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Secret Bay Dominica
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Secret Bay Dominica
Secret Bay Dominica
Secret Bay Dominica
Secret Bay Dominica
Secret Bay Dominica
Secret Bay Dominica
Secret Bay Dominica
9 November 2022

Spectacularly sited on a clifftop promontory where the rainforest meets the sea on Dominica, the “Nature Island” of the Caribbean, Secret Bay is among the leading boutique resorts in the world and an acclaimed Relais & Châteaux property.

The secluded six-star, all-villa resort consists of elegantly appointed, residential-style villas, each with a private plunge pool and dedicated villa host, on-call concierge, chefs and guides, access to a secret beach and transformative experiences curated specifically for each guest.

Conceptualised by celebrated architect Fruto Vivas, Secret Bay’s award-winning villas are world-renowned for their artful fusion of high design and local craftsmanship, forming open-air luxury residences amid nature’s lush embrace.

As a Green Globe certified resort composed entirely of sustainably-sourced materials, Secret Bay exists in a beautiful equilibrium of responsibility to its environment and commitment to guest comfort.

Secret Bay’s luxurious resort amenities complete the most unrivaled island escape. Begin your day with a rejuvenating yoga class at the riverside Bwa Mang Wellness Pavilion, grab a paddleboard from the Zamann Watersports Hut for a day of fun on the water, find peace at the treetop Gommier Spa, delight in hyperlocal cuisine at our open-air Zing Zing restaurant and cap your evening with cocktails on the cliff edge Vetiver Sunset Deck overlooking Secret Beach. This is, truly, paradise found.

Both within and beyond resort grounds await a host of perspective-shifting, life-altering experiences. Whether you choose to journey “within” alongside our seasoned healers, explore the living, breathing rainforest or rappel into the depths of the island on a waterfall canyoning adventure, guests are guaranteed to leave Dominica forever changed.

The History
Since boyhood, Secret Bay owner Gregor Nassief had a lofty dream – to create a home away from home amongst the wild forested cliffs of Dominica while preserving the natural environment.

While celebrating the nuptials of Gregor and wife Sandra, Sandra’s father and award-winning Latin American architect, Fruto Vivas granted the couple a special gift—a proposed drawing of their personal residence at Secret Bay.

Thus, the resort was founded upon a story of love, both for each other and for the land which they shared a deep commitment to preserve. With Fruto, Sandra and Gregor’s combined visions, the villas that comprise the living, breathing eco-luxury resort at Secret Bay came to life.

The Secret Bay Difference
Evolving beyond shared common spaces and one-size, all-inclusive molds, Secret Bay offers luxury residential-style villas that serve as your home away from home. One where space and seclusion provide the ultimate in comfort and discreet six-star service provide a peerless island escape.

Here, both within our gated confines and beyond resort grounds, guests indulge in an entirely distinct high-touch experience marked by an inherent aura of romance, well-appointed accommodations and amenities, and, of course, our extensively personal and tailored services.

Dominica is ahead of the curve with respect to its practice of sustainable tourism, and Secret Bay, in particular, exists upon a system of values to sustain the natural purity of its native community and habitat.

Secret Bay’s developers and staff are committed to maintaining the land in the pristine condition in which it was discovered, and a top priority is to employ people from neighbouring communities, buy local produce, and support local artisans and businesses.

Encouraging a genuine and mutually-beneficial interaction between guests, staff, island locals, and the island itself, Secret Bay presents a truly coveted opportunity to revel in ethical luxury.

Sustainably-built villas complemented by extensively personalised service in the heart of undiscovered Dominica. Secret Bay’s award-winning villas are renowned for their artful fusion of high design and local craftsmanship, forming open-air luxury residences enveloped in nature’s lush embrace.

Composed entirely of sustainably-sourced tropical hardwoods, the freestanding retreats feature expansive indoor and outdoor living spaces — inclusive of private plunge pools, contemporary gourmet kitchens, covered terraces and breathtaking ocean views — offering a tranquil, secluded sanctuary to reconnect with nature, one another and oneself.

Zabuco Honeymoon Villa I
Secret Bay’s original Zabuco Villa is where the beautiful dream of Secret Bay began. Built on the exact spot at the end of the peninsula where proprietor Gregor Nassief and wife Sandra Vivas planned to build their dream home, Zabuco I captures the resort’s inherent aura of romance, providing the ultimate escape for those in love.

Built on a majestic clifftop promontory, Zabuco I allows you and yours to feel like true nobility as you float above the ocean below. The view from Zabuco I is truly panoramic from all sides of the cliffs out to the sea, best enjoyed from the outdoor deck or plunge pool.

Guests also have exclusive use of the enchanting Wild Orchid Garden Decks—the perfect spot for secluded romance and relaxation or to watch the sun slowly set into the sea. In 2013, Zabuco I was voted the third sexiest bedroom in the world by the Smith Awards.

The luxury Zabuco Villa I is situated at the furthest point of the Secret Bay promontory with breathtaking 180-degree views over the mountain peaks of Dominica and the sparkling Caribbean Sea.

The floors and interiors are made of splendid Guyanese Greenheart; the beautiful bedroom furniture was made from Dominican Red Cedar by local craftsmen; and the finishes throughout the villa are of luxurious quality. You’ll feel as if you’re floating above the world in this airy, sunlight-filled yet totally secluded space.

Secret Bay’s concierge will create personalised itineraries for your stay with us, arranging everything from yoga at the Bwa Mang Wellness Pavilion to couple’s massage at the tree-top Gommier Spa or exhilarating adventure in the mountainous landscape of Dominica.

Your dedicated villa host will be on call and will provide discreet service, allowing you to experience the perfect balance of romance, privacy and pampering.

Ti-Fèy Villa I
Exotic and private, Secret Bay’s Ti-Fèy Villa I is a fashionable treehouse boasting floor-to-ceiling glass walls and a two-story design, with a private plunge pool, outdoor rain shower cantilevered off the second floor, extra bathroom, gourmet kitchen and every modern amenity imaginable to complete your idyllic under-the-radar romantic hideaway.

Ti-Fèy Villa I is perched on the hillside surrounded by trees and the sights, sounds and aromas of nature, with the river and ocean below. Sustainably-built with Guyanese Greenheart wood, the villa offers a peaceful place for quiet contemplation and total relaxation.

Secret Bay’s concierge will create personalised itineraries for your stay with us – everything from active and extreme adventure to peaceful relaxation.

From one-man jazz concerts to trekking to one of two boiling lakes in the world. Your dedicated villa host will be on call and will provide discreet service, allowing you to experience the perfect balance of romance, privacy and pampering.

Ylang Ylang Villas I & II
Rising up from the ground from a single stem, the Ylang Ylang Villas present a stunning architectural creation. Marvelling at how the villas and their vast balconies are surrounded by trees, these residences have been called love nests, “bowers of bliss” or magical treehouse escapes.

The villas are called Ylang Ylang because their shape resembles the petals of this legendary flower, one that first originated in Indonesia, yet these days can be found growing on our property.

Few plants better capture the essence of Secret Bay than the Ylang Ylang. Even its name is shrouded in mystery, either meaning ‘wilderness’, or ‘rare’. It fits perfectly to our location and the experiences we offer.

The nearly 1,600 square foot villas feature one bed and bath, a fully equipped kitchen in the verandah, two decks, an elevated pool directly accessible from the bedroom, a barbecue and a hammock sofa—the ideal setting for an unforgettable retreat. Rare, sensuous, relaxing, wild. Welcome to Ylang Ylang at Secret Bay.

Dining at Secret Bay
Part of the luxury of staying at Secret Bay is the fresh, sustainable cuisine you’ll encounter during your stay, satisfying the mind and body in one dream holiday.

Whether you choose to dine in-villa or at our open-air restaurant, each meal is ethically prepared by our executive chef who reimagines fresh, vibrant ingredients that are foraged right here on property or sourced from nearby fishers and farmers markets.

It is this innovative, hyperlocal culinary concept that allows for a more intimate and traceable connection between guests and land, earning Secret Bay its reputation as a leader in sustainable food tourism.

Zing Zing Restaurant
Secret Bay’s open-air Zing Zing restaurant offers locally-sourced fare set to jaw-dropping views of Tibay Beach, setting a romantic scene with a canopy-style roof, display kitchen and private dining room.

The restaurant is open daily for lunch from 12-3:00pm, featuring inspired island-to-table plates off our Island Harvest menu, and nightly for dinner from 6-10:00pm, with four set courses following our executive chef’s innovative “no menu” concept, which allows for more experiential dining. Simply secure your table with your villa host for an intimate dining experience to write home about.

In-Villa, Deck or Beach Dining
Whether you wish to dine in the comfort of your own villa, fancy an intimate set up for two on one of our quiet decks overlooking the Caribbean Sea or crave a full day well spent in the sand, your dedicated villa host will take care of all dining details — from setting the table and mixing cocktails to paddling a packed picnic lunch directly to you at Secret Beach.

All-day eats are selected à la carte off our Island Harvest menu, featuring sea- and farm-to-table plates inspired by the island’s bounty.

Every Secret Bay stay includes a complimentary Organic Breakfast Basket, filled with a supply of farm fresh eggs, organic fruit, homemade granola, yogurt, bread, jam and dried fruit, coffee beans and local lemongrass and cocoa teas, pre-stocked and replenished, on request, for the duration of stay.

In addition to each villa’s complimentary Organic Breakfast Basket, guests have the option to pre-stock their villa kitchen with their favourite foods, from specialty ingredients for an decadent breakfast to cooking essentials and homemade snacks, beverages and a medley of locally-grown organic produce, all of which you may note on your pre-arrival questionnaire or request from your villa host during your stay.

Whether you choose to cook in your fully-equipped European gourmet kitchen or have your villa host prepare breakfast to your specifications, you can rest assured that all ingredients are of the highest quality, sourced either on property or from nearby markets.

Private Chef
Zing Zing restaurant at Secret Bay isn’t the only locale to savor the vibrant flavors of The Nature Island. With our private chef experience, you’ll indulge in locally-sourced, seasonally-inspired dishes all artfully made within the serene setting of your own villa.

Whether you wish to mimic Zing Zing’s “no menu” experience or guide our executive chef to prepare the meal of your dreams, you and yours can rest assured that the evening will be nothing short of unforgettable.

Cooking Classes
For those seeking a participatory culinary experience rooted in Dominica’s rich culture, Secret Bay offers personalised in-villa cooking classes. Here, you’ll discover indigenous ingredients and preparations under the guidance of our executive chef.

Whether learning how to de-spine the sustainably caught Lionfish or joining the chef in foraging the Secret Bay property for wild herbs and vegetables to inspire your lunch, you’ll leave the kitchen forever changed.

Wine at Secret Bay
In addition to the well-stocked wine cooler available in your villa, we also offer a selection of fine wines from around the world stored in our temperature-controlled cellar.

Whether you’re craving a chilled glass of Provençal rosé in your hammock, a Champagne aperitif to celebrate a special occasion or an exceptional vintage red to accompany your dinner at Zing Zing, all of our wines have been especially selected by our sommelier and we are sure there will be one that is just right for you.

Breakfast & Dinner Package
Beyond each villa’s complimentary Organic Breakfast Basket, guests have the option to indulge in the nourishing, flavourful and colorful fare of their choosing with the Breakfast & Dinner Package. This package covers meals in the morning and evening, leaving room in the middle for the spontaneous adventures of the day.

Breakfast is crafted in-villa by your dedicated villa host to your specifications while dinner, following our executive chef’s innovative “no-menu” concept, is served at Zing Zing restaurant.

Culinary Journeys Package
Indulge in nutrient-rich, colorful and succulent island fare with a personalised dinner program designed by our executive chef, enjoyed at Zing Zing restaurant.

This package also includes all breakfasts crafted in-villa by your dedicated villa host and a customised in-villa cooking class led by our executive chef, who will offer tips and tricks on reimagining Dominica’s indigenous ingredients, many of which are foraged right here at Secret Bay.

All-Embracing Package
Experience Secret Bay to the fullest with peerlessly personalised service, an extensive culinary journey and your choice of three transformative experiences to make the most of your time on the Nature Island — plus one cooking class with our executive chef, roundtrip airport transfers and more. With this comprehensive offer, you won’t miss a beat.

Romance at Secret Bay
Upon driving through the gates of Secret Bay, one becomes enveloped in an undeniable aura of intimate luxury. Built upon a story of love itself, Proprietor Gregor Nassief and his wife Sandra set out to share their remarkable eden with all who journey to the Caribbean’s enchanting Nature Island.

Today, with six architecturally stunning and sustainably-built villas, Secret Bay draws couples from all over the world to experience luxurious rainforest immersion, secluded beaches, exhilarating adventure and the ultimate connection with one another.

Caribbean Honeymoon
The luxury of Secret Bay does, in part, emerge from the ultra-modern amenities within each villa. However, the true luxury that guests so often glorify is the resort’s inherent aura of romance.

Secret Bay was built on love, with love. Our first-class service, couple-centric amenities and exceptionally romantic experiences foster a Caribbean honeymoon that allows you and your loved one to evanesce into the enchantment of Dominica and each other.

Caribbean Weddings
As soon as you step upon the grounds of Secret Bay, there is a palpable sense of warmth, of love, of indescribable placidity. The “secret” of our resort is the incommunicable impact it has upon our guests. Secret Bay is a hub of unforgettable memories that are almost too difficult to translate to those on the outside.

In essence, you have to see it to believe it. For that reason, couples from all around the globe come to Secret Bay in Dominica to celebrate life’s most momentous occasions. Whether it is a wedding or vow renewal, our resort is the most magical locale to fulfill your most romantic imaginations.

Gommier Spa
The Gommier Spa is among Secret Bay’s most coveted destinations. In this treehouse-style serene space overlooking Tibay Beach, guests can indulge in an array of solo and couple treatments curated by our expert therapists, including relaxation, deep tissue, hot stone and four-hand massages with locally custom-blended oils, as well as our signature Gommier facial.

Whether you wish to relax tense muscles after hiking, unravel the effects of everyday stressors brought from home, or find your inner peace, our therapists will cater each service to your needs.

Bwa Mang Wellness Pavilion
Secret Bay’s brand new Bwa Mang Wellness Pavilion is the ideal locale for guests to recharge, refresh and rejuvenate with yoga and wellness classes—whether that be an intimate session with a loved one or alongside other guests in a small group.

The Bwa Mang Wellness Pavilion is suspended over the magical Cario river with Tibay Beach just beyond, providing the ultimate platform for your most memorable wellness experiences.

Zamann Watersports Hut
Tucked into the lush cliffside alongside Tibay Beach, Secret Bay’s new Zamann Watersports Hut is your go-to destination for all things nautical.

Here, guests can access any adventure gear of their choosing—whether that be kayaks, paddle boards or snorkeling equipment—and arrange beach pickups for water-based activities so as to experience the best of the Caribbean Sea just moments from your Villa doorstep.

Vetiver Sunset Deck
The Vetiver Sunset Deck is affectionately named after both the Vetiver grass that binds the dramatic cliffs at Secret Bay and the breathtaking sunsets that can be viewed here at day’s end. Use this space simply as a stunning aside to the day’s activities or reserve it for romantic dining al fresco, a private wedding or a vow renewal ceremony.

Mouben Welcome House & Funicular
No arrival at Secret Bay is complete without a grand entrance. The Mouben Welcome House is both an architectural feat and our new resort hub where guests are invited to jumpstart their transformative journey at Secret Bay — all complemented by our unique “no front desk” concept, allowing guests to check in and out directly from their villas.

Modern in design and organic by nature, the new structure features a porte-cochere for seamless entry and a fleet of electric vehicles for transportation to your villa, as well as effortless access to Secret Bay’s funicular, Bwa Denn: Food, Art & Brewery and serene beachfront.

Inside, find our new Adventure Concierge Desk to plan an array of life-altering island experiences and ensure that you get everything you want and more out of your stay.

Bwa Denn: Food, Art & Brewery (November 2022)
Embraced by the sights and sounds of the rainforest with extensive ocean vistas, the modern minimalist two-level structure features a contemporary Caribbean and Latin American art collection of over 100+ distinct pieces, as well as a casual gourmet all-day restaurant helmed by Executive Chef Fábio Fernandes, a full-service bar, hip microbrewery, private dining and conference space, mini theater, cutting-edge wine cellar and rooftop lounge.

Admire inspiring works either from the ground floor or the internally suspended view deck, sit down to hyperlocal eats like pizza with dasheen crust and sustainably-sourced sushi on the outdoor terrace, sip on craft beer brewed directly on-site with unique local ingredients and — above all — revel in a refreshed Nature Island experience. The opportunities at Bwa Denn are endless.

At Secret Bay
There is so much to discover at Secret Bay: wade through our magical cave, stretch body and mind with a yoga class or bask on one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in Dominica: Secret Beach.

Our boutique resort has been magnificently designed in harmony with the environment, so you can experience full immersion within the Nature Island while enjoying six-star service and amenities.

Secret Beach
One of the Caribbean’s most secluded swimmable beaches, our Secret Beach evokes the feeling of being blissfully marooned on a remote island paradise. Its soft white sand and shallow turquoise waters, hugged in an intimate cove, are only accessible by sea.

Revel in the romance of its private setting, adventure to its hidden sea cave or explore the vibrant marine life just beyond the shore with our complimentary snorkel gear. Access Secret Beach via a quick kayak, paddle or swim from Tibay Beach, or arrange for one of our private skiffs to take you to its shores.

Tibay Beach
The beauty of the rainforest meets the serenity of the sand and sea at Secret Bay’s Tibay Beach, a prized stretch of swimmable beach only accessible by Secret Bay or by water. Here, lounge shaded beneath almond trees alongside the quiet gentle waves of the Caribbean Sea.

This slice of paradise also beckons our guests for a quiet morning dip, a romantic stroll along its shores or a sunset swim or paddle. Tibay Beach is also the launch point for kayaks and paddle boards, delivered upon request, and the convenient pick up point for adventures accessed by sea, including our Waitukubuli by Sea Tour and Indian River Tour.

Coconut Beach
Edging Prince Rupert Bay, the longest stretch of sandy beach in Dominica, Coconut Beach is a tropical seaside haven ideal for both relaxation and recreation.

An abundance of water sports and activities can be found at Coconut Beach, including wakeboarding, tubing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and sailboat and jet ski rentals. Guests can reach Coconut Beach with a quick drive or by sea on a kayak, paddle board or one of our private boats.

Yoga & Meditation
Refresh and rejuvenate with a yoga or meditation class at Secret Bay’s brand new Bwa Mang Wellness Pavilion. Whether you want an intimate session with a loved one or alongside other guests in a small group, the Bwa Mang Wellness Pavilion provides the perfect setting to realize your greatest wellness ambitions while suspended over the magical Cario River with Tibay Beach just beyond.

Massage is a necessity that feels like a luxury. Secret Bay’s massage therapy at the new Gommier Spa is perfect for relaxing tense muscles after hiking, calming stressed minds after travel or simply indulging in much-deserved self care.

During your blissful session you will be soothed by the natural soundtrack of ocean waves and song birds while your spa therapist uses locally blended oils to recharge your body. You can choose to have your massage while your loved one is relaxing elsewhere or enjoy the unifying experience of a couples massage where two therapists will work simultaneously to treat you.

Explore the rich marine life and wide variety of coral that live in the waters just beyond Secret Bay. The water is clear, warm and an exceptional teal-blue colour. We have complimentary swimming and snorkeling gear for your ongoing use throughout your stay.

Night Snorkeling
Come night snorkeling with us during your stay at Secret Bay and enjoy an experience like no other. Hunt out lobsters, octopus, moray eels, and nocturnal fish, along with bizarre creatures like the orange balled corallimorph, which emerges from the recesses and extends its tentacles out to ensnare passing food; or basket stars that open up from their daytime balls into huge fans to filter the water of nutrients.

Head north and less than 10 minutes away is the pristine white-sand beach of picturesque Prince Rupert Bay. Further on and you reach the amazing Indian River. Head south to other lovely empty beaches and rivers.

Alternatively, just enjoy being out at sea by yourselves, under a warm sun, soaking up the dramatic Dominican landscape. We have top of the range kayaks at your disposal as well as stand-up paddle boards that allow you to be at one with the clear waters around you.

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding
A wonderful form of exercise for all levels of ocean goers, stand-up paddleboarding is a must when visiting Dominica and its tropical landscape. Explore our secluded bay or transport yourself towards Secret Beach, a stretch of coastline that is only reachable by kayak, paddle board or boat.

Time will appear to move more slowly as you glide across the crystal-clear, tranquil waters, soaking up the luscious scenery that surrounds you. Not to mention, the sport is an ideal way to gain clarity and balance in both body and spirit. Simply grab one of our complimentary paddle boards from Secret Bay’s own Tibay Beach before launching your journey.

Cooking Classes
With our personalised cooking class, you’ll discover the forgotten indigenous and colonial influences and culinary applications of our local tropical fruits, vegetables and root-crops under the guidance of our executive chef in a participatory in-villa experience.

Dive into local recipes featuring sustainably-caught Lionfish or even join the chef in foraging the property for wild herbs and vegetables to inspire what’s poised to be an unforgettable lunch.

Private Concerts
For a little light evening entertainment, we are happy to arrange for a private one-man jazz concert or acoustic performance. Performed in the privacy of your villa terrace or on the Vetiver Sunset Deck, it’s the perfect accompaniment to an intimate dinner or wine tasting.

Sea Cave
Discover the excitement of darkness becoming light, as you emerge from underwater into a magical grotto filled with ethereal light and the rhythmic slapping of water against rock. We are happy to accompany you the first time!

Flora & Fauna
Secret Bay Resort has worked hard to preserve and re-establish the wildlife that thrives here. It is not just about creating a place to stay, but also capturing Dominica in a time when her land and wildlife were valued not just for what they could provide, but as cohabitants in a precious ecosystem.

Here, we glimpse into the flora, fauna and marine life that make up our little piece of paradise. Secret Bay offers a number of experiences which allow the explorer in each of us to be set free, as, through our experiences, we can observe, understand and appreciate the natural world around us.

If you would like to learn more about the species present on Dominica, please reference Life is Precious, Secret Bay’s self-published book about the wildlife that can be found on our grounds and within surrounding areas.

Coastal Flora
With such a mountainous terrain, Dominica is a treasure trove of biodiversity. Secret Bay sits in the rain shadow of Dominica’s highest mountain Morne Diablotins, which means conditions here are drier than in other parts of the island.

Known as dry scrub woodland, the naturally occurring vegetation found on this leeward coast has evolved ways to tolerate dry conditions, an abundance of sunshine and saltwater.

Whether endemic or introduced, the flora of Dominica make for an interesting and varied landscape. Many of the introduced plants were brought over during European colonization, from Africa or the pacific islands where there exists similar climates.

An Island rich in natural beauty and with an abundant of undisturbed land, there are diverse groups of animals that happily thrive here.

There are about 188 species of avifauna who call Dominica home. Feeding on fruits, nectar, insects, crustaceans and fish, look for them on the sea shore, in the trees, soaring through the sky or even bouncing off the balcony of your room.

The birds found in and around Secret Bay nest here because the environment suits them and there is a rich food supply. The carolers of daytime, they will sing to you from sunrise to sundown, giving way to the night.

Dominica is home to a wide variety of insects including 11 species of stick insects and 55 species of butterfly, two of which are endemic to the island. Insects may be at times a nuisance and unsettling to those unaccustomed, but each plays a role in its environment.

Whether the predator or prey, the pollinator or scavenger, they add to the biodiversity of Secret Bay and where birds are the musicians of daytime, insects make up the orchestra of the night.

Decapods crustaceans can be found in the sea, freshwater and on land. These creatures have 10 limbs (claws included), and usually walk sideways.

Preferring to hunt and scavenge at night or in the shade, crabs avoid the sun to prevent from drying out. During the island’s independence, when hunting season for crabs is open, crab backs and crab callaloo is a popular dish eat.

Dominica has the privilege of being one of the few Caribbean islands to retain its original amphibian and reptilian fauna over the last couple centuries.

There are 17 species of reptiles known to exist and 4 of amphibians, none of which are poisonous. Reptiles differ from amphibians because they lack an aquatic larval stage, and amphibians tend to be found near a source of water.

There are very few native mammals found on the island, but there are 10 species of bats. Bats use echolocation which allows them to navigate and forage in the dark, living on a diet of fruit, nectar, insects and fish. In some villages on the island, bats, agouti and even manicou are eaten.

Marine Life
Rich and diverse, the marine life in the waters around Secret Bay flourishes. With so many species of fish, sea creatures and coral, there is no telling what treats awaits the underwater explorer.

Fish play such an important role in their ecosystem, and by getting to know them allow us to understand their relation to their biological communities.

Sea Creatures
Among the reef, rocks and coral, or within the depths of water, creatures of the bay visit, live and feed. The depths of the Secret Bay allow for an assortment of creatures, some bizarre and others intriguing, some shy and others unfazed.

Nature Trails
With an abundance of plants, flowers and trees growing here, including all the fruit trees native to Dominica, Secret Bay is your own private botanical garden.

Follow the new nature trail from The Residences at Secret Bay to Coconut Beach and listen to the birds overhead – there are over 20 species at Secret Bay – or perhaps take the time to watch the tropical butterflies, insects and reptiles; none of which are dangerous. Yes, Dominica really is paradise!

Near Secret Bay
While the activities found at Secret Bay can certainly fulfill your pursuit for wanderlust, there’s no shortage of forests, falls, and coral reefs to explore nearby.

Whether you wish to meander the aisles of the Saturday Market in Portsmouth, embark upon a guided tour of the Waitukubuli National Trail—the longest hiking route in all of the Caribbean—or snorkel the vibrant shallows at Split Rock, there’s an adventure to be had by everyone.

Bird Watching
Dominica’s diversity of habitats (tropical forest, high mountains, bush and savannahs) provide for a wide variety of birds on a relatively small land mass. The island is a bird-watchers’ paradise. Close to Secret Bay, Syndicate Nature Reserve is one of the best places to see the most famous Dominican bird: the endemic and endangered Sisserou Parrot.

Sunset Sail
Feel the gentle Caribbean breeze dance around you as you glide along the western coast of Dominica with your loved one. Cruise our gentle waters on a private sail boat set to the romantic backdrop of the Caribbean sunset on the distant horizon — a shared memory you’ll always cherish.

Scuba Diving in Dominica
Dominica is one of the top five dive destinations in the Caribbean, and has been ranked amongst the top 10 in the world, with a variety of sites suitable for all levels of divers.

Much less visited than other dive areas around Dominica, the north offers up a range of reefs that will likely be yours to explore on your own. The limited number of visitors ensures that the richness of the coral life and sponges has been unharmed by divers over the the years.

There’s something for diver, from an easy pier dive voted number-one pier dive by Scuba Diving Magazine, to the Toucari caves, whose coal archways and volcanic bubbles rising from the sea floor have led many to say that this is the most beautiful dive site in all of the island.

And, just a boat ride away is Champagne Reef—a bubbling, underwater hot spring complete with multi-coloured sponges, coral and unique marine life.

Batibou Beach
Batibou Beach is an expansive and secluded soft-sand beach in the North-East of the island. The Atlantic Ocean here is calm enough for swimming and a gently sloping sea bed means you can wade out a good distance.

There are plenty of shady spots to rest and picnic and the mountainous backdrop is the perfect complement to this serene paradise. A beach bar serving rum punch and snacks is open daily from 10am – 5pm.

Further Away
With Dominica’s unique flora, fauna and geography, adventures are endless: enough rainforest, national parks, waterfalls, hot springs and rivers for every day of the year. Not to mention active volcanoes, a boiling lake and the awe-inspiring Emerald Pool.

Our knowledgeable concierge will be happy to organise exciting days out, thoughtfully created just for you. And, with so much to do, see and experience at Secret Bay and in Dominica, you may just need to come back again.

Whale Watching
Dominica’s unique underwater landscape provides the perfect terrain for whales to live and mate. Although the peak season for spotting whales is November to March, whales live off Dominica’s coast all year round and whale tour operators boast a 90% success rate for spotting these fabulous creatures. Whale and dolphin species include: Sperm, Pygmy sperm, Pilot whales, Spotted dolphin and Atlantic spinner dolphin, amongst others.

Boiling Lake
A hike to the Boiling Lake is a must for any adventurous soul who desires to be challenged and amazed. The arduous trail takes you on a trek through the rainforest where your head will be in the clouds at the highest points and then followed by a descent into the Valley of Desolation to cross a hotbed of sulphuric steam.

The pinnacle of the trip is reaching the awe inspiring Boiling Lake which is the second largest of its kind in the world. And, yes, it really is boiling! Returning down the trail you can ease your muscles with a soak in large natural hot water basins. On completion you can wear your achievement with pride and let us book you for a well-deserved massage the next day.

Champagne Reef
Champagne Reef is part of a marine reserve and is home to numerous species of aquatic life. The coral reef and the colorful inhabitants are close to the shoreline, making this a great experience for even a novice snorkeler.

You may lose track of time exploring these clear waters especially because there are a constant stream of bubbles emerging from the sea bed surrounding you with water-like jewels as you swim.

Forest Bathing
Forest bathing is the translation of the Japanese term ‘Shinrin Yoku,’ a widely respected healing practice that has been adopted as a cornerstone of Japanese medicine since the 1980s. It is a practice of mindfulness amongst the forest, and those who partake can expect to experience restorative benefits on the mind, body and spirit.

Forest Bathing is not about getting wet in the woods, but rather a process of soaking in the natural ambience of the forest, supporting your engagement in guided meditation and activities.

Once learned, forest bathing can be practiced in any environment with the same remarkable benefits. Slow down, unplug and enjoy your deep connection with the earth within the unadulterated forests of Dominica, the nature island.

National Parks
With much of the island uninhabited, a large part of Dominica has been allocated to National Parks. A visit to the Morne Trois Pitons National Park (declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997) is a must.

The Park boasts five volcanoes, freshwater lakes, hot springs and waterfalls including the famous Trafalgar Falls. Close to Secret Bay are the fabulous Morne Diablotin National Park as well as the well-maintained Fort Shirley in Cabrits National Park, beautifully situated on a peninsula, overlooking Portsmouth and Secret Bay in the distance.

Jaco Falls
Jaco Falls is a sweet treasure of a waterfall, offering all the spectacular sights and feelings of a pristine jungle waterfall, whilst being one of the easiest falls to get to. A set of steps bring you right down to the pool of the waterfall and the crisp waters invite you to take a plunge and rejuvenate all of your senses.

Titou Gorge
Titou Gorge means “Little Throat” and this special attraction was formed by volcanic lava which cooled and split open, leaving this natural cave. Swim right inside to find a gushing waterfall, sparkling with light filtered from the forest canopy above.

The swim inside the gorge only takes 5 minutes but you can take your time and enjoy the ambiance. When you start feeling too cold from the bracing water there is a natural hot spring trickling outside to warm up in.

Rooms: 12
Price: from 568 EUR per night


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