Chateau Herálec

Czech Republic Europe
Chateau Herálec - Czech Republic
Chateau Herálec - Czech Republic
Chateau Herálec - Czech Republic
Chateau Herálec - Czech Republic
Chateau Herálec - Czech Republic
Chateau Herálec - Czech Republic
Chateau Herálec - Czech Republic
Chateau Herálec - Czech Republic
Chateau Herálec - Czech Republic
Chateau Herálec - Czech Republic
Chateau Herálec - Czech Republic
Chateau Herálec - Czech Republic

A luxury five-star boutique hotel, with uniquely designed rooms and impeccable service, is one of the most beautiful romantic chateaux in the Czech Republic.

Due to its exquisite location, with direct access from the D1 motorway and within easy reach of the international airports such as Prague, Brno, and Vienna. Even a possibility to land with a helicopter on the castle grounds.

Chateau Herálec with its 19 spacious rooms is a Zen oasis, where guests can spend time in absolute privacy and in unimpeded tranquility. The specialty of the chateau is a unique collection of branded French wines from the Bordeaux region, which is one of the largest collections of its kind in the Czech Republic. You can indulge in delicious gastronomy from fresh local ingredients, which we get from our local suppliers and partners.

In our boutique hotel, we offer not only luxury accommodation and a unique hotel concept, but also first-class and discreet services, where you feel like you need to come back once again to experience the Chateau atmosphere.

Chateau Herálec is surrounded by an 18th-century English park, which breathes from the very first moment a special atmosphere and takes your breath away by its century-old trees.

Chateau Herálec is located in the region with the largest UNESCO historical monuments and lies in the middle of almost untouched nature of the Highlands with deep forests, adjacent fields, blooming meadows, vast valleys, and breathtaking natural scenery.

Experience exceptional relaxation at the Spa by L’OCCITANE, which guarantees an unforgettable experience. Let your body and soul be pampered in the luxurious environment of our chateau with the unique natural cosmetics of L’OCCITANE.

The five petals of the Herálec rose, half red and silver, have become a new coat of arms, a symbol of quality and luxury, comfort, privacy, and uniqueness. Our ambition is to be one of the top boutique hotels in the Czech Republic and Europe.

Welcome to the magical location of Vysočina. At your disposal is one of the most beautiful Czech chateaus and romantic historical objects in the Czech Republic – national cultural monument Chateau Herálec. Its red towers with battlements have dominated the countryside for more than four centuries. It is like an antique pure silver jewel, that was mined here for ages…

  • The walls of Chateau Herálec are dated back to the 13th century. This means that they remember events older than 800 years.
  • The first reference of village Herálec is in a 1226 document from Pope Honoria III. Then it belonged to the Želivský Monastir.
  • The local estate was briefly owned by Jindřich of Rožmberk, who swapped it in 1307 with Prague bishop Jan IV of Dražice. Archbishops owned this until the Protestant wars. After which, it was obtained by Trčkas from Lípa, one of the most powerful clans in Czech Republic.
  • This confirms that Chateau Herálec stands at the place of a middle-age fortress. Later in 1559, it was enlarged by spacious residential building.
  • The last of the Trčka’s, Kryštof Jaroslav Trčka from Lípa, sold Herálec to Kryštof Karel from Roupov in 1601, who changed this after several decades into a two-floor mansion with three rounded towers.
  • Valdštejn’s general Filip Adam, Count of Solms, bought the chateau as well as the estate in 1623. After his death, during the time of Josefína of Solms, the castle lost its Renaissance outlook and its original furnishings due to a devastating fire.
  • In 1708 the estate was purchased by sir Michal Achác von Kirchner. He has established a chapel in the Herálec chateau, wherein lies a beautiful oratory.
  • In 1817, the chateau was owned by Terezie Trautmannsdorf, and her son Jan Nepomuk z Trautmannsdorf has inherited the estate after her in 1838. At his request, the chateau was changed to the new-gothic style, more or less a modern-day romantic outlook including a tower, battlements, and beautiful facade.
  • In 1861, B. Waschmann altered it to look more Gothic.
  • In 1945, the chateau was confiscated, and an enterprise Czechoslovak textile factories were established here.
  • In 1951, there was a textile school here, and after 1958, the property was used for a special education school with dormitories.
  • The Kaspers have owned the castle since 2004. They had the devastated chateau completely renovated. Extensive reconstruction of this historic and monumental masterpiece started in 2009, took 2.5 years, and was completed in August 2011. It was co-financed by the European Union, through ROP Jihovýchod. The modern and historic details in the most up to date equipment are embedded into the chateau amenities and generous open spaces, this returned the luxury of the rooms and exquisite charm of the common spaces. The Chateau is honored to have had this opportunity to achieve its new dignified existence as a five-star Boutique Hotel & Spa by L´Occitane.

Reconstructing the castle, we have returned to this dignified building its original layout, so in our Chateau apartments, you will definitely experience the luxury of the beautiful space, something that is really saved in the new project. In the large rooms you will find everything expected from a quality 5-star hotel …. and more!

The equipment of our rooms is really generous. You can use, for example, a gym with a training pad and instructional video, so that you can work out in the comfort of your suite. Especially ladies will surely be delighted with L’Occitane cosmetics. You will appreciate a bowl of fresh fruit and a selection of castle tea blends complemented with home-made honey from Mr. Brabenec of Herálec and dried slices of lemons.

The absolute experience is sleeping in Chateau Herálec. Enjoy it not only because of the calmness of the adjacent English park, the absolute darkness around, but also thanks to the excellent mattresses and the special pillow menu. We pay special attention to the quality of sleep at the castle.

The unique space of the presidential suite ‘Lords of Solms’ has so many fascinating details that you will be captivated from the very first moment you open the chamber doors. Beneath the ceiling, a round lamp seems to levitate above you, casting discrete warm light on a specially mounted stucco fresco depicting angels.

This suite also has a ceiling with unparalleled stucco details made from lime wood, a beautiful bedroom in the orangery and a marvelous, unique bathroom situated in the south tower of the castle.

The discovery of a medieval bath in the suite floor fill inspired its current design and use. This bathroom was planned centuries ago, yet today you can enjoy it in all its modern grandeur combined with the charm of times gone by.

The largest suite in the castle Chateau Heralec is named after one of most powerful Czech dynasties – the family Trčka of Lípa. They were so wealthy and rich that they even lent money to Czech kings as well as serving as regional governors of this beautiful area.

Enter the chamber and let yourself be inspired by the original wooden ceiling, the beautiful mosaic floor or the specially carved wooden mirror that is the jewel of this suite. Rest in your bed under the baldachin covers, surrounded by soft cushions.

A huge historical tile stove guards the entire room like a knight in green armor. On top of all that, a real castle secret – located in the adjoining tower directly in the suite, you can find a moresque, wood-decorated parlor for moments of tranquility and pleasant conversation.

For all those with the slightest romantic inclination, this suite is the perfect choice for you. It was the Counts of Trauttmansdorff that gave the Herálec castle its architecturally romantic touch – the turrets, crenellations and beautiful facade.

And like on the canvas of Jan Honsa, you can stroll across the mountain trail into the intimacy of this magnificent spacious apartment. Enjoy the gentle rustle of tree canopies and let your worries be blown away by the wind.

With great pleasure, we have to say that everything we wrote about our chateau suites is valid for our chateau rooms as well. They are noble, spacious, fully equipped with every conceivable 5-star standard, and every castle room has its own creative idea. From the largest ones, where the area is almost the size of the chateau suites to the beautifully cozy rooms.

Three of our castle rooms are located in a passage, where once the masters sat down from the carriages. You can also fall asleep under the vaults that characterize the entire ground floor of the castle. Other chateau rooms are not only in the north but also in the southern wing, from what you can choose.

The Luxury Double Room ‘Lords of Roupov’ piques interest not only due to its generous size of a cosy apartment and its luxurious equipment but also for its name. Kryštof Karel bought the Herálec castle in 1602 from the Trčko clan, but his Roupov based family had already been influencing life in the Czech countryside for 300 years prior to the purchase.

Many of the family members were acquainted with Czech kings, were it as the head clerk, court governor or the most influential finance ministers. While the often dramatic moments in history remain a memory, the comfort of this beautiful deluxe room decorated by the landscape of Václava Kroupa’s painting remains.

Have you already discovered the possibilites of fishing and swimming in our Chronicles of Experience? Or would you just like to take a stroll through the Vysočina countryside? The landscapes you will be confronted with will no doubt be as beautiful as in the painting by the world famous painter Folingsby.

Unfortunately villagers in period attire will not be sitting in the boats, but you will no doubt find peace and tranquility by the local ponds in the area. Basking in the elegance of the expertly painted ponds on this beautiful canvas, you will likely never want to leave this romantic room.

Our beautiful castle restaurant HONORIA is located in the oldest part of the Heralec castle. There, you can enjoy the most delicious meals inspired by traditional Czech recipes.

The restaurant is opened not only for our hotel guests but for the public as well. In case you feel like experiencing true culinary pleasure do not hesitate to contact our F&B Manager or the reception to reserve a table. The restaurant space is no doubt one of the most beautiful historical restaurants in the Czech Republic. The restaurant consists of:

  • Dining room of the Lady of Selemberk (Restored according to the founding of a significant Czech Bohemian noble family Trčků of Lípa.)
  • Dining Room Before the Storm (This place we gave tribute to the Herálec natives, the famous Czech painter Adolf Kosárka, whose beautiful work of the same name beautifies the space of this dining room.)
  • AGASIA Café (From here you can enjoy a beautiful view of the chateau parter. In the café you can enjoy a rich breakfast or relax with an afternoon coffee.)
  • The Lounge IN THE TOWER (Provides enough privacy and is so suitable for closed groups of up to 8 people or families with children.)
  • Chateau bar (Here you will find a delicious menu of alcoholic beverages.)
  • Wine cellar BISHOP JOHN (You will enjoy the best Czech and world wines.)
  • In the summer, all of our guests can dine in our castle courtyard or directly in the English park. A wide offering of picnic baskets is also available to all our guests.

A wonderful castle hotel is only half as good if it doesn’t have an amazing restaurant that offers exquisite gourmet experiences. The culinary experience in our restaurant is enhanced by our beautiful, hand-made glasses and chalices that remind one of the Murano glasswork style, each individually colored to resemble stained glass windows.

These masterful replicas of ancient chalices are truly inspirational conversation starters. When it comes to food, we prepare everything with love and passion, being great advocates of the slow-food movement. The concept of our restaurant’s gastronomy derives from the best of traditional Czech cuisine, combining it with fresh and modern inspirations.

This way, even the most demanding guest is satisfied. We try to utilize as many regional ingredients and products as possible, something that is immediately palpable in both the smell and taste of our foods. Our ambition is also to cook without any chemical additives, artificial coloring or flavors.

Descending down a narrow staircase carved into stone walls, you enter our wine cellar of Bishop John. Here, you can find it all – red, white, rose and port wines, as well as sparkling and sweet wines.

After cruising the Vysocina countryside all day, a glass of the most elegant beverage will no doubt delight most people. Here in the wine cellar you can not only venture to taste various wines, but also order delicatessen from our kitchen such as fine cheese & salami plates.

The cellar is located in the spot where a medieval fortress once stood, the castle lords and ladies hiding in the catacombs. Today, the place ‘hides’ the best of Czech and global wines.

Chateau Heralec has one of the largest collection of wines from the region of Bordeaux. Our collection encompasses wines from more than 100 chateaus. Thanks to this fact, everyone from a beginner to the biggest expert can find something in our offering. Vintages from the year 1982 up to the most recently available vintages can all be found in the collection.

We constantly work on our wine card and try to tweak it to the greatest satisfaction of our customers. It is for this reason that you can also find satellite appellations such as Cotes de Bourg or Cotes de Castilion in our offering.

A picnic in our castle park is one of the most beautiful experiences at Chateau Herálec. Resting in the shadows of the majestic tree canopies, you can enjoy various delicacies from our castle kitchen. Birds chirping in the background provide an almost too good to be a true element and if you’re lucky, you can spot one of our many cute squirrels.

You can also take one of our picnic baskets with you on a trip around the region. Whether it is to our castle quarry, nearby ponds, or a cultural monument in the area, you can take our castle convertible, drop the picnic basket in and ride away. A large comfortable blanket is part of each picnic basket.

It is our ambition to always cook at an excellent level and prepare unique culinary experiences for all our guests. With the Chateau Heralec Gourmet Line, we offer you the option of enjoying the smells and tastes of good local food at home as well.

High-quality local products, that form the basis of our kitchen, are prepared in wonderful packages at the reception – cheese and yogurts from our local farm in Úhořilka, chocolate pralines from a local chocolate factory in Vyskytná, delicious dried fruits from Trebic.

During the Christmas season, we work on preparing dried mushrooms from the local Vysocina forests. We are constantly updating and perfecting our gourmet line offer so please do not hesitate to ask for more information at the Chateau Heralec reception upon your arrival.

Are you preparing a conference in the near future? Is there a new product that you would like to introduce to your business partners in an unusual setting? Is it just that time of the year again where you want to teach your staff something new?

Or would you like to thank your business partners for their cooperation and organize a company Christmas party, personal birthday party or even a wedding? Team buildings, outdoor events or intimate private events… whatever your ideas and for an event may be, Chateau Herálec is the perfect event destination.

We offer comfort with the most modern technology, an unusual castle environment for conferences as well as a very representative space for social occasions. We want the organization of all conferences, meetings, workshops, social and outdoor events to be as easy as possible for you, so please do not hesitate to brief us with the details of your event and leave the organization to us.

For social events and private celebrations, we are more than willing to supply various supplementary services and entertainment – flowers, music, various artisans, musical performances, VIP service upon request, etc. Our castle courtyard is perfect for bigger luxury events. We are capable of facilitating complete gastronomy and technical service to up to 70 people.

The Heralec castle offers a wide range of activities fit for both businesses and private clientele. The castle has so much to offer when it comes to conference, meeting & social event spaces.

In the Premises List section, you can find the entire list of spaces within the castle fit for various occasions. Choose the space that you like best, not only based on its capacity, but also its unique atmosphere.

In the various sub-sections, you can find a detailed description of our premises, their capacity, equipment, as well as other relevant and crucial information for organizing both business and private events.

Chateau Heralec also offers its beautiful premises and spaces for private parties. Such gatherings have a truly unique atmosphere at the castle. Birthday parties, graduation celebrations, christenings, family gatherings… there is always a reason to celebrate. All you have to do is give us an idea of what your plans are and we will take care of everything else precisely to your needs.

Chateau Herálec is an ideal place for business events. A place that breathes history, yet is equipped with the most modern technology. We approach each event on an absolutely individual basis, trying to ensure the best experience for your guests.

The Chateau Heralec team knows that important corporate decisions do not take place only during formal meetings. Whether we are talking about company trainings, business meetings, conferences, team-buildings, seminars or gala dinners we are fully at your disposal to fulfill all our dreams. An event at our castle will no doubt positively energize both the bodies and minds of your staff and clients.

Welcome to our castle all-inclusive Wellness & Spa by L’OCCITANE SPA, the first in the Czech Republic. Chateau Herálec Boutique Hotel & Spa by L’Occitane presents its clients with a unique place for perfect relaxation.

As the first hotel in the Czech Republic, we obtained a license to operate a Spa by L’OCCITANE. All this was possible thanks to the high standard of our hotel services, the extraordinary atmosphere of the castle, our philosophy of relaxation combined with the magical nature of Vysočina.

Our L’OCCITANE Spa is a guarantee of an unforgettable experience that you would also experience in the original L’Occitane Spa at the 5-star Couvent des Minimes in Provence. Let your body and soul be pampered in the luxurious environment of our chateau with the unique natural cosmetics of L’OCCITANE in the highest quality.

In the intimate atmosphere of the massage area, our trained physiotherapists and masseurs will be dedicated to you with the utmost care and attention. From the inspiring selection of L’OCCITANE procedures, you will definitely choose the right one.

The authentic ingredients of this exceptional natural cosmetics, combined with traditional massage techniques, bring deep relaxation. A haven for your soul and senses will be the interiors of our massage rooms inspired by the unique environment of the Camarque of Provence.

Spa treatments by L’OCCITANE are not just a woman’s way of thinking. The L’OCCITANE brand also offers comprehensive product lines and spa procedures designed specifically for men.

The unusual experience of Spa by L’OCCITANE procedures can also be experienced by non-residents. If you are interested, feel free to contact our reception. We will make a reservation and provide more detailed information.

Rest and healthcare are dedicated to the entire southern wing of the castle. Under the original medieval vaults, there is a private swimming pool with a relaxed chamber space. The benches with comfortable cushions in the window niches invite the rest. You will also find a spacious traditional Finnish sauna, a smaller herbal sauna, an infra sauna or a steam sauna.

Absolute relaxation can be enjoyed in the silencarium – a long arcade under the castle orangery, where the interior with the park connects in an original way. Whirlpool in the privacy of the castle tower will provide you with discreet rest.

For those who prefer to relax actively, the chateau includes fitness with state-of-the-art equipment. For the even better regeneration of your body and spirit, we are equipped with Biosynchron technology.

We would like to warn our hotel guests that between 12:00 and 13:00 the pool and sauna area is closed due to increased hygiene requirements. Children under the age of 10 can stay in our Spa by L’Occitane in all areas until 19:00. Thank you for your understanding.

In our castle spa, at the end of the southern wing in the extension build in the 19th century, we have created an intimate sauna world for you. One spacious Finnish sauna, a smaller Finnish sauna with the possibility of using natural herbal extracts, and the popular steam sauna lay perfect grounds for you to leave our resort truly rested.

After choosing the sauna of your liking, a cold water shower will no doubt cool you down. You can then relax your body and mind on our chaise lounges by the pool, in the resting area, or in our English park, a true oasis of peace.

Chateau Heralec is proud of its beautiful swimming pool built under historical arches. The stylish area of the castle spa, where horse stables were once located, is now dominated by a glistening water surface. When we dug out the pool under the watchful eye of conservationists, we very quickly stumbled upon the founding rock of the castle.

This discovery confirmed the fact that the original Heralec stronghold from the 12th century was built upon a rock foundation. Today, ‘silver’ control rods that once ensured that the building’s statics remain intact ‘decorate’ the interior of the pool area and still dutifully serve their purpose.

The turret has proven to be the perfect location for the whirlpool, a very popular spa activity. The whirlpool is located in the castle spa behind the resting room in the Southern wing, where guests like to rest after a nice massage or time spent in the sauna.

The black pearl surface blends beautifully with the black-sand tile work that we discovered on the 2nd floor of the Southern wing. We managed to preserve the tile work only in this very location. For absolute privacy and comfort, you can reserve the whirlpool just your you and your partner, perhaps ordering a bottle of sparkling champagne along with it.

When entering SILENCARIUM resting room in our castle spa, most guests stop breathing at the concentration of beauty and peace in the room. It is an area of absolute quietness, disturbed perhaps only by the birds in the English park.

You can rest here after time spent in the sauna, read a book or just marvel at the sight of the beautiful magnificent trees in front of you. Lying on the simple yet comfortable beds, wrapped in one of our castle blankets, not dozing off becomes extremely difficult.

It was in the spirit of simplicity and purity that we approached this area with great respect. The castle arcade was formed in the first half of the 19th century during a process that returned gothic era elements to the Southern wing.

The arcade is decorated by simple pillars, upon which a no doubt enlightened stonemason carved out a very simple symbol – a five petal rose. Thanks to its clean lines and graphic purity, we fell in love with the symbol and chose it as the Chateau Heralec logo. Today, you can find the logo everywhere. It decorates specially woven fabric, original lamp shades, furniture… truly bringing the interior decor together.

Do you know that a herbarium is? Historically, it was always a place used for storage of herbs that the apothecaries dried in garrets or attics of their pharmacies. As we feel respect and admiration for traditions of our ancestors, you can find a herbarium also in our castle.

We store fragrant herbs grown in the castle park in lovely boxes on wooden shelves, supplying our kitchen and bar with them. Maybe you remember from your school years the act of collecting, drying and pressing of herbs in newspapers sheets under piles of books, sticking them on clean pages of beautiful notebooks later.

Go ahead and leaf through our castle version! The large book with flowers and herbs, grown in the castle park, has now its dignified place in the herbarium.

For those who want to experience absolute relaxation and tension release, a massage in our castle spa is a MUST! We have a wide range of massages for you to choose from with everything from classical massages, to lymphatic drainage or lava stone massages.

We are also one of the few hotels that offer very interesting Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi. The exquisite Peter Beran, who is in charge of our team of professional masseuses traveled to Hawaii himself to perfect his and his team’s technique in this massage.

Couple massages directly in your room are also very popular and are a wonderful experience for both you and your partner. We advise all our guests to visit our sauna world before getting a massage done, as it is the perfect preparation for the body before getting a massage and will only enhance your experience.

At Chateau Heralec, we all love sports and believe that working out has a very positive influence on both the body and mind. A fitness center in our castle spa, equipped with the most modern equipment, can be found in the Southern wing.

We did not compromise with the equipment allowing even the most demanding of our clients to enjoy their time spent in the gym. An interesting fact to note – during the reconstruction, we discovered a ‘black kitchen’ in the area where the gym stands today, leading us to conclude that it was once the location of the castle kitchen.

We bet you’ve never run on the treadmill in a kitchen before! If you prefer to run outdoors, our English park and the surrounding forests are also great.

For even better regeneration of your body and mind, we have equipped the chateau Wellness & Spa with Biosynchron technology. This is a totally unique form of passive therapy, based on the principles of dry thermo-therapy and pulsating magnetic therapy.

It is used by both professional and recreational athletes, also being suitable for physiotherapy and rehabilitation purposes with anti-stress effects. BIOSYNCHRON facilitates the flow of blood in the peripheral circulatory system (capillaries), which promotes blood circulation and detoxify the body.

This relaxes the muscles; after an injury, it supports recovery and muscle mass growth, accelerates the healing of muscular and joint injuries, also suppressing pain in the back and the entire musculoskeletal system.

It also eliminates muscle fevers that usually kickoffs the day after intense physical activity. Do not hesitate to ask our wellness staff for more information on this really interesting tool.

You will most likely not find this specialty of our hotel anywhere else. The gymstick, located directly in your rooms, will allow you to exercise and work out every single body part in the comfort of your own room.

The gymstick is ideal for those that love to start off their day with some exercise, yet might be too lazy to leave their rooms. The spaciousness of all our suites makes it possible to lay out your fitness mat on the ground and work out without any restrictions.

An instruction video, available in every room by the DVD player, will no doubt prove useful as well. If you want to take in a little fresh air, you can always take the fitness mat and gymstick with you outside to our English park. All in all, the perfect form of exercise!

Our beautiful English castle park is very inviting in terms of sports and relaxation activities. Start your day off with a light jog through it, perhaps venturing out into the village as well, finishing off the run in the castle park with a few stretching exercises.

If running is not your thing, a simple morning warm-up exercise routine will also no doubt do the trick. Whether it’s energetic tai-chi, chi-kung or classical yoga, all of these activities have a special atmosphere in the park that allows one to truly connect and become one with nature. Our beautiful, hundreds of years old tress will accompany you whatever the activity of your choice.

Thanks to our wonderful location in the Vysocina region we offer a wide range of both sport & recreational activities to do in the area. Nordic walking, cycling, classic hiking, swimming in our quarry or in surrounding fishponds – that is only a very basic recollection of the various sports activities available in the area of the castle.

Even active families with children will find something for them to enjoy, whether it will be a bike trip around easy routes in the area or choosing a route from the bike project “Silver Borders”.

The Castle Hotel is surrounded by an English park, featuring the Baroque statue of St. Agasia from the first half of the 18th century and the seventeenth-century Tomb of God.

During the revitalization of the chateau park, the historical composition and species composition of plants were restored. According to preserved historical materials, a circular ground floor was restored and, in a simplified form, a circular historical route.

Right next to the main entrance to the castle park, the gateway has been guarding the majestic beech forest for centuries. For his beautiful oak, the red velvet leaves became the symbol of Chateau Herálec.

In 2017, however, he became fatal, and his distorted root system, as we later discovered, did not resist the onslaught of an inscrutable Highland wind and slid to the ground. For us, however, the hero remains…

We have left the torso of his tribe in the chateau parterre to decorate it with its magnificence. We cut comfortable benches into it, so when you go around, sit down for a moment and take the energy from the ubiquitous green.

If we walk further into the park, we find ourselves in a forest park with a grassy surface and a large tree crown overhead. There is an open space behind the castle, dominated by old lime trees and the central grassy area is defined by groups of deciduous and coniferous trees. Several interesting solitaire species can be seen in the park, such as scarlet beetles, chestnut beetles, beech trees, oaks, tulip flowers …

Approximate surveys from August to October 2009 identified more than four dozen bird species in the park, most of which are parked and nestled in the park, but they can be expected to be higher. From the ornithological point of view, the number of birds bound to the tree cavities (forest birch, climbers, cheeks, purlin, etc.) is most significant.

The most important functions of the park include its ecological stabilization function and its species composition contributes to enhancing the diversity of the environment. It is a significant biotope for ever-ecosystems living with evergreen species – not only birds, but also small mammals, bats, insects, and you can see the castle squirrels.

In this new section, we would like to inspire you to take trips around Vysocina as Chateau Heralec lies in a truly beautiful region. Slowly but surely we discover many amazing and highly skilled people like in the region, each with their own amazing professional and personal stories.

A unique glassmaker, cow cheese farmers, owners of goat farms, honey makers, a family that has been making beautiful handmade blueprints for 11 generations, collectors of herbs for remedies, a wonderful woman that makes delicious dried fruits, maker of exquisite local chocolate pralines: these are all just a few of the incredible people we have encountered in our hotel and whose services we use and offer.

We will begin with stories from vacation time trips with my children, and I believe that together, we will discover many more places and meet many more people so that I can personally give you perfect tips for trips in the area. Let yourself be inspired!

Less than 8 km away from our château you can find an open-air beekeeping museum with a permanent exhibition in the beekeeping house no. 254 on the Lower Square in Humpolec. It was opened to the public on the occasion of the 100 years of organized beekeeping to Humpolec.

The celebration of the hundredth birthday of Humpolec beekeepers offers you a stroll through the past. Members of the beekeeping community let visitors get a glance into the secrets of their craft.

Among the thirty-six exhibited hives, you can see both the primordial logs as well as the newest bee dwellings of the craft. Other beekeeping tools and attractions are also hidden in the beekeeping house. Something definitely worth seeing!

We usually get our tips for places to visit from the locals, especially our staff. However, the idea to visit this workshop arose from an article I read in the beautiful magazine Venkov & Styl. We told ourselves: this would be a wonderful place for our guests to visit as well, so we set off.

To start off, we have to say that it isn’t exactly close to Chateau Heralec, but not too far from it either. Located in Olesnica nad Moravou, it is in a unique location that borders on 3 different regions. We did not call in advance, but despite that Jiri Danzinger gave us an exclusive tour and truly showed us around the place.

In the humbly sized workshop, he explained to us the technological processes involved in the creation of traditional blueprints. First one of the oldest ways of printing on flax and later on, on cotton canvases. The canvases are printed on with a special mixture of fluid rubber based on a secret recipe (how else!).

After the canvas has dried, it is colored by dipping it into huge vats of indigo. The Danzingers import indigo from Pakistan where it is still grown. What is interesting, is that the intensity of the indigo shade is not determined by the actual dipping of the canvas into the indigo, but by how many times the canvas is left out to dry. The process of a single canvas coloring can involve this dip-dry method from 8 up to 10 times.

Our kids listened to the interpretation of Mr. Danzinger very intently and just like me, they were most fascinated by the large wooden forms. One really doesn’t have to look far to find interesting patterns in this workshop.

“We have various patterns in various conditions, together around 300. Slowly, we repair and reconstruct them, but the difficulty of the process is easily illustrated by the fact that throughout the year, we manage to restore only around 10 forms.

The owner, painter and printer all in one continued to tell us about the strong family ties and traditions, represented by the 6 generations of printers that have worked here. The blueprint workshop in Olesnica nad Morava dates back to 1816.

This specific dying technique has been applied in the workshop since 1849, the secrets of the trade, however, dating back all the way to the 16th century. We really are fans of a closely-knit family and community, as well as traditional crafts, something we were telling Mr. Danzinger as his son Jiri came into the workshop. I have a feeling that passing on the family trade won’t be a problem at all. We hope so!

We set out on this trip to get to know our supplier of fruit juices more closely. Once again, we cruised through the beautiful Vysocina, near the village of Bohdaneč located by Ledec nad Sazavou.

We were absolutely taken back by the newly planted fruit orchards all around, but if you produce fruit ciders and make excellent fruit spirits, it only confirms the integrity of your approach.

The Agnes Zelená Bohdaneč plant is right on a beautiful lake, everything being absolutely clean – it is lovely when prosperity is connected to responsibility, something that I could feel everywhere here. Since you cannot miss the huge watchtower upon entering Bohdaneč, we decided with the kids that we will definitely go and conquer it.

‘Bohdanka’, as the locals call it, is at the height of 52,2m the second highest construction of its kind in Europe. The lookout platform is at the height of 42m. As we were ascending the tower, we counted 217 stairs! All around us, we were surrounded by an almost divine panorama, marked by sheep herds, forests, fish ponds etc.

Zelená Bohdaneč is also the largest beekeeper central in the Czech Republic. In the production plant of Agnes, we bought amazing homemade scoop ice cream, as well as homemade bread from the local bakery. And let’s not forget the reason we came for, the fruit juices!

The team at Bohdaneč isn’t afraid of experimenting, so other than the typical apple and pear juices, they also sell ginger, celery or carrot juices. And they all really taste fantastic!

Even my conservative children that usually have to be forced to try new things were more than willing and enjoying the experience, it just came naturally. On top of all this, we immediately decided to include these 100% natural products into our detox programs. We highly recommend visiting!

The Vysocina area has several historical sites listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, whether it is Telc, the Jewish quarter in Trebic or the pilgrim church of st. John Nepomucky on Zelena Hora in Žďár nad Sázavou. Medieval castles also await your visit – Pernštejn, Roštejn, Náměšť nad Oslavou or Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou are all within a comfortable drive.

The Museum of Curiosities and World Records in Pelhřimov and the Western town Šiklův mlýn can also no doubt be an entertaining way to spend the day.

When we first discovered the quarry, we knew it had to become part of our Chronicles of Experience. Visiting this place, one acquires a really rejuvenating energy that replenishes the soul. It is as if a piece of Canadian wilderness found itself in Vysocine.

The intense fragrance of the surrounding pine forest is even more intense in the summer, while in the autumn you can rest on our hotel deck-chairs, wrapped in warm blankets, and just relax watching the pond surface.

The quarry is accessible by foot – at 2km away, it is a brisk, adventurous walk -, by bike that we will gladly lend you as well as you via car. The perfect opportunity to take our castle convertible out for a drive.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Nordic walking yet, better late than never! A condition sport for all ages, accurately coordinated walking with special walking sticks is a pleasant way to work out your whole body.

The effect is similar to Nordic skiing as both leg and upper body muscles are exercised, the back relaxed and your stamina increased. Positive effects on blood circulation have also been found, making Nordic walking a good preventive measure against cardiovascular diseases.

In the beautiful scenery of Vysočina near the historical town Telc (UNESCO landmark) and 43 minutes away from Chateau Herálec, you can find an exclusive 18 hole golf course. This course of international parameters hosts the Czech PGA tour every year. It is built over 70 hectares in a slightly ‘rippled’ landscape full of deep forests, lakes, and fishponds.

18. hole master course, Par 72, length: men 6252 m, women 5214 m, golf school, 2 practice greens, practice bunker, driving range, large pro-shop, a golf equipment rental facility as well as an ultrasound pole cleanser.

In Resort Konopiště you will find two master courses – the “Radecký Course” (PAR 72) and the newly built „D´Este Course“ (PAR 72). Further, a 9 hole “Public Course” (PAR 30) is offered to beginners and those interested in learning something more about golf.

“Radecký Course” – Master 18 hole course with PAR 72 and length of 6484 m from black (professional) teeing area is a challenge for all players. John Burns, the inspector of the European Association of Professional Golfers (EAPG) contributed to the birth of this course and František Štěpán took the position of the main greenkeeper.

Thus, in cooperation with the European PGA, a very sensitively placed course with a very interest forest section, numerous bunkers, and water barriers but most of all very high quality maintained greens was created.

All cycle paths (described in more detail in the Cycling section) are also available for traditional hiking. The nearly 17km long path to Fejtu’s Hill is amongst the most interesting of these. If you decide to take on this challenge, your hike will consist of a 16,5km trek with approximately 564m of terrain changes.

We also have a truly excellent tip for passionate hikers – Zdarske vrchy, which are located not far from the castle. You will discover one of the most ecologically preserved areas in the Czech Republic, a fact that earned it its nickname the Green Heart.

Nearly 60% of the area is covered in greenery, which is why in 25.05.1970 the area was declared environmentally protected. Hundreds of kilometers of trails weave through this land, suitable for both cycling and hiking.

Our region is one of the cleanest areas, created for rest and recreation. It is often called the green heart of the Czech Republic. The whole area is filled with extensive, slightly undulating mountains called the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands.

It formed the former land border between Bohemia and Moravia. The tops of the hills are covered with coniferous and mixed forests and rise to a height of about seven hundred, a maximum of eight hundred meters. The highest peaks include Javořice (Jihlavské vrchy, 837 m above sea level) and Devět skal (Žďárské vrchy, 836 m above sea level).

Popular routes include Čejovský kopec or the route to Fejtův vrch, which are surrounded not only by beautiful natural nooks and crannies but also by numerous archeological and historical monuments. Many ponds along the way are also suitable for swimming.

We will be happy to provide you with a map for your trip with all the important information not only about the route, but also the possibilities for refreshments. In the vicinity of the Chateau Herálec hotel, we have a total of 3 routes, which can be extended to the Žďár Hills.

For the more able cyclists, we have a quality road to trekking bikes for rent, the hills will certainly be better managed on our e-bikes, which we lend to guests for a fee. They are very popular and guests use them both for short trips around the castle and for half-day trips to the beauties of the Vysočina region.

Horseback riding through the beautiful Vysocina landscape is one of the most exciting activities we offer. Guests of all levels of expertise are welcome – from complete beginners to experienced riders.

Here, we have ideal conditions for uninterrupted strolls around the forest under professional guidance. The path around the Boňko fishpond or the longer path towards the Zdislavsky fishpond are one of the most popular trails. During the winter, you can take a ride in horse-drawn sleds all the way to Ulrych Mill.

For lovers of fishing, we have prepared several opportunities to catch some fish in the nearby Hadina fishpond. 3 streams pour into the fishpond, two coming in from the town and one stemming from a nearby reservoir.

During more dry summers, it can happen that the tank will only be supplied by water from the forest stream, making the water crystal clear. You can find sanders and carps, but also wild fish such as trouts. The Hadina fishpond is only a 10 minute car drive away from the castle.

This question will probably be answered differently by every person who has ever taken a ride in a hot air balloon. But anyone who finds it fun can’t give an answer other than “Both!”

There are more artistic and poetic words to describe the experience, but they will never capture the real atmosphere of what you see when silently flying above the beautiful Vysocina landscape, seeing the colors of the sky and land change with every second.

Whether you will spend your time in the air just enjoying the view or have a small air “picnic”, you will no doubt be satisfied and regret the smooth landing that came too soon.

With many various paths in the area available, you can experience unforgettable moments while Nordic skiing through the countryside. For passionate skiers, we offer multiple options, each with their own unique challenge.

The designated paths lead not only around winter refreshment booths, where one can enjoy warm beverages and regain the needed energy but also around tourist attractive locations. The exit point is Heralec.

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