Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas

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Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas Bahamas
Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas Bahamas
Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas Bahamas
Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas Bahamas
Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas Bahamas
Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas Bahamas
Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas Bahamas
Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas Bahamas
Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas Bahamas
Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas Bahamas
27 July 2020

Cape Santa Maria Resort and Villas is located on one of the most beloved beaches in the bahamas (and some say one of the best in the world).

The resort offers a range of accommodation from two- bedroom villas to one and two-bedroom bungalows, and all the amenities you’d expect. All accommodations are waterfront and steps away from our award-winning beach.

7 Night Minimum Stay During Holiday Season

From December 19th – January 4th guests are required to stay a minimum of 7 nights. This includes stays that begin before December 19th, but still include dates after the 19th. Vacation packages and discounts (Beach Lover’s Package, Luxury Villa Package, Private Pilot Discount etc.) are not available during this time period.

March 1st to April 12th

Vacation packages and discounts (Beach Lover’s Package, Luxury Villa Package, Private Pilots Discount etc.) are not available during this time period.

Meal Plans
Enjoy sumptuous Bahamian and Continental cuisine in the Beach House Restaurant, from freshly caught seafood, to pasta, steak and home-baked desserts.

We offer our guests the option to dine a la carte or purchase a convenient meal plan. Both options offers our guests the ability to order from our full menu. A creative “Kids Menu” is available at lunch and dinner for children 12 and under.

Meal plans include breakfast, dinner and non-alcoholic beverages. Taxes and gratuities are not included.

Breakfast and dinner
$67 USD per (adult)/$31 USD per day (child)

Breakfast, lunch and dinner
$83 USD per (adult)/$39 USD per day (child)

A Picture Perfect Wedding in the Bahamas
The Perfect Day Demands the Perfect Place.

Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort on Long Island, Bahamas is unlike anywhere you have ever experienced. It’s a perfect place for your Caribbean wedding and honeymoon.

Mile after mile of silky-fine sandy beach melts into the warm turquoise water, creating a stunning backdrop for your wedding.

Wedding Planning
Your wedding can take place at practically any location on the stunning Cape Santa Maria property but our award-winning beach is by far the most popular setting. Breanda, your on-site coordinator can help take care of everything, including flowers, catering, decorations, licensing, and photography.

Accommodation for Your Guests and You
All accommodation is literally steps from the most beautiful beach in the Caribbean. Whether you choose beachfront bungalows or luxury villas, each offers uninterrupted views of the Caribbean Sea.

Wedding Packages
Have you always envisioned taking your wedding vows with the white sand of a Caribbean beach between your toes?

Breanda Adderley, our on-site Wedding Coordinator, can help you build the ideal package, whether you’d like a traditional wedding with all the trimmings or to simply renew your vows on the one of the most spectacular beaches in the world.

The Barefoot Beach Wedding Package provides all the necessities for a simple yet spectacular wedding celebration. It is possible to build upon this package to include additional accommodation, catering, music, wedding cake, rentals, photography and really whatever your heart desires.

Getting Married in the Bahamas
We have all the knowledge and experience to ensure your Bahamian wedding day is seamless and stress-free. Marriage licenses can be arranged on Long Island for just $100 for US Citizens and $140 for our European couples. Local marriage commissioners or an Anglican priest are available to perform the ceremony.

Residency Period: Couples can apply a day after they arrive and can be married as soon as they receive their approved license (usually the day after the application)

Proof of Identification and Residency: Both parties must show a valid passport, birth certificate and photo ID as well as evidence of the date of arrival in the Bahamas. The Bahamas Immigration Card or entry stamp in your passport will suffice.

Witnesses: Two witnesses, (at least 18 years old), must sign your marriage license. If it’s just the two of you, we can provide witnesses.

Fees: Commissioner fees are $400. The average cost of a marriage license is $120 and includes one certified copy of the marriage license. Additional certificates are available at $20 each. Apostilles (certifications) are $10 each when required. Prices are subject to change slightly per government requirements.

Divorced: If either party has been divorced, the original final decree or a certified copy must be produced. Where applicable, a translated, certified and notarized copy of the final decree must be produced.

Single Persons: If either party is single and never married before, a declaration certifying this fact must be sworn before a notary public or other person authorized to administer oaths in the country of residence.

This document must accompany the application for the marriage license. The declaration can also be obtained in the Bahamas from an attorney-at-law or notary public.

Widowed: If either party is widowed, the original death certificate or a certified copy must be produced. Where applicable, a translated, certified and notarized copy of the death certificate must be produced.

Jaw-dropping snorkeling expeditions are available at Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort. Glide through the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea and see hundreds of technicolor fish, rays and sea turtles.

Spend the day exploring the local waters searching out trumpet fish, colorful parrot fish and curious scorpion fish. Marvel at the diverse color of soft and hard coral reefs as you skim the surface of these tropical waters.

The snorkeling trips are two and a half hours and include rental of snorkel gear and guidance by experienced, first-aid certified tour guides.

Certified scuba divers will enjoy the diversity of scuba diving available at Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort. Get face to face with colorful fish in their natural environment and explore ship wrecks from days gone by.

Or dive the wall at Conception Island Marine Park — a protected sanctuary that is home to every conceivable underwater plant, mammal and fish.

All scuba diving expeditions at Cape Santa Maria use new and well maintained equipment, and are led by PADI Certified Dive Master, Delbert Smith. Please ensure you have proof of certification prior to making any reservations for diving at the Cape.

Scuba Diving sites include:

  • Barracuda Heads, 25 minutes via boat. See large coral reef formation with swim through tunnel
  • Angel Fish Reef, 20 minutes via boat. See gray & queen angel fish, tiger grouper, spotted and green moray eel.
  • Turtle Heads, 20 minutes via boat. See Hawks bill and Green sea turtles and large sting rays.
  • Flamingo Tongue Reef, 12 minutes via boat. Great for beginner divers. See schools of yellow goat fish, snapper, scorpion fish, sting ray and parrot fish.
  • Comberback, 15 minutes via boat. See a ship wreck over 30 years old. There’s lots of soft coral, sponges, tiger grouper, tropical fish and the occasional Black Tip Reef shark and sea turtle.
  • Conception Island, 85 minutes via boat. Visit the Island Marine Park for lunch and explore the beach. The Wall has forests of Elk Horn Coral, sea turtles, blue parrot fish, reef shark, manta ray, Angel fish, sting rays and more.

Fishing in the Bahamas
The waters off Long Island have some of the Bahamas’ finest saltwater fishing. A variety of sport fish are caught year round.

Whether you wade out to the shallow tidal flats, fish with your family over the nearby reefs, or take a deep sea expedition, the fishing at Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort is often regarded as the highlight activity of a visit to Long Island.

Hovering over crystal clear water eight to twenty-four inches deep, you can spend hours casting into schools of Bonefish visible below. You’ll be amazed by the strength and stamina of the scrappy Bonefish — pound for pound the strongest fighting fish in the world!

For a deep sea adventure, fishing excursions are available with experienced, professional guides. Using ballyhoo, small baitfish and feather hoochies, you’ll fish for trophy-sized beauties like White and Blue Marlin, Wahoo, Kingfish, Tuna, Shark, Dorado and Sailfish. Truly an unbelievable fishing experience.

For those looking for a more low-key family fishing adventure, a reef fishing excursion with legendary Captain Bert ‘You-Gotta-Hook-‘Em-to-Cook-‘Em’ Adderley puts you on the fish.

From a comfortable cruiser, you’ll admire vast coral and rock reefs as your bait attracts Nassau Grouper, Yellowtail Snapper, Horse-eye Jacks, Amber Jacks, Trigger Fish, King Mackerel, Barracuda and Iron Head.

Both deep-sea and reef fishing excursions provide the opportunity to catch your own dinner! Not only will our legendary guides clean and fillet your catch, our culinary team will prepare it grilled, pan-fried or blackened (or all three!) in our oceanfront dining room. The freshest (and proudest!) seafood dinner imaginable.

Take a spell-binding excursion through the rich history, beautiful culture, and extraordinary natural beauty of Long Island. Set aside four or five hours to immerse yourself in the ‘true’ Bahamas.

Guided or self-guided excursions along historic Queen’s Highway takes you to breathtaking vistas, local artisans, island hang-outs, and truly unparalleled natural attractions.

Our front office team can arrange an experienced local guide to provide an historical Bahamian perspective on what drives the pulse of Long Island. Rates are $45/person (min charge $180). Alternatively, rental cars ($79-$95/day) are also available over our front desk for those interested in creating their own adventure.

Columbus Monument
The monument was originally constructed by the Long Islanders Association as a tribute to the arrival of Christopher Columbus on October 17th, 1492.

This spectacular ‘view-site’ perched atop the white cliffs of the Long Island coastline offers commanding views of the Atlantic and Caribbean Seas, lush greenery, and the other-worldly blues and whites of fishing flats below.

Accessibility to this historic site was greatly improved with a road constructed in 2019 making it also a favorite cycling destination from the resort (11.5km, 7miles round-trip). The site offers picnic areas, amazing snorkeling, private beaches, a natural ‘lazy river, and amazing shelling opportunities.

The Shrimp Hole
Behind the spectacular ruin of what may be the oldest church in all of the Bahamas (St. Mary the Blessed Virgin est. 1669), is a well-marked trail to one of Long Island’s less-known natural attractions.

At the end relatively simple 10min hike through the inland indigenous scrub brush is a freshwater limestone cave inhabited by what are thought to be small red Sterrar’s Cave Shrimp – a critically endangered cave dwelling arthropods. It is a unique sight to behold and a great way to break up the drive between the North and South of the Island.

Max’s Conch Bar
This roadside conch shack is perhaps the most famous of all Long Island institutions. The quality of the local cuisine, the strength of their rum punch, and the character of the local patrons make this a must visit on any (and every) Long Island road-trip. Gary, Liz and Karnetha will keep you entertained and ensure you leave full of food, a few great Long Island stories, and a priceless memories of ‘real’ community culture.

If you are visiting as part of a guided Island Tour, lunch is not included in the tour rate.

Hamilton’s Caves
Hamilton’s Cave is the largest cave system in the Bahamas. The Lucayan Indians were thought to have lived here around 500 A.D., and many Lucayan artifacts were discovered in 1936.

The cave is named after the small settlement of Hamiton’s, located south of Salt Pond. It is owned and operated by Mr. Leonard Cartwright, a Long Island native who offers tours through the cave system, with some passages over 15 meters wide and 3 meters high, where he played hide-and-seek with his family as a child. Tours are $20/adult and can be booked through our front office.

Dean’s Blue Hole
Dean’s Blue Hole is the world’s second deepest blue hole. Plunging 663 feet (202 meters) to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, the blue hole is oval at its surface, with a diameter ranging from 80 to 120 feet (25 to 37 meters).

A popular destination for divers and visitors from all over the world, the hole was the location of the recent free diving world record of 274 ft. (83 meters) and home of the Free Diving World Championships.

The Bahamas are home to more species of rare rock iguanas than any other Caribbean island nation. Each iguana species is unique to the island which they inhabit, varying their colors solid gray to a kaleidoscope of green, orange, and red, blue, yellow and pink.

Our spectacular Sandy Cay excursion originates from our very own beach and will take you to their natural habitat and perhaps one of the most breathtaking sandbars off the west coast of Long Island.

The resort’s exclusive Sandy Cay Iguana Tour (9am – 2pm) takes you an hour by boat to explore Long Island’s coast over every shade of Bahama blue imaginable; and then on to the Sandy Cay, home of the iguanas and blockbuster Hollywood movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

On the cay, you will spend some time exploring the island and meet the resident iguanas, wade the shallows with sting rays and lemon sharks and marvel at the majestic pair of Osprey who make their home atop the tallest tree on the Cay.

While you explore, your boat captain and first mate will prepare the sandbar for your beach picnic complete with umbrellas for shade and beach chairs for lounging. You will truly feel you are the first (or last) humans on the planet. The ultimate ‘escape’ and a day you will not soon forget.

Rooms: 30
Price: from 209 EUR per night


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