The Frangipani Tree Sri Lanka

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The Frangipani Tree - Sri Lanka
The Frangipani Tree - Sri Lanka
The Frangipani Tree - Sri Lanka
The Frangipani Tree - Sri Lanka
The Frangipani Tree - Sri Lanka
The Frangipani Tree - Sri Lanka
The Frangipani Tree - Sri Lanka
The Frangipani Tree - Sri Lanka
The Frangipani Tree - Sri Lanka
The Frangipani Tree - Sri Lanka
26 December 2022

The Frangipani Tree is an intimate, elegant beach sanctuary with 9 exquisitely furnished suites in 3 villas. It is located on the West end of Thalpe bay on a long stretch of secluded and picturesque beach.The Frangipani Tree is sun, sand, trees, culinary, sensuous and spiritual indulgences.

Each of the suites has stunning ocean views and is appointed with modern and elegant custom furnishings, four-poster beds with beautiful linens, covered terraces and verandahs with sun beds and private dining tables.

An impeccable personal service caters to every whim of the guests.The Frangipani Tree is an improbable juxtaposition of simplicity and luxury overlooking the turquoise Indian Ocean.

Olive Ridley Upper
Olive Ridley Upper Two is one of the most spacious suites at the hotel and has an indoor bathroom and easily the best views. We can easily fit 2 extra beds in the room while maximum adult count allowed is 3 Pax; and thus a great suite for families as well as couples due to amazing view.

Olive Ridley Beach Room
Olive Ridley Beach Room is a fantastic suite with plenty of room and is most suitable for families with infants as it has indoor bathroom and is located on the ground floor. The suit can also accommodate a baby cot.

Leatherback One is just next to the swimming pool. The suite is cosy with slightly low ceiling but amazing outdoor bathroom. It has a shower covered with a roof, and also features a bath tube located in the garden. The suite enjoys private terraces with a great view.

Hawksbill One
The suite enjoys panoramic ocean views, outdoor living spaces, private dining, hair-dryer and designer bathroom amenities. The bedroom features a four poster bed, a sofa-bed, an armchair and a desk with a Bawa designed leather chair. Exquisite linens and a choice of pillows are also available.

Exclusive Occupancy
Why not reserve the Frangipani Tree complex for exclusive use! All individually designed suites are available exclusively for your event and included in the rate. Entertain your guests across the three villa complex with nine luxurious suites, equipped with modern amenities.

Weddings In Sri Lanka
The Frangipani Tree is a stunning place to stage a beautiful and chic wedding on the beach or in our gardens overlooking the ocean with a choice of ceremonies such as Buddhist, Hindu, Christian blessing or a registry.

The living room and the surrounding terraces of Olive Ridley, overlooking the Indian Ocean, are the magnificent venues for an intimate ceremony and wedding lunch or dinner.

Honeymoon in Sri Lanka
The second storey suite in Olive Ridley is the most beautiful suite to start a passionate honeymoon. A large four poster bed draped with swathes of Muslin nets, wrap around daybeds overlooking the turquoise ocean, a contemporary bathroom with a hand made sunken bath and open views of the ocean make an ideal setting to cherish your sacred vows.

Cinnamon Experience
Cinnamon was discovered in Sri Lanka by Portuguese. They Identified it is a wild tree, researching its benifits and designing method to cultivate and harvest it. In time cinnamon cultivation and export became one of our prime assets as Sri Lanka produces 90% of world’s supply of true cinnamon.

This spice is used in savoury foods, has a fragrant aroma and is incredibly benificial for health, frequently in traditional ayurvedic remedies. Cinnamon isn’t as well known as its tea export counterpart. Many that live in and visit Sri Lanka are sure to see tea plantations and tea pluckers.

Cinnamon cultivation is very unique process, also a scarcely known operation. It is truely a one of a kind experience that is both interesting and different, but if we cannot get your attention with knowledge, then may be the cinnamon infused teas, cocktails or biscuits, 4 course lunch might be more appealling.

Cinnamon Experience with Lunch
If you have worked up an appetite with the cinnamon walk or simply traveling in for a meal, then book yourself in for a carefully curated 4-course Cinnamon in-fused lunch that lets you experience the true potential of the spice applied to food.Choose between Asian & Western cinnamon inspired cuisine prepared by our experienced chefs.

Top your experience o with what is probably the best and the only authentic Cinnamon Ice Cream on the island! For groups larger than 20 pax, additional tables and amenities can be provided, subject to timely bookings and availability.

Cinnamon Sunset Tea
Everyone can identify with a fragrant garden, with thebeauty of a sunset and with the quiet of nature. Watch the sun go down in the between the hills with breathtaking scenic views. Indulge in cinnamon infused high tea or your favourite cocktails and unwind the friends or loved ones.

Cinnamon Event
Catering to large groups, the Cinnamon Experience isn’t just informative, it is also a hands-on once in a life time experience. We encourage participants to get their hands alittle dirty and strip down some Cinnamon sticks for them selves as our ancestors have done over centuries. experience is followed by a buet lunch or you may choose to indulge in a 4-course meal.

Rooms: 9
Price: from 250 EUR per night


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