Borgo La Chiaracia Resort & SPA

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Borgo La Chiaracia Resort & SPA, Umbria - Italy
Borgo La Chiaracia Resort & SPA, Umbria - Italy
Borgo La Chiaracia Resort & SPA, Umbria - Italy
Borgo La Chiaracia Resort & SPA, Umbria - Italy
Borgo La Chiaracia Resort & SPA, Umbria - Italy
Borgo La Chiaracia Resort & SPA, Umbria - Italy
Borgo La Chiaracia Resort & SPA, Umbria - Italy
Borgo La Chiaracia Resort & SPA, Umbria - Italy
Borgo La Chiaracia Resort & SPA, Umbria - Italy
Borgo La Chiaracia Resort & SPA, Umbria - Italy
Borgo La Chiaracia Resort & SPA, Umbria - Italy
Borgo La Chiaracia Resort & SPA, Umbria - Italy

Set in the Umbrian countryside, on the borderline between the Lazio (Latium) and Tuscany regions, Borgo La Chiaracia is a stunning location that concretely embodies a vision that emerged some years ago. The concept was a modern one − a retreat into an absolutely natural environment.

A small ‘world apart’, where innovative concepts concerning the person – in himself/herself but also as a communicating being – seamlessly merge with the essence of the traditions and of a beautiful rural setting, in Umbria.

The architectural design solution throws a contemporary light on the essence of tradition. It blends in with the spirit of the place. From the very moment of their arrival, our guests are assured of a warm welcome. Tradition and modernity set each other off perfectly.

The balance is visible throughout the facility, with the added value of innovative materials and an enhanced awareness of the benefits of energy-savings and of environmental sustainability. That said, nothing has been taken away from the charm of these old Umbrian farmhouses.

Borgo La Chiaracia is an environment that exudes warmth, luxury and intimacy, where guests can be sure that the services they receive are carefully tailored to their individual needs. Clients can host important events, celebrate special moments in their lives or quite simply have a beak, away from the pace of routine life.

Borgo La Chiaracia Resort & SPA is an Umbrian location where our historical past and the comforts of modern technology blend, alongside fine cuisine and personal wellbeing. A unique venue for visitors and holidaymakers and even those engaged in working activities. Borgo La Chiaracia is recommended by the Michelin Guide and the Touring Club Guide.

The two de-luxe suites (43 and 51 sq. m.) are discreetly appointed. The design of the decor fully reflects the allure of the traditional materials used. The palette ‘echoes’ the tones of the rural surroundings. The space therefore becomes a haven of peaceable harmony.

The tie-in with the environment is a vital part of the Borgo La Chiaracia philosophy and its approach to Umbria. The suites’ design features include large windows, high ceilings and spaces arranged with the living and sleeping zones clearly separated. Our guests will surely also appreciate the splendid rural setting of their accommodation!

The decor of the discreetly de-luxe Junior Suite (40 sq. m.) was planned with great care. Like the other suites, here, too, the colour scheme ‘echoes’ the tone of the rural surroundings. The space therefore becomes a haven of peaceable harmony, fully in keeping with Umbria’s splendid countryside.

The nine elegantly appointed Privilege rooms (ranging in size from 25 to 30 sq. m.) are located on the ground floor of the Casale della Torre and Casale della Scala buildings. Well-exposed to the daylight, the rooms face south and east.

The rooms each have a terrace/private garden, where the guests may relax and admire the surrounding countryside. In the Casale della Scala building, one of the Privilege Rooms is fitted with a bathroom suitable for guests with motor disabilities.

Our 12 Superior rooms range in size from 25 to 30 sq. m. They are elegantly and stylishly appointed, in a manner befitting the 5-star hotels of Umbria. The finer details are, in any case, of the highest order.

The rooms are located on the first floor of the Casale degli Archi, Casale della Torre and Casale della Scala buildings. Some of the rooms open out onto a small balcony with splendid views of the countryside.

The Borgo restaurant serves only Borgo guests. Its philosophy draws its inspiration from the “km zero” approach (strictly local sourcing), exalting and turning to best account the district’s amazing natural resources.

The menu includes dishes belonging to local traditions. The ingredients are sourced strictly from local producers (our suppliers are all selected with the utmost care).

The breakfasts are typically Italian: confectionery, jam, croissants and cakes prepared on the premises. We also provide savoury treats with a broad choice of delectable cold meats, sausages/salami and cheeses from Umbria.

Our lunches and dinners are very much “di terra” (of the land) − vegetables, tubers and other produce from Etruria’s generous spoil. Not to mention our meat dishes (including game). Our local lakes also provide delicious fish for our tables. Il pane e le focacce sono prodotti in casa. L’olio extra vergine d’oliva proviene dai numerosi cultivar della zona.

Our bread and ‘focaccia’ (flat bread pieces) are home-baked. Our extra virgin olive oil comes from the many local cultivars or varieties. We also offer bed & breakfast as well as half-board accommodation, alongside full-board accommodation.

Light lunches are also available – ideal for ‘smart workers’! During the summer months, we may serve our breakfasts, lunches and dinners in our outdoor terrace zone elegantly appointed and generously proportioned.

Radici restaurant, as its name suggests, goes back to its roots (radici). It selects and prepares the fruits of this lush, and fascinating, borderland, where the regions of Umbria, Lazio (Latium) and Tuscany meet.

The restaurant was born out of our desire to take a fresh look at the cuisine of centuries and traditions, and to interpret and add a modern touch to our findings. The care with which the ingredients are selected from one season to the next reflects our fundamental driving principle − the enjoyment and wellbeing of our diners.

Radici restaurant means more than luxury. It means a journey of discovery, of the foodstuffs of Umbria (presented masterfully by our Chef, Daniele Auricchio). The wine list is curated by our maitre sommelier, Mauro Clementi. The wine comes from major vineyards, displaying great expertise and terroirs.

We offer not only local labels, but also national and foreign wines, but all linked to the same ideals. It is exciting and stimulating to create a “tailor-made suit” for our guests as we accompany them in the choice of wines or pairings.

The customers at Ristorante Radici − animated by a desire to discover something new − love to experiment, and they appreciate the advice given by our maitre and his assistants.

The Radici restaurant obtained in 2018 the award known as the Cappello delle Guide de l’Espresso, thus entering the class of the 2,700 top Italian restaurants. Since 2019 it has been recommended by the Guides of the la Repubblica daily newspaper.

At the end of 2019 it also appeared in the Michelin Guide, with Three Forks, confirmed in 2020, signifying excellent quality of service, decor, atmosphere, wine list, waiter service, seating arrangements and all other details conducive to an overall experience of excellence, including food and beverages (of course).

Since 2020 it has also boasted the Gambero Rosso’s Two Forks, attesting to exceptional quality of cuisine, ambience and service. Also since 2020 it has been recommended by the Touring Club guide.

Lunch or dinner at Radici is to be enjoyed in a leisurely manner, as something of a rite. The leisurely pace begins with an aperitif at the Bar Etrusco in Borgo la Chiaracia. Then, at the table, three entrées follow one upon the other, plus a small treat (with the compliments of the Chef).

Guests have a choice of three menus. • À la carte: a choice of four starters, four first courses, four main courses and four desserts (preceded by a pre-dessert) or small pastries. • Tasting Menu: six courses prepared by the Chef). • Origins 20: four courses, the ingredients of which originating in an area within a maximum radius of 20 km.

The Radici restaurant’s wine list is refined and highly select. The winemakers do their job with passionate dedication and determination, and taste becomes art. The wines selected by us are symbiotically rooted in local traditions. Roots… again… that sink into the soil and are part of a past rich in history.

Our wines combine with the flavours of the earth and all the refinement of the dishes prepared by our Chef. Our Maitre Sommelier will be happy to guide you toward a ‘bespoke’ experience that enhances the winemakers’ own efforts.

Originates from Campania, class of 1990, he graduates from the artistic high school and then he chose to follow his Gourmet vocation. He matures a long experience in several Michelin restaurants despite his young age.

He has worked in Italy and abroad, going from luxury 5 stars in Milan to a three-starred Michelin restaurant in Barcelona, with important experiences in Lake of Como and Ischia Island. Art is its leitmotif, and this is natural, given the training he received.

Moreover, as he loves to repeat, cooking is also art because, just as the architecture, combines beauty to functionality (taste, in this case). He marks his own work respecting first of all raw materials, which, from time to time, he tries to keep as natural as possible. And that is why the philosophy of Borgo La Chiaracia restaurants – in particular Radici restaurant – it’s so congenial to him.

Mauro is from Umbria itself. Born in 1983, after graduating from a professional hotel school, he gained extensive experience in decidedly diner-oriented restaurants. His promotion to a maitre role came when he was very young and highly motivated to learn more and improve.

Being a maitre is not a job. For him it’s a vocation, where the human precedes the professional. Diners, says Mauro, should be made to feel at home. You go to a restaurant not just to eat but rather to ‘banquet’… and enjoy. This is what ‘de-luxe’ means to Mauro: putting guests at their ease from the moment they enter… with a smile.

It is not surprising, therefore, that two-star and even three-star chefs lend credence to his curriculum. Nor is it surprising that he sets his own personal bar higher and higher when dealing with diners who are in turn becoming increasingly demanding!

With his efforts, he contributed to the first Michelin star award for a key restaurant in central Italy. He has been maitre sommelier at the restaurant Radici di Borgo La Chiaracia since it first opened.

Away from it all, amid the delights of the verdant heart of Italy. At any time of the day, you can drop into the Etrusco Bar − a refined and relaxing environment, at the heart of Borgo’s social life. The charming veranda and the large windows look out over the garden, and direct the eye toward nearby Tuscany − with its spectacular sunsets.

The bar, too, changes as the hours go by. Here you may enjoy selected coffees and teas (including herbal teas and the like) together with pastries or snacks. You may choose, instead, a bio-drink or a cocktail. Not to mention the long list of champagnes, wines, artisan beers and fine spirits… and our assorted specialties that vary from season to season.

The door opens, and a hint of joy penetrates the heart. The picture that appears between the large windows immersed in the blueness of the warm water and the ever-changing and changeable countryside, itself, will transform your every day.

Each of us is a story; each body knows its own needs. And Livinna Spa is a key player. An ideal venue to experience the luxury of a spa in Umbria… and to rediscover yourself.

Our SPA is equipped with next-generation machinery designed and built by an Italian company present in some major SPAs and Wellness Centers abroad. With this equipment we can treat all flaws and even perform massages to rebalance the energy “poles” of the body, for wellbeing and clarity of thought, raising our mood and eliminating toxins.

Massages are performed by an operator who will use handpieces for pleasurable, discomfort-free massages − to impeccable effect! The biomodulated electro-vibrational waves emitted by this equipment develop a resonance effect that activates and restores the energy levels of cells in line with their basic homeostatic balance.

Under its action, the skin cells react selectively to the stimulus. The body does not undergo standard treatment but receives impulses according to needs by interfacing with the ‘cellular memory’ in each of us.

Check out the very many skin beauty care and wellness applications, repeatable (since they are non-invasive) at 24-h intervals. Physia is based on CPM TECH technology. The system replicates body frequencies and is the first and only radically innovative and future-oriented cellular regeneration system. It fully respects human physiology.

CPM stands for Cellular Physiological Modulation. It uses low-frequency and low-intensity electrical impulses, fully compatible with the physiological characteristics of the human epidermis. It offers a completely natural approach to vibratory “medicine”. The operating system is comparable to the acoustic resonance emitted by musical instruments.

Please note that the CPM TECH method does not use ingestible substances and does not come into contact with the mucous membranes. Instead, it acts physiologically at the cellular level with a regenerating, revitalizing, toning effect for the treatment of skin flaws. We may think of it as a holistic methodology.

Your body is like an orchestra. Each organ is like a musical instrument. Each emits its own sound differing from the others, but at the same time all compatible and in harmony with the whole. Sounds are frequencies: if the frequency varies, the sound varies. The whole, in assonance, performs a harmonious concert to build and manifest life.

Physia, the exclusive equipment of Livinna Spa − unparalleled internationally in the field of cellular regeneration − acts on the biological cellular memory and restores the skin’s consistency and appearance. In a totally non-invasive manner.

Limited areas of the body or face can be treated. A variety of treatments and massages can be combined. Sessions are repeatable according to a personalized schedule. Livinna is not ‘just’ a spa. It is where you can steal back the years you lost!

Borgo La Chiaracia is the ideal location for your most beautiful day. Try to imagine what it means to say “I do” next to the person you love. Around are the most spectacular hills of Italy. The innovation of the venue cannot fail to amaze, specially designed as it is to target feelings, emotions and desires that go far beyond that (already prestigious) five-star fare!

We have already been chosen by numerous brides and grooms, both Italian and foreign, both for their banquets and for the ceremony itself (which may be legally held on our premises). Our spa, our suites, and the care provided by our staff await you at this, the dawn of your new happiness!

A festus dies (“a feast day”). Feast days and the like are like milestones in time. They mark beautifully memorable moments in our lives. With Borgo La Chiaracia as your setting, you can expect nothing but the best!

Baptisms, birthdays, First Communions and Confirmations, graduations and diplomas, public and private celebrations, anniversaries… You name it! The beauty of Borgo, the quality of its gourmet cuisine, the spaciousness and the wonders of the surrounding nature − all ‘conspire’ to leave a lasting impression, of the greatest moments of your life.

In this era of smart technologies, we are pleased to present our Meeting Area at Borgo La Chiaracia, where the concepts of collaboration, virtualization, and visual and video communication have become tangibly real. Quality, innovation and systems and services integration are our proposals for a new era for meetings.

Cloud, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality all expand the functionality of our meeting spaces, providing solutions thanks to which corporate events will be unique and unforgettable. Our Meeting Area services are designed and managed by VRM ITALIA S.p.A. (for over 30 years a market leader in Italy).

The value of the service and the technologies present throughout the Resort are attained thanks to high-performance connectivity and a next-generation infrastructure based on the Cisco Systems brand.

Our broadband Internet connectivity (up to 100Mb balanced) is an exclusive feature within the panorama of resources available to Italian hotels. These three ingredients (service + infrastructure + connectivity) constitute the architecture for successful meetings.

We need hardly ad that it is difficult today to remain totally “unplugged” and disconnected from the world at large. We have therefore have made the infrastructures of the meeting area available for guests desiring to work and communicate.

The smart technology solutions have been installed practically throughout Borgo La Chiaracia, and are truly placed at the service of people without invading spaces or cramping our freedom to relax.

Thanks to Borgo La Chiaracia’s infrastructure, many applications can be used outside the meetings area to create new formats for exclusive and innovative events. Outdoor spaces in our beautiful garden can be booked.

The creation of team-building events may be backed up by innovative activities and services, making for memorable and successful occasions. Through the specialized event planners’ consulting service, our team of experts will fully support you when creating and managing events.

A manager from the Borgo La Chiaracia Meeting office will always be present during your event and will provide all services in line with your expectations. Call us for further information.

The resort staff are available to organise sports activities and guided tours, and seek out wining and dining opportunities for you, or chances to see and learn about the area’s cultural treasures and landscapes.

The area is unrivalled in Europe. The poet, Giosuè Carducci, very rightly called the area the verdant heart of Italy. And in any case, it makes for a relaxing retreat with a chance to regenerate in our Spa.

Located on the Alfina plateau, in the part of Umbria between Alta Tuscia and Val d’Orcia, on the border between Lazio (Latium) and Tuscany, the Borgo La Chiaracia Resort & SPA facility stands amid a unique landscape, which changes with the passing of time and its seasons. There are numberless occasions for visitors who wish to immerse themselves in the history and culture of the area.

Orvieto is one of the oldest urban centres of Italy. It owes its origins to the Etruscans: the first settlements (as early as the ninth century BC) were located within tufa caves carved into the massif on which the old town centre stands today.

Although the fame of Orvieto is deeply interwoven with that of its cathedral, the city has much more to offer of historical and artistic interest − just by virtue of its ancient origins.

Perched as it is on a cliff, it offers truly splendid views, alongside world-renowned sights such as for example the 16th century Pozzo di San Patrizio (St Patrck’s Well) with its double helix staircase, and the famous underground maze testifying to the Etruscan origins of the town.

With its views over the Tiber Valley, Civita di Bagnoregio lies on a tuffaceous rise between the two ravines of Rio Chiaro and Rio Torbido. Thanks to its intact old town centre and the beauty of the surroundings, it counts as one of the most beautiful settlements in Italy.

Civita di Bagnoregio has very ancient origins. The area has been inhabited since the Villanovan era (9th-8th cent. BC), as evidenced by various archaeological findings.

The settlement – a russet mass surmounted by a slender Romanesque bell tower stands – can be seen as an island in the fragile immensity of gullies, rather like a rippling sea. It is quite surreal, in that one feels one is witnessing a quiet storm.

Bolsena stands on the slopes of the Monti Volsini range. It is an important and renowned tourist resort, frequented in all seasons thanks to its beautiful lake, the health-giving air and its enviable weather. Elements, these, that led man to settle here right from the earliest times.

Bolsena is one of the most charming and picturesque settlements of the Lazio region. The old town centre’s imprint is in part medieval and in part of the Renaissance. The town and its artistic heritage have been marvellously preserved over the centuries.

Boasting a wealth of treasures, Spoleto still presents as a medieval suburb, but echoes of the Roman age also clearly persist. It is a very lively and fascinating town, home to an event of worldwide importance (the Festival of Two Worlds).

The artistic heritage here is most impressive. With its fine monuments, it is one of most dearly cherished and visited locations in Umbria. In Roman times it bravely resisted Hannibal after his victory at Trasimeno in 217 BC. Much later, under the Lombards, a further moment of glory came when it was designated as a ducal capital.

This medieval town is of great beauty and elegance. It stands on a hill over the enchanting Tiber valley. Situated a few miles from Perugia and Orvieto, it is circumscribed by three walls (the Etruscan, the Roman and the medieval).

Inside are innumerable treasures: the palazzo comunale, or municipality, the cathedral and the church of Saint Fortunato. This was the birthplace of Jacopo dei Benedetti, the friar poet and humanist known to the world as Jacopone da Todi.

Pitigliano was already frequented and inhabited in Etruscan times. Numerous settlements were founded here, excavated in the tuff, attested as dating back to the late Bronze Age (12th-11th century BC).

Today, Pitigliano is a popular tourist destination, thanks to the uniqueness of its old town centre. Hence its inclusion in the list of the most beautiful settlements in Italy that as drawn up by the association of Italian municipalities, ANCI.

Universally renowned for its great historical, artistic and landscape heritage and for the stylistic unity of the medieval streets and decor, as well as for the famous Palio horse race, since 1995 the city centre has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Nestled among the Tuscan hills, Siena retains its original appearance. Time seems to have stopped here sometime in the thirteenth century, when the city began to gather together the artworks and architectural gems that set it apart to this day.

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Price: from 200 EUR per night


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