Hotel Elexus Predeal

Europe Romania
Hotel Elexus Predeal - Romania
Hotel Elexus Predeal - Romania
Hotel Elexus Predeal - Romania
Hotel Elexus Predeal - Romania
Hotel Elexus Predeal - Romania
Hotel Elexus Predeal - Romania
Hotel Elexus Predeal - Romania
Hotel Elexus Predeal - Romania
Hotel Elexus Predeal - Romania
Hotel Elexus Predeal - Romania
Hotel Elexus Predeal - Romania
Hotel Elexus Predeal - Romania

Founded in 1963, the Predeal Hotel was completely renovated in 2020 and since then has been waiting for tourists under the name Hotel Elexus, with 4-star accommodation and top services. If you want to go to a hotel in Predeal where you can feel at home and enjoy beautiful landscapes, we are waiting for you. We are easy to find and ready to welcome you with comfortable conditions, tasty meals and modern relaxation facilities.

Regardless of the season, if you need a hotel in Predeal, you will find 4-star accommodation with access to relaxation and entertainment facilities. We are ready to accommodate both couples and families with children or groups in single rooms, double rooms or standard or superior apartments with access to the garden.

At our Noir restaurant you can have all three meals or you can treat yourself to a floating breakfast in the outdoor pool which is heated all year round. We practice reasonable prices and, if you make the reservation directly from the website, you benefit from a discount.

Wherever you come from, it will not be difficult to find our hotel in Predeal. It is now called Elexus and offers 4-star accommodation and top services. We are ready to accommodate single people, couples, families with children and offer access to the restaurant, outdoor pool, children’s playground, conference room and garden.

Summer or winter, you will surely be delighted with a hotel in Predeal with a heated outdoor pool. Elexus is located in the middle of nature, all rooms have a view of the forest and provide accommodation conditions that can satisfy even the most demanding expectations.

You can opt for accommodation with breakfast included and you don’t have to worry about lunch and dinner either, because the Noir Restaurant awaits you with a varied menu. Also, if you come with children, know that we have a specially designed playground for them and experienced entertainers. Thus, while the parents relax and enjoy the peace and nature, they will play and have fun, being closely supervised.

The apartment has an area of ​​34 square meters and is composed of a bedroom with a double bed and a living room with an extendable sofa. That is why it is the right place for a vacation in the mountains. Besides all the comfort it offers, the apartment is a perfect choice thanks to the modern finishes and decorations, being recently renovated.

If you want to take another friend or even the older child with you on vacation, you can do it. The standard apartment is composed of a bedroom with a double bed and a living room with an extendable sofa. With an area of ​​34 square meters, the apartment is spacious and welcoming. Recently renovated, it welcomes you with equipment and finishes in the latest trends.

We do everything possible to make you and your significant other feel at home in our hotel. The room’s 17 square meter surface, quite generous, ensures increased comfort, along with modern materials, furniture and decorations. In addition to the privacy of the room, you can also enjoy the beautiful garden where you can go out after returning from the mountain. You will thus remain surrounded by nature.

Ideal destination for winter holidays, being close to the ski area, our hotel is an equally good choice in summer. You can come with your partner and choose one of our double rooms. You will enjoy the elegance and comfort of our recently renovated rooms.

We chose the best materials, furniture and decorations according to the latest trends. From the balcony of the room you will be able to admire the mountain landscape and enjoy the fresh mountain air. Through the services and the quality of the accommodation, we contribute to the success of your vacation.

Restaurant Noir is located within the Elexus Predeal Hotel, opened in December 2020. The specifics of the restaurant are international, with the most famous and appreciated dishes from international cuisine. The meal can be served both in the restaurant and on its terrace, which is covered with a retractable pergola that opens during the summer. The atmosphere is completed by a natural fireplace and natural olive trees.

Hotel Elexus Predeal offers you a heated outdoor swimming pool open throughout the year. Due to its location and arrangement, the outdoor pool offers the easiest and most relaxing experience with beneficial effects on the body. For guests staying at Elexus Predeal, access to the pool is free, during its operating hours.

Hotel Elexus Predeal offers you a halotherapy room (room with saline aerosols). Halotherapy or salinotherapy is the process by which people inhale saline aerosols, with the help of which various ailments are treated, mainly respiratory ailments.

Halotherapy has been practiced since ancient times, from the times when man began to exploit and consume salt, realizing and empirically feeling the effects of saline aerosols on the body. Halotherapy is an extremely simple therapy procedure, not involving in any way the administration of drugs or food supplements, immobilization in bed or dietary regimes. however, as simple as the procedure is, as complex is the saline mechanism in the body.

Halotherapy involves, on the one hand, the inhalation of saline aerosols through the respiratory tract, and, on the other hand, the absorption of saline aerosols through the skin. The skin is considered the second breathing organ (after the lungs) of the body, and exposure to saline aerosols takes place inside the Halo-Chamber.

It is a sauna made in a wooden enclosure, heated electrically with the help of volcanic rocks. The dry sauna has a humidity of approximately 10% and a temperature of 85° – 90°C, the effect being felt after the first 5 minutes of use through a strong sweat.

Sweating is a natural and vital process from the point of view of health. Due to the heating of the body, the body tries to maintain its constant temperature, cooling down by sweating. Mineral salts, residual metabolic substances and toxins accumulated in the body can be found in the fluids secreted by the sweat glands.

When we are immersed in water up to the level of the neck, the heart makes an additional effort. This happens because the water puts pressure on the body which forces the cardiovascular system to “pump” more blood. Thus, people with hypertension or heart disease are recommended to use the spa as often as they have the opportunity.

The high temperature of the spa water leads to a total relaxation of the muscles. This state induces drowsiness due to the environment created. So after using the spa you will enjoy a deep and restful sleep. Among the advantages of hydrotherapy we can also mention the reduction of stress and headaches, weight loss and cleaning of skin pores.

When we feel good, we have positive thoughts and an optimistic attitude. After using the spa you will have more self-confidence and reduce the feeling of anxiety, perhaps before an important event or the meeting you have been waiting for a long time.

The powerful massage jets in a spa will help reduce muscle tension and fever, relax joints and treat chronic back and muscle pain. It is obvious that a spa is an investment in your health and that of your loved ones. What price do you put on this?

Rooms: 20
Price: from 109 EUR per night


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