Six Senses Con Dao

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Six Senses Con Dao - Vietnam
Six Senses Con Dao - Vietnam
Six Senses Con Dao - Vietnam
Six Senses Con Dao - Vietnam
Six Senses Con Dao - Vietnam
Six Senses Con Dao - Vietnam
Six Senses Con Dao - Vietnam
Six Senses Con Dao - Vietnam
Six Senses Con Dao - Vietnam
Six Senses Con Dao - Vietnam
Six Senses Con Dao - Vietnam
Six Senses Con Dao - Vietnam
20 June 2022

Six Senses Con Dao is delightfully remote yet only a 45-minute flight from Ho Chi Minh City. After a warm welcome, you’ll find elegant, modern and spacious villas within lush vegetation.

Each comes with its own private infinity pool and dreamy vistas plus a host of water adventures, spa treatments and dining options to lure you from your lounger.

A breathtaking setting in a protected national and marine park. The first top-rated luxury beach resort in Vietnam’s archipelago islands, it is contemporary in design, yet draws on the essence of a traditional fishing village.

Designed to resemble a Vietnamese fishing village, 50 private pool villas and residences built from reclaimed teakwood and sustainable materials, showcase contemporary flair. All are set just a few steps away from a pristine stretch of beach.

Residences offer three or four bedrooms, with seductive bedrooms and spacious living rooms in separate pavilions, all with private pools and sweeping views of the ocean and neighbouring islands.

Vietnam’s Con Son Island is beautiful as nature intended – protected as a national and marine park. It is recently declared as Vietnam’s only marine Ramsar Convention environmental site.

Villas and residences with private infinity pools
From single-level to duplex, and offering one, two, three, or four bedrooms, all 50 villa accommodations in Vietnam have infinity pools and secluded outdoor bathrooms, wood paneling, and natural ventilation to reduce the need for air-conditioning. Go for Ocean View for privacy and Ocean Front to wake up with your feet (almost) in the sparkling sea.

Ocean Front Four-Bedroom Pool Villa
Three beachfront pavilions combine to make up this premier villa offering stunning ocean views, with a living room, dining room and a private garden
Set in the quietest corner of our beachfront hotel in Vietnam, this one-and-only enormous four-bedroom residence boasts stunning ocean views.

This villa has a spacious living area, dining room and kitchenette for in-villa dinning, prepared by our chef. The twin room has a garden view and is located in the middle pavilion. They feature large open plan bathrooms with double vanity basins, bathtubs and showers.

Ocean View Three-Bedroom Pool Villa
Vietnam’s ultimate villa for families with panoramic ocean views and expansive private pool. Comprising three separate pavilions, it features a spacious living area, dining room and kitchenette for in-villa dinning, prepared by our chef.

Two master bedrooms offer lovely ocean views and large open plan bathrooms with double vanity basins, bathtub and outdoor shower. The twin room has a garden view and is located in the middle pavilion. There’s a private pool plus a lap pool and a sun terrace.

Ocean Front Deluxe Pool Villa
Beautiful beachfront villa in Vietnam with direct beach access, spectacular ocean views, private pool and terrace. Located on the beachfront, this spacious, one-level, one-bedroom villa boasts spectacular ocean views.

It is an open plan villa with a large bathroom with double vanity basins, bathtub and outdoor shower. The private pool has a terrace with sun loungers.

Ocean View Duplex Pool Villa
Revel in this very spacious split-level villa with panoramic ocean views and a private infinity pool. Six Senses hotel in Vietnam features a very spacious two-level villa with one bedroom, which is located on the upper floor featuring magnificent ocean views.

There is also a large open plan bathroom on the ground floor with double vanity basins, bathtub and outdoor shower. The private infinity-edge swimming pool has a terrace with sun loungers.

By The Beach Restaurant
Bountiful buffet breakfasts featuring a Vietnamese street food section. Lunches of delicately-flavored dishes, ocean views and gentle sea breezes. Romantic dinners of contemporary international cuisine, shining stars and the feeling that anything’s possible beneath them.

Vietnamese By The Market
Authentic traditional Vietnamese cuisine prepared by Chef No and her team. Chef No is one of the local Hosts, originating from Con Dao; she has been cooking traditional and wholesome local food for many years.

Vietnamese By the Market also offers a range of daily specials. How about Pho Bo – Beef Noodles and Banh Xeo Tom – Vietnamese pancake for two?

Splash Bar
Situated by the main pool and overlooking the beach, enjoy a daytime cocktail or sundowner in this great location. Light snacks are also served during the day.

Elephant Bar
Located by The Market area, Elephant Bar presents light, casual dining throughout the day or a cool drink while gently gliding back and forth on your very own leather swing. Let your star sign guide you with our East meets West cocktail menu.

By the Cellar – Wine Cellar
​An ideal location for private dining, wine pairing and exploration, or a communal meal to celebrate with friends or family. You’ll be seated round a large central table and (rather conveniently) next to our comprehensive stock of wines.

By the Kitchen – Chef’s Table
​Calling all Insta-foodies – enjoy an intimate dinner and wine experience next to the main kitchen. Chat with our chef who can incorporate your preferred flavors using the freshest ingredients of the day. Whether you photograph or eat the results is up to you!

Plant-to-Plate Cooking at Sense of Gardening
Join our Chef on a tour of our Sense of Gardening organic garden, learn how our delicious herbs and veggies are grown and select the pick of the crop to cook in the Garden kitchen. You’ll not only understand more about quintessential Vietnamese flavors, you’ll taste them!

Spa with a wow in Con Dao
Built in a relaxed residential style, and surrounded by tropical gardens, Six Senses Spa Con Dao in Vietnam features five treatment rooms, an outdoor Yoga and Meditation Pavilion, a nail bar, and a coconut oil workshop studio.

Or head outside for a morning run, yoga, or a few squats or stretches against the backdrop of the spectacular Lo Voi Mountain.

Vietnamese Massage
​Improve circulation and rejuvenate the body with this traditional massage incorporating pressure point techniques with invigorating movements to warm and relax muscles. Heated suction cups are placed on the back to aid this process, while pure coconut oil infused with essential oils enhances the overall benefits.

Natural Vietnamese Facial
​Rejuvenate the skin with this natural facial, combining fresh ingredients such as milk, honey, yogurt and almond powder with a facial massage. It focuses on Vietnamese pressure points to induce a sense of relaxation.

Island Coffee Treatment
A detoxifying body scrub using Vietnamese Buon Ma Thuot coffee and local sea salt blended with carrot and coconut oil to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. A fresh coffee mask with citrus is then applied to detox and purify the body.

Love Your Heart
“Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit”. Khalil Gibran. Love is a force of nature. However much we may want to, we cannot command, demand, or take away love. But you can invite love in.

By listening to your intuition and wisdom that lies within your heart, you can train and heighten your compassion, awareness and consciousness and feel a much more powerful connection with mother nature and our earth.

This is a day of reflection, letting go of old baggage, setting a new purpose and learning how to connect with your heart and true purpose to find greater zest for life and meaning.

Boost Your Immunity
This one-day spa takeover is a great immunity reboot if you’re feeling sluggish, sniffly or fatigued from a stressful few months or long-haul flight.Commit to a day of no news or social media and just focus on yourself.

Today is your day. Stress shuts down the immune system and therefore everything that promotes relaxation is helpful to strengthen immunity.

From breath work and yoga in the sun to nutritious food and microgreens, personal training session, hot and cold experiences, treatments and journaling, we’ve got everything your immune cells need to function at their best.

We can also help you identify specific issues through our screening and sleep tracker so we can guide you on how best to overcome them.

Mind Your Brain
Your brain is involved in everything you do. Its health is vital to how you feel, think, age, perform, love, learn and share. We are all very quick to download the latest software upgrades to our devices but how often do we deliberately consider how we can help our brain serve us better for longer?

This one-day program helps you care for and improve the state of your brain and how it works through ancient practices from yoga and meditation and modern biohacks including brain games, developmental drawings and binaural beats.

Your brain is the fattiest organ in the body, consisting of nearly 60 percent fat so eating the right foods and good fats allows it to perform at its best.

We’ll help you stimulate, and kick start the brain in the morning, share activities that are proven to improve brain function and send you home with some tips to take back into everyday life. Keep curious, keep expanding and keep developing your own OS!

Experiences for all generations
Discover an array of Vietnam attractions and activities at Six Senses Con Dao, from clam collecting to island escapes and boat charters, to picnics on the beach.

Reconnect With Nature
Rise and shine, bright and early to join our sustainability manager on a medium paced hike to Hideaway Beach. Learn about turtle conservation, Con Dao’s landscape and gardening as well as organic composting and recycling in our resort.

On the way back, a flower tea will be served prepared with hand-picked herbs accompanied by a talk on the health benefits it provides. Next up, venture to our Chicken Villa and see our composting and organic gardeners at work.

Hear the chickens cluck with happiness as you pick the freshest eggs for breakfast. Cook together for lunch in our open air gardens, and taste authentic Vietnamese flavors. In the evening, head out for the sunset with our House Hiking guide and take in the beautiful Con Dao vista.

Con Dao Historical Tour
This tour explores the rich history of Con Dao and will delve into its darker side. A series of prison systems were constructed throughout the 113 years of colonization, during which time many thousands of prisoners where interred here.

Along the way you’ll explore the Con Dao Museum, Phu Hai Prison – Bagne I, French Tiger Cage, American Tiger Cage and Hang Duong Cemetery.

Coastline Trekking to Dam Tre Bay
Trek along the coast of Con Dao heading east towards Dam Tre Bay and then paddle across Vong Bay with your guide. Spot sea birds, pass friendly fisherman or simply enjoy the view.

Just Snorkeling
A speedboat will take you to Hon Tai and Bay Canh or Cau islands to discover the underwater life surrounding Vietnam’s premier marine protected area. We know the perfect spots where you will see some of the documented 1,493 species of marine life and the best coral formations in the country.

Private Sunset Getaway
Travel by boat to the Western side of Con Dao, passing Ca Map Cape (Shark Cape) and Dinh Tinh Yeu (Lovers Peak) before stopping on the far side of Hon Ba (Grandmother Island). Here you’ll witness an overwhelming display of colors as the sun slowly dips over the horizon.

Feed the Fish Golf
While we don’t have the space for a full 18 holes, we do have a lot of ocean. Using our EcoBioBalls® you are able to practice your swing and knock a few into the water from the Elephant Mountain Platform.

EcoBioBalls® dissolve in 48 hours and the remains serve as fish food. For the least disturbance to natural feeding habits, we limit the number of balls played daily to a maximum of 60.

Other Water Sports
Novices and experienced water-sporters have a range of fun activities on hand. Kayaking on the bay can be fun as a single or double activity.

Become a master at stand up paddle boarding or catch some waves with body boarding. Stick to the shallows and slide across the water with skimboards. There’s lots to enjoy and tips are available from our experienced hosts.

Con Dao Dive Center was originally formed to cater for the high level of diving service and safety expected by Six Senses guests. Con Dao Dive Center prides itself on the extensive diving experience of its instructors coupled with their local knowledge of the diving around Con Dao.

Scuba Diving
​With depths ranging from 5 to 30 meters, Con Dao offers divers a unique opportunity to explore the amazing variety of underwater life; from green and hawksbill turtles, curious cobia and bat fish, to a scattering of rays, lion fish, scorpion fish, nudibranchs (adorable sea slugs), huge cuttlefish, and some of the best coral coverage around Vietnam.

Turtle Hatchling Release
We’ve restored our beach to make it an ideal place for egg-laying by endangered green sea turtles. This project, in cooperation with Con Dao National Park authorities, includes a safe and monitored incubation enclosure to protect eggs from threats such as poaching.

Guests are encouraged to participate in our ethical hatchling releases and those lucky enough to be here when our eggs hatch have called the experience life-changing.

Local Fishing Trip
We recommend you take this trip with an Island local, Mr. Thien, on his converted, but simple fishing boat. Captain Thien has been cruising the waters around Con Dao for over thirty years. Who better to take you out and show you the best places to catch your fish? Kindly note, size and species restrictions are in place.

Coconut Oil Making
Coconut oil has endless uses, but have you ever wondered how it’s made? Sign up for this informative and fun class in the spa to find out how coconuts are harvested, pressed and made into healthy oil that can be used in cooking, in beauty treatments and even as a holistic remedy.

Sunset Cocktails
Get together for a special session with our creative cocktails as the sun sinks down over Con Dao. Let our hosts set up a cozy spot with the perfect golden view. Raise your glasses to the delicious ending of a carefree day, knowing another one is right around the corner.

Jungle Movie
There’s nothing kids like better than staying up late to watch a movie. And we’ve got the perfect activity for them: movie night at a theater in the jungle.

Lead young ones down an outdoor path and relish their look of amazement when they see loungers, and a movie screen among the palm fronds. An evening of amazement they won’t soon forget awaits, complete with popcorn and refreshments, of course.

Sustainability at Con Dao
Every host at Six Senses Con Dao plays an active role in reducing our carbon footprint while maximizing our positive impacts on the planet.

Our extensive organic garden grows more than 30 types of plants including fruit, vegetables and herbs. Organic food scraps are turned into valuable compost which is given back to the garden in form of soil. We treat our greywater on site and re-use it for irrigation in our landscape.

We produce still and sparkling mineral drinking water on site with our reverse osmosis plan. This is bottled in reusable glass bottles on site, eliminating 10,000 plastic bottles every month from landfill.

Resort pathways, swimming pools, and back of house areas have been retiled using our recycled glass bottle plant. In 2021, we turned more than 300 wine bottles into long-lasting and beautiful Terrazzo flooring while eliminating glass waste.

Environmental Responsibility
Our passion to support and protect the environment has been recognized by National Geographic Traveler magazine, who rates us one of the world’s top eco lodges.

In 2020, reduction of 114 Kw/h electricity and 2.32 cubic meters water per one room night compared to 2019. 4,000 kilogram ocean waste was collected through Clean Up events. 700 plastic bags were eliminated from local market shopping through Plastic Free July event.

Sea turtle incubation and research
We’ve restored our beach to optimize egg laying for green turtles and decrease the mortality rate of turtle hatchings. This ambitious project in cooperation with Con Dao National Park authorities, included a safe incubation enclosure to protect eggs from threats such as poaching.

Guests are encouraged to participate in ethical hatchling releases. If lucky enough you will get to watch a mama sea turtle laying her eggs right on the resort premises.

Our efforts also extend to conducting training programs on sea turtle conservation for our hosts and in the local community, with a vision to involve more marine scientists in research projects on the future of the turtles around Con Dao.

Social Responsibility
Our 7,000 islanders enjoy all levels of education running at virtually full capacity, the result of the high emphasis given to educating the young.

In 2020, we supplied the means to provide clean drinking water to over 900 students annually, 800 students received study tools and 600 students were made aware of Wellness & Sustainability through our community outreach programs. 350kg rice & 100 study tool kits were released during the pandemic in 2020.

Community education
Community education is key in making lasting impacts, which has motivated us to organize a wide range of activities, from teaching English to raising environmental awareness for school children.

English classes are conducted three times each week, with enthusiastic guests invited to share their English-speaking skills.

We run monthly environmental workshops involving kindergarten children and have introduced a series of life-skill activities to the community. In 2020, there were 200 hours teaching of English to 80 students; and 1,500 students being made aware of plastic waste.

Water for All
We supply the means to provide clean drinking water to hundreds of students annually, and they also receive study tools and learn about our wellness and sustainability initiatives through our community outreach programs. To date, 600 community members have access to clean drinking water.

Rooms: 50
Price: from 478 EUR per night


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