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Arantza Hotela- Adults Only
Arantza Hotela- Adults Only
Arantza Hotela- Adults Only
Arantza Hotela- Adults Only
Arantza Hotela- Adults Only
Arantza Hotela- Adults Only
Arantza Hotela- Adults Only
Arantza Hotela- Adults Only
Arantza Hotela- Adults Only
Arantza Hotela- Adults Only
17 May 2021

This is an adults only 5* Boutique Hotel in Navarre, in the small town of Arantza. Getaway for couples looking for a unique experience in a natural enclave. The hotel counts with 11 ample and bright luxury rooms opening up to surrounding nature through large windows.

Each bedroom has a bathtub in the centre that creates an exclusive spot for your relaxation and wellbeing. A gift to the senses. Romantic Art Hotel, inspired by a magical love story that you will discover during your stay.

Everything at Arantza Hotela is designed so that you can enjoy the spaces. The light and landscape flood the rooms. The feeling of spaciousness and harmony surround you.

The design, sculptures and furniture, conceived as pieces of art, are the work of the sculptor José Pablo Arriaga. A warm kind of minimalism that with its curves and natural wood creates a pleasant cosy atmosphere: wonderful little touches that exude art and culture.

Charming and dreamy rooms
At Arantza Hotela we have aimed to prioritise comfort and space, and being able to move freely around your room and the rest of the hotel unhindered, adapted to accommodate disabled guests.

11 exclusive luxury rooms, all intended for your rest and enjoyment. Listen to the silence, the wind, the woods, read, blend in with the landscape, relax in the bath in your room… savour the here and now, leisurely, at your own pace, in your space.

In our Hänstens King beds, you’ll rest like you’ve never done before. Forget about your watch and even about what day it is. The names of the rooms are different terms of endearment for your partner in different euskalkis or Basque dialects.

Each room forms part of a collection of pictures that begins in our Restaurant. They are parts of the story of a relationship between two people, and each moment and each picture has its poem.

Mattea Suite
Four hands you’re looking for. Two necks two skins two glances, fused into each other. Two inseparable entities. A single breath is calm.

PITTIN Premium Room
Don’t go too far. I’m here. Can’t you see me? I have plenty of air. Come with me. Without holding my hand, come. I don’t know the way. I step on your feet. Nothing happens.

Feel the flavors of our land
Flavours of our land, natural, seasonal, fresh, top-quality produce, cooked in a healthy way. It is essential for us to provide you with local, fresh produce.

To ensure this a member of our team visits the markets, vegetable gardens in Navarre and the port of Pasaia, to carefully and patiently select the very best of each season; to bring it to the hotel so that our chef can prepare the exquisite dishes that are served in the 4 fork restaurant.

You won’t be able to forget our breakfast. A spectacular varied selection of produce, from up to 14 different suppliers, selected for you to ensure that the experience of waking up and having breakfast at Arantza Hotela will be unforgettable.

In our 4 forks restaurant you can find fresh products of high quality brought on the same day from the market, port … The local gastronomy is a delight for the senses and it is even more so if the views are spectacular, if the furniture is a piece of art and if you allows us to show you our wine cellar.

Choose from the variety of products of the land that we propose as well as one of our gastronomic menus; our Arantza tasting menu, exclusively designed for the midday or our Izu menu, perfect both for dinner and lunch.

Couple experiences in an exclusive hotel for adults
The luxury of not needing anything… but being able to do whatever you want. Tell us what you are interested in, culture, nature, sport, gastronomy… tell us what you feel like doing or not doing and let us offer you experiences to suit you, exclusives for the couple.

Our rural surroundings and the nearby cities will give you the opportunity to live incredible moments that you will not forget. We want to present you a battery of proposals from which you can choose. If you don’t see something you’d like to do, call us or write to us, we’ll surely shape your ideas all together.

Private spa: Arantza Hotela
Welcome to our newly renovated Spa. From this moment you can enjoy it for 45 ‘or 1h45’ exclusively and with total privacy. During the time reserved, the spawill be exclusively for the couple who requested it.

The spa has an area of 100 m2, completely private and could be considered as an extension of the room, so here you can also enjoy in the privacy of the couple, a wonderful window that will leave you breathless:

  • Pool (beds, dorsal, lower, waterfall)
  • Water Cube
  • Hot sauna
  • Ice room
  • Room with salt from the Himalayas.

We also have a small cold room in which you can find water, “BIO” juices and infusions, coffee etc. while you enjoy the spa. As it is a private spa, it is charged separately from the room, and it is necessary to check availability and make a reservation.

Our natural surroundings encourage us to exercise outdoors or to go on long walks. However there are people who prefer to stay indoors when the weather is not so
good or just before going into the Spa.

In our little gymnasium you’ll be able to find all kinds of machines, such as the treadmill, the workout bench, bodybuilding machine, weights….

Electric BICYCLES – Burricletas
If you fancy taking a bike ride to the village, these electric bicycles will make it rather easier. In a place where uphill climbs and downhill slopes are very common,
bikes with an electric battery (50-km range) make things a lot easier.

All you need to do is ask if they are available the day before at Reception and this does not entail any extra cost.

Wine – champagne tasting
At Arantza Hotela we have had the opportunity to get to know and become friends with bodega owners and wine producers, who come to our hotel exclusively to tell
us not just about their wines but also about their lives at the bodega.

I It is a pleasure to listen to how fondly they talk about when they were small and they used to run through the vineyards. The history of their bodegas, their achieve-ments and the difficult times… it’s really worth it.

Cookery courses / workshops
A healthy balanced diet is essential. At Arantza Hotela we are committed to this maxim and we try to ensure that this can be seen not only in our 4 Forks
Restau-rant but also in these workshops.

These workshops take place in our tasting room kitchen and are intended for those people who want to learn more about the essentials of healthy cooking, including confectionary of course.

So, do you dare to put on an apron and do some cooking? I bet we have a really great time while we are learning. And of course… if we cook… we’ll eat what we’ve prepared!

As you will be able to see, there is a little bit of everything. Our philosophy based on exclusiveness and attention to detail has led us to design exclusively activities and experiences designed for couples or groups (businesses, families, etc)

4×4 Route
In Navarre there are some of the best preserved forests in Europe, but they have a past with a human presence that show a culture and traditions that are closely linked to the land. They are places that only the locals get to, and you can stop in unique spots with superb views…

We’ll be stopping in some magical places and taking photos. In 1959, Luis Vallet and Jorge Oteiza as a tribute to Father Donostia designed a unit consisting of a chapel and a stele that were installed in the natural beauty spot on Mount Agiña, a place where there are numerous megalithic monu-ments.

Nature, art, architecture and history blend into a single unit. It is not to be missed. We will be surprised by the lovely traditional architecture in the town of Lesaka, which provides a clear example of Basque housing.

Finally we will visit San Juan Xar, a genuine shrine to popular beliefs. We offer you: the 4×4 vehicles will come right up to the hotel to pick you up and from that moment on, 4 to 5 hours of maximum enjoyment lie ahead of us.

We’ll stop several times, we’ll walk a bit and we’ll get to know the history, curiosities, ani-mal and vegetable species of the local area. Oh! And we’ll have lunch! Each 4×4 vehicle is for a maximum of 3-4 people, to make sure it is as comfortable as possible.

The natural beauty all around us is impressive. It goes way beyond what the eye can see. To understand this is to understand the reasons for the culture, the customs
and habits, and the character of the people from round here.

Do you fancy going for a walk in the mountains along a route full of waterfalls? Put on some comfortable clothes, hiking boots and let’s go. In this area it rains a lot, so that both greenery and water will be accompanying us all along the way.

We offer you: a route that will take about 2 and half to 3 hours among mountains and trees. When we get to the last waterfall, we’ll have a bit of cider and cheese
alongside the water.

Supplies: long trousers, boots or suitable footwear for hiking (trekking), sun-cream, visor and rucksack, water. You can take other routes and walks, that may last from 40 minutes to 5 hours. Of course, it all depends on how used to this you are and on the degree of difficulty that you would like.

CAVING in small caves at ARANTZA
For the really adventurous! The earth seen from the inside, led by an experienced guide. It is incredible to think that there may be another world under our feet, where water has opened up huge galleries and formed fantastic limestone formations.

A place where total darkness still exists, and where we will be able to listen to almost prehistoric sounds. The activity lasts for 3 ½ hours, 2 of them in the cave. You need to wear clothes that can get dirty (quilted anoraks are not recommended) and comfortable clim-bing shoes.

There is a short 4-metre passage in a gallery and a 3-metre rope climb. Maximum group size: 8 people (not recommended for children under the age of 10).

Get to know a BASERRI (basque farmhouse) from the inside
Life in farmhouses is still the central focus of existence here. Did you know that traditionally the baserri (farmhouses) didn’t belong to the people here, but it was the
people who lived in them that belonged to the farmhouses?

We offer you the opportunity to visit one of these, so that you can see how cheese is made using traditional methods, animals, etc… Maybe with a bit of luck you can buy some fantastic beans and even some Patxaran from them!

As you can see, we have a little of everything on offer. Our philosophy of exclusiveness and caring for details has led us to design exclusively activities and experiences for couples or groups (businesses, families, etc.)

As we are traveling away from the hotel a little on this occasion, transport might be available to these places (check at reception for options and prices)

Guided visits to Wineries, Patxaran and Beer
We suggest a series of visits to learn about and enjoy some wine, patxaran and beer tasting. If its harvesting and production season, you will get a chance to see the process. None of the above visits are further than a drive of 1 or 2 hours.

It’s a shame to travel that far and miss the history of the area, etc., so if you wish, we can complement the excursion with visits to other cultural and/or traditional sites.

History, Language and Mytholgy
Let’s keep learning about our culture a little more. It is full of mythology, witches and stories deeply rooted to the land and ancient beliefs. Its language,Basque, is one of the oldest in Europe. We will visit emblematic landmarks and learn about its ancient history and Pagan religion.

We suggest: Travelling to a nearby town where we will be received with a typical lunch from the area. While we are eating, we will be told about the history of these lands how and what the people lived off, how the society was organised, the arrival of the Inquisition…

After lunch, we will arrive at Zugarramurdi and visit the famous caves and, if you wish, the Witches Museum. We will be accompanied at all times by a local guide, a historian

Rent High-Powered Motorcycles
Those people, who love high-powered motorcycles that have stayed at the hotel, have loved the ride. Riding down a winding road on a motorcycle is sheer delight. However, people cannot always take their motorcycle with them on holiday or for a weekend. This gives you the opportunity to keep enjoying the ride.

Arzak and Arantza Hotela gastronomic experience
Do you know any place in the world that has so many Michelin Stars in such a small territory? Here food and its ritual are so important that it’s hardly surprising that so many good and famous chefs have come from this country, no less than 19 restaurants hold Michelin Stars, approximately one hour away from the Arantza Hotela.

This is highest concentration of stars per capita. Enjoy the art of eating, the magic, of traditional dishes rethought and brought to the table with new nuances. We organise… you… go… eat… and enjoy.

We suggest: 3 nights in the Attic Room, a complimentary welcome gift, 1 lunch at the Arzak Restaurant (including transfer), 1 dinner in our restaurant with the Mendaur Menu, 1 lunch at our restaurant with the Arantza Menu, 45 minute access to the private SPA circuit and complimentary gift, massages for two and breakfasts.

If eating is an art and pleasure for you, this is undoubtedly your experience. Spend three days where eating will become an unforgettable experience for you.

Catamaran excursion and gastronomic society
Let’s hope we have fine weather and get the chance to sunbathe on deck! Then in the Society, we will roll up our sleeves and all cook together. Anyone
interested in a game of “mus” (card game)?

The societies are for people who enjoy conversation, with those sitting around the table, telling stories and jokes. This is called “society atmosphere”. We like
sharing our culture with our visitors around a meal.

That is why we will meet up with our group of friends and visit a gastronomic society. It is a venue you are only allowed in if you are a relative or friend of a member. Very few visitors get the chance to enter a gastronomic society.

If you truly enjoy food and a good conversation, this is un-doubtedly your experience. We suggest: Meeting up in Hondarribia and boarding the vessel. This is a beautiful coastline, with green cliffs and steeped in history.

The Skipper is in charge of telling us all the anecdotes. We will sail into the beautiful port of Pasaia Donibane (Pasajes San Juan), meet up with our group of friends and then… off we go, let’s have a drink. Doing a “pintxo” route with 2 or 3 people is not the same as going with your group of friends.

The atmosphere, conversation… your group of friends is something one can’t and doesn’t want to escape from. We will arrive at the oldest Gastronomic Society in the Basque Country, where people such as Berasategui or Txillida were members.

In the atmosphere of the society, we will cook some typical dishes with one of the members and a chef (menu to be arranged).

Enjoy the “Circuito de Navarra”
Do you own a high-powered car or motorcycle and would enjoy driving on a professional circuit? It’s always wise to drive on the road safely. But everything changes on a professional circuit. Would you like to drive a GT? Enjoy the experience of driving super sports cars.

Navarre has an outstanding Circuit to do all this and more, whether it be with your own vehicle or one you can choose when you get there. There will always be a professional with you, who will advise you how to drive at high speed! In addition, there are safe driving courses, sliding, karts…

Gastronomic day – gastronomic society
Today we will learn about culture from the inside. We like to share this culture with those that visit us around a good meal. This is why we suggest getting together with our “cuadrilla” (group of friends) and visit a gastronomic society, known as a “txoko” or “elkartea”.

It is a place that you can only enter if you are a relative or friend of a member. Very few visitors are given the opportunity of entering a gastronomic society and cooking and dining there. If you really enjoy eating and good conversation, this is your experience without a doubt.

We suggest: Meeting up in San Sebastian with our group of friends and go “pintxo” eating, steering away from the overcrowded areas. Doing a “pintxo” route with 2 or 3 people is not the same as going with your group of friends.

The atmosphere, conversation… your group of friends is something one can’t and doesn’t want to escape from. We will then arrive at the oldest Gastronomic Society in the Basque Country, where people such as Berasategui or Txillida were members.

In the atmosphere of the society, we will cook typical dishes with one of the members and a chef. (menu to be arranged).

If the sun is shining and the courses are as green as you can imagine. That’s when playing a round of golf becomes a pleasure.

If you’re federated member, you can enjoy playing on the greenest courses in incomparable Golf Clubs. Clubs steeped in history, surrounded by stunning nature. You can rent the golf gear and dine at the club itself, etc.

Rooms: 11
Price: from 462 EUR per night


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