Ryokan Kaike Yugetsu Yonago

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Ryokan Kaike Yugetsu Yonago, Chugoku - Japan
Ryokan Kaike Yugetsu Yonago, Chugoku - Japan
Ryokan Kaike Yugetsu Yonago, Chugoku - Japan
Ryokan Kaike Yugetsu Yonago, Chugoku - Japan
Ryokan Kaike Yugetsu Yonago, Chugoku - Japan
Ryokan Kaike Yugetsu Yonago, Chugoku - Japan
Ryokan Kaike Yugetsu Yonago, Chugoku - Japan
Ryokan Kaike Yugetsu Yonago, Chugoku - Japan
Ryokan Kaike Yugetsu Yonago, Chugoku - Japan
Ryokan Kaike Yugetsu Yonago, Chugoku - Japan
22 June 2022

Kaike Onsen, a hot spring village in Yonago, Tottori Prefecture, is surrounded by the rich nature of the sea and mountains. “RYOKAN”, which offers a new resort that is neither a “hotel” nor an old “ryokan”, was born in this scenic area.

This is a special space where you can spend a quiet time with a big person, away from the noisy days. The large ocean of the Japanese Sea, which you can see from all the rooms, will take you on a journey to unleash your power.


Looking up at the sea from the private open-air bath installed on the terrace of your room, all rooms have ocean views. In addition, every terrace is equipped with a bathtub, so you can enjoy the hot springs while looking out at the sea in your own room.

Please fully enjoy the real pleasure of traveling as “unusual”. In addition, all rooms have twin rooms and Japanese-style rooms, so you can rest in separate bedrooms for each unit.

Hammock and hanging chairs are installed in the corner suite. You can spend a relaxing time on the terrace with a pleasant sea breeze while looking out at the vast ocean.


A creative Japanese restaurant overlooking the Sea of ​​Japan, where you can enjoy a conversation with a sommelier chef.

While the taste prepared by the sommelier and the sake brewer in consideration of “food and drink synchronization (mariage / pairing)” is Japanese food, you can enjoy the proud creative Japanese food that goes well with Western wine. Enjoy a satisfying experience while admiring the beautiful scenery of the Sea of ​​Japan.

Ocean View Dining Restaurant “REN”
Front ocean view with a length of 43m overlooking the Sea of ​​Japan. The seafood in the shade, centered on freshly caught shellfish fried at Sakaiminato. At the open kitchen seats, you can watch the craftsmanship live.

Masashi Takamura, the head of the total cuisine, has been highly acclaimed, having won the second prize in the “Breakfast Festival” nationwide.

A discerning creative Japanese kaiseki meal where you can enjoy the pairing of food and sake. We will prepare creative Japanese food centered on freshly caught fish and shellfish from Sakaiminato.

Although it is a ryokan, it is a stylish restaurant like a luxury hotel, and offers the same high-quality meals as Matsutsuki as the next-generation Japanese cuisine style.

Creative Japanese standard kaiseki and gourmet kaiseki with freshly caught seafood as the main ingredients. A pairing kaiseki meal where you can enjoy the standard kaiseki meal and the wine and sake awards. You can choose the kaiseki cuisine that suits your taste.

Blessings of Sanin, seasonal ingredients
The San’in region facing the Sea of ​​Japan against the backdrop of rich mountains is truly a treasure trove of ingredients.

You can enjoy seafood such as tuna and rock oysters landed in Sakaiminato in the summer, as well as seafood such as “Nodoguro” and “Abalone”, which have become famous as high-class fish, as seafood dishes full of local colors.

In addition, we produce high-quality Japanese black beef from Tottori prefecture as a Wagyu production area, and in the fall we also produce wild vegetables such as matsutake mushrooms and yams, and fruits such as pears and Kyoho. Please enjoy the seafood and mountain food in luxury.

Specialty dishes
The high-quality main dish that has been cultivated as a culinary inn for many years, which is the same as Matsutsuki, has been further sublimated as a next-generation Japanese cooking style. Please enjoy each and every one of the treats that make the most of the umami of the ingredients.

You can feel the story of the series of connected specialties while feeling the sea and mountain delicacies using the blessings of the Sanin region in each of the four seasons.

It is a composition that you can enjoy the afterglow of the whole dish following the special dish. For the final meal, we will use Koshihikari from Tottori prefecture, and for dessert, we will prepare homemade sweets and seasonal local fruits.

From the beginning to the end of the menu, you can feel the spring, summer, autumn and winter of Tottori prefecture and enjoy the season.

A cooking and liquor expert whose chef doubles as a sommelier

By matching the compatibility of food and wine, the aroma and taste complement each other and become more delicious. It is also expressed as mariage, which means marriage. Our sommelier and sake brewer will propose wine and sake that match each dish. Please enjoy the marriage of Japanese food and wine (sake).

A new frontier of cooking brought out by sake
That season. Please enjoy the original taste of seafood and mountain food from the Sanin region, not only from the cooking stage, but also by combining it with sake and wine.

Discuss alcohol and food with a sommelier
From the beginning to the end of the dinner, we will talk about the sake that goes well with the food we serve. This style is possible because the sommelier doubles as a cook and the cook doubles as a sommelier.

The new RYOKAN food is here
We do not have banquet halls or conventions like those found in group travel inns. We would like to prepare a dinner that is not an inn with such an old definition, which is not an inn but a RYOKAN rather than an inn, and even at the same kaiseki, you can add alcohol to bring out the original taste of the ingredients of the dish. increase.

Masashi Satomura, the head chef who won the second prize in Japan at the Rakuten Breakfast Festival, is exercising his skills at a restaurant with a front ocean view overlooking the Sea of ​​Japan. Please enjoy the breakfast made with fresh ingredients that are particular about the production area.

The Infinity open-air bath in the sky was ranked second in the nation in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun “NIKKEI Plus 1” ranking “Sky and sea in one”. It blends with the sea at the large open-air bath that overlooks the Japanese sea from the 7th floor above the ground.

Minahi Onsen, which springs from the sea, is a legendary hot spring that everyone has revived and changed. “Salt hot water” containing abundant minerals warms the body from the core.

The open-air bath with a width of more than 10 meters seems to be floating in the sea as a unit of the water line and the hot spring bath. Experience the spectacular scenery from the bathtub, such as the expanse of the blue sea, the sun falling into the sea, and the starry sky and fishing water at night.

There is no boundary between the bathtub and the sea, and the Infinity sky open-air bath of more than 10 meters flows down toward the sea. At night, the seven-colored mid-light and the beach in front of the sun are lit up with blue light, and the fish on the water flat line creates a more fantastic view.

Infiniti Sky Open-air Air
The structure is full of openness without a roof so that you can enjoy the sense of unity between the sky and the sea. Please enjoy the extraordinary time to your heart’s content. * Infinity open-air baths are not open in the following environments.

Sleeping bath
The Infinity open-air bath has a luxurious sleeping bath where you can relax and enjoy a panoramic view of the Sea of ​​Japan. In addition to its relaxing effect, it is said to be effective in improving insomnia, nerve fatigue, and hypertension.

Indoor hot spring
Kaike Onsen is a “salt hot spring” that is effective for beauty and health that heals the body and mind. Kaike Onsen, which springs from the sea, is a legendary hot spring that everyone has revived and reborn. If the open-air bath is not available due to the weather, there is also a large indoor bath.

You can also enjoy the sauna, which has the effect of promoting blood circulation and detoxifying sweating. It is said to have a beauty effect as well as a health and fatigue recovery effect. Sweat a lot and refresh yourself. (Male: high temperature sauna / female: steam sauna)

Introducing the recommended way to spend Yuzuki. You can fully enjoy “art” that you can not taste in everyday life, such as art created by nature, beautiful gardens that show seasonal expressions, and many Japanese paintings that are touted as masterpieces.

In “Michelin Green Guide Japan”, there are plenty of spots where you can experience Japanese history and art, such as the Adachi Museum that shined in Samsung, Izumo Taisha Shrine, which is famous for marriage, and Iwami Ginzan, which was selected as a World Heritage Site. is.

The Tottori Sand Dunes, which is visited by about 1.5 million people a year, is a tourist destination with a variety of uniqueness and variety, such as the bronze statues of Gegege no Kitaro’s familiar characters, Mizuki Shigeru Road.

Website: www.kaike-yugetsu.jp
Rooms: 32
Price: from 409 EUR per night


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