Locanda Palazzone Orvieto

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Locanda Palazzone Orvieto, Umbria - Italy
Locanda Palazzone Orvieto, Umbria - Italy
Locanda Palazzone Orvieto, Umbria - Italy
Locanda Palazzone Orvieto, Umbria - Italy
Locanda Palazzone Orvieto, Umbria - Italy
Locanda Palazzone Orvieto, Umbria - Italy
Locanda Palazzone Orvieto, Umbria - Italy
Locanda Palazzone Orvieto, Umbria - Italy
Locanda Palazzone Orvieto, Umbria - Italy
Locanda Palazzone Orvieto, Umbria - Italy
23 November 2021

The beauty of a medieval palace, the charm of the place and unique wines welcome you for an exclusive experience. Country House Palazzone was built in medieval times and is located not far from Rocca Ripesena in the area northwest of Orvieto, in Umbria.

This building is an exceptional example of a country residence: it possesses all the characteristics of a town palazzo, even though it stands alone at the top of a hill in the open countryside.

Its architectural structure and construction elements, as well as its ornamental details, can indeed be seen in the most important civic buildings in the town of Orvieto from the late 1200s -such as the Palazzo del Popolo and the Papal Palace- all of which allow us to specify the type and date the building, placing it alongside those similar palaces built in town in the last quarter of the 13th century.

A more intriguing challenge was that of establishing what type of function (other than simply residential) the Country House Palazzone might have had in the area. Historical research has provided some plausible answers to this mystery.

According to the documentation gathered, Monaldo Monaldeschi della Cervara, an Orvieto historian from the noble family that dominated the town in the 14th century, wrote in his Comentari historici, printed in Venice in 1584, that Boniface VIII named “…Teodorico di Ranieri Cardinal and Commander of the Patrimony in the year 1299.

This Cardinal had the Palace built in the square of Santa Christina in Volsena and the Palace below Rocca di Ripeseno…”.

Given its residential-type architecture and its relatively isolated location in the countryside near Orvieto, the Palazzone was very likely built as a hospitalis, or hostel, for prelates and travelers or as a station for pilgrims headed toward Rome, as the first Jubilee was officially proclaimed by Boniface VIII in 1300.

Now the Palazzone is, in Umbria, one of the most evocative Country Houses.

Essential elegance and contemporary comfort. Our suites represent a splendid contrast between their contemporary style and the external walls of volcanic stone.
The view of the vineyards and the great brightness of large and refined spaces characterize the 5 Suites and the 2 Apartments.

The mullioned windows with stone columns and the balconies overlooking the vineyards are integrated into an urban and medieval context at the same time: wooden floors, minimal furnishings, overlooking the Umbrian – Tuscan countryside, all redesigned beyond the 13th century.

The Suites and Apartments are equipped with all the comforts to make your stay exclusive. You will find our Palazzone wines waiting for you in your room, to be tasted in the relaxing atmosphere of the sofas and armchairs of the living area of each suite, admiring the vineyards landscape.

Each suite is heated and conditioned, is equipped with a TV set with satellite channels, wifi, a small safe, a hairdryer, a minibar and a kettle to prepare your favorite herbal teas.

Entering the Cardinal Suite the extraordinary landscape that imposes itself on the view captures the attention, framed between the medieval architectural elements of the three mullioned windows. The gaze sweeps through the Palazzone property at 180 ° and finds no limits in the 65 square meters of the Suite.

The Cardinal Suite welcomes you with an exciting view of the vineyards, the garden with the swimming pool, the chestnut forest that hides our Musco Grotto and the rolling Umbrian Tuscan hills echoed by the breadth and spirituality of the internal space which have inspired the name.

The deep red, cardinal, details and the modern furnishing elements, with the medieval mullioned windows, enrich the living area; the mezzanine where the sleeping area is located duplicates the breadth and warmth of the space for the most exclusive living room.

Romantic and elegant lines for the bright Double Suite, characterized by a large canopy bed in front of the mullioned window. The soft pastel colors of the furnishings match the warm and relaxing tones of the countryside.

The view is boundless on the garden with swimming pool, on the vineyards, on the Umbrian-Tuscan hills and continues up to the chestnut wood where our Musco Grotto is hidden, an Etruscan cave where one of our Orvieto Classico is produced with ancient methods.

The light passing through the noble mullioned window accompanies the warm and relaxing tones of the furnishings with the soft colors of the landscape.

The large living room, illuminated by the light passing throught the mullioned window, a comfortable environment where to spend time with the family, anticipates the two bedrooms of the Family Suite: the master bedroom on the first level, embellished by the detail of the mullioned window, combines the minimal elegance to comfort.

Upstairs, the double room is characterized by relaxing colors and a view of the city of Orvieto. The bathroom is spacious and decorate with soft and relaxing colors to allow total comfort.

The view captures all the most exciting landscapes of the Palazzone property: the large living room overlooks the garden with lawn, swimming pool and the vineyards, the rooms overlook the Umbrian hills and the tuffaceous mass of Orvieto, where the majestic profile of the Duomo stands out.

The Family Suite is perfect for relaxing, tasting the Palazzone wines that await you in the comfort of the living room, in the largeness of its 70 square meters.

In a refined and prestigious location, a careful search for quality to offer the best of local products to match with Palazzone wines.

Palazzone wines represent the vocation of the place, transferring, in their quality, the uniqueness of the soil, of the tradition, and the artisanal culture. Here at Locanda Palazzone you can purloin the magic of wine during your stay; mingling the intrigue of the vineyard and with the understanding of the winemaking practices.

The Traditional dish, reinterpreted in an innovative way by our Chef, recount the region and enhance its flavours when paired with Palazzone wines. Seasonality is an ethical obligation, environmental sustainability is a commitment in the selection of our produce.

Our daily menu of Umbrian products can be adjusted to serve the needs of both our guests and those who do not stay at Locanda Palazzone. We therefore ask you to let us know if there are food intolerances or if you prefer a vegetarian menu.

The different options of tours and tastings are an opportunity that will allow you to get to know the history of Palazzone and Orvieto. In an informal and convivial context, both expert tasters and those approaching the wine tasting for the first time will be able to grasp the particularities linked to the production of our wines.

The Enoteca is the place devoted to the knowledge understanding of Palazzone wines. Located on the lower floor it’s a dynamic space where stimulating and engaging wine tastings are conducted regularly.

In the large lounge on the ground floor the medieval tufa arches blend with contemporary furnishings of discerning taste. The comfortable sofas in front of the fireplace are the ideal place to peruse a book or enjoy a glass of wine.

The Locanda’s swimming pool is tucked into a setting of absolute charm and privacy, with a view over the Palazzone’s vineyards. Equipped with a dressing room and an honesty bar for the maximum comfort, it’s completely immersed in the vigorous luxuriant green of the Umbrian countryside.

The Terrace offers a panoramic view of the vineyards and the city of Orvieto: an enchanting place where one can start the day with a rich hearty breakfast or close it with a candlelight dinner.

A well-kept lawn in the large garden bordered by the Sangiovese vineyard. A place for relaxation and special occasions.

Locanda Palazzone: a unique place for a unique event.

Locanda Palazzone is an historical residence located in the Umbrian countryside, 5 km from Orvieto.

The decorative and architectural elements of its original 13th century building, set in among vineyards and the own garden which overlooks the splendid panorama on Umbrian countryside, give each ceremony an enchanting atmosphere, making it the ideal setting for events of absolute charm.

Locanda Palazzone, as setting for the wedding celebration, contributes to make the most important day in your life even more unique.

It is possible to reserve the entire Locanda for an exclusive use so that you can enjoy a private and unforgettable stay with your family and your closest friends. We can also aid you in organizing all details to make your wedding as you have always wanted.

Every one of us has the dream of a fairy-tale wedding and all dreams focus on the exchanging vows moment, the moment of “Yes”. Locanda Palazzone and Orvieto offer several suggestive locations perfect to host your ceremony.

For a symbolic celebration the large garden of Locanda Palazzone is the ideal place; the landscape, perfect romantic combination of colours with the view of
vineyards, forest, Umbrian Hills and Orvieto on the horizon take on a magical aura that, particularly at sunset, reflects a different charm on every season and makes your ceremony unforgettable.

For a religious ceremony there are several beautiful churches in Orvieto: the majestic Cathedral, the medieval San Giovenale, the artistic Sant’Andrea or the intimate atmosphere of the small parish church in Rocca Ripesena, small village near Locanda.

A civil ceremony in the city of Orvieto can be held in one of the municipal buildings, for example, the Council ChamBer, the Mancinelli Theatre or the Luigi Fumi Public Library

Locanda Palazzone offers a personalized proposal for your wedding reception, based on a high level service and on our unique combination of local food made using the highest quality ingredients enhanced with Palazzone wines made by ourselves.

The entertainment and fun of guests are essential ingredients in a wedding. We can help you to organize a big party after dinner, with live music, deejay set, cocktail bar and much more to continue celebrating after the wedding dinner.

Locanda Palazzone is a perfect setting for your wedding day but also for experiencing other moments of celebration and relax thanks to the versatility of the interiors and the large lawn surrounded by the Umbrian hills.

We can organize a rehearsal dinner as a pre wedding party for your closest family and friends: a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in your most special day.

We can offer you ideas for your guests to enjoy on your post wedding day such as a brunch, a barbecue, a pizza party for example to continue the celebration.

You can enrich your stay at Locanda Palazzone with many other pleasures: discover the suggestive Grotta del Musco, our ancient tufo cave carved under the chestnut wood, relax with a massage in your Suite, take a walk among the vineyards, explore the volcanic Bolsena lake, immerse yourself the unique magic landscape of Civita di Bagnoregio… and much more.

The Locanda Palazzone experience is enriched by the numerous possibilities of activities that allow you to indulge in moments of contact with nature and the place surroundings.

An ancient Etruscan grotto carved into the rock where you can discover a wine made following traditional wisdom and techniques, thus immersing yourself in a timeless history.

The different options of tours and tastings are an opportunity that will allow you to get to know the history of Palazzone and Orvieto.

In an informal and convivial context, both expert tasters and those approaching the wine tasting for the first time will be able to grasp the particularities linked to the production of our wines.

The different options of tours and tastings are an opportunity that will allow you to get to know the history of Palazzone and Orvieto. In an informal and convivial context, both expert tasters and those approaching the wine tasting for the first time will be able to grasp the particularities linked to the production of our wines.

An experience through the nature to discover the truffle, in an exploration path that begins with a short walk through our vineyards up to the woods.

We will tell you about the traditions related to truffles and wine. It will follow a brief visit of the cellar and after a lunch based on truffles prepared by our chef paired with 4 of our wines.

The green of our estate becomes the context for moments of wellness and fitness. At our guests’ request a series of classes to eliminate stress, recharge the body and regain mind balance.

A series of paths between the rows of our vineyards, the woods and the surrounding countryside are recommended for a relaxing experience in contact with nature.

The artisan shops of our territory give life to true works of art. The visit to the laboratories is an exciting experience, not to be missed!

Beautiful views, and small villages rich in history as well as artistic craftsmanship, are some of the many elements to be discovered in local itineraries that represent another reason to choose a stay at Locanda Palazzone.

The exceptional beauty of Orvieto makes for love at first sight. In town you can follow a number of fascinating itineraries for days of memorable sightseeing: from the magnificent Duomo to the medieval walkways, from the underground city to San Patrick’s well, from the Etruscan Necropolis to contemporary exhibitions.

Locanda Palazzone is the ideal place to easily reach Umbria’s “Cities of Art”. Discover Perugia, Assisi and Spoleto, choose Todi, and the many smaller medieval villages, or drive to nearby Lake Trasimeno.

Let yourself be led to the discovery of the region amid its unique destinations. From the spellbinding monsters in the garden of Bomarzo to the creativity of the surreal La Scarzuola.

Website: www.locandapalazzone.it
Rooms: 7
Price: from 160 EUR per night


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