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Star Arctic Hotel Lapland - Finland
Star Arctic Hotel Lapland - Finland
Star Arctic Hotel Lapland - Finland
Star Arctic Hotel Lapland - Finland
Star Arctic Hotel Lapland - Finland
Star Arctic Hotel Lapland - Finland
Star Arctic Hotel Lapland - Finland
Star Arctic Hotel Lapland - Finland
Star Arctic Hotel Lapland - Finland
Star Arctic Hotel Lapland - Finland
Star Arctic Hotel Lapland - Finland
Star Arctic Hotel Lapland - Finland
27 June 2022

Star Arctic Hotel connects you with the best that Lapland has to offer: pure magical nature, clean environment and exciting local culture. We are located in a unique spot on top of the Kaunispää mountain with spectacular view over Saariselkä.

The hotel is an architectural masterpiece, blending modern design with the surrounding nature’s beauty. Our rooms are built with full comfort in mind. We offer great services and wide range of activities to our guests. Welcome to a once in a life time journey in the heart of Lapland!

In early 2016, two families who shared the same passion decided to establish a hotel on the top of the Kaunispää in Saariselkä. Why? The reason is simple – we are in love with this Arctic region.

The beauty of Finnish Lapland is so pure and powerful, like when the wildness is bathing in the aureate light of the midnight sun or the Aurora Borealis dancing in the sky.

Here, it’s like living in a dream from which you don’t want to wake up, a spell you are completely mesmerized by. Therefore, we want to share our love with you by connecting you with the best that Finnish Lapland has to offer.

In Harmony With Nature
Star Arctic Hotel is a certified environment-friendly company. We carefully chose our exterior design to blend harmoniously with the natural surroundings. From inside the hotel or any room, you are able to experience the full view of Saariselkä and conveniently admire the northern lights.

Our ambition is to provide attentive and friendly service that can make your trip unforgettable because it is our joy for being part of your wonderful memory. In the end, all we want to say is that we just can’t have enough of Lapland!

Star Arctic Hotel is located on the top of the Kaunispää “Beautiful Peak” in Saariselkä near Ivalo, 270 km north of the Arctic Circle in Lapland, Finland. Saariselkä’s Ski Centre as well as a as well as a newly-built 1.8 km long toboggan run are just a minute’s walking distance from the hotel.

There is an excellent transportation network in the area, despite laying in the heart of the Arctic. The European highway number 75 runs through the area, along the road to the Arctic Sea.

It is only 25 kilometres away from Ivalo International Airport, which has regular direct flights from Helsinki and seasonally direct flights from London and Frankfurt.

Here, the Nordic modern civilization is perfectly integrated with Lapland’s own unique culture, which are all surrounded by a pure and touchless natural environment with a beautiful and unique arctic landscape.

Sustainable Choice
Star Arctic Hotel is committed to reducing the environmental impacts of tourism. Our hotel uses geothermal heat in all the hotel rooms and in the main building, and the extra heat that our kitchen produces is collected and used to heat the premises.

Our hotel is powered by renewable energy and our restaurant menu is based on local ingredients to minimize the CO2 emissions during your stay with us. If you would like to experience beautiful Lapland in a sustainable way, we are your ecofriendly choice.

Scenic View Suite
A two-floor Scenic View Suite specially designed for both aurora hunting and admiring the arctic landscape. The large view window beside the king bed at the second-floor faces north, where the northern lights mostly appears.

The wall window at the first floor faces south, where Saariselkä is located and can be seen amidst the Lappish landscape.

Aurora Glass Cabin
Under the Aurora Glass Cabin’s glass ceiling, guests can lie in bed while gazing upon the Arctic sky. The glass roof faces north, where the northern lights appear more frequently. Equipped with a private toilet facility and shower.

Restaurant Kaunis’ menu offers extraordinary taste experiences whether you are looking for casual or finer dinner. Both local and domestic ingredients and products are utilized in the cooking.

In the dishes we use fish from Inari lake as well as reindeer meat from local reindeer herders. From the menu you find traditional lappish dishes along with modern cuisine.

The hotel’s bar is located in the vicinity of the restaurant. Our cozy bar offers different beverages from our wide wine selection to popular drinks and coffees.

Breakfast & Dinner
Enjoy your breakfast with view over Saariselkä. Breakfast is included in our room rates. Dinner is served during the opening hours of the restaurant, when it is possible to enjoy a’la carte meals.

Restaurant Kaunis
The ‘beautiful’ Restaurant Kaunis is located in the main building of the hotel, with a beautiful panorama over Saariselkä village and the wilderness surrounding us. Restaurant Kaunis has 140 seats, and is available for private arrangements from 1 May until 1 September.

Wilderness Restaurant
Although our Wilderness Center restaurant is located just a 20-minute drive away from the hotel and is nearby Ivalo international airport, this venue offers true wilderness atmosphere and privacy.

Wilderness Center restaurant is available for private arrangements all year round, and if you are planning a winter wedding in Lapland, this is the option we offer for the wedding dinner and celebrations.

Are you considering to spend your honeymoon in Lapland? Saariselkä is a very special destination for an unforgettable honeymoon in northernmost part of Finland.

Here you’ll find a special sense of serenity, beautiful sceneries and a wide range of activities all year round. Star Arctic Hotel offers perfect setting for a comfortable honeymoon trip.

Two Saunas
The privately bookable saunas at the Star Arctic Hotel are traditional yet stylish and modern. In connection with the larger sauna, there is a landscaped terrace with an outdoor hot tub.

From the large scenic view windows of the saunas, you can admire the endless fell landscape, the autumn sunsets and the northern lights in the frosty night.

It is possible to order a refreshment to take in to saunas from the hotel’s lobby bar. In connection with the saunas, there are high-quality shower facilities, changing rooms and toilets.

Romantic Holiday
Our Scenic View Suites and Aurora Glass Cabins have become a popular choice due to the modern design, comfort and privacy compared to traditional hotel complexes. We can always arrange romantic honeymoon add-on packages, activities and meals according to your preferences.

Lapland basics
Lapland is the largest and Northern most region of Finland and home to approximately 3.4% of Finland’s entire population. It is by far the least densely populated area in the country with untouched nature.

The most common languages spoken in Lapland are Finnish, Sami and Swedish. The Sami people are the only aboriginals of Scandinavia and around 6000 of them reside in Finland’s Lapland.

The main source of income and transportation for the Sami people originates from reindeer husbandry which has become a popular tourist activity along the years.

Aside from reindeer husbandry, the current ethnical minority is also known for fishing, hunting and producing traditional arts and crafts which can be viewed at the Sami Museum located in the village parish of Inari.

Nature in Lapland
The untouched nature of Lapland is one of its most alluring attractions with three vivid divisions in season. The dark Arctic winters bring Northern Lights chasers and star gazers to Lapland from all around the globe.

Lapland is also known for its Midnight Sun in summer, a natural phenomenon during which the sun does not set for up to three months. There is also beautiful autumnal season known as “Ruska” which paints the land in soft tones of orange, yellow, brown and green due to the changes of colour in the leaves and ground.

Christmas In Lapland
The capital of Finnish Lapland is Rovaniemi, which is known as Santa Clause’s hometown attracting visitors all around the world to witness the magic of Christmas.

Aside from the alluring nature and seasonal changes, Finland’s Lapland offers a multitude of different activities such as reindeer rides and husky sleighs for everyone, truly a perfect place to experience the magic of Winter Wonderland.

Visitors can indulge in varieties of outdoor activities with the most popular one being cross-country and downhill skiing offered by the magnificent highland fells. The Urho Kekkonen national park also situates here providing an ideal spot for hiking during Ruska or cross-country skiing during winter.

The village of Inari lies next to the beautiful lake Inarijärvi which translates to “Inari River” and is a popular spot for reindeer herding and finding genuine local arts and crafts.

Tourism in Lapland has grown significantly in popularity during the past few years as people all around the globe arrive to catch a glimpse of the real Winter Wonderland.

One of the most popular places of travel lies in the heart of Inari-Saariselkä area which is situated in the far North of Finland’s Lapland. The destination holds a wealth of opportunities for year-round travel with its unique northern countryside, highland fells, rivers, lakes and national parks.

Saariselkä is the northernmost travel destination in Europe and offers a glimpse of genuine Lapland as the Sami culture is very evident in this region and neighbouring villages in the area.

Saariselkä offers a variety of activities and accommodation options and provides an excellent transportation network despite lying in the heart of the arctic. The European highway number 75 runs through the area and it is only 25km away from the Ivalo international airport.

Reindeer Feeding & Herding in Wilderness
During the harsh winter times in Lapland, when the natural foods are scarce and difficult to access, the local Sámi herders will visit the herds on daily basis, out in the wilderness, to provide extra portions of feeds and hays for the reindeers.

This traditional way of herding and feeding is passed from one generation to the next in the same family for hundreds of years, modernized with present day’s process. You now have a truly special once in a lifetime chance to experience something which very few in the world have experienced.

The program starts from the hotel lobby with car transfer to the road intersection where we will meet the local Sámi herders. From there we will travel to the wilderness on a snowmobile sleigh to start this special experience.

Authentic Siberian Husky Experience
Experience the dreamy husky sleigh ride in the wilderness with our authentic Siberian huskies! Our Husky Musher guides you through the Arctic pine forest while you can admire the changing wilderness sceneries from the comfort of a husky sleigh.

Sense the feeling of freedom as you breathe in the fresh winter air, leaving paw prints behind on the snowy trails.

Aurora Hunting
Experience the thrill of snowmobiling safely with our skilled guides and explore the fells and Arctic forests surrounding Saariselkä area. We will make stops on picturesque places with best views of the Arctic night sky.

On a clear night, the tour will be done under millions of stars and with a little bit of luck, it may even be possible to see the northern lights dancing above you. You can enjoy warm drinks as our guide tells you stories about our unique nature and culture in Lapland.

Rooms: 15
Price: from 129 EUR per night


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