Meda Gedara

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Meda Gedara Sri Lanka
Meda Gedara Sri Lanka
Meda Gedara Sri Lanka
Meda Gedara Sri Lanka
Meda Gedara Sri Lanka
Meda Gedara Sri Lanka
Meda Gedara Sri Lanka
Meda Gedara Sri Lanka
Meda Gedara Sri Lanka
27 August 2021

Welcome to Sri Lanka’s finest villa Meda Gedara, our tropical home, our utopia. After years of careful planning and intense scrutiny into what makes the perfect family villa, our 7 bedroom, beach front hideaway has been described by the travel industry’s most discerning experts as “the most beautiful villa in Sri Lanka”.

Explore our world of laid-back luxury, with a team of staff and private chef, a yoga shala, a cinema and a kids TV room. Let us take care of your every whim whilst you kick back and relax in paradise.

Set in beautiful sculpted tropical gardens with a split level pool, deserted beach and panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. Make Meda Gedara your own for the ultimate holiday.

There are local yoga teachers who can come and guide your practice in our beautiful ocean facing yoga shala, if you would like to practice daily or just once please make us aware in advance so that we can ensure it is all arranged in time for you stay.

There is a brilliant local masseur who can come and massage or pummel out any of your stresses or knots.

From the Owners

We first came to Sri Lanka in 2012 and fell in love with the island straight away. Our great friend Sebastian took us along the coast road to see some land he was selling near Dikwella.

We bumped along the track and pulled up at a derelict bungalow; as we looked down through the jungle to the turquoise sea we were in awe. Before our holiday was over we had already set the plans in motion to make this patch of paradise our own.

Within a week of being back in the UK, we had the children’s Lego out and used the pieces to create a plan of our dream Sri Lankan home. This was one Lego model that the children were not going to take apart.

The land has now been transformed into a breathtaking colonial villa boasting 7 bedrooms, sculpted tropical gardens, a yoga shala and two swimming pools.

We threw ourselves into designing every single aspect of the project and have taken meticulous care in such fine detail such as the shape of the staircase, the style of the balustrades, the height of the lights and even the direction of the floorboards.


Throughout our experience of building Meda Gedara we have had serendipity on our side. A word strongly associated with Sri Lanka, it means ‘a fortunate surprise’.

From buying the land from our friend Sebastian, to meeting a fellow Cheltonian, Oliver Francis, an experienced Project Manager living in Galle whom had previously lived but a stone’s throw from our Gloucestershire home in the UK.

Oliver introduced us to another Cheltonian, David Kenyon, an Architectural Designer based in Colombo. With their network of local companies and craftsmen we were able to carry out the project with professional experience and incredible talent.

The interior design follows a theme of relaxed luxury – or what the magazines might term ‘Colonial Chic’. Much of the furniture was sourced from auction houses throughout the UK, however many items including the beds and veranda furniture have been handmade locally in Sri Lanka.

The Professionals

With 10 years experience in Sri Lanka, Oliver Frances, our project manager was perfectly positioned to drive the project from inception through to fruition; his experience ensured we were protected from so many of the difficulties associated with building in the Tropics.

David Kenyon, our Architectural Designer, has spent the last 4 years meticulously discussing every single design detail, passionately assisting in developing the project from the Lego prototype to what you see today.

It would not be unusual to spend 20+ hours a week on Skype, screen sharing plans and renders, ensuring the perfect design: the architraves, the door mechanics, the hinges, the grouting, the shape of the windows, the depth of fret, electrical layouts and light switch locations – which were all in fact a nightmare!

But where are we? In Sri Lanka, with the most remarkable team of labourers, craftsmen and engineers of all skills and life learnt trades.

The real thanks for the incredible hard work, patience and indisputable hard graft lies at the door of the building contractor, Southern Construction & Engineering and their cast of hundreds, combined with the numerous sub-contractors and suppliers who worked tirelessly through countless challenges and variations to deliver our dream.

Meda Gedara. ‘The Middle House’. Somewhere between here and there, connecting you and them. To meet, to laugh, to love and remember.

Perfect harmony

As soon as you step through the antique temple doors, the attention to detail is immediately obvious. From the stunning tiles, magnificent teak staircase, vast windows and extraordinary etched mirror through to the delightful elephant mural which encompasses the villa motif, the energy in the villa is remarkable.

Meda Gedara is a haven of calm sophistication, each step unveiling more original artworks, antique furniture and breathtaking views down through the tropical, landscaped gardens and over the split level pools to the turquoise ocean beyond.

Culinary adventure

We have travelled extensively throughout Sri Lanka and really believe that the most relaxing experience for villa guests is to be presented with a daily set menu, rather than having to choose what you want to eat each day.

Please take a look at our menus; as you’ll see they highlight a variety of Sri Lanka’s most delectable flavours. We have created a culinary adventure that will introduce you to the finer flavours of Sri Lankan cuisine, allowing you to relax, indulge and experience an unforgettable gastronomic holiday.

If you are celebrating a special occasion and would like a birthday cake or something specific just let us know and we can arrange it for you. If you have any dietary requirements, special requests or wish to eat from the vegan & vegetarian menu’s, then please let us know prior to your arrival.

Fun for all

Meda Gedara was designed specifically for family holidays so there’s more than enough to keep all ages entertained all day long, in the villa, in the garden, in the pool or on the beach, being bored isn’t an option!

The great outdoors

The tropical garden is stunning, the wild beach at the bottom is breathtaking and the split level swimming pool complete with 74 foot water flume is unbelievable.

There’s a heavenly yoga shala looking out to sea, and there’s even an umpire’s hut in which to sit and watch the garden cricket match. It’s so thoughtfully designed; it’s family utopia.

… and the brilliantly designed indoors

Meda Gedara is packed with entertainment. We have kitted out this cool haven with fun and games of all descriptions, cards & board games and other entertaining facilities for you and your family to use whenever you wish.

Our cinema room is popular with parents and children alike and the air conditioned kids’ TV room is indispensable, providing plenty of entertainment for the children – parents can just look through the cunning ‘peep’ window without disturbing them to see what’s going on in there!

Yoga & wellbeing retreats

Take yourself on a journey of relaxation, fitness and delicious food that will energise your mind, body and soul.

You can wallow in the beautiful, luxurious surroundings, enjoy guided yoga practice, explore the rich culture and incredible scenery. At the end of the day you’ll enjoy a candle lit dinner whilst watching the sunset dance upon the Indian Ocean.

Meda Gedara’s peaceful spirit is the perfect place for you to unwind and connect with your own wellbeing. We try not to be too serious about things, this is a holiday after all – being happy and having fun is highly recommended!

Foodie Retreats

Join our Chef on a culinary journey that will tantalise your tastebuds and give you a deep understanding of the flavours of Sri Lanka. As well as perfecting some of the classic dishes that he puts his personal touch to, he will teach you to be adventurous with techniques.

Meda Gedara is the perfect location to indulge in all things delicious and enjoy lovely long meal times before a super relaxing afternoon spent dozing in a hammock or perhaps having a competitive game of table tennis. Your time is your own to create the perfect retreat for you.

Birthdays & Celebrations

We love to celebrate, let us know about your special occasion and we will help you plan your perfect day, stay or holiday.

Team Spirit

Everybody loves to feel valued and sometimes rewarding your team is just what’s needed to say ‘THANK YOU’. Meda Gedara is the perfect location to whisk your team away to.

For those on a bonding, team-building exercise, there’s plenty of space to work in teams or independently and with so many alternative activities on offer we can help tailor make a package to suit your needs.

There’s surfing, cultural trips, market visits, local cooking lessons, yoga sessions, massages or temple visits, or you might just want days spent relaxing by the pool, there really is something to suit everyone.

Let us help you design the perfect trip for your key workers so they return to their desks feeling highly rewarded, relaxed, revitalised and above all really motivated.

Weddings & Blessings

Meda Gedara is a blissful place for intimate celebrations for up to 20 people. Ceremonies can be on the beach, on the pool terrace or on the lawn then indulge in a magnificent feast and fireworks. It’s easy for us to arrange the entire event for you.

The sensational South coast

Meda Gedara lies at the Southerly most tip of Sri Lanka, between Matara and Tangalle. It’s a 3 hour drive from the airport. 1 hour drive from Galle and 1km from Dikwella. The village is called Polgahamulla which means ‘Coconut corner’

Surfing, sightseeing, visiting temples, turtle hatcheries or fantastic restaurants, there’s an abundance of days out available along the south coast.

Whether it’s Galle Fort for a day out, Unawatuna for water sports, Hiriketiya Bay for surfing or take a flight in a sea plane as a special treat! Explore the boxes below to discover our personal recommendations.

Polgahamulla Beach

The beach at the bottom of the garden is quite lovely and still so untouched, it’s perfect for walking, building sandcastles and taking photographs.

Some of our guests love nothing more than a brisk morning walk for an hour to the end of the beach and back, building up an appetite before breakfast. Families can spend whole days building huge sandcastles and crashing through the tremendous waves.

Hiriketiya Bay & Talalla Bay

Hiriketiya is the surfer’s paradise and it’s also very safe swimming for all, found off the beaten track only 10 minutes away from Meda Gedara.

Driving through the coconut plantations you suddenly come to a horseshoe bay, which is perfect for taking surfing lessons, sunbathing or relaxing with a cooling drink (and the pizzas from Mardy’s place are delicious!). Undeveloped and unpretentious – this is Sri Lanka at its finest.

Talalla Bay is a gentle curve of golden sand lapped by the very gentle waves. Only 10 minutes drive (in the other direction) away from Meda Gedara, there’s lush vegetation and bendy coconut palms surrounding the beach. It’s very, very peaceful.

Wewurukannala Viharaya Temple

The temple is a short 1.5km tuk tuk ride away from Meda Gedara and the 50m high seated Buddha figure, the largest in Sri Lanka doesn’t disappoint. The shear magnificence of this beautiful symbol sits within the coconut palms and is often surrounded by worshippers.

The sweet smell of jasmine fills the air, a contrast to the hall of horrors you pass through before reaching the Buddha. Complete with life sized models of demons and sinners being punished in boiling cauldrons, sawn in half and disembowelled!

It is a reminder of what happens if you disobey the path towards enlightenment, an important message from Wewurukannala Viharaya states, ‘don’t stop in the middle, for a serene paradise awaits just on the other side.’

Mulkirigala Raja Maha Vihara Rock Temple

Only a 45 minute drive from the villa is another one of Sri Lanka’s remarkable temples. Mulkirigala Raja Maha Vihara is an ancient Buddhist temple built on a 205m high natural rock, surrounded with another four rocks known as Benagala, Kondagala, Bisogala and Seelawathiegala.

It has strong similarities with both Sigiriya for its height and rock structure and Dambulla for it’s caves and paintings so if you want to get two for one this is a must!

Dondra Devalaya Temple

Only 10 minute drive from the villa, this is the temple that you can see from the road as you drive through Dondra. Dedicated to God Vishnu, said to be the Guardian God of Buddhism, this is a popular spot for Pilgrims all year round.

The temple is the major event site of the annual Esala Perahera festival held in July. To enter the temple site you pass through magnificent gates, many of the buildings are painted beautiful blue to represent the lotus associated with God Vishnu. This temple can be combined with a trip to see the Dondra Lighthouse.

Handunugoda Tea Estate, Tittagalla, Ahangama

You can’t travel to Sri Lanka and not visit a tea plantation. Handunugoda is a 45 minute drive from Meda Gedara and could easily be visited en route to Galle. Handunugoda is a family owned tea estate in Tittagalla, Ahangama.

Which has won international recognition producing the famous ‘Virgin White Tea’ which is untouched by hand! This charming estate is the perfect location for a morning stroll through the plantations complete with, rubber, cinnamon and coconut trees.

Take a tour up to the plantation house and stop by for a visit to see the working museum where some of the machines are 140 years old, they can still be seen working today!

Galle Fort

A visit to Galle Fort is a must during your stay, It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site within a hours drive of the villa. Galle Fort is a beautiful 18th century Dutch walled town with an endlessly exotic boho – chic atmosphere, but which is being developed so rapidly now that it’s loosing some of its dilapidated old charm.

There are tropical and historic sights around every corner. Punctuated with a lighthouse at one end and huge entrance arches in the rampart walls at the other end.

Hidden amongst the tiny cobbled street are boutique shops and galleries with heady aromas of spices, grand colonial town houses there’s buzz of energy in the salty air. With so much versatility, there is something for everyone when exploring Galle.

Dondra Lighthouse

A 15 minute drive from Meda Gedara you’ll find the small town of Denvundara, home to the Dondra Head Lighthouse. The lighthouse was built in 1889 by the British and stands 54 m high; it is still working today guiding ships to safety.

The lighthouse is positioned in the most beautifully manicured gardens. The view from the top of the lighthouse is breath taking; make sure your feeling energetic to climb the 196 steps to reach the top!

Star Fort

Star Fort is a miniature version of the Dutch Forts around Sri Lanka, giving you a good understanding as to how they were designed and built.

It’s in very good condition and if you’re interested in history or archaeology then it’s well worth a visit. Leave about 40 minutes to give yourself enough time to investigate the mechanics of the drawbridge!

Hoo-maniya Blow Hole

The Blow Hole is a natural wonder, only 25 minutes drive from the villa. It’s a cliff and rock formation that mysteriously shoots spouts of water straight into the air.

The extent of the pressure is dependent on the tides and the wind but time it right and you’ll see water spurting up to 100 foot into the air, so it’s best to go on a windy day and during high tide.

There’s an entrance fee for foreigners and a large, modern visitor’s center. To get to the viewing platform there is a climb up the cliff but the view is worth it when you get there.

Website: www.medagedara
Rooms: 7
Price: from 200 EUR per night


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