The Lodge at the Presidio San Francisco

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The Lodge at the Presidio San Francisco, California - United States Of America
The Lodge at the Presidio San Francisco, California - United States Of America
The Lodge at the Presidio San Francisco, California - United States Of America
The Lodge at the Presidio San Francisco, California - United States Of America
The Lodge at the Presidio San Francisco, California - United States Of America
The Lodge at the Presidio San Francisco, California - United States Of America
The Lodge at the Presidio San Francisco, California - United States Of America
The Lodge at the Presidio San Francisco, California - United States Of America
The Lodge at the Presidio San Francisco, California - United States Of America
The Lodge at the Presidio San Francisco, California - United States Of America
The Lodge at the Presidio San Francisco, California - United States Of America
The Lodge at the Presidio San Francisco, California - United States Of America
22 May 2022

The Lodge at the Presidio is a sister property to the Inn at the Presidio which opened in 2012. The Lodge is an historic boutique hotel on the Main Post of the Presidio that’s been renovated into a comfortable and contemporary ‘basecamp’ for adventures in a unique national park setting.

As San Francisco’s closest lodging to the Golden Gate Bridge, the modern rooms sport either views of the forest, the bay, the City, the bridge or a combination thereof. Guests escape the bustle of downtown and enjoy nature and recreation in the park, while being steps away from excellent dining options.

The Lodge at the Presidio is housed in the iconic Montgomery Street Barracks built between 1895-1897 by the US Army to house six artillery companies, a cavalry troop, and two infantry companies. The historic streetscape was later dubbed “Infantry Row.”

This construction was part of a wave of improvements and changes made across the Presidio in the 1890s, corresponding with its rise in importance as a military post.

By the end of 1897, the Presidio was one of the five largest Army posts in the country with over 900 men and officers living there, almost twice the size of the garrison a decade earlier.

During the Spanish-American War in 1898 and the Philippine-American War in 1899, the building was used for hospital wards. During World War I, it operated as housing for students in the Reserve Officers Training Camps held at the Presidio to prepare new junior officers for the rapidly expanding Army.

For most of the period between World War I and World War II, it was the home to companies of the 30th Infantry Regiment, “San Francisco’s Own.” In 1980, enlisted personnel ceased using the building as barracks. During the 1980s, the building was renovated for FEMA occupancy until 2000.

464-548 square foot Junior Suite guest rooms with King bed & adjacent living area with Queen Sofa Sleeper, with views of the city skyline, or partial views of the San Francisco Bay or San Francisco City skyline.

Enjoy a daily complimentary continental breakfast in the living room including oatmeal, hard boiled eggs, pastries, cereal, yogurt, fresh granola, fresh fruit, freshly brewed coffee and juices.

For all of our friends, family, and clients that are based at home for remote work and distance learning, Presidio Lodging is offering an opportunity for you to cross items off your to do lists while enjoying a change of scenery in a national park site along the San Francisco coast.

Inn at the Presidio and Lodge at the Presidio provide the perfect haven for getting tasks completed, followed by plenty of time for you to relax and play in the vast outdoors. Both hotels are an ideal home base for you and your family to explore the Presidio’s pristine sandy beaches and magical forests.

There’s plenty room for your kids to stretch their “Zoom brain” – from Geocaching, and taking a “StoryWalk” (a seek, find, and read strolling experience), to tackling the hills on e-bikes or traditional bikes rented from Sports Basement.

If you are ready to return to your golf game, then book a tee time at the 18-hole public course, or if nature soothes your soul we have more than 20 miles of eucalyptus-scented trails.

If the study of history keeps you current, then revel in visiting the century-old Mission-style buildings that once housed soldiers during the 147 years the Presidio was a US Army base. Many of the businesses located in the Presidio offer visitor attractions and services, and are in the midst of reopening.

Millions of people a year are discovering the adventures this 1,500-acre national park has to offer. Visitors can hike on a 24-mile network of trails; discover art exhibitions, including works by famed artist Andy Goldsworthy; soak in incredible Golden Gate views; master the indoor rock climbing challenges in a former airplane hangar; bird watch at restored wetlands; and gather at one of the Presidio’s multiple picnic areas, or grab lunch at the Presidio Golf Course.

Discover the historical landmarks and artifacts that describe the history of this park—your urban national park adventure begins just a short distance from downtown. Click here for all that is open in the park.

Within minutes of leaving the Presidio grounds, you have access to Fisherman’s Wharf, North Beach, neighborhoods with the best shopping and best food in San Francisco, and access to Marin, Sonoma, and Napa to the north.

San Francisco’s Presidio Golf Course is located on the northernmost point of the San Francisco peninsula overlooking the Pacific ocean. The golf course is renowned for its challenging terrain and is a favorite destination for professional and amateur golfers.

Though initially part of the Presidio military base, the golf course opened to the public in 1995. Visitors can enjoy a round of golf and enjoy a casual lunch at the Presidio Cafe.

Creative Concierge SF offers unique sailing experiences on the picturesque backdrop of the San Francisco Bay tailored to you and your party. Cruise along the waterfront while enjoying cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Host a picnic on Angel Island for your family and friends.

Wine and dine your clients, inspire the team, or take the staff out for a well deserved outing. Creative Concierge SF provides a luxurious setting with some of the best views of the San Francisco skyline, Golden Gate and Bay Bridge that money can buy.

The Golden Gate Park stretches out over a glorious 1,017 acres. The park is a network of diverse environments, gardens, museums, trails, roads, lakes, performance venues, ballparks, and more.

The park is the destination of over 25 million visitors per year, yet if you seek solitude, you can always find a little refuge deep in a redwood forest.

The Golden Gate Park is located less than 3 miles from both the Inn & Lodge At The Presidio. The perfect San Francisco vacation might be the combination of staying at the Inn or Lodge and spending days exploring the park.

You can walk out of the front door of the Lodge at the Presidio and be at the Presidio Bowl in under five minutes. This is where your evening’s entertainment begins, as the Presidio Bowl has 12 lanes of bowling and a full menu grill with over 45 different beers, ciders, seltzers, and 19 different wines.

So if you want a perfect family outing or an outrageously delightful date, come stay at the Lodge and walk up the street to Presidio Bowl and let the fun begin.

Summer is here, and families are ready to escape the confines of home and venture out on vacation. The perfect destination needs to include beautiful beaches, forest trails, and hopefully a park full of roads for afternoon bicycling adventures.

It may come as a surprise, but an ideal solution to your search is located on the north-western tip of the San Francisco peninsula inside the Presidio National Park. Although the park was formerly a military base, it has always been home to hundreds of families who have grown up splashing in the Pacific Ocean waves.

We were fortunate to find historical photographs of these families to contrast with pictures taken over the last few years. In the photos below, it is fascinating to see that very little has changed over the previous one hundred years and families still love the San Francisco Presidio.

Baker’s Beach is a beautiful mile-long stretch of beach on the western edge of the San Francisco Presidio. Across the years, the beach’s strategic location served as the west boundary of the Presidio and maintained a reputation as a perfect location for family weekend outings.

In the above photographs, we start in 2016, at the end of Baker’s Beach, with a young family enjoying a warm afternoon exploring the rocks and waves at the beach’s eastern edge.

If we move back in time about 114 years, we see Henry and Elsa Goecker (in her adorable tweed overcoat) exploring the same rocks and waves.

The outer beaches, Baker Beach and Marshal’s Beach, are defined by crashing waves and stunning views of the Marin Headlands. The bay-side Beach, Crissy Field Beach, is gentle and perfect for families with younger children.

San Francisco families and vacationers enjoy a warm afternoon playing on Crissy Field Beach in the above photograph. In the following picture, we walk around the peninsula’s tip to Baker Beach and step back in time about 120 years.

Except for the color fading to black and white, the scene is the same, families on the beach enjoying life and the views.

The San Francisco Presidio has a distinct sense of a safe little village from the distant past. There are very few park visitors who do not express the thought of moving in and never leaving. In the above photograph, we start in front of the Lodge At The Presidio with a father teaching his son how to ride a bike.

Then, we step back in time to about 1905, and we find Captain Edwin C. Long with his wife, Georgene, and their son, Edwin, Jr., on the lawn of their Funston Avenue quarters with a dog and bicycle. The park seems to invoke a sense of continuity and family values.

Everywhere you look in the San Francisco Presidio park, you see families, bikes, and carriages. The park is a network of sidewalks, trails, and roads that lend themselves to exploration.

Today, you can rent bikes, electric bikes, carts, and other recreational equipment to enhance your afternoon. A day out on the trails and roads of the Presidio is a fantastic experience of recreation coupled with a tour through history.

Rooms: 42
Price: from 358 EUR per night


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