Ryokan Sanso Tensui Oita

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Ryokan Sanso Tensui Oita, Kyushu - Japan
Ryokan Sanso Tensui Oita, Kyushu - Japan
Ryokan Sanso Tensui Oita, Kyushu - Japan
Ryokan Sanso Tensui Oita, Kyushu - Japan
Ryokan Sanso Tensui Oita, Kyushu - Japan
Ryokan Sanso Tensui Oita, Kyushu - Japan
Ryokan Sanso Tensui Oita, Kyushu - Japan
Ryokan Sanso Tensui Oita, Kyushu - Japan
Ryokan Sanso Tensui Oita, Kyushu - Japan
Ryokan Sanso Tensui Oita, Kyushu - Japan
4 January 2022

If you go a little into the mountains from Fukuoka you will find the Japanese inn Sanso Tensui. The wood construction Japanese-style architecture creates an atmosphere that lets you experience the authentic charm of Japan.

Sanso Tensui features Sakura Falls, a famous spot of Amagase, the main building that emphasizes the location along the flow of the Goraku River, open-air baths, private baths, and Japanese-style rooms.

In 2017, special suites with spacious terrace, open-air bath, and indoor bath were completed. Please enjoy the hot springs and food in the private space without being bothered by anyone else to your heart’s content.

Various trees are planted on the vast site along the mountain stream. Walking among the trees that almost cover the building, you pass the approach from the parking lot to the entrance. At the front desk, the large rocks that have stood there for many years welcome you as sculptures that symbolize the inn.

There are three types of rooms: general Japanese-style rooms, Japanese-style rooms with an open-air bath, and special suites with two rooms, a terrace, an indoor bath, and an open-air bath.

In this relaxing Japanese-style space, we provide yukata, Japanese clogs, and towels and amenities for the hot springs. Please select the room type of your choice when making your reservation.

It is our pleasure to offer this genuine kaiseki cuisine, prepared by a chef who studied for many years at a long-established Japanese restaurant in Kyoto.

There are two open-air baths (men and women), two indoor baths (men and women) and five family baths (private baths) at the inn. Each bath faces a mountain stream and you can see the river side of the Goraku River, and the brilliant and beautiful Sakura Falls.

Please relax and enjoy your hot spring as you sense the change of the seasons in this location that immerses you in nature. Climb the long staircase to find Takimian on the hill overlooking Sakura Falls, featuring open-air baths with scenic views for men and for women.

Guests can use the five private baths free of charge. All the baths offer a spacious feeling thanks to the semi-open construction facing a stream.

Luxurious selection of food “The taste of Bungo”

We proudly offer our customers ingredients such as Oita’s brand beef Bungo beef, Oita kanmuri jidori with concentrated umami, natural sweet fish, and meaty wood-harvested shiitake mushroom using cooking methods that bring out their authentic flavors.

Classic kaiseki course meal of the month
We offer a full meal starting with a hassun, traditional Japanese appetizer full of the colors of the season, followed by sashimi of fresh fish, a main dish of local brand beef, a bowl dish of soup – the core of Japanese cuisine, delicious freshly cooked local rice, and dessert.

These delicacies are prepared with the utmost care to provide you with a highly satisfying dining experience.

We offer a separate drinks menu. We have a wide selection consisting of draft beer, wine, sparkling wine, shochu, sake, shochu highball, non-alcoholic cocktails, juices and so on. Our beer is sent directly from the Sapporo Beer Hita Brewery.

Please enjoy the well-balanced Japanese-style breakfast with both hot and cold dishes including salad using fresh vegetables, handmade tofu, seasonal grilled fish, rolled Japanese-style omelette, warm simmered dishes, handmade pickles, freshly cooked rice, Oguni Jersey milk, and yogurt.

We can serve you breakfast after you check out at 11 am. Even if you enjoy a lot of sake the night before and stay up late, you can get up at your leisure the next morning and enjoy your hot spring until check-out.

Website: www.tensui.net
Rooms: 19
Price: from 367 EUR per night


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