Villa Inle Boutique Resort

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Villa Inle Boutique Resort
Villa Inle Boutique Resort
Villa Inle Boutique Resort
Villa Inle Boutique Resort
Villa Inle Boutique Resort
Villa Inle Boutique Resort
Villa Inle Boutique Resort
Villa Inle Boutique Resort
Villa Inle Boutique Resort
Villa Inle Boutique Resort
5 March 2021

Nestled in between the mountains of Shan State and Inle Lake, Villa Inle Boutique Resort provides the perfect luxury getaway.

Dotting the lakeside and throughout our gardens we have a selection of wooden villas, each adorned with hand-selected local paintings from the Myanmar, Inle and Shan ethnic people.

The villas, designed to blend in harmoniously with their surroundings, all have high wooden ceilings, spacious living areas and grand bathrooms.

When you’re not exploring the lake or our gardens, allow our highly trained spa therapists to pamper you in our “Lotus Spa.” It’s guaranteed to rejuvenate and invigorate the mind, body and soul.

All our lakeside wooden villas blend harmoniously with the natural environment of Inle Lake. From your villa you can watch native birds glide by, water buffalo cool themselves off in the lake, and fisherman go about their daily business.

In order to reduce our hotel’s impact on the environment, we have deliberately kept the number of villas to a minimum. Century old trees and endemic species dot the gardens and over the years we have found the perfect balance between conservation and tourism.

A Luxury Jungle Resort
With the Shan Hills on one side and the lake on the other, staying in one of our luxury wooden villas is an experience like no other. The bungalows at Villa Inle Boutique Resort are designed to blend in with the surrounding environment of Inle Lake.

Featuring hand-selected local paintings from Myanmar, high wooden ceilings, and spacious living space and bathroom, they are the epitome of luxury living.

With a backdrop of the Shan hills and a view over the lake, our restaurant and bar area provide the perfect setting to explore the culinary delights of Inle Lake.

Start your day with a hearty buffet breakfast, and end it by taking advantage of our happy hour, by the pool followed by a culinary masterpiece cooked up by our local chefs.

If you’d rather a more private affair, utilize our room service, where you can drink and dine on your private balconies as you watch the sunset.

Our chefs expertly weave local produce into traditional Burmese and classic European dishes. Try the taste of our resort’s special Inle Lake mixed grilled fish. For those with a sweet tooth, you can find some delicious deserts to cap off the perfect dinner.

Find your way to discover the tropical Inthar food ask to our Inthar Chef to prepare for you privately. Pick from a choice of local curries, tender vegetables and sticky rice, which are all served buffet-style over charcoal burners.

A half day experience learning about traditional Shan cuisine. Start the day at the local market exploring the stalls selling vegetables, meats, spices, herbs, fruits, pastes and other sauces that are used in local cuisine.

Your chef and guide will explain the various kinds of tropical ingredients. You will then start your cooking class back at the resort and at the end of you class you can enjoy your masterpiece.

The Cooking Class is provided by Bamboo Delight and 15% of the proceeds are donated to help local orphans and people in need.

Escape from life’s stresses, indulge your senses and soothe your soul by visiting the spa.

Unwind under the gentle touch and healing powers of the Shan traditional massage. Cultivated in monasteries and handed down through generations of Buddhist monks, the philosophy of this massage is based on freeing the “Sen” life force which runs throughout energy lines to achieve total wellness.

This method of applying pressure with thumbs and palms, once exclusively applied to Royal families, helps the body to relax, detoxify, balance, heal and energize, giving a new sense of wholesome well-being.

Take a dip in our infinity pool, relax on our comfy sunbeds or enjoy a sunset over Inle Lake.

The most regulation for healthy of your clients, we promise to get healthy, wealthy together with energetic using full natural nutrient chemical free, organic vegetables as we have our own organic garden insist of Strawberry, Dragon Fruits, Three Different Types of Banana, Lettuces, Tomato, Snow Beans, Eggplants, and etc….

Located on the Eastern shore of Inle Lake is the village of Maing Thauk, unique in that fact that half the village lies on land and the other half on water, with a long wooden bridge connecting the two.

Further up the side of the mountain is the Maing Thauk Forest Monastery, where you will find some of the best views of the lake. Have the option of Visiting a meditation centre for 30 minutes before proceeding to the Dala Bin village. Total time needed is approximately 1.5 hrs.

During this tour, you have the pleasure of meeting two ethnic groups, Pa-O and Inthar. The trek also takes you through some stunning hills with vistas of the surrounding landscapes.

After breakfast at the resort, enjoy a full day of sightseeing by private boat. Your morning excursion will first include a visit to the unique leg-rowing fishermen of Inle Lake.

Following this you will stop by the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, the most sacred religious site in the Southern Shan State. Throughout the day you will have the chance to stop by local handicraft shops to see silk weaving, wooden handlooms and traditional blacksmith methods.

Later in the day you will pass endless floating gardens, houses and monasteries built on the lake. Finally, we’ll make a stop at Nga Phe Kyaung Monastery then proceed to Nampan village to see a bit of canoe carving and a cheroot factory (where Burmese cigars are made).

Depart by canoe and head to Ancient Pagoda Forrest & Thakong, also known as “Saga.” The journey takes a few hours and you will arrive at Saga & Thakong at approximately 11:00 AM.

Highlights of the trip include:

  • Visiting Kauktaing, a family-run enterprise that makes robes produced from from the fibres of lotus plants.
  • Learning local methods of distilling Inle Lake’s very own alcohol.
  • Experiencing unspoiled cultures and traditional life-styles of the ethnic groups of Pa-O and Inthar, both of which inhabit the area around Saga and Hmawbi.

Experiencing alms-giving like a local. We provide our guests the opportunity to offer goods to the local monks in the early morning.

Take a short trip to the floating gardens of Inle Lake. The floating gardens are formed by extensive manual labor.

The farmers gather up lake-bottom weeds from the deeper parts of the lake, bring them back in boats and turn them into floating beds anchored by bamboo poles. These gardens rise and fall with changes in the water level, and are resistant to flooding.

Indulge in a candle-lit floating dinner on Inle Lake. The dinner starts just as the sun sets and even comes with its very own floating bar.

You’ll first board a canue and be taken to floating barge, where you will be served a three course meal as the sun sets over Inle Lake and the Shan Hills. Inle indulgence at its best!

Rooms: 27
Price: from 81 EUR per night


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