Jetwing Vil Uyana

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Jetwing Vil Uyana Sri Lanka
Jetwing Vil Uyana Sri Lanka
Jetwing Vil Uyana Sri Lanka
Jetwing Vil Uyana Sri Lanka
Jetwing Vil Uyana Sri Lanka
Jetwing Vil Uyana Sri Lanka
Jetwing Vil Uyana Sri Lanka
Jetwing Vil Uyana Sri Lanka
Jetwing Vil Uyana Sri Lanka
Jetwing Vil Uyana Sri Lanka
27 August 2021

As a luxurious sanctuary in Sigiriya, Jetwing Vil Uyana stays true to the regal history of its magnificent surroundings.

Located in a well-travelled region of Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle, our neighbours include world-renowned national parks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites – all readily accessible when you stay in the exclusive habitats at our home of Sri Lankan hospitality.

Jetwing Vil Uyana is situated in the Central Province of Sri Lanka, five hours away by road from our capital city of Colombo. As you escape the bustle of urban pockets on your journey, the landscapes transform into verdant plains such as the reclaimed agricultural lands of our home.

Our historical neighbourhood of Sigiriya is located in close proximity to the junction city of Dambulla; providing convenient accessibility to destinations around the island should you wish to extend your Sri Lankan adventure.

Our symphony of natural habitats has inspired 36 dwellings built with the sustainable fusion of rustic nobility, and modern amenities in world hotels.

In Sigiriya, luxury accommodation designed around our five thriving eco-systems of garden, marsh, paddy, water and forest are comparable only to its eponymous rock fortress of legendary opulence.

Each dwelling at Jetwing Vil Uyana is named after the natural habitat that surrounds it, inspiring distinct characteristics of eco-luxury for your absolute comfort.

For instance, our five Garden Dwellings of varied sizes each enjoy a sense of originality; yet share the pleasure of a private lounge area to immerse you in our teeming landscapes, while the five Marsh Dwellings proudly look over the neighbouring scrublands – two of which feature the luxurious addition of a private plunge pool for an ambience of natural invigoration.

Continuing to pay tribute to our surrounding habitats, the twelve Paddy Dwellings not only feature private plunge pools, but also an expansive timber deck overlooking acres of lush paddy fields, which also provide for us at Jetwing Vil Uyana.

The four Water Dwellings are also built in a similar manner, stilted over the resident lake with lily pads. Finally, the ten Forest Dwellings built from earth and stone are the epitome of eco-luxury at our home of Sri Lankan hospitality, with two spacious levels and a private swimming pool.

All dwellings have been designed with sustainable local materials including woven reeds and rattan for an atmosphere of natural elegance, complemented by a number of modern amenities for your contemporary lifestyle.

In addition to plush luxury bathtubs, each dwelling also features the standard essentials of air conditioning, satellite TV with an accompanying DVD player, a mini bar, as well as tea and coffee making facilities along with a high-end BOSE Home Entertainment System in all but the Garden Dwellings.

The Epitome of Verdant Luxury
Amidst our secluded forest habitat which stretches up to the edge of Dambulla, hotel and countryside merge in the form of ten two-storey dwellings, each with ample sleeping, living and dining areas for you to indulge in.

And just for a good measure – a private swimming pool, both in tune with the sounds of nature and in line with the style of your room’s sophisticated décor.

Each Forest Dwelling at Jetwing Vil Uyana is built from the strength of earth and stone, and remains a sustainable icon of eco-luxury across our island with the inclusion of every modern amenity for your absolute comfort at our home of Sri Lankan hospitality.

In the vicinity of cultural cities such as Sigiriya and Dambulla, hotels and homes have built their lives around the ancient lakes of Sri Lanka.

At Jetwing Vil Uyana, we built our own lake for your modern tastes, complemented by four rustic havens dressed in woven reed for an experience of contemporary-rural Sri Lankan hospitality.

Each Water Dwelling at Jetwing Vil Uyana features a spacious private balcony to enjoy the serenity of our surrounding habitat.

The sustainable design of each room adds to the atmosphere of tranquility, and is complemented by modern luxuries such as air conditioning, a satellite TV, mini bar and more, for your absolute comfort by our lake.

Free Floating In Two Marshland Abodes
Opt for two of our exclusive Marsh Dwellings for a different perspective of the Jetwing Vil Uyana reserve. Take a dip in your private plunge pool and wade amidst the rising scrubland in absolute tranquility at our home of Sri Lankan hospitality.

These two luxurious Marsh Dwellings have been designed to offer you the finest in eco-luxury with the fusion of rustic décor and modern amenities.

Flawlessly complementing our surrounding landscapes, the sustainable interiors not only bring you closer to nature, but also ensure you remain reassuringly comfortable with contemporary facilities such as air conditioning, a bathroom with hot and cold water, tea and coffee making facilities, and more.

Five Verdant Cocoons of Lush Luxury
While surrounded by all the comforts of a modern hotel, Sigiriya and its ancient pleasure gardens have also passed down unspoiled greenery from an eternal connection with nature, which you can absorb in each of our Garden Dwellings at Jetwing Vil Uyana.

Each of these five verdant cocoons of lush luxury is designed with rustic décor that seamlessly complements the surrounding environment.

A haven for budding naturalists, the Garden Dwellings are built to immerse you in our fertile landscapes with the pleasure of a dedicated open-air lounge area, along with modern amenities such as air conditioning, satellite TV, a plush bathtub and more.

Our fortunate habitation in between some of Sri Lanka’s greatest cultural and natural charms have inspired four unique dining experiences at Jetwing Vil Uyana. From the starlit foliage to the frescoes of Sigiriya, restaurants here bring their own delights to complement the exclusive luxury haven around you.

At Apsara, indulge in fine dining amidst the exclusive habitats of Jetwing Vil Uyana.

With a selection of à la carte and set menus that offer you cuisines of the world along with specialties of our own, your taste buds are bound to be in for a treat at the open-air ambience of our main restaurant which looks over the lake and surrounding environments, with the majestic Sigiriya Rock Fortress in the distance.

Sulang, on the other hand, is our more laid-back café, which is ideal for relaxing in the cool breeze that travels through our habitats. While best frequented for a selection of light refreshments, the nearby Grafitti Bar serves as an alternative with its range of exquisite spirits.

Inspired by the famed frescoes of Sigiriya, the Grafitti Bar is a serene watering hole, fittingly located next to a pond filled with blue lotus flowers that adorn the aquatic habitat while you kick back with a drink in hand.

Finally, as a staple pleasure of Jetwing hospitality, our exclusive sanctuary also offers seven distinct Signature Dining experiences should you wish to enjoy your meals a little differently.

Each of our experiences take place across various settings including the spa, a tree house, a quiet hill, and more to create a dining atmosphere found nowhere else.

Whether you decide to wine and dine upon the fertile lands nurtured by our farmers for generations, or within the luxuriously sustainable interiors of your dwelling, we look forward to serving you an unforgettable dining experience in our home of Sri Lankan hospitality at Jetwing Vil Uyana.

Lakeside dining across Sigiriya Rock
Apsara is the ideal respite for fine dining in ecological luxury, complete with the pleasures of our home of Sri Lankan hospitality.

As the majestic scenery serves a view of fortified Sigiriya, resort to our hospitality with an exquisite selection of Western, Asian and authentic Sri Lankan cuisine served at our main restaurant by the serene lakeside habitat.

Unwind in ecological luxury
Sip or snack at our breezy café, immersed in our natural reserve so comfortingly unusual for hotels. In Sigiriya, Sri Lanka, or anywhere in the world, an appetite for light refreshment is best satisfied in a casual atmosphere.

And for your good fortune, we have effortlessly embodied the very same ambience here at Sulang Café – a relaxing hangout spot where you can order from any dining option on our property.

Where bygone craftship meets modern spirits
Situated beside a peaceful pond of blue lotus flowers, the Grafitti Bar is inspired by the ancient artistry from the rocky fortress that looks down on Sigirya hotels.

Sri Lanka, with this enchanting heritage, beautifully blends with our private eco-systems to give you a fascinating beverage experience through our bar’s selection of local and international spirits, cocktails and mocktails.

For novel dining experiences in the most exclusive sanctuary on Earth
Choose from our seven tailor-made Signature Dining experiences to make the most of the exclusive sanctuary around you.

No matter which habitat you prefer, indulge in international gourmet dining or exotic local concoctions amidst imaginative natural settings that are bound to leave you mesmerized in our home of Sri Lankan hospitality.

Tree House Dining
Set atop the rising greenery of Jetwing Vil Uyana, a quaint wooden alcove for two overlooks our exclusive sanctuary with the soothing chirps of birdlife and quiet rustling of leaves to complement your meal.

Kamatha Dining
“Kamatha” is a sacred space in Sri Lankan folk culture, used by farmers to thresh paddy. Sri Lanka’s history of paddy cultivation spans from around 900 BC.

When at Jetwing Vil Uyana, not only can you witness this ancient collaboration between man and nature, you can live amidst paddy-fields as well as dine on traditional local cuisine, just like the farmers do, sitting on straw mats laid on these sacred grounds

Lawn BBQ Dining
Surrounded by lush greenery and the majestic lake in the background, the lawn, lit by fire torches, is the ideal location for your family or group of friends to gather, bond and share tales, while savoring the most delicious BBQ meals carefully prepared by our talented team of chefs.

Sri Lankan Classical Evening with Chef
Be a part of an intimate gourmet dining experience every Saturday evening with our ever so talented Executive Chef Mahesh and a local villager, as they curate the most delectable classical Sri Lankan dishes right in front of you.

Cellar Dining
Sometimes the most romantic dining setups can be found in cellars. Not just any cellar, but a full-fledged, stacked-to-the-ceiling, intimate and rustic wine cellar that serves as an exclusive and well-appointed dining space for couples seeking complete seclusion and privacy.

Rekindle passion with your loved one while enjoying a delectable dinner paired with the finest wines from our diverse and impressive wine collection.

Spa Dining
Candlelit dining for two, with fine wines and signature dishes in a tranquil pocket of our soothing wellness sanctuary where the ambience has been crafted to be luxuriously private.

At Jetwing Vil Uyana, the luxuries of our sanctuary are the ideal respite for your active lifestyle.

As you immerse yourself in the natural environment that surrounds us, indulge in a variety of amenities that promote wellness and overall harmony for your mind, body, and soul during your vacation at our home of Sri Lankan hospitality.

Indulge In Luxurious Spa Experiences
Unwind in the Balinese Ayu Spa at Jetwing Vil Uyana – a blissful haven designed to promote ultimate relaxation and invigoration for your mind, body, and soul.

Allow our trained Balinese therapists to transport you on a journey of momentary tranquility, through a range of signature spa treatments that range from massages to scrubs and more, at our home of Sri Lankan hospitality.

Contemporary Comforts in Sustainable Luxury
Rustic luxury meets contemporary living in a refreshing evolution of Sri Lankan hospitality at our hotel. Sigiriya and its environs have provided us with a distinctive environment, designed for you to experience the array of facilities available at Jetwing Vil Uyana.

Across our lush habitats, our friendly associates will always be at your service. With daily housekeeping, dedicated laundry facilities, and room service until midnight, rest assured that your stay in any one of our dwellings is bound to be a comfortable one.

For added pleasure, we also offer a quaint library with a selection of books and DVDs for you to indulge in from the privacy of your room, or a number of wellness facilities such as a gym, pool, and spa to ensure a healthy lifestyle throughout your holiday with us.

The vast expanse of our lush landscapes is a luxury in itself, with an abundance of activities to experience both within and beyond our premises. Bicycle rides can be arranged to our surrounding regions, while a helicopter landing area is also available on-site should you require it.

Finally, a hotel boutique is also present at Jetwing Vil Uyana for retail therapy, while our dedicated wine cellar is available for you to choose one of our finest liquid accompaniments to unwind in the serene natural reserve at our home of Sri Lankan hospitality.

A Harmony of Love and Nature
Our rural pastures serve as a sublime setting for an intimate wedding in the Sri Lankan countryside. With the experienced hospitality of our wedding hotels in Sri Lanka, the luxurious biodiversity of Jetwing Vil Uyana, and your romance to last a lifetime, this exotic setting is truly meant for a marriage in paradise.

Choose from three distinct wedding packages that start from USD 1750 per couple, and work with our dedicated planners to ensure you create the wedding of your dreams.

We are also flexible in accommodating special requests, especially with a number of additional options available, in order to give you and your significant other the finest wedding in the most exclusive sanctuary on Earth.

From the heart of our Cultural Triangle, ancient tales of romance have been shared far and wide. Some have been intimate, some have been legendary, but every one of them has been memorable.

Instinctively, this spirit remains a legacy in each one of us at Jetwing Vil Uyana, which we proudly carry forward to create your one-of-a-kind wedding at our home of Sri Lankan hospitality.

Your Gateway to a World of Sri Lankan Adventures
Treat yourself to a selection of curated experiences hosted by Jetwing Vil Uyana, designed to showcase the best of Sri Lanka’s cultural and natural wonders to the world with our signature touch of celebrated hospitality.

Our home of Sri Lankan hospitality enjoys the luxurious benefit of being located near most of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites on our island – the closest of which is the legendary Sigiriya Rock Fortress.

Built in the 5th Century, the monumental granite icon of Sri Lanka rises above the surrounding jungles with a veil of history and mystery.

Just beyond, the Dambulla Cave Temple is regarded as one of the best-preserved temple complexes in the country, while the ancient civilisations of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa lie further north, with the last kingdom of Kandy is found south of our home.

A notable mention is the Pidurangala Rock, which neighbours Sigiriya, and is an alternative climb that offers fantastic views of the historic fortress. As a resident of our famed Cultural Triangle, Jetwing Vil Uyana is not only at the heart of our Sri Lanka’s history, but also in the midst of our abounding wildlife.

For instance, the Minneriya National Park located in our neighbouring region is known for The Gathering – a spectacular wildlife phenomenon that sees hundreds of elephants congregate in a single location.

Towards the northwest, our oldest reserve at Wilpattu National Park is known for its endemic leopard population across the largest protected area in Sri Lanka, while the seas off our eastern coast are renowned for its resident population of dolphins and blue whales between March and September each year.

Closer to home, the Rangirigama Birding Trail is considered one of the best open aviaries in Sri Lanka with hundreds of endemic and migratory birds in the blue skies, while the habitats of Jetwing Vil Uyana themselves are home to an abundance of exotic flora and fauna such as the Fishing Cat.

Accompanied by our resident environmentalist, you have the option of experiencing our on-site wildlife trail through our surrounding environments, on an adventurous nocturnal walk, or on the signature Loris Night Trail found nowhere else in Sri Lanka.

Armed with harmless red light emitting headlamps, our environmentalist will introduce you to the habitat of our resident nocturnal primate at the Loris Conservation Site under the night sky, helping you listen for its calls and understand its behaviour to spot the elusive mammal in an environment that is a sanctuary in itself.

The Best Place for Loris Night Trail Sightings in Sri Lanka
The private biosphere of our property shares a habitat with the elusive Grey Slender Loris, a nocturnal primate hidden in the scrublands beyond your dwelling.

Known for its protruding eyes and nimble limbs, the loris scavenges for insects and berries above the trees on a moonlit trail that has been carefully designed for you to observe the rare creature in its natural habitat.

Accompanied by our resident naturalist, a quiet evening walk takes you through the streams and bamboo bridges of our lush forest eco-system to the Loris Information Centre and Conservation Site.

Equipped with harmless red light emitting headlamps that reflect off the characteristic eyes of our resident loris population, your silent search may even be prized with a close-up encounter of this fleeting species.

Peaceful Coexistence in Our Shared Habitats
Upon transforming these once-barren hinterlands, Jetwing Vil Uyana emerged as one of the most flourishing private reserves in the region.

We now share a home with over one hundred species of wildlife including amphibians, birds, insects, mammals and reptiles, which you will often encounter in any one of our five exclusive habitats. From the open deck of your dwelling, our purpose-built environment envelops you in a natural paradise.

Our wildlife trail covers approximately 1.5 kilometers, and is bound to delight you with an abundance of exotic creatures such as the crimson rose butterfly, brahminy kite, grey squirrel or even the incurious crocodile that wallows in the marshes beyond our restaurant.

The Centerpiece of Our Regional Skyline
Rising above our biosphere in the distance sits the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sigiriya, otherwise referred to as ‘Lion Rock’. Often overlooked as a wonder of the ancient world, Sigiriya was built by King Kasyapa at the end of the 5th century as a testament to his powerful reign from a palace in the skies.

As one of the finest examples of ancient architecture in the world, Sigiriya presents timeless Sri Lankan innovation in the form of fortified moats and lush water gardens with advanced irrigation systems characteristic of our early kingdoms.

Perhaps most famously however, are the iconic Sigiriya frescoes painted within a cavity on the western face, preserved as cultural treasures of traditional Sri Lankan art and hospitality.

Enroute to its summit of royal ruins, you will also encounter the Mirror Wall adorned with 7th century graffiti and the magnificent Lion’s Paws, which overawe any visitor to the original entrance of King Kasyapa’s aerial fortress.

A Wild Spectacle Found Nowhere Else
During the dry season months of May to October every year, hundreds of Asian Elephants gather at the tank of the Minneriya National Park, one hour away from our hotel.

Coming from all corners of the North Central Province, the ‘Gathering’ of elephants showcase Sri Lanka’s harmonious relationship with nature in all its glory.

Recognised the world over as one of the greatest wildlife spectacles on Earth; this phenomenon of pachyderms also provides a majestic insight into their natural behaviors.

As they graze and laze on fresh grass from receded water, observe these gentle giants in close-knit herds that grace Minneriya and its other tropical inhabitants, including monkeys, deer, buffaloes and even over 160 species of birds.

Our Historic Land of Lakes
Three scenic hours away from Jetwing Vil Uyana is Sri Lanka’s oldest and largest national park, Wilpattu.

The Mahavamsa, our ancient chronicle, also details the significance of this historic land as the landing point of the Indian Prince Vijaya who, in union with the Sri Lankan Princess Kuveni, founded the Sinhala race of the island.

In our shared spirit of natural magnificence, Vil Uyana also shares a portion of our name with the revered Wilpattu, which is derived from the vernacular terms ‘villu’ and ‘pattu’, translating to the ‘Land of Lakes’.

The magnetism of these watering holes across the parkland draws inhabitants both endangered and endemic, including the famous ‘big three’ of Sri Lanka – the Asian elephant, the Sri Lankan sloth bear, and the Sri Lankan leopard.

Exotic safaris through the coastal plains of Wilpattu take place over a course of 9 hours (half day) or even 14 hours (full day), depending only on your enthusiasm for the legendary wildlife awaiting your presence.

Once a Sacred Refuge, Now a World Heritage Site
Nestled upon a rocky summit 160 metres above the central city of Dambulla, this UNESCO World Heritage Site features sanctified caves with centuries of tales that have shaped the five immaculate Buddhist shrine rooms open for visitors today.

A 14-metre rock state of the Lord Buddha sits in the Devaraja Lena, otherwise known as The Cave of the Divine King. The adjacent Maha Raja Vihare, also known as the Cave of Great Kings, perpetuates the Buddhist veneration with 56 statues of the Lord Buddha and other deities.

The same cave houses a large statue of the ancient King Valagamba, who took refuge in these very caves for fourteen years due to a South Indian invasion, but upon regaining power of his kingdom, converted them to the sacred site we know them as today.

The Maha Aluth Vihare, or Great New Monastery features paintings and states from the more recent Kandyan period, while the Paccima Vihare and Devana Aluth Vihare offer further devotion into the Buddhist lineage of Sri Lanka, with 153 images of the Lord Buddha and over 1,500 ceiling murals to elegantly complete the historic cave complex.

Our Open Aviary
A mere 15 minutes from the Vil Uyana ecosphere is a bordering haven for endemic and migratory birds. Rangirigama boasts over 120 recorded species, accounting for nearly a quarter of all bird species present in Sri Lanka.

Led by our resident naturalist on a lush trail through provincial paddy fields, you will settle upon the banks of the Rangirigama Lake – which is not only a hotspot for migratory birds in winter seasons, but also some of Sri Lanka’s iconic species including the common kingfisher, peacocks, egrets, brahminy kites and purple coots to name a few.

Rarer birds such as the fish owl, green pigeon and hornbill also soar through Rangirigama, above their wild cohabitants such as the marsh crocodile, grey langur and toque macaque who have also made this habitat their home.

The Hill Capital of Sri Lanka
Set in a comfortable pocket of the central highlands, the historic city of Kandy has seen it all. The last royal kingdom of Sri Lanka proudly prevented foreign invasions by the Portuguese and Dutch, but eventually fell to the British at the turn of the 19th century.

In close proximity also sits the blossoming Peradeniya Botanical Gardens, which is home to over 4500 species of trees and plants. The enchantment of this city however, comes many years prior to its colonial history.

When a treasured tooth relic of the Lord Buddha was smuggled into Sri Lanka in the 4th century BC, it endured centuries of devout protection until finding its permanent home in Kandy’s iconic Dalada Maligawa, also known as The Temple of The Tooth.

Earning a devout standing in Buddhist records, this city welcomes visitors from the world over to appreciate the fortunes of a bygone era, from the refurbished remains of a royal palace to the annual Esala Perahera – an illuminated procession of elephants, drummers and dancers who exhibit the gilded casket of the tooth relic through the streets of Kandy for an experience you will never forget.

The Heart of Our Ancient Civilisation
As an ancient capital of Sri Lanka for over a millennium, Anuradhapura remains one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Here, the crossroads of island history and mystery combine to serve you eight cultural marvels built upon our regal Sri Lankan heritage.

Anuradhapura’s ageless skyline is made up of magnificent dagabas, including the brilliantly white Ruwanwelisaya, the skyscraping Jetavanarama, the verdurous Abhayagiri, the noteworthy Mirisvetiya and Lankaramaya, and finally Thuparamaya – the oldest dagaba in Sri Lanka, said to shelter the right collarbone of the Lord Buddha.

Surrounding these grand symbols of Buddhist veneration are also the well-preserved ruins that earn Anuradhapura the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, including sites of hospitals, monasteries, advanced irrigation systems and palaces such as the Lovamahapaya (Brazen Palace).

Perhaps most significant to the Anuradhapura however, is the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi at the heart of the ancient kingdom. This sacred Bo Tree was brought to Sri Lanka in 236 BC as a sapling of the tree under which the Lord Buddha gained enlightenment, making it one of the oldest surviving trees in the world.

The Majestic Capital of Three Kings
Another ancient kingdom, another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Polonnaruwa played host to the royal seat of the Sri Lanka between the 11th and 13th centuries AD, and today, invites you to discover its pristine ruins of palaces, ponds, monastic complexes and Buddhist dagabas.

With dynasties invaded by South Indian forces, many of Polonnaruwa’s wonders exhibit influences of both countries in a unique amalgamation of culture and architecture.

Its everlasting brilliance can be traced back to the reign of the three kings: Vijayabahu I, Nissankamalla I, and Parakramabahu I, who is celebrated for creating the Parakarama Samudraya (Sea of Parakrama) – the gleaming aquatic centerpiece of Polonnaruwa which continues to be a primary water source for irrigation in the region.

On the eastern banks of the historic reservoir, the archaeological ruins of Polonnaruwa draw visitors from around the world.

Stately complexes such as the once seven-storey high royal palace, and the terrace of the tooth relic surround other notable ruins such as the Vatadage (circular relic house), Gal Vihara (rock temple of large Buddha statues) and Galpotha (stone inscriptions) among an abundance of serene artifacts from previous kingdoms.

An Ancient Monastery In The Shadow Of An Ancient Fortress
Before King Kasyapa constructed his fortified palace upon Sigiriya, a number of monks resided within the royal grounds to be.

To accommodate his kingdom in the clouds, the king graciously relocated the monks to the adjacent rock formation of Pidurangala in the 5th century AD, where he built a humble temple and monastery amidst a religious complex of dagabas and temples at its base.

Today, Pidurangala serves as an alternative, or additional climb to Sigiriya with panoramic views of the ancient fortress and the surrounding landscapes.

Enveloped by foliage from all sides, the gentle ascent consists of irregular steps that lead to a landing which houses a large reclining Buddha statue, now considered to be the oldest one built in brick within Sri Lanka.

Beyond the landing, your adventure is led by no defined path, but a natural instinct that draws visitors to the open summit of Pidurangala and its breathtaking vistas of the region.

Aquatic Spectacles of Magnificent Proportions
During the months between March and September, the north-eastern coast of Sri Lanka comes alive with cetacean magnificence as whales and dolphins congregate in the azure waters of Trincomalee.

From Swami Rock, this is perhaps the only place in the world where you can catch a glimpse of blue whales from land, as they cross the submarine canyon in the distance.

For closer encounters in their natural habitat, energetic species such as spinner, bottlenose, striped and Risso’s dolphins will escort your journey by boat. And on lucky days, you may even spot a killer whale in the warm tropical waters around you.

Rooms: 30
Price: from 265 EUR per night

27 August 2021

28 August 2021



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