Water Garden Sigiriya

Asia Sri Lanka
Water Garden Sigiriya - Sri Lanka
Water Garden Sigiriya - Sri Lanka
Water Garden Sigiriya - Sri Lanka
Water Garden Sigiriya - Sri Lanka
Water Garden Sigiriya - Sri Lanka
Water Garden Sigiriya - Sri Lanka
Water Garden Sigiriya - Sri Lanka
Water Garden Sigiriya - Sri Lanka
Water Garden Sigiriya - Sri Lanka
Water Garden Sigiriya - Sri Lanka
Water Garden Sigiriya - Sri Lanka
15 January 2022

Welcome to Water Garden Sigiriya where luxury meets nature surrounded by lakes & water streams. The breathtakingly beautiful Sigiriya hotel boasts a modern day water harvesting design revisiting the 2,000 year old water garden on Sigiriya Rock.

One of the latest boutique hotels in Sigiriya, our property is located just 6 km away from the historic Sigiriya Rock. It is also within close range to Dambulla and other ancient cities in the Cultural Triangle such as Anuradhapura & Polonnaruwa.

The villas at Water Garden Sigiriya, are set amongst an expansive property and its perfectly articulated landscape. Flanked by winding tributaries and veiled by the abundant flora, the 30 immaculately appointed villas combine chic, spacious interiors, secret gardens and exclusive private plunge pools.

Choose from a range of villa options, all of which come retrofitted with essential amenities and a plethora of other features, designed to ensure your stay at one of the foremost luxury hotels in Sri Lanka is nothing less than exceptional.

Escape into a timeless paradise partially submerged in water where blissful luxury living blended with nature overlooking the mighty Sigiriya Rock awaits your indulgence.

Stay in your own chic one bedroom Sigiriya villa complete with amenities, designer furniture, king size bed and bathtub to provide you a memorable experience. Our stylishly designed spacious villas are airy and cosy making you want to linger.

The sensational views of water streams and pools would help you relax your mind. Let nature embrace you with its lush green forests.

For a stay that is casually comfortable, yet abounds with all the opulence you could possibly desire.

The Superior Deluxe Villas at Water Garden Sigiriya offer wonderfully spacious interiors, immaculately designed to offer a sense of abundance, yet rustic enough to blend seamlessly with the surrounding gardens, winding waterways and wealth of wildlife.

Every villa comes retrofitted with a private plunge pool and accompanying sundeck, offering unfettered views of the Sigiriya Rock and lush surrounding expanses, making it one of the best rock view hotels in Sigiriya.

From living spaces you’ll fall in love with, to meticulously attentive service, we promise your stay with us will be nothing short of exceptional.

Designed to segue harmoniously between expansive, chic living spaces and the lush outdoors, the twin villas come retrofitted with a private plunge pool and an accompanying sequestered sundeck; spacious enough to double as an observation point for watching wildlife roaming the properties periphery.

Enveloped by swaths of greenery and flanked by winding waterways, the villas at this sophisticated boutique hotel in Sigiriya provide an ideal space for luxurious living, care-free lounging and starry-eyed getaways.

Choose from an array of dining options and settings, whether you’re in the mood for an intimate gathering amidst the great outdoors or a more traditional indoor venue.

Our master chefs cater to a diverse appetite, encompassing cuisine from around the world and offering an exciting new twist on traditional local fare. All ingredients are sourced to ensure absolute quality, with an emphasis on organically grown produce and imports from top-of-the-line suppliers.

A fully stocked bar offers an ample choice of beverages, accompanied by a variety of settings and complemented by a level of service, which ensures we’re the taste-makers first choice amongst Sigiriya restaurants.

The Main Restaurant offers an unparalleled dining experience, with its sleek, chic interior, combining a bohemian impression with a host of traditional flourishes, like the intricately handcrafted chandelier.

Choose from an indoor setting or dine alfresco at one of the finest restaurants in Sigiriya with expertly prepared culinary delights from around the world, primed by some of the best chefs, using only fresh organic ingredients and complemented by a lavish selection of beverages.

The Twin Level Bar is all the things a bar should be and quite a bit more; offering panoramic views of the unfurling tropical countryside, its winding waterways and the great rock, all of which provide an ideal foil for indulgence, relaxation and distraction.

Whether lounging in the balmy outdoors or reclining in air-conditioned comfort, the chic two-tier bar, terrace and cocktail lounge offer a lavish choice of beverages, gourmet cuisine and an eclectic atmosphere, truly unique amongst bars in Sigiriya.

A carefully crafted oasis of wellness, tranquillity and beauty, with spacious interiors full of warm hues and subdued earthly tones, unmatched among spa hotels in Sri Lanka.

Water Garden Sigiriya Spa invites you to untangle and revel in a choice of treatments, including world renowned Balinese massages, carried out by qualified, attentive professionals.

All ingredients used are organic and of the highest quality, for indulgence that will leave your mind relaxed, your body rejuvenated and your spirits elated.

Water Garden Sigiriya offers guests an unprecedented choice of facilities, amenities, recreational activities and other trappings that are quintessential to a lifestyle of luxury and leisure.

From the immaculately manicured landscapes, to the expansive premises which can be traversed using a traditional buggy, an outdoor swimming pool situated in proximity to the many waterways and numerous romantic nooks, which make for picture perfect escapism.

The property also houses a well-equipped fitness centre, a conference room and helipad, which can be employed for helicopter tours of the adjacent countryside.

A dedicated butler service, along with an abundance of activities including billiards, cycling and archery are at your disposal, promising an altogether inimitable experience, at the finest luxury hotel in Sigiriya.

Sigiriya, along with its neighbouring towns and villages is amongst the most culturally significant sections of the island. With a history that is almost five thousand years old, the region offers a wealth of captivating things to do in Sigiriya.

The area which was initially known as “Rajarata” or “The King’s Land”, subsequently came to be known as the Cultural Triangle, an area also encompassing Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, which today is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Anuradhapura located nearby is the epicentre of this Cultural Triangle and was the island’s capital from the 3rd century BC to 993 AD. The vast metropolis whose elaborate ruins loom large even today, is a popular site for spiritual devotion, pilgrimage and worship.

The surrounding area is also liberally dotted with shrines, dagobas, monasteries, royal palaces and water tanks that might as well be great lakes. Much of the art and architecture from the era has been preserved and most of it is available for public viewing.

The island’s second capital Polonnaruwa lies a short distance away, more contained as a city, yet offering a unique window into the island’s past. Other places of interest include Dambulla for its cave temples and copious cultural curios.

Mihintale for its exceptional frescos, especially paintings depicting the arrival of Buddhism to the island and a host of other ethnic nooks, which offer a perspective on one of the ancient worlds great centres of civilisation.

Whether it’s your first time or pastime of choice, archery is a brilliant way to spend a few intense hours, either honing your skills or having some fun with a bull’s eye target.

Fresh air, a wonderful landscape, and its winding waterways are just some of the reasons to consider a bike ride on the trails inside the hotel premises.

A gastronomic guide to Sri Lankan cuisine with in-house experts. Offering an excellent introduction to local cuisine and the art of preparation.

This traditionally British pastime is an excellent way to have hours of fun outdoors with family and friends, while also enjoying the lush gardens and impressive scenery.

With 35 acres of immaculately landscaped garden, winding waterways, and palatial interiors, The Water Garden promises a wedding and honeymoon destination that is inimitable in every way.

The scenic backdrop with the Sigiriya Rock fortress looming large, amidst the lush landscape, brings with it wonderfully tropical hues and pastoral tones. For a setting as exotic as it is enchanting.

To ensure your big day is perfect in every way, our in-house wedding planner will be delighted to help you with all the arrangements and preparation you require.

First, we convene, to ensure the journey ahead is collaborative, getting to know you and your expectations. This enables us to incorporate your ideas and express them creatively, with beauty, elegance, and grace.

A variety of wedding packages are available for your perusal, while also affording the option of a bespoke celebration that conveys your personal style and taste.

Whether it’s a small, intimate affair, or a magnificently elaborate celebration, we promise an event tailored to your needs and an experience that you will cherish forever.

Website: www.watergardensigiriya.com
Rooms: 30
Price: from 323 EUR per night


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