Ryokan Suzukane Fukushima

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Ryokan Suzukane Fukushima - Japan
Ryokan Suzukane Fukushima - Japan
Ryokan Suzukane Fukushima - Japan
Ryokan Suzukane Fukushima - Japan
Ryokan Suzukane Fukushima - Japan
Ryokan Suzukane Fukushima - Japan
Ryokan Suzukane Fukushima - Japan
Ryokan Suzukane Fukushima - Japan
Ryokan Suzukane Fukushima - Japan
Ryokan Suzukane Fukushima - Japan
4 January 2022

All suites of the Ryokan Suzukane are even more luxurious! It has been renewed to be completely warm and warm.You can feel the warmth of a modern tree with bare feet.

Even more popular dishes are upgraded, and the chief chef who has been selected as one of the “Best 4” in Japan for Inn with popular breakfast luxurious kaiseki cuisine using seasonal ingredients.Please enjoy local sake.

Your room will be healed by listening to the courtyard, which has a variety of atmospheres every season, and the sound of leaf swaying by the wind. Please enjoy a “tranquil moment for only two people” surrounded by rich nature.

There are seven separate rooms with the image of “wisteria, indigo, Seiji, Rikyu, incense, cherry blossom, silk” centered around the courtyard that shows various expressions depending on the season.

Each is gathered up with interior decoration with a color tone associated with the image, and also sticks to the harmony with the scenery reflected outside the window. All the rooms are equipped with a natural hot spring bath.


The theme is “Fujimurasaki”.Coordinated with elegant, noble and gentle wisteria colors that are loved by Japanese people for a long time. It has become a sophisticated high-quality space.

Next to the cypress-made inner bath there is a small boxy garden and you can spend a relaxing time in a Japanese atmosphere. ( Japanese style room: 14 square meters + 1 square meter/Living room: 34 square meters/Bedroom: 25 square meters/Japanese cypress bath)

Kaiseki cuisine
Cook disentangling my mind ….Leave the daily hustle and taste delicious food with important people in a relaxing time. Together with exquisite dishes made by our chief chef.

Every taste produced using the carefully selected ingredients of the season selected with certain eyes, while making a desperate effort while wishing for the comfort and happiness of customers is all natural and all are authentic taste. Meals will be served at the restaurant on the 2nd floor.

We serve delicious breakfast to our guests using the ingredients chosen as much as supper as much as dinner. The introduction menu is an example.The content of the dish will vary depending on the season and ingredients.

We won numerous awards including the famous breakfast Tohoku Tournament championships and the Zen Nippon Kankonsousai Gojokai Excellent Work Award and the Koriyama City Award fot Skilled Person of Merit Award.Menu and dishes that I invented are also introduced in many industry magazines.

Hot Springs
Bandai Atami Onsen also known as “Hagihime-no-yu”.Origin of that name is in the beautiful Hagi Hime of the principal who lived in Kyoto Northern and Southern Dynasties Period the Northern and Southern Dynasties Period.

Hagi Hime had been suffering from an incurable disease is, one day, listening to the revelation of “complete recovery if indulge in Rijssen located on the banks of the five hundred knots to the more capital Tohoku side” of Fudomyo-oh, the Bandai Atami while overcoming the difficulties of many Arriving on the ground, it is said that the incurable diseases are completely recovered.

Nowadays, it is Bandai Atami Onsen many people as “Bijin-no-yu”, Bandai Atami Onsen.

Ryokan Suzukane, you can enjoy an open-air bath with each of men’s and women’s hot springs, in addition to the inner hot spring (stone · cypress) of natural hot spring in each room.

It is an alkaline simple hot spring, the touch is well transparent.It is said to have a beautiful skin effect, it is said to be good for burns, trauma, skin diseases.In addition, sauna for unisex is also fully equipped.

Body lymphatic treatment
A detox course that warms the body and drains lymph throughout the body. It uses oil that promotes the excretion of toxins in the body, warms it, and drains lymph. It is a highly detoxifying treatment, so it is more effective to take a lot of water and sweat in a hot spring.

Body oil treatment
Course that relaxes the stiffness of the whole body and relaxes the mind. It is a relaxation treatment that uses aroma oil to relieve the stiffness of the whole body and relieve physical and mental fatigue. It is recommended to warm up in the hot spring first and then massage to make it easier to loosen the stiffness.

Website: www.suzukane.com
Rooms: 7
Price: from 520 EUR per night


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