Hotel Arcadia Bratislava

Europe Slovakia
Hotel Arcadia Bratislava - Slovakia
Hotel Arcadia Bratislava - Slovakia
Hotel Arcadia Bratislava - Slovakia
Hotel Arcadia Bratislava - Slovakia
Hotel Arcadia Bratislava - Slovakia
Hotel Arcadia Bratislava - Slovakia
Hotel Arcadia Bratislava - Slovakia
Hotel Arcadia Bratislava - Slovakia
Hotel Arcadia Bratislava - Slovakia
Hotel Arcadia Bratislava - Slovakia
Hotel Arcadia Bratislava - Slovakia
Hotel Arcadia Bratislava - Slovakia

Its walls hold memories of events of eight past centuries. Starting with the very first medieval citizen all the way to present guests enjoying the hotel’s comfort, its cuisine or just a nice cup of coffee. Just to breathe in the atmosphere and relish experience which cannot be found in any newly-built hotel.

Thanks to the transformation of medieval buildings into a hotel, guests will find themselves right in the heart of old times’ romance accompanied by comfort and friendly luxury of the present.

One can hardly imagine that the wellness part used to be a torture shop waiting for their victims and that an olive tree was growing in the restaurant. The food is enjoyed under the 13th century vaults, drinks can be tasted in the bar by the open fireplace under the original two centuries old ceiling. And then the winding corridors take the guests to their rooms.

However, true soul of the hotel dwells in its employees, who make sure that the guests “feel at home here” every day. Thus, every square meter, every smile, greeting and respect … create an irreproducible experience altogether.

Romantic stylish Arcadia Boutique Hotel Bratislava is located right in the heart of historical Bratislava, still easy to find and access from all the main directions.

The Primate Palace, The Main Square, the Slovak National Theater, the Reduta, the Coronation Dome of St. Martin, Mirbach’s Palace, Michael`s Gate and the Old Town Hall are literally located just around the corner.

Our rooms offer a unique view of the Franciscan Church, one of the most valuable and oldest churches in the city. From our apartments you can enjoy a unique view of the Bratislava Castle and Michael`s Gate, which are literally on the palm of your hand.

Hotel Arcadia offers 34 luxurious, spacious rooms furnished in exquisite taste with high attention to detail. Absolute comfort can be found in our two-floor suites.

The main structure of the hotel was built in the second half of the 13th century. The building on Františkánska Street is registered as a National Heritage monument in the Slovak Republic. Because of the house’s different building stages, one can follow the historical and architectural trends as well as the artistic and aesthetic changes in the different eras.

Františkánska Street, where the building is located, was originally a road leading up to Bratislava Castle, and hence buildings were constructed on only one side of the street. These original buildings included the Franciscan Church with the Chapel of St. John the Evangelist, the monastery garden and the Franciscan monastery itself.

In the first part of the 15th century, the area slowly developed into an area for craftsmen where stonemasons, knife grinders and coopers performed their trade alongside the city wall.

Inside the building, one can find fine works of wrought iron from the Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism eras. Archaeological research has revealed indications of a Roman settlement at the site, and objects from the 12th and 13th centuries have been found on the hotel grounds.

During the 3rd Crusade at the end of the 12th century, the building served as a residence to the German Emperor, Frederick I Barbarossa, who was leading the crusade to the Holy Land. Another important historical event occurred during 1432, when the building served as the headquarters of the Hussite movement in Bratislava.

As a legacy to that time, a chalice (the symbol of the Hussites) was carved into one of the stone arcades in the building. Furthermore, evidence for a Celtic settlement during the 3rd century B.C. in that area was found in the cellar.

The hotel’s cellar (nowadays wellness area) is actually the oldest part of the building and offers a fine example of Gothic vaults. On the first floor of the hotel, you can find some rare examples of late-Gothic wall ornaments and stone window frames.

The arcades in the central courtyard area (today’s lobby area) are one of the finest examples of Renaissance architecture in Slovakia. The Renaissance-era vaulted ceiling in the cocktail bar is additionally decorated with Baroque ornaments.

There are not two identical rooms in Arcadia boutique hotel. Each guest can choose their “own” – from a low-priced standard room with a window to the lobby to the most luxurious romantic suite. 34 luxurious rooms and suites are furnished with taste and sense for detail.

Rooms are decorated in a historical style (including marble bathrooms), but do not lack the most modern accessories – new mattresses for your healthy sleep, air conditioning, direct dial telephone, high-speed internet, modern TV, DVD player and safe.

Guests can also find a complimentary mineral water and coffee & tea menu. The offer is complemented by washing, ironing and breakfast room delivery.

Romantic Suite 50-70 sqm. Most luxurious, top floor. Unique view to Bratislava Castle and main city attractions-subject to availability.

One King size bed, separate Living Room, individually controlled AC, DD phone, internet and wifi, modern TV, DVD player, safe. Free bottle of mineral water, glass of wine during stay. Third person available on rollaway bed or regular size bed-subject to availability.

Connecting Rooms Executive and Deluxe, both with King-size bed and possibility of 2 more extra beds. Both rooms with separate entrance, private marble bathrooms and luxury cosmetics.

Individually controlled AC, direct-dial phone, internet and wifi, modern TV, DVD player, safe, coffee/tea maker. Free fitness entrance, bottle of mineral water, glass of wine during stay. Extra beds available in executive room for extra charge.

Junior Suite offers private space in living room and bedroom with king size bed. Junior Suite features max. of historic elements from the original building from 13th century.

Indiv. controlled AC, direct-dial phone, free internet a wifi, modern TV, DVD player, safe, coffee/tea maker. Marble bathroom with heated floor and luxury cosmetics. Free bottle of mineral water, glass of wine during stay. Third person on rollaway bed only for an extra charge.

King size bed, 19sqm, warm classic decor, free internet and wifi, individually controlled AC, DD phone, modern TV, DVD, safe, coffee/tea maker. Marble bathroom with heated floor and luxury cosmetic. Free fitness entrance, bottle of mineral water, glass of wine during stay.

The name comes from an olive tree that grew here at some point. Nowadays, you can no longer sit under its branches, but you will be pleased with the unique ambiance. The food is enjoyed under the 13th century vaults and team of cooks makes miracles using only traditional ingredients. At the end of this alchemy, the simply concept of the menu is born.

Risotto, pasta and slovak or international food create our cooks and in combination with good wine and reasonable price we will do our best for your satisfaction. Luxurious fine dining restaurant Globo is located just a few meters from the hotel. The friendly staff will be happy to book a table for you.

There are no guests who would not call it their “No. 1”, their favourite, partly thanks to the original 19th-century ceiling and stylish furnishings with open fireplace. Just enter this fairy-tale space, close your eyes for a moment and let your mind drift away filled with fantasies.

The bar is an excellent space for talks or relaxation with a cup of fine coffee, wine, cognac. In line with our boutique concept of providing our guests with a good night’s sleep and relax, the hotel bar is open from 8 am to 8 pm. Thank you for your understanding.

No later than in 13th century, underground fundamentals were built stone after stone. In Medieval Times, people were imprisoned here for punishment, while today, they come for reward. The spa does not take up a large space and thanks sauna, warm humidity has settled in the air.

However, it is breath-taking. Cool down in a plunge pool built from the original well. The oasis of peace can then be found in the private Jacuzzi with always clean water.

There are stairs from the gym, which go way back to the 15th century. Now, when you burn your energy, you can imagine who walked these stairs and where they went … and time will pass faster and you will experience more fun.

Have you ever tried how to work, train and meet in a place where the past meets a comfortable luxury of modern times? If you have, we do not have to explain more. If not, it’s worth the premiere. Try to organize your international meetings, presentations, seminars, training differently with a new standard and with an added value!

Accommodation, meeting room, good food that fills the body and mind with the necessary fuel, relaxation and a great program with a presentation of Slovakia. And dozens of additional details.

Rooms: 54
Price: from 98 EUR per night


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