Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

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Sossusvlei Desert Lodge - Namibia
Sossusvlei Desert Lodge - Namibia
Sossusvlei Desert Lodge - Namibia
Sossusvlei Desert Lodge - Namibia
Sossusvlei Desert Lodge - Namibia
Sossusvlei Desert Lodge - Namibia
Sossusvlei Desert Lodge - Namibia
Sossusvlei Desert Lodge - Namibia
Sossusvlei Desert Lodge - Namibia
Sossusvlei Desert Lodge - Namibia
Sossusvlei Desert Lodge - Namibia
Sossusvlei Desert Lodge - Namibia

The lodge is situated within &BEYOND Sossusvlei Private Desert Reserve, a vast 12,715 hectare (31,419 acre) expanse deep in the Namib, the world’s oldest living desert. Set amidst an ocean of dunes, rocky outcrops and gravel plains, the utter tranquility and extraordinary clarity of light makes this area one of Africa’s most compelling landscapes.

The night skies are heavenly, with the concession bordering the International Dark Sky Reserve of the NamibRand Nature Reserve. A canvas of beauty that invites reconnection with yourself and nature.

Sustainability and uncompromised luxury go hand in hand at Sossusvlei. 10 beautifully appointed stone and glass suites, spread out along the curve of the escarpment, open onto ever-changing outlooks.

Each spacious air conditioned suite offers a secluded, shaded veranda complete with private plunge pool, a living room with a fireplace, a large retractable skylight above the bed, and an ensuite bathroom with a glass-encased rain shower offering 180º desert views. The two-bedroomed Star Dune Suite is an ideal option for families or groups of friends.

The split-level guest area is an inspired masterpiece of glass, rock and steel. Large glass panels fold away to reveal unobstructed desert vistas. Inviting amenities include a central-island bar, comfortable sitting room, walk-in cellar, interactive kitchen and rim-flow pool.

Other signature features include numerous shaded, private spaces; a sunrise-view gym and sunset-facing wellness centre which offers both a treatment room with a private spa-bath, and a separate wet-room spa. The lodge’s Signature Shop showcases Namibia’s finest craft offerings.

Designed to capture the splendour and solitude of the desert, beautifully appointed rooms spread out along the curve of the escarpment, allowing absolute privacy. Each air conditioned glass-fronted suite at &BEYOND Sossusvlei Desert Lodge is designed to complement the expansive views of the different habitats, perfectly framed from the spacious internal areas.

Featuring a private veranda, bedroom with retractable skylights for in-bed star-gazing, a living room with a fireplace, an ensuite bathroom with a glass-encased rain shower offering 180º views, and a perfectly-positioned private plunge pool for some sublime respite after a long day in the desert heat.

All suites include star-viewing skylights, discrete music systems and customised personal bars. One of the most innovative features of the accommodation design is the way in which the extremes of the natural environment are harnessed to create energy and recycle waste water.

Each suite is like its own solar power plant, producing enough energy to not only power the air conditioning, and all the super-comforts of a luxury lodge, but also the water treatment and recycling systems.

Creating an ideal family environment, or an ideal option for groups of friends, the Star Dune Suite at &BEYOND Sossusvlei Desert Lodge consists of two suites linked by a covered walkway, with a private lounge and dining space.

The combined amenities of this extended accommodation provide the perfect space for one and all to enjoy. For those family groups, our &Beyond guides and lodge team will provide a host of fun and interactive children’s activities.

All suites include star-viewing skylights, discrete music systems and customised personal bars. One of the most innovative features of the accommodation design is the way in which the extremes of the natural environment are harnessed to create energy and recycle waste water.

Each suite is like its own solar power plant, producing enough energy to not only power the air conditioning, and all the super-comforts of a luxury lodge, but also the water treatment and recycling systems.

Explore the unique landscape on this fascinating geological excursion, in a vehicle and on foot. View the varied topography, exposed due to the upliftment events after the continent of Gondwana split into Africa and South America. Observe young geology ‘in action’ as the dunes shape this awe-inspiring landscape by Aeolian processes, relating to wind activity.

Indulge in one of our many relaxing treatments for a truly authentic African spa experience that rejuvenates the mind, body and soul. We have partnered with Healing Earth, a leading natural, eco-friendly, and holistic spa and skincare company. This partnership has created a truly authentic African spa experience that rejuvenates and heals the mind, body and soul.

Step back in time and bring to life the history of the area and its people. Strap on your walking shoes and roam back to the ancient San Bushmen era and also discover what influence hardy desert farmers, hopeful prospectors and Nama pastoralists had on the desert.

Follow your expert guide into the pristine and untamed Namib Desert scattered with San rock art. Explore heritage sites and gain insight into the culture and time-honoured traditions of the oldest inhabitants of Southern Africa, the San people.

The lodge is ideally situated within the &Beyond Sossusvlei Private Desert Reserve, which boasts numerous distinct habitats and microhabitats, as well as a backdrop of awe-inspiriting vistas, plains, and bushland.

This reserve lies east of and adjacent to the gigantic Namib-Naukluft National Park and within the so-called pro-Namib, an ecotone region sandwiched between the endless dune fields of the Namib Desert and the jagged mountain ranges of the Namibian escarpment.

Be mesmerised by the magnificence of the desert and the way the light illuminated the dunes on morning or late afternoon desert drives that continue after nightfall. Explore four different habitat types and ecosystems. Learn about fairy circles and how deserts are formed and function, and how animals have adapted to this desolate environment.

Traverse rocky mountains, dunes, vast sand and gravel plains, tapping into the fascinating and ancient formations that shape this landscape. This experience allows you to traverse the desert and truly appreciate the vast expanse.

As the sun sets over the horizon, toast to a wonderful day spent in the desert with a well-deserved sundowner, and drink in the sight of towering red dunes, infinite space and sublime stillness.

This half day adventure into the Namib Naukluft National Park that features the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Namib Sand Sea, takes you down an open valley between towering red dunes.

Take in and photograph the striking scenic beautify of the area as you drive in, best seen when the light is still throwing shadows off the ridges of the dunes. Your guide will chat about how the ecosystem and interesting Aeolian geological processes were formed as well as about life in this formidable environment.

There will be a chance to walk to Deadvlei, where some 70 camel thorn tree trunks, 900 years dead, remain standing on a bleached clay pan. Perhaps climb a sand dune, and for the fit and adventurous, conquer the towering ‘Big Daddy’.

Hot Air Balloon adventures in Sossusvlei promise a truly unique way to experience Namibia’s brilliant vista. This soul-satisfying journey offers excellent photographic opportunities and lifelong memories. Awaken before dawn and set out in the early morning moonlight to a designated launch site, where you can watch excitedly as the balloons are brought to life.

Giant, hot bursts of flame slowly inflate the brightly coloured nylon, strung to robust baskets that rest on their side. As the sun’s first rays peek over the scarlet sand dunes, the hot air balloon drifts slowly upward, revealing the undulating landscapes of Sossusvlei.

Watch as mighty herds of orxy shrink in size below you and spot the enigmatic fairy circles, which stand out as indented circular patches devoid of vegetation, an intriguing phenomenon of the Namib Desert.

The balloon soars at varying heights and gradually rotates with the morning breeze, constantly giving you a new perspective of the desert. Many animals gaze up at the neon ball in surprise and curiosity as it passes overhead.

The seasoned pilot will eventually select the perfect landing spot, just in time for a grand celebratory bubbly breakfast, where you can recap the morning’s bucket list moment as you savour a delicious morning meal.

Explore the lodge surrounds on foot and walk in the footsteps of desert-adapted wildlife. Take the time to sit in the stillness under a unique quiver tree and be enchanted by the views from atop the mountains.

There are two defined hiking trails, a 2.2 km (1.4 mi) or a 3.4 km (2.1 mi) route waiting to be explored. Combine this with the e-bike self-exploration option on our ‘bike and hike’ adventure.

A private, romantic evening exclusively for the two of you, be enchanted by the magnificence of the desertscape as you sip sundowners gazing out over the infinite emptiness.

Savour an intimate, delectable meal with just yourselves, the endless skies, and the absolute silence over the vast landscape. Afterwards, snuggle up for spectacular stargazing from your retractable skylight above the bed – dreamy.

Guests can enjoy this exclusive experience at &Beyond Sossusvlei Private Desert Reserve, the only private reserve featuring the iconic star dunes of Namibia.A dramatic landscape of dunes and mountains, which mirrors that of Deadvlei, but one which is completely private and tranquil.

Here, guests, can take the time to capture the perfect tapestry of their surrounds and tuck into a delicious picnic breakfast, surrounded by ancient camel thorn trees and towering dunes.

Traverse the stark beauty of &BEYOND Sossusvlei Private Desert Reserve and appreciate the vast expanse on an e-bike. Easy to ride and super fun, these nifty bicycles are fitted with a battery-powered ‘assist’ that gives a boost via a throttle when pedalling. Ride across the rugged desert terrain completely in awe of your surroundings.

You can enjoy the 19 km (11.8 mi) route or you can shorten your ride on the 11 km (6.2 mi) route as our cycle path has been designed in a figure of 8 shape. Our team will assist you in setting yourself up on the bike and you will be provided with a pack including water, snacks and a radio.

You can also combine your cycle with a hike – we like to call it our ‘bike and hike’ adventure. A leisurely form of exercise, these Specialized e-bikes will provide hours of fun in a breathtaking environment; ideal as a fun family excursion. Choose to do this activity with a guide or you can also explore the surrounds at leisure.

The ideal way to capture the beauty of the surrounds is with a scenic helicopter flight over the breathtaking vast expanse of the desert. From your birds-eye perspective, be captivated by rolling sand dunes, craggy mountain tops, solidified rock formations and enchanting fairy circles.

This adventure is ideal for you both to experience Namibia’s brilliant vista and to get your hearts beating. As if this was not euphoric enough, land in a romantic spot and enjoy a glass of Champagne and a picnic. Doors can be removed for keen photographers.

Take off from nearby the lodge and soar over the vast expanse of the desert for an approximately 60 min helicopter flight. Hover over jagged mountain tops that emerge from the iconic Namib dunes, white mineral pans, rocky outcrops and unique fauna and flora. Be captivated as you fly over a landscape that has remained unchanged for millions of years.

Avid photographers will enjoy this 90 min photographic flight showcasing the best of the Namib Desert. This flight extends to the ocean, where the red dune belt drops 152m (500ft) into the sea.

Observe a seal colony at Black Rock and fly with doors off allowing you to capture red dunes, resident desert-adapted wildlife, rocky mountains and sandy plains. This experience includes a stopover in the dunes to enjoy a glass of champagne.

Experience the desert from above on a 2.5 hour helicopter flight. Fly over the Devil’s Fork dune formation and soar past the gnarled, twisted trees of Deadvlei.

Continue until you hit the coast where the dunes fringe the sea, turn north from Meob Bay and follow the shoreline towards the Eduard Bohlen shipwreck. Enjoy a champagne stop and head home with views of Witberg Mountain.

One would picture the oldest desert on earth as a completely barren and lifeless landscape, but the exquisite Namib Desert is a flourishing ecosystem, with more life than one would ever expect. Explore &Beyond Sossusvlei Desert Reserve on foot and by quad bike with your specialist guide who’ll uncover the secrets of the dunes.

Hear about how the oldest and second driest desert on earth came to be and observe the many small and some uniquely adapted creatures that have managed to make this harsh environment – literally called “the living desert” – their home.

Watch as your guide reads the signs in the sand and join him as he tracks diurnal lizards, endemic dune larks and even, if you are in luck, a Grant’s golden mole. The story of the desert’s ecology is literally written in the sand.

These creatures are not alone as they battle against the elements. The Namib Desert is host to a number of unique alien-looking desert-adapted plants. Catch the photogenic quiver trees in bright yellow bloom, the fascinatingly bizarre Welwitschia plant that lives up to 1,500 years and the scintillatingly poisonous false ink cap mushrooms.

After dark, under a blanket of stars, there are a number of nocturnal hunters that become active such as the web-footed gecko, dancing white lady spider, Peringuey’s adder, hairy-footed gerbils, barking geckos, and more. During this activity, our guides will show you how the desert is teeming with life in places you would least expect it.

Each evening you will be invited to join the resident astronomer* as they unlock the mysteries of Namibia’s skies in the lodge’s state of the art observatory, complete with a Celestron CPC 1100 GPS (XLT) computerised telescope.

The observatory presents the ideal place to gaze in awe at the wonders of the clear desert sky as resident astronomers point out the brightest and most beautiful constellations, the vast Milky Way and distant, mysterious planets.

&Beyond Sossusvlei Private Desert Reserve neighbours Africa’s only International Dark Sky Reserve (IDSR) and was originally instrumental in helping the NamibRand Nature Reserve gain its prestigious Gold Tier status, which celebrates nighttime environments that have little to no impact from light pollution and artificial light.

With the nearest town 140 km (87 mi.) away from the lodge, there are no sources of light pollution and the reserve’s sky is one of the darkest yet measured in the world.

&Beyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge is the perfect spot for stargazing and getting lost in the deep secrets of the African skies. In addition to the observatory, guests have the luxury of retiring to spacious and airy suites, bedecked with large skylights set into the ceiling above the comfortable beds.

Unwind and allow dreamy adventures to continue as you revel in the beauty of the impossibly starry sky in total privacy and seclusion.

Rooms: 10
Price: from 300 EUR per night


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