Tenuta Di Canonica Todi

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Tenuta Di Canonica Todi, Umbria - Italy
Tenuta Di Canonica Todi, Umbria - Italy
Tenuta Di Canonica Todi, Umbria - Italy
Tenuta Di Canonica Todi, Umbria - Italy
Tenuta Di Canonica Todi, Umbria - Italy
Tenuta Di Canonica Todi, Umbria - Italy
Tenuta Di Canonica Todi, Umbria - Italy
Tenuta Di Canonica Todi, Umbria - Italy
Tenuta Di Canonica Todi, Umbria - Italy
Tenuta Di Canonica Todi, Umbria - Italy
24 November 2021

Tenuta di Canonica is an ancient medieval lookout tower in the heart of Umbria which was brought back to life thanks to the ownersʼ passion and desire to share this enchanted and special place with others.

The structure is composed of different architectonic blocks, each one dating back to a different period in history, and sits upon a hilltop just six kilometers from the ancient citadel of Todi.

Not far from the border of Tuscany and only 100 kilometers from Rome, it is the perfect base from which to visit the numerous cities for art in Central Italy. Transformed into an enchanting luxury hotel, the majestic structure offers hospitality in an atmosphere that is elegant yet informal at the same time.

The ancient Roman walls and foundations, still visible today and which make up a large part of the building, bear witness to the siteʼs history and culture. Once you cross the threshold of the great arched wrought iron portal, you will be welcomed with the warmth of the hotelʼs history.

Floors of age-old, locally baked terracotta, an internal well with spring water dating back to the Middle Ages, vaulted ceilings and brick or stone walls are just some of the features that characterize the rooms available to guests.

Anyone looking for a secluded spot to spend a few hours relaxing on a comfortable sofa can be contented with the towerʼs grand sitting room made all the more inviting by its antique billiard table, a beautiful grand piano and a large ancient fireplace lit with a crackling fire during the cooler seasons.

There is a small, cozy library with stone walls on the first floor of the oldest part of the structure. Its vaulted ceiling, the small niches carved out of the stones in the walls and the arrowslits typical of ancient fortresses spur our imagination to relive to Tenutaʼs past history.

The property grounds extend all the way to the Verga stream, a tributary of the Tiber River, and is surrounded by 22 hectares of timber forest consisting of a variety of oak trees and other local species. Guests can enjoy views of the never-ending green lawns and the more than 2,000 olive and fruit trees on the farm.

In the lush garden, embellished by an impressive variety of Mediterranean plants and flowers, the swimming pool serves as a terrace overlooking the Tiber River Valley and its surrounding hills where guests can take in the breathtaking panorama.

Tenuta has 13 rooms available to its guests, among which include classic, superior and junior suites, each one equipped with every modern comfort, decorated with fine antique furniture and finished off with precious tapestries and linens characteristic of the local tradition from the nearby town of Montefalco.

Tenuta di Canonica, immersed in nature which is still unspoilt and uncontaminated, offers its guests a refined atmosphere with attentive service that guarantees a truly unforgettable stay.

The 13 rooms at Tenuta di Canonica are located in the ancient buildings that make up the hotel and in the restored out-buildings, just a few steps away from the main structure. All of the rooms boast splendid views of Todi, Corbara Lake or the Tiber River Valley.

Each room is furnished with modern comforts and every detail is looked after with the utmost attention. Stone fireplaces, antique furnishings and canopy beds with traditionally woven linens from the nearby town of Montefalco all render each space precious and personalized.

We are also proud to inform our guests that Tenuta di Canonica is eco-friendly. All of our complimentary toiletries are organic and exclusively vegetable-based.

The two stand-alone Garden Jr. Suites are located on the ground floor of a renovated out-building which has been transformed into two mini-apartments.

Each one is composed of a small living room with a sofa bed, a large double room, a bathroom with shower and a private porch with garden furniture chaise longue, table and chairs to enjoy your vacation in the countryside in complete privacy and autonomy.

Total privacy is what best describes the five Suites at Tenuta. Tucked away in the ancient buildings of the main structure, each of the three rooms feature the centuries-old architectural element of wooden beams made of oak and chestnut.

The oldest of these rooms is a two-level suite located in the part of the building that dates back to the Roman era and features original stone walls. The Jr. Suites have four windows which offer views of truly incomparable beauty.

These refined spaces are decorated with artisanal fabrics from local Umbrian textile workshops in delicate shades that remind us of the tradition and culture

The Superior Rooms at Tenuta are spacious and refined and can host a third guest with their antique sleigh beds or comfortable sofa beds. Each room is characterized by elegant accessories and illuminated by two or three windows which open up to endless landscapes of untouched beauty, so typical of Umbria.

Our Classic Rooms are spacious and bright and look out onto the beautiful Umbrian countryside and the gardens of Tenuta which stretch out past the olive groves and oak forests. The different shades of color in each guest room make the spaces singular and unique.

The promises made by Chef Pasquale Quitadamo to his guests come to fruition thanks to the ingredients used to prepare his savory culinary offerings.

Zero kilometer food is at the base of our cuisine, much of which comes from Tenutaʼs very own farm, such as our organic oil and eggs and the fruits and vegetables grown in the garden.

We also use organic flour from an ancient mill dating back to the 1600s which still grinds wheat with a water-powered wheel, in accordance to the ancient traditional methods passed down from generation to generation.

Chef Pasquale Quitadamo continues to fine tune his culinary skills with persistent enthusiasm under the precious guide of Michelin star Chef Pietro Leemann. Every night a vegetarian or vegan menu is featured, along with the standard menu, in order to satisfy every palate.

Simplicity, quality and creativity are the elements that summarize the attention we give in offering modern, healthy cuisine, without compromising on tradition or authenticity.

We prepare our own bread and pasta every day with Chef Pasquale rolling out each sheet of fresh pasta by hand. Tagliolini, tagliatelle, “spaghetti alla chitarra”and “maltagliati” are just some of the typical Italian delicacies we offer for dinner at our restaurant.

During the summer months, dinner by candlelight is served on the spacious, panoramic portico, surrounded by the fragrant flowers of our lush country garden. In the cooler months, guests can enjoy their dinner in the cozy dining room, in front of a warm fire.

In summertime, light lunches are served on the portico or in the garden between 12 and 2 oʼclock. Delight yourself with a tasty and appetizing dish from our menu of fresh, light and delicious options.

Breakfast is served in the shade of the covered porch from which you can drink in the stunning view of the Umbrian hills as they roll down towards the Tiber River Valley.

Our special breakfast buffet boasts freshly baked breads and pastries, homemade jams, seasonal fruit and an assortment of local cheeses and cold cuts produced locally, in keeping with the areaʼs traditions.

At Ristorante La Canonica, the love and passion for cooking that is 100% Italian and tightly linked to the terroir meets its most authentic expression.

Past the antique wrought iron gate at the entrance, a cypress-lined road leads you to the medieval lookout tower forming the heart of Tenuta.

Nearly 5,000 m2 of the 23-hectare property are gardens dedicated to the guestsʼ pleasure where one can discover romantic niches and relaxing spots, each one cared for in harmony with the spontaneous expressivity of the natural landscape.

Walking along the cypress lined hill ridge, one reaches the oak forest which rewards the explorer with refreshing shade and a stunning view of the hill town citadel of Todi.

At the edges of the garden, in a secluded spot where the view extends clear to Corbara Lake, one can find private refuge in the shade of an Indian Mandap while lazily sitting on cushions in an open-air lounge.

At evening time, before dinner, relax at “Bar della Tenuta” with a house cocktail or a glass of excellent local wine while you savor the mesmerizing sunset as it casts its rosy light upon the gentle, rolling Umbrian hills.

Adventurous guests are welcome to wander along the trails of the ancient oak forest. A small path leads you to a clearing at the center of which stands the old “Magic Oak Tree”, surrounded by fragrant Scotch broom, cyclamen and rhododendron.

A stone bench placed under the shade of these secular trees provides guests with the perfect spot to rest in quiet meditation.

All of the aromatic herbs, fruits and vegetables grown at Tenuta are rigorously organic. The wonderful Mediterranean aromas which perfume the air define the tasty dishes prepared by Chef Pasquale.

The garden entrusted to our gardenerʼs loving care will spoil you with its unmistakable tastes and flavors so characteristic of the Umbrian terroir. We have been producing olive oil on our farm for over 20 years.

Every autumn, the precious fruit from our organic olive trees gets hand-picked and taken to the same olive mill we have used for years where it is then cold-pressed daily with rigorously controlled machinery.

The oil produced at Tenuta di Canonica is a blend of the typical varieties grown in the hills of Todi: Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino. In perfect harmony, each varietal provides the fragrance and flavor of our Mediterranean diet.

The panoramic terrace, where the pool with its Roman steps is framed by ancient terracotta pavement from Castel Viscardo, offers sheltered sunbathing until sunset.

From there, the uncontaminated view stretches out as far as the Tiber River Valley where one is hard-pressed to find any construction that might obstruct the natural beauty.

The “sacred river” that flows to Orvieto, as it winds through the Forello Gorge, can easily be seen amidst the sloping landscape characterized by fortified towers and castles built centuries ago to control the territory.

Relax on comfortable teak wood lounge chairs surrounded by multi-colored roses and flowerbeds with rosemary and lavender or under the shade of the pergola teeming with wisteria or climbing roses or simply choose to laze under one of the many umbrellas that bedeck the terrace.

Every angle of the garden affords a view as far as the eye can see of the surrounding hills: the spellbinding beauty of the Umbrian landscape never ceases to amaze. An awe-inspiring show of nature opens up before your very eyes.

These gentle, shimmering slopes inspired such great mystics as St. Francis, St. Clair, St. Benedict, St. Rita, the beatified Jacopone of Todi and many more.

Umbria is a land of saints where only the song of birds or the peal of bells could ever disturb you. You will be enchanted by the beauty of this pristine land, suspended between Heaven and Earth.

A stay at Tenuta di Canonica is never boring. Nevertheless, anyone wishing to dedicate themselves to any of the many activities we offer can simply contact our Reception, which is always available to provide useful and necessary information.

To thoroughly enjoy a relaxing stay, professional masseuses are available with a vast array of wellness treatments. Options include holistic, Ayurvedic or decontracting massages and facials with organic herbs, essential oils and olive oil from Tenutaʼs own production.

Choose the location for your favorite treatment: in the magic of the green Umbrian countryside, at the gardenʼs edge, under a gazebo where the linens wave in the light country breeze, in a spot where the view extends clear to the flowing Tiber River or towards the majestic cupola of the Consolazione Basilica or in the privacy of your own room.

Tenuta di Canonica isnʼt just an ideal place for a romantic getaway—itʼs also the perfect location for a wedding. Religious ceremonies can be held in any of the small churches that characterize Umbriaʼs gently rolling hills or in the important medieval or renaissance churches that the city of Todi has to offer.

Civil ceremonies, on the other hand, can be hosted in Todiʼs strikingly beautiful Town Hall building. If you are looking for an ideal backdrop for your symbolic wedding ceremony, a magical nook in Tenutaʼs fragrant garden will enchant your guests with whom you can then celebrate your special day.

Discover and savor the typical flavors of Umbria. A premium product, Umbrian extra virgin olive oil is one of our specialties. This “golden oil” is considered the source of life and well-being.

Awaken your imagination by using your senses to learn how to appreciate the aromas, colors and nuances of extra virgin olive oil. Its fruity fragrances can create magic, teaching you how to recognize its many different tones and to perfect the taste of wonderful and authentic Italian flavors.

Umbrian wine is very nearly a nectar of the Gods. We are happy to organize winery visits and wine tastings among the precious vineyards and secret cellars of some of the most beautiful estates in Umbria.

Explore the land where some of the best Italian wines are made aboard an electric Jeep for a truly zero emission Eco-tour.

Brush up on your game at a magnificent 18-hole course designed by one of the most famous golf course architects just a few kilometers from Tenuta, in the pristine heart of Umbria.

Our Chef Pasquale Quitadamo will be happy to share the antique traditions of Italian cuisine with our guests with a cooking lesson that devotes particular attention on Umbrian cuisine and its secrets. Lessons are available in different themes but the main features are always our most authentic flavors.

Discover Umbria—its personality, landscapes and ancient hamlets—on the seat of a Vespa. Tenuta di Canonica offers you the possibility to enjoy a unique vacation.

Lose yourself in unspoilt nature and follow winding romantic country roads past millennium-old, silver-leafed olive trees that dot the gentle hills of one of the most beautiful regions in Italy.

For the shopaholic in you, Tenuta di Canonica can suggest a tour of some of the most renowned outlets in the region. We are happy to provide information to help you discover the best producers of cashmere, traditional linen textiles and fine, handcrafted ceramics and pottery.


Website: www.tenutadicanonica.com
Rooms: 13
Price: from 182 EUR per night


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