Somewhere Only We Know Kho Phangan

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Somewhere Only We Know Kho Phangan - Thailand
Somewhere Only We Know Kho Phangan - Thailand
Somewhere Only We Know Kho Phangan - Thailand
Somewhere Only We Know Kho Phangan - Thailand
Somewhere Only We Know Kho Phangan - Thailand
Somewhere Only We Know Kho Phangan - Thailand
Somewhere Only We Know Kho Phangan - Thailand
Somewhere Only We Know Kho Phangan - Thailand
Somewhere Only We Know Kho Phangan - Thailand
Somewhere Only We Know Kho Phangan - Thailand
21 August 2021

Somewhere Only We Know resort private luxury beach resort on Koh Phangan. Best price guaranteed. Enjoy our luxury design hotel & villas offering full privacy. Secret location on the island of Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand.

Rated number one of the 5 Star Resorts of Thailand in 2019. Designed by designer Guillaume Brachet. You will be barefoot watching wild monkeys.

It is an exceptional private resort which offers Covid-19 free travel destination thanks to its location without neighbours, its organisation with only three luxury villas offering full privacy. It has three private beaches and the island of Koh Phangan offers coronavirus free hotel.

Its spa with its detox and retreat is world famous. It offers a team of international specialists which proposes personalised healing, detox, spiritual and relaxation programs. The resort has its own concierge and spa concierge.

It offers exclusive private excursions and adventures. The villas are all equipped with exclusive eco technologies. The restaurant serves farm to table, organic and socially sourced tailor-made food. It is also a popular destination for VIPs, celebrities and international film shooting location.

Not Just a name …

Number one 5 star hotel in Thailand 2019 and … A real secret location. Hidden from the general public our resort is restricted to its selected staying guests only who know …

​We have our own Private Thai Restaurant “Islandboys” & our own private jungle spa and retreat. A full service hotel with an amazing guest to staff ratio of 1:1,7. Three secluded beaches, three villas, no direct neighbour & near the nighTlife in high season.

​It is accessible only by foot through a short hike in the mountain (7 minutes) or by boat. We are located within mere minutes from all restaurants, shopping & nightlife…Somewhere Only We Know…

A ground breaking eco resort

​Equipped with an array of exclusive state of the art eco technologies, it is famous in the world for its villas which have an absolute zero impact on nature. The birth, functioning and even death of the resort has been carefully planned to leave no marks on the environment.

Each villa offers options to use one of kind natural air conditioning, Natural pool, Gray water treatment, dedicated line of organic & sustainable products. Welcome to the new era of hotels!

Made Service

​What makes us different from any resort is our adaptation to your taste. Just relax, let yourself be guided and pampered we are here to take care of the rest.

Wether it is a personalised relaxation and detox intensive program, surprising you with one of our exclusive excursions, a personal surprise for an event or just the menu for the today’s dinner we take pride in taking care of you so you focus on yourself. ​Breath in, breath out, reconnect with yourself.

Designer’s villas

​Each villas has been built and furnished by designer Guillaume Brachet. Each villa offers a very different vibe, all with a twist on the Thai architecture and design. The villas are all into curves and a unique organic Feng shui design. All art pieces are genuine.

The standard amenities of the villas include unusual items such as : a slide from the bedroom to the beach or a fireman pole linking the floors, a 16 meters observation net,… After all we will always be kids at heart, no?

Unique Excursions

​Be read to be surprised & set for new adventures! Our + 78 Exclusive local guides all on Koh Phangan were carefully selected for their unusual history or background.

​Let them guide you and discover how to make medicine with plants, thai culture, lunch with their grand parents, fish under the full moon or bliss into the most romantic getaway on an island just for you.

​Wether you are looking for adrenaline, culture, gastronomy, traditions, Nature or a romantic personalised escape we have it and tailor it just for YOU. Make sure to enjoy our platinum experience called SOWK Private Club : 4 months of tailoring work with 20 people in our staff working to surprise you


The entire house and furniture are designed by Guillaume Brachet it is a unique blend between thaï modernity and nature. Its huge bedroom offers with its balcony an amazing view point on the sea.

​The first floor is dedicated to the bedroom and the bathroom. The second floor is where you will find your 16 meters observation net, private cinema. It offers full privacy and your own large private gated garden.

The Beach villa
​Enjoy stunning panoramic views from your oversized living room round Day Bed and upstairs from the master bedroom’s God Sized Custom made Bed. The sea … as far as you eyes can see. No direct neighbours a secluded beach.

Some things are too good to leave it to the kids. As we will always allow ourselves to have fun and enjoy life THIS will put a smile on a face and remind you of old souvenirs. Simply slide down to your mornings with a smile on your face from your bedroom to your coffee awaiting you facing the beach.

Coming through that iconic round door to a bath area with a central fire stove infusing your tea… It has two showers next to each others which opens to the bath’s garden. ​At the back a custom made Jacuzzi nest where you will wander at the surroundings discreetly hidden in your haven.

The Beach Villa has its own Chef Counter so all your meals can be prepared in the privacy of your house. You can comfortably at the dinner chef’s table being served directly from the wok to your plate watching the sea view.​

If the weather allows you can also eat all your meals outside on your private outside terrace watching the sea and the beach.

Rooms: 9
Price: from 399 EUR per night


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