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Villa Geba Montenegro
Villa Geba Montenegro
Villa Geba Montenegro
Villa Geba Montenegro
Villa Geba Montenegro
Villa Geba Montenegro
Villa Geba Montenegro
Villa Geba Montenegro
Villa Geba Montenegro
Villa Geba Montenegro
6 April 2021

Nestled on the cliffs of Sveti Stefan stands a hotel, made of stone and marble, reflecting Montenegro’s dramatic landscape. Lavish interiors & Lush gardens blend in a safe haven apart from the crowd.

Subtle mix of modern design and chic bohemian style, the Villa transpires bliss and evergreen luxury. A Perfect retreat to relax and unwind or dance the night away. The choice is yours…

Blessed by Geba, goddess of eternal youth, a new Olymp awaits for a celebration of pleasure, elegance and beauty. A splendid journey between the comfort of your Suite, delicious treats and ultimate pampering, all for the joy of an eclectic lifestyle. From Hellenic spirit to contemporary charm, it is a brand new world to discover…

Four Suites and a standalone Villa where stylish design, grand volumes & cozy corners draw a colorful palette of various nuances for oneself to match to his own character… Wonders & inspirations lead to your private adobe, each with a distinctive spirit: Energy, Sensuality, Purity, Mystery or Unity – Loose yourself in this rare universe…

At the soothing sound of drizzling fountains, indulge for a moment and let yourself go in a place dedicated to well-being. A tranquil oasis where water is altered; steaming bath and sizzling ice rejuvenates your body and soul. Knowing hands await with genuine care – The ultimate pampering experience is there…

Under the tutelage of Chef Olivia Meli, who has a profound respect for organic produces and sustainable farming methods, Muse Restaurant elevates Montenegrin traditional components to create a tasteful experience familiar to French gastronomy. Her passionate cuisine paired with a true “Boutique” wine list and hand crafted cocktails takes you on a journey to tantalizing flavors

Montenegro is a true marvel of nature. It has become a prized destination, particularly thanks to the famous bay of Kotor, its shoreline dotted with fishing villages and small islands, not to mention the lakes and mountains.

As Karl Lagerfeld used to say: “Nothing is more modern than Antiquity” … The fashion designer’s maxim perfectly describes Villa Geba, a contemporary residence on the shores of the Adriatic. Between the blue skies and the wild landscape, the view here is breath-taking.

The location is perfect for taking one’s time to regroup and regenerate. For us, the perfect décor tells a story, is audacious, finds balance and maintains harmony. Here, each element seems to have been gleaned from the past and naturally reinvented, giving the location’s minimalistic ambiance a touch of chic elegance.

Despite the establishment’s distinct architectural influences, it perfectly integrates its surroundings without altering them in the least. Experience a true luxury hideout, loose yourself in the paradisiac setting and let your dreams come true.

Villa Geba serves as a tranquil hideout filled with relaxation and bliss or an extravagant affair of lavish exuberance. It transforms itself around its guests and desires and boasts eight, uniquely designed suites of the highest luxury ranging in size from 80m² to 120m².

The inspiration to offer such a diverse experience hails from the Montenegrin saying ‘one hundred people, one hundred temperaments’ with each suite speaking to a different human spirit, personality and state of mind. Discover our suites for a truly luxurious experience.

Villa Appolonia
Appolonia is a 180m² stand alone, duplex villa boasting four contemporarily designed rooms. This exclusive residence features an inviting, open-plan layout and stunning, private views of Sveti Stefan and the Adriatic sea.

Its style is minimalistic and fresh with a colour palette that reflects hues of the sea and sand below. Watching the majestic sunset from Appolonia’s private, spacious terrace is a glorious way to take in the beauty of this villa.

Suite Salma
The Salma suite instantly transports its guests to the lavish riads of Morocco with luxurious, Moorish decor and grand, traditional style archways.

Large, inviting sofas central to the room are the perfect place to relax and take in its breathtaking features. From hammam inspired bathrooms to an expansive terrace overlooking Villa Geba’s stunning infinity pool, this palatial suite is the most perfect oasis.

Suite Harmonia
The Harmonia suite flaunts an airy and light atmosphere that effortlessly welcomes sea breezes rolling in from the Adriatic.

Pure white tones hail as the predominant colour palette in this room and large outdoor beds line its tranquil terrace. Paying tribute to Greek goddess Harmonia, the features of this suite symbolise balance and purity.

The pleasure of the senses
Muse is Villa Geba’s exclusive restaurant and home to a skilful pairing of French gastronomy and the best products Montenegro has to offer.

The dishes that we put before our guests are not merely consumed, they are felt with each and every one of their senses and we offer our guests the chance to discover something unique and blissful with every bite.

Catering to each individual taste is also really important to us. Guests often bring with them a desire to indulge in the comfort foods that help them to settle in and unwind. We revel in the opportunity to give them this gift. Villa Geba is a home away from home after all.

Learn to master the essentials of gastronomic or traditional cooking in intimate classes conducted by the best chefs around. Thematic choices or tailored sessions with hands-on practice followed by the degustation of your dishes at Muse Restaurant.

With Olivia Méli, Executive Chef of Muse Restaurant
Prepare one seasonal Amuse-bouche, Entrée and Main Course while learning the essential techniques of French Gastronomy. Tips and tricks from a Michelin star trained chef are sure to level up your skills in the kitchen!

With Predrag Petranović, Sous-Chef of Muse Restaurant
Meet with the Montenegrin farmers and producers at the covered market in Bar with a true local as your guide. Predrag will introduce you to the local delicacies with on the spot degustation before heading back to the hotel with your basket filled with fresh traditional products to cook a Montenegrin feast!

Geba’s Spa
Drawing on the natural elements of earth and water, Villa Geba’s Spa is an extension of the beautiful world around us. The infinity pool effortlessly melts into the sea below and the spa’s earthy, soft tones, trickling fountains and idyllic views make our guests feel like they have just discovered a Montenegrin paradise.

Our spa facilities include a luxurious jacuzzi, hammam and sauna, as well as signature treatments featuring french beauty and wellness brand, Terrake.

From a hot stone massage to a regenerating anti-aging plant scrub, any guest will be instantly transformed by this serene oasis and if ultimate indulgence is what they are desiring, our featured Vestal Ritual and God and Goddess Heaven treatments are the perfect resolve.

So whether you are staying with us in the hotel or are simply seeking to escape the outside world by stepping into an afternoon of indulgence, a visit to the Villa Geba spa is an unforgettably divine experience.

Take care of yourself during a dedicated day of healthy goodness and pampering experience by combining the benefits of delicious healthy food and exclusive Spa treatment by Terraké.

With Olivia Méli, Executive Chef of Muse restaurant Chef Olivia has mastered the art of combining healthy diet and delicious goodness. Let her guide you through the world of superfoods, energy and nutriments where your plate serves as medicament. As Hippocrate once said ‘’Let food be thy medicine!’’

By TERRAKE, French health and beauty specialist
Terraké is internationally renowned for its deep connection with nature contributing to better health and rejuvenation. Embrace your beauty ritual with your preferred face or body treatment: “EXPRESS DE BEAUTE” or “VEGETAL LUXURIANT

Destination Montenegro
Despite the country’s small size, Montenegro is full of hidden treasures. Here we offer you a list of exceptional sights that are just waiting to be discovered, from century old cities to pristine national parks.

Sveti Stefan
The famous island is a must-visit. It is part of the nearby town of Budva and is connected to the mainland by a large sandbank.

This ancient fishing village was fortified during the 15th century and within the ramparts are medieval streets that immediately transport visitors to the past. Reminiscent of France’s Mont St Michel, Sveti Stefan is one of the most prized destinations on the Adriatic coastline.

The Bay of Kotor
Guarding the entrance to the Bay of Kotor, Herceg Novi flows down the hillside towards the sea. The fortified city still exhibits traces of its extensive past. After being destroyed by an earthquake in 1979, the historically impenetrable medieval fortress of Kotor rose from its ashes.

Discover a unique and fascinating location which has since been classed as a Unesco World Heritage Site. The city’s trendy atmosphere is fuelled by local festivals and culture, attracting visitors from all over the world.

On the south-facing bank of the inner Bay of Kotor, this tiny city is built around a central street, forming a white stretch between the dark waters and tree-covered hills. Discover Perast’s many beautifully designed baroque palaces and magnificent churches.

The Ancient Town of Budva
Nested behind ramparts on the Adriatic coast with its bay facing the nearby peninsula, the old town of Budva hasn’t aged a day! The top of the citadel offers an unequalled view of the rooftops below. Don’t forget to visit Saint-Sava Church.

Ostrog Monastery
This striking building was erected during the 17th century and carved out of the Ostroska Greda ridge. Situated inland, it is the most visited monastery in the Balkan region. Its stunning white glow stands out at the foot of an impressive rocky cliff.

It is a sacred sanctuary for Orthodox Christians and a place of pilgrimage, particularly during the Assumption. To reach the monastery, one must follow a narrow road up the cliff.

The inside of the monastery is made of two small caves, which were restored after a fire broke out in 1923. Here, one can admire frescos by Master Radul who used the cave walls as a canvas to depict classical religious scenes.

The city of Ulcinj has both south-Mediterranean and oriental influences. It embodies a crossroads between cultures and therefore offers an absolutely unique atmosphere.

Its amphitheatre structure is stunning and the old town has been completely restored. At night fall, the local nightclubs bring out the town’s unsuspected effervescence.

Durmitor National Park
In the north-west of Montenegro lies Durmitor National Park, a pristine natural area boasting sharp mountain peaks such as Bobotov Kuk sitting at 2,523 m tall. If you are looking for large spaces and the sense of freedom that goes with them, this is the place for you.

Lake Skadar National Park
Lake Skadar is the second largest lake in Europe and has been classed as a national park. Located in the south-east of the country, its vast marshy landscapes are a great nesting ground for birds. The road along the southern coast to the border with Albania is absolutely spectacular.

Lovćen National Park
Mount Lovćen (‘the black mountain’) is a sacred location for the people of Montenegro. Situated several kilometres inland, the location offers an unbeatable view of the Bay of Kotor.

The national park is home to the Njegoš mausoleum; an exceptional monument built in honour of the Bishop-Prince Petar II Petrović Njegoš. The site is guarded by two giants carved out of granite. The many trails in the area are sure to impress any hiker.

Cetinje is located not far from Lovćen National Park. It used to be a miniature capital in the region during the 19th century, before being dethroned by today’s Podgorica.

Though the town’s embassies and parliament have long been deserted, many ancient palaces are still standing today. This cultural town is brimming with history so a museum tour is definitely a must.

Morača Monastery
Nestled near a waterfall in the gorges of the Morača River, the eponymous monastery boasts a stunning collection of frescoes and icons from the 13th and 14th centuries.

Scenes from the life of the prophet Elijah are signs of the Byzantine pictorial tradition in the region. Morača Monastery is one of the most frequented religious sites in all of Montenegro.

Tara Canyon
The gorges of the Tara River are considered the longest in all of Europe, stretching 78 km into the country’s mountainous north. This awe-inspiring experience is on par with the Grand Canyon with a most impressive view from the riverbed and the opportunity to take a rafting ride down the river.

Biogradska Gora National Park
Biogradska Gora National Park is hidden amid the Bjelasica Mountains in the north-east of the country. The park spans 56 km² and is renowned for its beautiful and accessible summits.

Take a Sunday stroll and discover Lake Biogradsko as it pierces a hole through the pine forest. One can practice a variety of different spots on the icy lakes nestled amongst the heights of the park.

Rooms: 8
Price: from 335 EUR per night


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