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Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary
Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary
Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary
Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary
Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary
Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary
Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary
Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary
Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary
Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary
Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary
Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary
7 June 2022

If a fortuneteller had told me: ”In the year 2018 you will live in Bhutan, in your own resort, fully submerged in the cultural legacy of Zhabdrung”, I would have said: “Why in Bhutan?”.

It all began in Da Nang, Vietnam about 7 years ago; when an extraordinary individual by the name of Thomas, who had just visited Bhutan, came to stay at a resort (Fusion Maia Danang) that I had developed. His fascinating stories about what he had seen and experienced in Bhutan made me curious.

A few months later, he and I traveled to Bhutan with the plan to explore Bhutan and make up our minds whether building a new 5-star resort in Bhutan could become a reality or would just have to remain an unfulfilled dream.

I have always worked hard, which gave me joy but also stress. After this first visit to Bhutan, for the first time I really experienced what a restful mind feels like. Only then did I realize that I needed to change my own life, but I did not know yet how.

A few months after Thomas had planted the seed of Bhutan in my head, I met a Bhutanese Rinpoche who gave me a copy of his book called ‘The Restful Mind’. It turned out, that I could integrate my own inner journey with the project in Bhutan. Karma.

Deep inside I felt an urge to develop a new kind of hospitality project, not the usual luxury resort. Today’s travelers want to be involved, they want to experience the essence of a destination, grasp the culture and its values.

I wanted to develop a place, where guests could feel like a part of Bhutan and not like a tourist. A place where travelers can find the peace to let go of the daily craziness and find their own well-being, body, mind and spirit.

Now, 3 years later, I see the Rinpoche and his inspirational book as the spiritual guides of Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary. The result is a heartfelt place, that evolved step-by-step, inspired by the Bhutanese culture, the compassionate people of Bhutan and the Buddhist path to enlightenment.

I now see Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary as my home, with our team as my Zatsang (the Bhutanese word for family). We share our home with our guests and do our best to make them feel like members of our family.

Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary is more than just ‘great food’ and ‘all services included’. We aim to create a lasting positive change in our guests’ daily lives. I would like to invite you to become part of our story, and in doing so write a new chapter in your own life.

Terrace Room
All our rooms have a beautiful view of the scenic Neyphu Valley. The Terrace room has 54m2 of floor space and a 8m2 big terrace. The room houses a sitting area with a coffee table, sofa and a comfortable chair, a dinner table with two chairs and a work desk.

The terrace has a table, two chairs and an umbrella. The bathroom has floor heating, a bathtub, a separate walk-in shower, hairdryer, bathrobe, slippers and locally handmade bathroom amenities.

Balcony Room
All our rooms have a beautiful view of the scenic Neyphu Valley. The Balcony room has 46m2 of floor space and a 8m2 big balcony. The room houses a sitting area with a coffee table, sofa and a comfortable chair.

The balcony has a table and two chairs. The bathroom has floor heating, a bathtub, a separate walk-in shower, hairdryer, bathrobe, slippers and locally handmade bathroom amenities.

On a daily basis, guests can enjoy the dining-inclusive concept. The very skilled kitchen team is eager to surprise guests with healthy and tasty breakfasts, 4-course lunches and 6-course dinners whereby a variety of Bhutanese, Western and Indian dishes are served, all in due respect of the guest’s diet or personal preferences. Guests can enjoy their meals at the time and location of their preference.

The Sanctuary has his own greenhouse, vegetable- and herb-garden and uses as many local products as possible. During season we enjoy juicy apples (and tasty apple pie) from the apple orchard.

Upon request, the Executive Chef takes guests for a tour through the gardens and explains about the traditional Bhutanese cuisine and ingredients.

The Restaurant
The Sanctuary’s restaurant is subtly divided by a big “social table”, where guests can engage with each other or interesting Bhutanese people that are invited for dinner.

Smaller tables and the tea bar flank this central area, and the grand double staircase does extra duty as a stage for music performances and storytelling. The floor-to-ceiling windows give view to the terrace with fireplace making the dining experience even more special.

The Sanctuary has a very dedicated and passionate kitchen team, led by an internationally trained Bhutanese Executive Chef, who is praised as one of the best in Bhutan by guests. The element of hospitality extends to the open kitchen, where the skilled kitchen team can be seen at work.

Traditional Spa-Inclusive
Guests of the Sanctuary can make free use of all spa facilities. We house six rustic and simple designed treatment rooms with ten treatment beds.

Central in the spa centre is the lounge area with comfortable chairs, where guests can enjoy a fresh cup of herbal tea, providing them with the opportunity to pause, relax and focus on their well-being.

The heated, indoor pool is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass doors, providing a magnificent view of the mountains and valley surrounding the Sanctuary. After an energizing swim, guests can relax on comfortable deck chairs on the outdoor terrace of the pool area.

To refresh and rejuvenate after the intense mountain hikes we have two saunas and steam rooms, one for female guests and one for male guests. We also have two types of Jacuzzis, whereby one is equipped for two persons. The practical designed fitness centre provides all the necessary equipment for a daily work-out.

Part of the spa-inclusive concept is free yoga and meditation classes, individual or in a group, at beginners or advanced level. The classes or sessions can take place in the special designed yoga studio or in the morning sun on the pool terrace.

Traditional Medicine
The Sanctuary is specialized in traditional Bhutanese medicine. After arrival, we invite guests to benefit from a private consultation with the in-house traditional medicine doctors (included in room rate).

The doctors will provide guests with a complete program to achieve a healthy balance between body, mind and spirit while they are the Sanctuary and teach them how to sustain it once they are at home.

The skilled and internationally trained therapists offer a wide range of treatments rooted in the nature and well-being tradition of Bhutan.

Our signature treatments are: herbal compression, hot oil compression, moxibustion, herbal Jacuzzi, herb-infused hot stone bath and Ku Nye massages (full body, neck, feet, back). All guests are entitled to at least one traditional treatment per day per person.

In the lounge area, we have a collection of more than 100 original Bhutanese herbs, which the in-house traditional medicine doctors use for the Himalayan plant- and herb-based treatments and therapies.

Upon interest, the traditional medicine doctors take guests for a herbal walk around the Sanctuary to point out and teach about the benefits of the herbs.

The Library
We kindly invite guests to explore the varied collection of books and magazines on well-being, meditation, yoga, mindfulness and travelling in our elegant library, which is decorated by wall covering tapestries of the former Bhutanese kings.

Tea Bar
The tea bar in the restaurant offers over 20 herbal infused teas, each focusing on a different aspect of balance between the body-mind-spirit. The restaurant team gladly informs guests about the benefits of each tea.

The lounge area is the perfect place for informal gatherings, small events or a freshly brewed tea and home-made cookies to see the sun disappear behind the mountains, while relaxing in comfortable sofas and cushions.

The Sanctuary is situated in an unique setting, surrounded by majestic mountains and ancient woods with views into the Neyphu valley from every angle or the property.

We offer cooking classes with one of the Bhutanese Chefs in the restaurants’ kitchen or on the open terrace. In the art studio guests can enjoy a pottery class and take home their hand-made ceramics.

Upon interest we also arrange traditional Bhutanese sports such as darts and archery in the apple orchard. All activities are included in the room rate.

Neyphu Valley
Home to the Sanctuary, we have short and long hikes available, also beyond the Neyphu valley. Guests can also visit the Eutok Goenpa Monastery, right across the Sanctuary. Guests will always be accompanied by professional and licenced guides, and can take a delicious picnic with them.

Tiger’s Nest
We organize a trek to the world famous Tiger’s Nest, a Buddhist monastery high up in the mountains, and only a 45 minute car ride from the Sanctuary.

During the whole trek guests are accompanied by licenced and English speaking guides. After this intense hike we recommend a herbal hot stone bath in the Sanctuary to allow guests to recover.

Day Trips
We arrange day trips to a wide variety of places and cities in Bhutan, such as Paro and Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan and only an one hour car ride from the Sanctuary.

Besides the traditional tourist locations we also organize visits to places and meetings with people of particular interests, such as Bhutanese writers, artists and monks.

A company’s responsibility goes beyond just making profit. The concept of social responsibility has evolved from the understanding that a company should look after not only its investors and customers but also its employees, the local community, the environment, and the larger society.

The Restful Mind philosophy, based on the teachings of His Eminence Gyalwa Dokhampa, is infused in the daily life at the Sanctuary.

We think and act consciously, in our daily work and interactions, with each other and our guests. We realize we all are part of, and responsible for, the well-being of all that and those who surround us.

Employment creation
Our team consists of about 70 people, of which more than 95% are Bhutanese. All middle-management positions are fulfilled by Bhutanese people.

Skills development
We invest in our team members with continuous on-site training. After a certain time of employment, team members become eligible for off-site training and/or studies to improve their skills and enhance their knowledge

Economic rights
All team members receive a legal contract with a job description upon employment. We pay our team members a more than average salary, cover health insurance and contribute to a provident fund that people receive when they end their employment with us.

Family approach
We consider our team our family, and we take care like-wise.

Income creation
As much as possible, we purchase local produce for our culinary offer. We also have a boutique store that sells locally made goods such as jewelry, clothing, bags, and small gifts. In the entire Sanctuary, we display the artwork of local artists.

We actively encourage our guests to visit art galleries, shops, and innovative local initiatives such as a local beer brewery or a cordyceps tasting event and inform them about the possibility to meet local dancers, writers, teachers, journalists or visit a farmer family at their home.

Social impact
Together with the Loden Foundation, we will set up a Social Impact Program through which guests have the opportunity to support local entrepreneurs. The focus of all projects is to create economic independence either by providing free loans, skills training, and mentoring.

Create respectfully
The Sanctuary is built as a Bhutanese fortress and blends into its natural surroundings. The local monastery was requested for advice on how the building should be constructed and rooms situated to provide the best atmosphere for our team members and guests. Minimal interventions have taken place to the natural environment of the Sanctuary.

Integrate spirituality
The main religion of Bhutan is Buddhism. In the Sanctuary you will find a lot of small and larger symbols that refer to Buddhism. One of the most prominent ones is our special ritual in the transformation room that all guests pass before entering the true Sanctuary.

Healing herbs
In the spa lounge, we have a collection of more than 100 original Bhutanese herbs, which the doctors use for the Himalayan plant- and herb-based treatments and therapies. Upon interest, our doctors take guests for a herbal walk around the Sanctuary to point out and teach about the benefits of the herbs.

We reduce, reuse, and recycle waste and operate under a no-plastic policy for our guests’ rooms. Our Culinary team has specialized in portion size management, reducing food waste to a minimum.

As much as possible, we grow our organic food (on-site food production) or purchase local goods (farm-to-table concept). The produce in our gardens and greenhouse are treated and grown organically, and we have on-site composting facilities.

Energy & water
We monitor our fuel, electricity, and water consumption, and use water and energy-efficient equipment where possible.

Pelmey nunnery
We support the Pelmey nunnery, situated just 15 minutes from the Sanctuary. Contrary to the monasteries (only for men), the local nunneries (only for women) do not receive financial support from the government and are often in a very economically challenging situation.

We offer guests the opportunity to visit the Pelmey nunnery and engage with the nuns. Guests can choose what way they would like to donate directly or they can participate in the support projects of the Sanctuary.

Pack for a Purpose
We are proud members of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers to make a lasting impact in the local community.

We support the historic Eutok Samdrupcholing Goenpa monastery and orphanage, located in Neyphu valley, it houses 65 boys from ages 5 through 25 years old. If you save just a few kilos of space in your suitcase and take supplies for this project, you can make an impact.

Rooms: 24
Price: from 959 EUR per night


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