully by checking local weather forecast, cloudiness and space data that we will have best possibilities to see Northern lights.

Our guide will tell you interesting facts about Northern lights, Lappish nature and history. The tour also consists information how to photograph northern lights and our guide will help you with settings.

If you want to start the tour in Luosto and you don´t need pick up: Choose pick up place Call of the Wilderness Storage-office Luosto. Adress Luostontie, 99555 Luosto. You will find it with google map.

Summer experiences in Pyhätunturi
Here you can find all the wonderful summer activities provided by our partners.

Guided hike to Pyhä-Luosto National park
Hike trough the National park and Finland’s deepest gorge. Discover the Lappish nature and wild herbs. Big gorge is unique and its steep walls rise up to 220 meters. You can see the marks of ice age and feel spirits of old age.

Nordic walking with local guide
Have a wonderful easy Nordic walk with a good company of local guide. Learn about life in Lapland and area around you, same time when you are walking and sightseeing best places near your accommodation. This tour is suitable for everybody.

Canoe tour on the river Pyhäjoki
Canoeing in the river Pyhäjoki flows easily through the wilderness and it’s a great experience for everybody. On our 13 km long canoeing tour you may even see our animals or a small pike jumping in a river. Tour is 5 hours and includes snacks by campfire.

Experience of Fishing
Here is your chance to enjoy quality time in our peaceful and beautiful nature. We are providing fishing tours that are suitable for everyone. Learn with us how to fish, or if you have already basic skills, let us take you to best fishing places.

Land of the Midnight Sun
During this easy hike you will experience the magnificent scenery and the glacial landscape of the Pyhä-Luosto fell. As we climb to meet the mighty midnight sun you will hear stories and beliefs of Lapland and even golden eagle can fly above us.

Arctic sky, Nature & Northern lights Photographing
Beautiful trail goes through the old pine tree forest to a good place to see Northern lights and arctic sky. We will give you good information about arctic nature, sky, northern lights and how to photograph them.

Rooms: 7
Price: from 147 EUR per night


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