Sumahan On The Water Istanbul

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Sumahan On The Water Istanbul- Turkey
Sumahan On The Water Istanbul- Turkey
Sumahan On The Water Istanbul- Turkey
Sumahan On The Water Istanbul- Turkey
Sumahan On The Water Istanbul- Turkey
Sumahan On The Water Istanbul- Turkey
Sumahan On The Water Istanbul- Turkey
Sumahan On The Water Istanbul- Turkey
Sumahan On The Water Istanbul- Turkey
Sumahan On The Water Istanbul- Turkey
Sumahan On The Water Istanbul- Turkey
4 July 2022

This unique gem of a hotel, standing in a historic waterside setting with 13 rooms, is an inspired conversion of an Ottoman distillery with spectacular views of the Old City. It is a contemporary architectural treasure, a haven for escape and a gateway to Turkish culture.

Sumahan on the Water regularly tops the list of Istanbul’s best hotels. It is an enduring design phenomena, a small luxury hotel that integrates high-quality design with respect for its historical and natural setting.

The essence of the Sumahan experience is modern comfort, friendly and personal service in an ancient and spectacular context. It is a contemporary architectural treasure, a gateway to Turkish culture and a safe perch to experience the mesmerizing panorama of the Istanbul skyline.

​And Sumahan is right on the water. The sound of water lapping at the edge of the garden, the sight of dolphins, as they break through the air, the sunshine filtered by rows of cherry plum trees will transport you to another world. Sumahan is not just a place to stay but an oasis, a uniquely intimate way to experience the gentler side of Istanbul.

SUMAHAN IS A hotel with history
If it all feels intoxicating, there is a reason why. This complex of late Ottoman industrial buildings was built in the 1820’s, during the reign of Sultan Mahmut II as a seaside factory to produce ‘suma’, the unadulterated spirit used to make high proof ‘rakı’, the Ottomans’ favourite tipple.

Where today a sea taxi ferries hotel guests across the Bosphorus, barges laden with figs would arrive to keep the stills of the Sumahan busy. Since 2005, Sumahan continues to produce a different kind of spirit – that of effortless hospitality in an extraordinarily beautiful setting.

Sumahan is a rare Bosphorus-front property. It is unusual in being one of less than a handful of Bosphorus properties to have remained generations in the original family.

Nedret Butler and her husband Mark, both architects, along with their daughters Yasha and Eren, designers, have seen its conversion as an opportunity to preserve a unique example of nineteenth-century industrial design.

They have created an environmentally friendly retreat for visitors to the modern city, combining the high comfort of a sophisticated small hotel with the relaxing grace of a private home.

Their aim is to provide the highest degree of service to the independent traveller in the intimacy of a family-owned hotel. Mark & Nedret Butler in the waterfront garden of Sumahan on the Water

SUMAHAN IS an architectural treasure
The design philosophy is Turkish but contemporary, uncluttered but warm. The restoration of Sumahan is the culmination of the 30-year labour of love that began with Nedret Butler’s architectural thesis.

Sumahan’s architecture has two aspects – the original construction that has been restored and the newly built. The parts that are ‘new’ take their construction system, materials and details from the old, remaining loyal to the building’s original design.

​On the southern corner of the property is a lighthouse, one of nineteen found on the shores of the Bosphorus. Sumahan’s lighthouse, the third lighthouse on the Asian side of the Bosphorus from the Sea of Marmara, is painted with three stripes.

You can watch the red signal light blinks in series of three, guiding the ever-changing seascape of freighters, ocean liners, fisherman and ferryboats. The library lounge area below the exposed ceiling structure, an architectural element visible throughout the hotel

Sumahan’s lighthouse positioned on the coastline of the property at 41° 3′ 13.14″N, 29° 3′ 6.19″E coordinates

A skyline, shaped by millennia of history 
The Bosphorus is the artery that feeds the heart and spirit of Istanbul. From the hotel, every room looks directly down the Bosphorus towards the Sea of Marmara, through the arch of the suspension bridge and over the twin domes of the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia, circled by towering minarets which blur into the distant haze.

The call to prayer floats over the tide from every corner of the city. The view is the gem and every bed and sofa face a double window. Binoculars are also provided so that guests can study the palaces and people who dot the distant shore.

The Bosphorus famously straddles two continents and from your lookout at Sumahan you see it happen – the enchanting blur of antiquity melding into the modern city.

The properties of light and water, different at every time of day and in every season provide the instant attraction of staying at Sumahan Hotel in Istanbul.

There is a choice of accommodation from a total of 13 unique suites and rooms. There are no room numbers but instead the rooms are named after well known neighbourhoods along the water.

Every room enjoys sweeping views of the Bosphorus and a personal fire place that is started upon request by our staff from November 1st to March 31st. The two-level loft suites have French doors that open directly onto the Bosphorus-side garden.

King size or Twin beds. Living room with log burning fireplace. Guest washroom. Master bathroom with shower and bathtub. The Executive Suite is connectable to a Deluxe Room. Panoramic Bosphorus views.

King size bed and a sofa bed in living room. Double level. Living room with log burning fireplace and doors opening onto the garden. Guest bathroom with shower. Master bathroom with small Turkish hamam. Panoramic Bosphorus views.

King size or twin beds. Double level. Living room with log burning fireplace and doors opening onto the garden. Master bathroom with shower and bathtub. Guest washroom. Panoramic Bosphorus views.

Sumahan on the Water hosts a casual-chic restaurant by the edge of the water, aptly named Waterfront Restaurant. The day starts off with a rich breakfast followed by an all-day à la carte menu that features Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine.

The restaurant’s secluded terrace is the perfect place to enjoy nice weather. We are sure you’ll find many reasons to come back – a refreshing business lunch, a romantic dinner watching the sunset, a special celebration, or drinks with friends and colleagues. Guests over the age of 12 are welcome.

The Turkish Hamam within Sumahan Hotel in Istanbul is a deeply aesthetic way of keeping clean. Historically, it was at the center of Turkish culture and at Sumahan we have tried to capture the spirit and architecture of this ritual.

It depends as much on the quality of light seeping through the domed ceiling, the echo of running water, the application of warmth and cool, the smooth feel of marble, as it does on soap.

​Sumahan’s own private hamam polishes the ritual to a level of refinement hard to find elsewhere. Upon entering the Sumahan Wellness you are greeted by a marble fountain, fresh fruit, walnuts and dried apricots.

​First, you wrap your body in a soft peştemal (towel). Your next step is into the hamam itself where you are enveloped by the heat of the hararet (warmth) under a traditional dome that bathes the Marmara marble floor in warm light.

The göbek taşı (a raised marble platform) centres the room where you can choose to cleanse yourself using one of the carved kurnas (basins) with an ornate copper tas (bowl). However, the ultimate indulgence is to enlist the services of our specially trained masseur or masseuse.

​She will suds and exfoliate your whole body with a kese, the traditional rough cloth mitt. Following this deep-scrubbing and thorough washing, you will be treated to a professional foam massage, the kind that loosens your muscles as the hot waters continue running and steam rising.

Now you are ready for soğukluk, the cooling-off section where you can lounge on a large divan listening to the soothing sounds of the marble fountain.

Here you’ll sip a glass of cool water with fresh mint leaves and enjoy some healthy bites, while feeling refreshed by the scent of lavender cologne. Never was taking a bath so warm, so luxurious, so relaxing and so much fun.

For those who wish to keep fit, we offer a well-lit environment with state of the art equipment; two Treadmills, a Recumbent Bicycle and an Arch Trainer all with individual television monitors. We also provide free-weights and space for yoga.

Bali Massage
The most important feature of this aromatherapeutic massage performed using herbal essences and herbal oils, which are released through distillation in steam, is that the body fortifies its ability to heal itself.

With the relaxing and rejuvenating effects of scents personalized for each guest, a Bali massage promotes both physiological and psychological well-being. If you want to spoil yourself, this is one of the best ways to do it.

One of the most popular massages. It is applied with different natural aroma essences and oils. Depending on how you wish to feel after the treatment, the therapists offer five different kinds of oils.

Sumahan is an ideal place for unforgettable celebrations. We can help you host your special event at an intimate scale. Our seaside Waterfront Restaurant has a capacity of up to 50 people and our Private Dining room can accommodate up to 10 people.

Sumahan Hotel provides privacy in the heart of Istanbul. Whether it’s for a brainstorming session, office celebration or a company retreat, Istanbul’s leading businesses have discovered the secluded and scenic atmosphere of Sumahan’s meeting facilities as a place to get ideas flowing and effortlessly get the job done.

The meeting room is available with full day packages and comfortably accommodates up to 10 people. The room features include; Bosphorus view, projection screen and flip chart, fax and copier service at reception, audio system, Turkish and International open buffet breakfast, complimentary wireless access, valet parking, cloakroom, a log burning fireplace for those cold winter days and lunch break at Waterfront Restaurant.

The meeting room can also be booked as a special dining venue for an office celebration or private event. ​You can also book company retreats at Sumahan. If you are looking to reward a job well done, booking a retreat would be the perfect incentive and a complete recharge of inspiration.

Your company retreat can be tailor-made to your specific needs. You can book a few rooms or, vacancies permitting, book the entire hotel for three days.

The Library has 800 books all with a Turkish focus. The books, mostly in English but some just in Turkish for our Turkish-speaking guests, are mainly about places within Turkey and historic sites in Istanbul but also include books on Turkish culture and history, novels by Turkish authors, books on Turkish arts and crafts, Turkish cookbooks, and the like.

Our guests often browse the Library while waiting in the lounge, but we also encourage our books to be enjoyed anywhere else in the hotel — dining area, garden or your room. Happy reading!

Rooms: 13
Price: from 361 EUR per night


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