Trident Hotel Port Antonio

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Trident Hotel Port Antonio - Jamaica
Trident Hotel Port Antonio - Jamaica
Trident Hotel Port Antonio - Jamaica
Trident Hotel Port Antonio - Jamaica
Trident Hotel Port Antonio - Jamaica
Trident Hotel Port Antonio - Jamaica
Trident Hotel Port Antonio - Jamaica
Trident Hotel Port Antonio - Jamaica
Trident Hotel Port Antonio - Jamaica
Trident Hotel Port Antonio - Jamaica
14 December 2021

Situated along the island’s northeast coast, Port Antonio has been dubbed the ‘Jamaican Riviera’ for its natural glamour and rich history.

From exceptional cuisine and culture to a prized array of scenic nirvanas, the Port Antonio experience combines authentic Jamaican roots with a modern Caribbean lifestyle. The area’s eighty-kilometer shoreline features some of the world’s most stunning beaches, waterfalls, caves and rainforests.

The Trident’s eleven oceanfront villas are seductive, cloistered retreats that blend modernist design with an inspired take on 50s and 60s era artwork and décor.

Residential in feel, the spacious, airy interiors flow organically between bedroom, bathroom, and living areas, while private terraces with pools complete an environment of clean, conscious and very luxurious living.

Each villa is appointed with hand-selected furnishings, accent pieces and original artwork complemented by a contemporary tropical aesthetic. An elegant simplicity and harmonized balance make the villas an ideal home-and-away habitat.

Mike’s Supper Club is one of the most vibrant venues in Jamaica. Acting as a Cabaret Lounge with a private speakeasy vibe, the club’s unique atmosphere captures the spirit of the ‘High Life’ Calypso Bop era while giving a generous nod to Harlem’s cultural and musical renaissance.

The soaring ceilings and plush decor provide an exceptional gathering place to enjoy drinking, dining and socializing as the evening heats up.

The crowning gem is a Ferrari red 1917 Steinway baby grand piano where some of the best voices in world, jazz and bop music leave their nightly signature. The in-house dining menu is a unique fusion of bespoke Jamaican and International with bold, inventive global accents.

Located just outside the Explorer’s Lounge, the Veranda is a dining area that overlooks an elegant infinity edge pool, which blends naturally with the coastline.

Guests may enjoy breakfast, lunch and small plate service throughout the day while absorbing exquisite views and the warmth of natural sunlight. The Veranda’s interior-to-exterior connectivity makes it a flexible and organic space for ultimate convenience and relaxation.

If guests are looking for top-shelf elixirs, they have only to settle in at the Time Bar, the best place to indulge in delicious blends by our master mixologists who will create exquisite drink harmonies just the way you like.

Indulge in a meal of your choosing either at one of our appointed dining areas or by ordering in-room service. Our ‘room service’ menus are available for 24-hour in-room delivery.

The Trident Hotel is a flexible and well-appointed event space that is suitable for incentive trips, conferences, product launches, private events, fashion shoots and signature group occasions.

As well, The Trident is the ideal property to celebrate weddings and honeymoons. The Trident offers great value for an all property lockout.

Unique to the Explorer’s Lounge is a rare display of 50s and 60s era artwork that offers an intimate way to enjoy gallery-quality pieces. The Lounge also houses found artifacts, an extensive reading selection, fun interactive board games and is ideal for cocktails parties, private dinners, and creative presentations.

Life enhancing rituals have been an integral element of world culture since the beginning of time. Inspired by these practices, The Trident Spa merges holistic techniques and philosophies from around the globe into a potent blend of Caribbean treatments.

The spa is operated by a staff of experienced therapists, and is highlighted by elegant outdoor massage areas that directly face the sea. Your journey begins at our spa reception where you may change into a comfortable sarong or robe before being led to your treatment of choice.

Unwind to the lull of the waves as you allow our staff to fully relax, renew and equilibrate mind, body and spirit. There is also an adjoining yoga deck for private or group enjoyment.

Life enhancing rituals have been an integral element of world culture since the beginning of time. Located in the heart of the property, our new fitness center outfitted with the latest machines, weights and cardio and strength equipment.

A true sanctuary from the outside world, guests are provided with an inviting and exhilarating fitness experience to ensure health and wellness in the heart of a Jamaican oasis.

Our private beach is one of the defining characteristics of the property for its sheer beauty and hassle free convenience. Enjoy some of the best swimming in clear unspoiled waters or float to your heart’s content under a crimson sunset.

Snorkeling is an ideal way to appreciate the plethora of fantastic sea life. Our experienced Water Sports’ Guides will be happy to accompany you on an excursion of your choosing, including an energizing kayak trip or a boat ride along the coastline.

There is also a beach bar serving delicious cocktails and beverages, as well as a children’s area with on-site supervision.

Wireless internet connection, Xbox gaming console, Apple TV Film library and a large projection screen are all provided in our multi-purpose media room. The modernistic display, provides the perfect acoustic sound for the perfect movie, show or game.

Situated along the island’s northeast coast, Port Antonio has been dubbed the ‘Jamaican Riviera’ for its natural glamour and rich history. From exceptional cuisine and culture to a prized array of scenic nirvanas, the Port Antonio experience combines authentic Jamaican roots with a modern Caribbean lifestyle.

The area’s eighty-kilometer shoreline features some of the world’s most stunning beaches, waterfalls, caves and rainforests.

Port Antonio is a mecca of natural attractions – including the iconic Blue Lagoon, Rio Grande River rafting and Somerset and Reach waterfalls – that resonate with the legacy and sequestered elegance that define the area.

The town of Port Antonio is a cornucopia of local culture nestled in a relaxed coastal setting. You can visit the Errol Flynn Marina, shop at the Royal Mall and Musgrave Market or enjoy an evening out at one of the vibrant rum shacks, sound systems or nightclubs.

The Blue Lagoon’s timeless glamour and exceptional setting makes it one of Jamaica’s most prized destinations. The largest of the island’s spring-fed lagoons boasts a depth of nearly 180 feet – some claim it has no bottom – and blends tones of emerald, turquoise and sapphire to create an almost biblical aquatic haven.

The mix of warm tidal and ice-cold mountain waters welling up from a mineral spring, offers the perfect balance of soothing and invigorating restoration.

The already famous property landed on the world map in 1980, when Randal Kleiser‘s “Blue Lagoon” starring Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins made its cinematic debut.

The Blue Lagoon has attracted countless visitors over the years, including Robin Moore of The French Connection and Caddy Shack fame, who also owned some of the property’s Villas that are still named after him.

Scenes from Tom Cruise’s hit film Cocktail were shot on location. Plans for the revival of this landlocked cove – including a heritage museum, botanical gardens, restaurant, pier-side craft kiosks and luxury villas – point to a prime boasting right for Port Antonio and its surroundings.

One of the more coveted outings in Port Antonio is a rafting tour down the gently winding Rio Grande. The river is the birthplace and bedrock of Jamaican rafting that was originally used as a means of transporting banana crops from the local plantations to Port Antonio’s bustling harbor.

Once the banana boom dwindled, the rafting tours became a popular leisure activity championed by the likes of Hollywood scion Errol Flynn. Legend has it that Flynn enjoyed gathering his well-heeled guests for midnight excursions under a canopy of stars.

Experienced guides who are knowledgeable about the river and its ecosystem, now man the bamboo-crafted vessels. Guests may also stop off at Belinda’s Riverside Canteen for an authentic, freshly prepared Jamaican meal that can be enjoyed right on the river’s edge.

Swimming in the river is perhaps the best part of the journey.

The natural world at its modern-day best, Reach Falls is ranked as one of Jamaica’s more exceptionally situated waterfalls. Located on Driver’s River, the falls are sheltered by virgin rain forest and accentuated by crystal clear rock pools, lovely bamboo stands and draping vines.

Flowing from the John Crow Mountains, the falls form their own self-contained ecological sanctuary. Reach Falls has been the location for more than one Hollywood film, not the least of which was Roger Donaldson’s 1988 popular film Cocktail starring Tom Cruise.

This forest-shrouded oasis is as steeped in history as it is in unique and unsurpassed beauty. Situated on a former indigo and spice plantation, the site was home to Spanish settlers and still has relics of many of the original aqueducts, some dating back nearly 400 years.

Cloistered by the rainforest, the falls are offset by luxurious deep rock pools, dramatic natural caves and stunning rock formations. Once at the top, there is also a cave with ‘hidden falls’ that may be visited by boat.

The highlight, of course, is the beautifully cascading Daniels River. An array of exotic birds and wildlife form the backdrop to the Rhythm & Booze bar and Fusion on the Falls restaurant.

There is also a Jerk Pit offering some of Portland’s best chicken and pork recipes as well as a swim-up bar where guests can order a poolside cocktail.

Unlike other Caribbean islands with overpopulated, all-inclusive attractions, Port Antonio’s beaches are generally secluded, unspoiled getaways defined by their unique character and pristine beauty.

A visit to the world renowned Frenchman’s Cove, or to the white sand havens of Boston Bay, Long Bay, Winnifred Beach or San San Beach provide luxurious retreats that are as relaxing and tranquil as they are regenerative and invigorating.

Surfing, horseback riding, kayaking, river rafting, private boat tours, snorkeling, scuba diving and yoga retreats are just a few of the leisure and recreational activities that can be enjoyed at these locations.

Rafting down the Rio Grande is a popular favorite, complimented by a home-cooked on-site river lunch of local fare.

Four corners, seven pits, all flavor! Welcome to the birth place of jerk seasoning. That taste we all love, synonymous with Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Let us take you on a tour of Boston Jerk, where you will learn a little history, talk to true culinary legends whose techniques and secret spices have been passed down from generations past, and become a true jerk connoisseur!

Taste, enjoy and savor the most authentic and delicious jerk meat that you can imagine. Add to the experience some cool local beats, local vendors, organic produce and you have found yourself in the middle of one very interesting story in the making.

Part open market, part carnival, part food hall…. all fun memories and a one of a kind excursion. Talk to our local concierge about adding the Boston Jerk tour while you visit with us!

Frenchman’s Cove is a perfect marriage of classic romanticism and rustic charm. Its warm saltwater mystique is enhanced by a clear, freshwater stream that pours directly into the sea, while its landscapes hearken back to its peak as the jet-set resort of the 60s.

Named by Condé Nast Traveler as being “probably the prettiest beach on the island,” the grounds feature a palette of naturally manicured rainforest highlighted by indigenous plant life.

In addition to its breathtaking scenery, the beach is one of the oldest and most historically renowned watering holes in Port Antonio and beyond. It has been the location for many international films including Lord of the Flies and Knight and Day.

Boston Bay is the birthplace of the world famous jerk seasoning that is so indelibly linked to Jamaican cuisine. Situated at roadside stands along the coast are the large vats used to make these potent and delicious jerk blends.

Outdoor grills serve up savory plates of jerked chicken, pork, sausage and fish from noon to dusk. The annual Boston Jerk Festival is held nearby, while the Portland Jerk Festival is held on Folly Oval.

Enjoy a mouthwatering feast where the best of the best battle it out for the title of Jerk king or queen. Boston Bay is also a favorite outpost for surfing devotees due to its unique setting and abundance of breaks.

Located along an uninterrupted stretch of natural coastline, Long Bay is one of the most dramatically scenic beachfronts in the Parish of Portland. It’s also the ideal backdrop for an afternoon of rest and revitalization.

Surrounded by coconut palms and the Caribbean’s turquoise waters, Long Bay is as much a surfer’s paradise as it is a must-see oasis while in Jamaica. Visitors should, however, take caution while swimming, as the tide is sometimes quite strong.

This coral reef protected lagoon is situated in the idyllic village of Fairy Hill, just a few miles east of Port Antonio. A charming escape and popular local hangout, Winnifred is the perfect Sunday retreat for a relaxing sunbath or a swim in the sea.

Winnifred is also known as the Rasta beach because of the Rastas who frequent the area and keep it in pristine condition.

Within close reach of Frenchman’s Cove, San San is one of the most private beaches in the area, and one of the prettiest.

A grouping of almond trees provides a welcome umbrella of shade while Monkey Island lingers on the horizon in mirage-like splendor. A swim to Monkey Island is also an invigorating workout for those who are experienced with the sea.

Rooms: 13
Price: from 429 EUR per night


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