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Molori Safari Lodge
Molori Safari Lodge
Molori Safari Lodge
Molori Safari Lodge
Molori Safari Lodge
Molori Safari Lodge
Molori Safari Lodge
Molori Safari Lodge
Molori Safari Lodge
Molori Safari Lodge

Molori Safari is situated deep within the Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa’s North West Province, bordering Botswana. The secluded lodge offers absolute privacy, while taking in breathtaking views of the Dwarsberg Mountains and the expansive Madikwe valley.

At 75 000 hectares, Madikwe Game Reserve is South Africa’s fifth largest Big Five game reserve, but offers so much more than the Big Five. Madikwe is home to the Super Seven, which includes all Big Five species as well as cheetah and wild dog.

There are an estimated 400 wild dogs still surviving in South Africa and a large concentration of these are thriving in the Madikwe habitat. The reserve is also home to some 350 recorded bird species

Madikwe Game Reserve is home to the endangered African Wild Dog and has the highest concentration of rhino in Africa. Conservation is an active and important part of life here.

Molori Safari works closely with Madikwe Game Reserve in its rhino conservation efforts and guests can by arrangement be part of an extraordinary hands-on rhino tagging experience, participating in the notching, DNA sampling and micro chipping of the rhino’s horns. Guests can also participate in dog tracking experiences and learn more about this extraordinary and highly endangered species

Molori Safari comprises five unique open-air suites, thoughtfully distanced from one another to offer absolute privacy. They include: two premier suites (Ngwedi and Lesedi), one family premier suite (Sephiri) and two presidential suites (Metsi and Molelo).

All suites have floor-to-ceiling retractable glass walls, opening onto a private deck and swimming pool. Additional features and amenities include: fireplace, minibar, Nespresso machine, spotter scope, wireless Internet, outdoor shower and air-conditioning. The presidential suites also feature a kitchen and dining area, a study, walk-in dressing room and guest bathroom

The Molori Safari main lodge comprises four dining areas, a library, a large living room and bar. The living room and bar areas open onto an outdoor deck featuring a hot spa bath and twin infinity pools. A rim-flow chilled spa bath is also situated on the highest mountainside deck for optimal wildlife viewing.

Guests can unwind with a cocktail, a book or a cigar on Molori’s many relaxation decks, including the prized reading and star decks which also feature comfortable daybeds.

The main lodge library offers a large selection of popular books, and a well-equipped humidor with a fine selection of imported cigars (available at an extra cost). Also available in the main lodge is satellite TV and DVD player.

Madikwe has hot, wet summers and cool, sunny winters. Summer daytime temperatures average around 31°C (88°F) and winter daytime temperatures average around 22°C (72°F). Summer evenings are comfortable with an occasional breeze and winter evenings become quite chilly with temperatures dropping as low as 2°C (35°F).

The rainy season begins around October and runs through to April with heavy rainfall occurring between November and February. The dry season or winter months begin around May and run through to mid-September.

Activities offered by Molori Safari are diverse, satisfying your hunger for adventure and your yearning to connect with nature and your inner world. Activities include game drives, wild dog tracking, bush walks, super seven by night, rhino tagging (subject to availability with the Madikwe Conservation committee) and stargazing.

Wellness activities include spa treatments, a sauna and steam room, heated spa baths, plunge pools and private swimming pools. There is also a junior ranger programme for children, culinary classes and an array of dining experiences to choose from

Molori’s cuisine is under the direction of gourmet chefs inspired by both Eastern and Western influences and combines the best of local produce and international trends. The finest South African wines and top-shelf liquors accompany all meals – the lodge also has a spectacular collection of fine imported wines and special vintage whiskeys and cognacs available for guests at an additional cost

Private charter flights with our preferred charter companies can be arranged to Madikwe Game Reserve’s private airstrip from either Johannesburg O.R. Tambo International Airport, Grand Central Airport or Lanseria International Airport.

Guests wishing to arrive incognito may request the use of a private helicopter, which flies directly to Molori’s own helipad from O.R. Tambo International Airport. Molori Safari is also able to assist with the booking of door-to-door transfers in luxury vehicles

Molori Safari is situated within a malaria-free zone and is a child-friendly venue; children of all ages are welcome, but may be restricted to some activities. For electrical appliances, the residential voltage is 220v. Molori Safari accepts all credit cards.

Africa is entering a new era of optimism. Conflicts are down, democracy is spreading and economic growth is accelerating. This decade has the potential to change Africa’s fortunes. But only a confident continent can rise to the occasion.

A continent that can confidently gaze to the future because is has overcome huge adversity in the past. A continent that teaches its younger generations about its dynamic and complex history to ensure that mistakes from the past are not repeated.

A continent that is optimistic. A continent that finds and celebrates its successes, that shouts about its good news. And by doing so help to instill self confidence in others to do the same and more.

A continent that innovates. A continent that understands that its true potential can only be unlocked by a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. A continent where people are encouraged to dream big, to think the impossible.

Madikwe Game Reserve is also home to the highest concentration of rhino in Africa and rhino conservation is an active part of life here. Molori Safari is committed to rhino conservation and, through the Ichikowitz Family Foundation, works closely with Madikwe Game Reserve as well as SANPARKS, covering the greater Kruger National Park.

The Foundation provides both parks with specialised equipment and Molori’s field guides assist Madikwe with night patrols and are available for immediate dispatch should an incident occur.

One of the key focus areas of the Ichikowitz Family Foundation is the environment and within in this the area of anti-poaching intitiatives across the continent.

In Madikwe itself the Foundation has been involved in working closely with the Provincial Park and its CPU (Count Poaching Unit). It is fact that the success of a team of field rangers can be directly attributed to the training and equipment they have that enables them to operate effectively for long periods in the bush.

The Foundation has helped achieve this objective by ensuring the unit has been fully trained and has provided them with full field combat kit. This includes uniforms, combat gear, communication equipment, combat lights and cutting edge sighting technology.

The Foundation in association with Molori has also assisted in the rhino notching programme – this has been highly successful with almost all the rhino in the park having been notched thereby providing the correct intelligence in order to support the rhino conservation effort in the park.

The Foundation has also been vital in supporting SANPARKS (South Africa National Parks) assisting with donation of high level equipment and training.A GAZELLE was donated by the Ichikowitz Family Foundation as part of an ongoing capacity building partnership announced almost one year ago.

The Foundation previously donated a Seeker MKII Surveillance aeroplane, which has been operating in the Kruger National Park since December 2013. The GAZELLE has been purposefully configured and will vastly increase areas that can be traversed and has additional equipment to increase aerial support. It has a maximum airspeed of 310km/h, a range of 670km and service ceiling of 5000 meters.

The GAZELLE will bring the advantages of a light attack helicopter to the aid of SANParks Anti-Poaching operations the minute it takes to the air. This together with the efforts of the Foundation in Africa demonstrates a high level commitment to drive the awareness and drive action in ensuring that Africa’s hertiage is preserved.

Molori Safari is also involved in rhino tagging efforts and guests can by arrangement be part of an extraordinary hands-on rhino tagging experience. Guests participate in the notching, DNA sampling and micro chipping of the rhino’s horns.

This allows the park to identify and track rhinos and keep an up to date database of all rhinos in the park – necessary measures in deterring and impeding poachers. Guests can work on the ground with the vet and ecologist, in close proximity to the sedated rhino, or take to the air in a helicopter during the rhino search.

Madikwe Game Reserve is home to the endangered wild dog, the second most endangered carnivore in Africa after the Ethiopian wolf. There are fewer than 6000 remaining in Africa, although some estimates put their numbers at about 3000. The current population of wild dogs in South Africa is estimated at less than 400.

These intelligent, highly interactive, and cooperative predators move in packs of between six to twenty, though larger packs were more common before they dogs became endangered. The pack is usually dominated by a monogamous breeding pair; the female has a litter of 2 to 20 pups, which are cared for by the entire pack.

Highly social they communicate by touch, actions and vocalisations, and are expert hunters – close to every wild dog hunt is successful. Packs have also been known to share food and to assist weak or ill members.

The Molori wild dog experience shares with guests the intensive push to conserve and protect these amazing animals for future generations. Guests spend an early morning tracking down the Madikwe wild dog pack and learn about the pack’s strictly defined social hierarchy, the bonds between members and their cooperative hunting techniques.

Molori Safari recently hosted the Cobb guests from the United States – amazing people with the kindest souls. During their stay at Molori, they spoke to JohnD, their game ranger, about the possibility of visiting a local village to understand the culture and everyday life.

JohnD arranged a visit to the Molatedi village and included a visit to the village primary school. Molatedi is a small village situated very close to the Madikwe Game Reserve. In short, the Cobb’s were completely humbled by the experience. So much so, that on their return to the USA, they arranged to send over new sports shoes, t-shirts and soccer balls for every single child at the school.

With the help of Principal Regina, who assisted with the task of collecting shoe sizes and, a large number of emails back and forth with the USA, a number of boxes were finally delivered to Molori Safari.

The handover was a magical experience for all that were at the ceremony. Smiling, laughter and joyous chit chatter could be heard all day as children tried on their new shoes and t-shirts.

There was much dancing and singing by the children, who also enjoyed a lunch sponsored by the Molori Safari team. It was a memorable day, never to be forgotten. Molori Safari, JohnD and principal Regina were extremely grateful to the Cobb guests for their overwhelming generosity and for making a difference to this community.

Engage with our three highly qualified and award winning guides. Molori Safari’s guiding team comprising John D (head guide), Obakeng (Ob) and Jerry, have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in their many years as guides, most of which have been within the boundaries of the magnificent Madikwe Game Reserve.

All share a love for the bush and a passion for exploration and discovery which they take delight in sharing with Molori’s guests. The guiding team is passionate about spending time with families and children, opening up their experience of the African bush – from the antics of large species to the exquisite, tiny worlds of the smallest of creatures.

They are all great storytellers, poo’ologists and re-assemblers of skeletons and makers of disposable gwarri bush toothbrushes.

Discover adventure and connect to the wild on a Molori Safari game drive. Game drives take place during the day and at night in open 4×4 vehicles, safely accompanied by an experienced and armed guide.

During the drive, your Molori game field guide will share his wealth of knowledge while tracking the Big Five and other endangered species like wild dog and cheetah whilst also uncovering the many hidden facets of the African bush.

Equally exciting, the night drives reveal an array of nocturnal wildlife, including leopard, honeybadger and smaller members of the cat family. A whole new world awaits you.

For close encounters with nature, Molori Safari offers guided game walks and the exhilarating experience of tracking animals on foot. On this experience you’ll immerse yourself in the rhythms of nature, opening up your senses to reveal an ancient language heard by animal trackers through the ages.

Follow your guide as he reveals the big and small wonders of the African bush, its creatures, medicinal plants, hidden treasures and more.

Discover nocturnal adventure on a night drive tracking Madikwe’s Super Seven. Using hi-tech torches, you have the rare opportunity to see into the nocturnal world of lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, rhinoceros, wild dog and cheetah. A whole new dimension is revealed on this exhilarating experience.

Molori Safari is involved in rhino conservation efforts and guests can by arrangement be part of an extraordinary hands-on rhino tagging experience – involving the notching, DNA sampling and micro chipping of the rhino’s horns.

Guests can work on the ground with the vet and ecologist, in close proximity to the sedated rhino, or take to the air in a helicopter during the rhino search. The rhino tagging conservation experience is charged as a separate cost and must be arranged a week in advance.

Guests of all ages can participate, with a high level of parental monitoring required for younger children. The rhino tagging experience begins early morning, between 6:30 and 7:00am, and runs into the early afternoon. Lunch is taken to guests in the bush or a late lunch can be arranged on return to the lodge.

Madikwe Game Reserve is home to the endangered wild dog, the second most endangered carnivore in Africa after the Ethiopian wolf, with the current population of wild dogs in South Africa estimated at less than 400. The Molori Safari wild dog expedition shares with guests the intensive push to conserve and protect these amazing animals for future generations.

Guests spend an early morning tracking down the Madikwe wild dog pack and learn about the pack’s strictly defined social hierarchy, the bonds between members and their superb, cooperative hunting techniques.

Experience Madikwe’s wild life from the comfort of the Molori Safari viewing deck, which overlooks our own private water hole. Here creatures big and small arrive to take their fill from this oasis-like water source, providing guests with ideal game-spotting and photo-taking opportunities.

New to Molori Safari is our new hide and whiskey bar. The hide offers magnificent views overlooking the Molori waterhole which has quickly become a favourite spot for guests to observe Madikwe wildlife at close proximity. It offers keen photographers new opportunities to take intimate images of elephants, lion, buffalo and amazing birdlife that pop in to drink at the waterhole.

Adjacent to the hide, that features floor to ceiling glass doors overlooking the Dwarsberg mountain range, guests get to experience whisky and wine tastings while watching the wildlife walk by.

The tranquil Molori Safari Spa encompasses the natural peace and beauty of the surrounding African bush. Guests can select from a full suite of massage, aromatherapy and skin and body treatments. Molori Spa uses only the finest products, made from the finest plant extracts and essential oils, and without artificial colours or fragrances.

Treatments can be done in the spa’s comfortable indoor rooms or in the fresh, natural setting of the spa’s outdoor deck area. Guests can also enjoy private spa treatments in their own suites.

The Molori Safari Fitness Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art gym equipment, including a treadmill, bike and cross-trainers. Other accessories include weights and pilates and yoga equipment. The centre also features a spacious steam room and Nordic sauna, both overlooking an inviting chiller pool.

Molori Safari Spa features it’s own outdoor treatment deck, set in the surrounds of the African bush. Recline on comfortable daybeds and enjoy a choice of massages and treatments while you immerse yourself in the natural sounds and rhythms of nature.

The Jacuzzi Deck features a rim-flow chilled spa bath and is situated on the highest mountainside deck. Experience the pure bliss of a relaxing spa bath while taking in expansive views of the Madikwe reserve and wildlife.

A special and unique feature of Molori Safari is the many pools and viewing decks which invite our guests to find some time and space all to themselves. Here they can immerse themselves in the natural surroundings and quietly focus on their inner world, getting in touch once again with what awakens and inspires the soul.

Decks include the Viewing Deck, with its view of Molori Safari’s private water hole, the Jacuzzi Deck, with its spectacular rim-flow chilled spa bath, the Spa Deck, where you can opt for a massage or treatment, and the Star Deck, which also functions as a peaceful reading deck by day.

Unwind with a cocktail of your choice, a book chosen from the main lodge library, or a cigar. Molori Safari has a well-equipped humidor and offers a variety of imported cigars, available to our guests at an extra cost.

Our expertly trained chefs are available for one-on-one cooking classes and may even part with a few of their delectable secrets. Aspiring chefs can learn how to prepare their favourite indigenous dishes – from selecting and preparing ingredients to cooking and presenting a meal. Cooking classes can be booked 24 hours in advance.

For children, Molori Safari presents a world of adventure and discovery. Our experienced game rangers are passionate about sharing their knowledge with younger guests (our Junior Rangers) and opening their eyes to a whole new world of creatures both large and small.

Junior Rangers can participate in exciting animal tracking and identification excursions, learn about the Madikwe Reserve’s Super Seven and the importance of conservation, and grow an appreciation for all the small gifts nature has to offer. Other Junior Ranger activities include pizza making, baking, fishing, games and creative expression.

Special nearby activities such as fishing are gladly arranged for Molori Safari guests. The Groot Marico River runs through the reserve and offers some spectacular fishing spots as well as an opportunity to see hippos. Molori Safari can arrange a fishing excursion complete with a delectable picnic basket.

Molori Safari’s stunning curio shop offers distinctive, treasured items from local well known designers and lesser known crafters who produce beautiful work and create job opportunities for other craftspeople.

Molori seeks to source quality, unusual African craft that guests can purchase as gifts for loved ones or momentos of their holiday. Practical items such as scarves, beanies, hats, T-shirts and jackets are also included in the product offering.

Rooms: 5
Price: from 619 EUR per night


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