Ekho Lake House

Asia Sri Lanka
Ekho Lake House - Sri Lanka
Ekho Lake House - Sri Lanka
Ekho Lake House - Sri Lanka
Ekho Lake House - Sri Lanka
Ekho Lake House - Sri Lanka
Ekho Lake House - Sri Lanka
Ekho Lake House - Sri Lanka
Ekho Lake House - Sri Lanka
Ekho Lake House - Sri Lanka
Ekho Lake House - Sri Lanka
Ekho Lake House - Sri Lanka
Ekho Lake House - Sri Lanka
26 December 2022

Built in 1870 as a circuit bungalow for British Government Agents, the Old Polonnaruwa Rest House and once the Queen of England’s holiday destination in the 1960’s, has now been restored and renamed as EKHO Lake House, Polonnaruwa.

EKHO Lake House overlooks the panoramic Sea of Parakrama Samudraya and offers magnificent views of the historic centre of Polonnaruwa’s UNESCO World Heritage site of Kingdoms past.

EKHO Lake House consists of 9 Superior Rooms, 4 Deluxe rooms and the tastefully dressed Royal’s Suite that offer you the rich experience of staying at the original honeymoon suite of the Queen of England in 1954. Stay engulfed in royalty, with contemporary authentic furniture synonymous to Sri Lanka.

The Royal Suite
The Royal Suite named in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s visit to the resort in 1954. Stay engulfed in royalty, with contemporary Sri Lankan design mixed with tudor style authentic Sri Lankan furniture.

This air-conditioned suite is with an outdoor Jacuzzi, a private terrace and private dining facilities all with a panoramic view of the great lake. Personalized butler service is a special service feature of the suite.

04 spacious rooms with a panoramic view of one the largest man made lakes in the world and beyond the borders of the Minneriya National park are specially designed for the discerning traveler. All rooms are air-conditioned with four-poster queen size beds and large toilets etc, designed in aesthetic colors.

Lake View – With a view of the great lake Parakrama Samudraya, these 5 rooms are located with a veranda and garden terrace in front of the rooms to revel on the stunning vistas and the life on the lake all day.

Designed in aesthetic colors, with large queen size beds these air-conditioned rooms are a perfect blend with the location. Ancient View – With a view of the Ancient Ruins of kingdoms past, air-conditioned and designed in aesthetic colors perfectly blending with the location.

The overall Food and Beverage experience has been conceptualized keeping in mind that all guests will expect a varied and eclectic dining experience. A team of food and beverage specialists have taken care to plan for menus offering simplicity, creative infusions and universal flavours in all the areas be it at our dining hall or be it during a private dining experience.

Service is warm, personalized and attentive. The restaurant enjoys uninterrupted panoramic views of the lake. Guests have an option to stay indoors or sit out in the open deck, here the time of the day and weather play an important role.

Since Polonnaruwa enjoys a tropical and dry weather most of the year, with June to August being a period of rainfall and high humidity, the restaurants and bars have a centre space to relax and enjoy.

The all day dining restaurant opens early to offer breakfast for the early risers but also awaits the later risers. Time stands still here and guests dine at times when they choose to dine.

This restaurant offers guests a choice to dine inside the restaurant or choose amongst the seating outside on the deck with a panoramic view of the Lake if you are inhouse. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner it offers a variety of pan Asian to continental flavors.

Sri Lanka is a nation rich in culture and history. EKHO Lake House lies at the center of two of the nation’s historic capital cities: Polonnaruwa & Anuradhapura. Step out of your hotel room and explore the awe-inspiring architecture of ancient Sri Lanka.

Gal Viharaya
Gal Vihara (rock temple), is where hard rock softens and amazes one’s mind! No wonder an acclaimed UNESCO world heritage site. This bears testimony to excellent rock carving out of solid granite in Sri Lanka. The four images carved out of a single massive slab bring to life the serene and subtle expressions of the Buddha and graceful flow of the robes.

The carvings exemplify the marvelous use of the natural marbling in the rock emphasizing its natural hues. The 7m tall standing Buddha and the 14m long reclining Buddha statues depict entering of parinirvana (nirvana-after-death).

Ruins Of Polonnaruwa
Located approx. 230 km from Colombo in the North Central, Polonnaruwa is second only to historic Anuradhapura served as the island’s capital from the 11th to 13th centuries.

This contentious capital resembles a cosmopolitan blend of South Indian Hindu and Sinhalese Buddhist cultures; was the throne of the Parakramabahu I the Great (1153-1186 AC) who captured Polonnaruwa and ruled the entire island, then a flourishing commercial and religious center. He and King Nissanka Malla constructed many architecture marvels including temples and palaces.

View the manmade mini ocean-like giant lake, the Parakrama Samudraya named after the great king who built it in an endeavour to fuel an agriculture-based economy ; The statue of King Parakramabahu I gazing the lake, and the ruins of the Royal Palace of King Parakramabahu which are said initially to have 7 stories and 1000 chambers, walls thick up to 30 feet /9 meters.

Polonnaruwa Archaeological Museum with miniature models of the King’s palace, rooms dedicated to the fortress, the outer city, the monastery area, replicas of a local hospital for monks and medical instruments and Hindu monuments etc – a live link to the past!

Sacred City Of Anuradhapura
Your stay here is worth a visit to once the sacred city of Anuradhapura with historical and archaeological values – quite distinctive to those of Polonnaruwa.

Some must-sees are the Sri Maha Bodhi (Sacred Bo-Tree) under which Prince Siddhartha attained to enlightenment over 2,500 years ago and is the oldest historically documented tree in the world, the perfect ‘bubble shape’ Ruwanweli Seya (2nd century BC), the ‘Samadhi’ Buddha statue (4th century AD) encapsulating the deep meditation posture and the Isurumuniya rock temple (3rd century BC) legendary for its rock carvings.

Website: www.ekhohotels.com
Rooms: 8
Price: from 343 EUR per night


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